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In the category of “gross anime things,” let’s talk a little about an increasingly popular gross anime thing commonly referred to as “Really 700 years old.”

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Come on, anime.
She's mad at that "loli is actually 3 million years old" stuff
One of your writers has a tattoo of Etna.
Reminder that Kotaku is a joke, and instead of having an interesting discussion here just posted a 500 word finger-…
In typical Kotaku fashion, it took them this long to discover the "Young-looking girl is actually hundreds of years…
I made fun of this trope on @batfshow without sounding like an unfun blowhard scold.
Or y'know you could always just stop watching anime if seeing a loli triggers you that much, Kotaku
Didn't nobody ask for this article.
nobody tell this writer about prisma illya
Yeah, I'm with them on this.
"hey I just saw a loli in an anime...absolutely LITERALLY shaking right now....anime has gone too f…
don't use Kanna for your shitty articles please
Congrats on hiring on Louise Mensch.
i don't like the 1000 year old loli thing either but i also don't think anyone at kotaku is qualified to write abou…
It turns out lolis are really popular in japan, even in the west besides all the constant autistic screeching So,…
Fuck off, Kotaku. Sounds like you've got some issues of your own to work out.
love the salty pedoph—weebs in the replies
Lolol I can't believe they actually put 7 sins on this list, why get upset over such a dumb thing like there are
the next step in clickbait evolution is making headlines that say literally nothing about the article
Don't you dare use Kanna-chan as the image for your shitty rag of an article.
They're not real. They're drawings on paper.
tl;dr it doesn't matter if they're "actually hundreds of years old," don't sexualize character designs that are exp…
kotaku. やめて
Clickbait harder
Try harder next time yea?
"Wahhhhhh why can't I hold these 'minors' up to my own perceived standards!!" And this is why you're still laughin…
Fuck off, Kotaku! Kanna is perfect daughterfu.
To the fan who told me 'BUT OTHER SHOWS DO IT': Come on, girl.
it’s with regards to making 1000 year old lolis and such …eh i can’t say i disagree with kotaku on this point
So ran out of shit to write finally eh
aren't you that company funded by gawker?
Oh fuck off, Kotaku! This article is written by the same woman who said that Keijo!!! was misogynistic. I'm not eve…
Los nuevos conservadores y señoras católicas:
I agree with this when it becomes sexual. Otherwise, it's fine.
in 4th grade I remember volunteering to bring in Big on VHS for a class movie day + the teacher berated me about ho…
Using Kanna as the main example is fucking retarded because the show explicitly states that even though she's older…
What could that noise be? Is it the "Nobody Gives a Shit" alarm?
oh I swear (what he means) At this moment, you mean everything
This is a gross thing that I've noticed, and I can't really comment on the show's contents since I don't watch garb…
what's borderline about Tanya Degurechaff
I swear this is like the 10th time Kotaku has been complaining about Anime
wow this is REALLY bad
How to get a new gamergate but with the anime fan population.
I actually agree with what this article says but it feels like they're just bating for angry anime fans to give the…
Fuck off, kotaku.
Kotaku back on its bullshit
Article reaming anime for sexualization of lolis uses the picture of the one loli that wasn't sexualized
"Grimoire of Zero (2017): A very mature witch appears to be a child. There’s sexual tension between herself and a m…
"Lol I don't give a fuck about anyone I hate this one thing because it's gross lol aren't I so educated" Miss me wi…
"she's actually x-year old is becoming increasingly common" it was always a thing
nem cliquei no link ainda mas iih
Come on, Kotaku, you can write something that isn't clickbait I believe in you
Bunch of robed fanatics brandishing a huge crucifix, pointing and screaming "NAUGHTY!! NAUGHTY!!!" at their audienc…
>Being disappointed that lolis that are actually older than they look are a thing You must be new here
There's a looooooot of people snitching on themselves by getting mad at this take
Cat lady feminists and conservative bible thumpers discover a common enemy.
People who watch anime😂😂😂😂
Nigger, you wanna talk about loli-looking thousand-years-old? You own writer Mike Fahey has a tattoo of Etna.…
I'm sure this article won't backfire at all
If you don't like it, then don't watch it. Everything is NOT for everyone
1) Queja pendeja 2) Queja aun más pendeja 3) Machismo 4) Iz quiejs kand
how dare you insult tanya with this trite. all she wants to do is work hard for her motherland. she is extremely un…
Daily reminder that Kotaku is garbage
Um pouco sobre o clichê "vamos sexualizar uma criança mas fingir que não é uma criança falando que é na verdade um…
Yes, this was an article that needed to be written. I don't know much about Fire Emblem but the amount of 'kids' in…
Here you can see an elaboration of one of the 10 commandments of anime, "Lolicon janai, feminist desu"
Come On, Anime #anime #eck
Come On, Anime - Kotaku
Thank you, @cecianasta for this piece. Because, yes. Anime, often times, is fucking gross and deserves to be called…
Try hard article jumping on the bandwagon. Truth is that the Japanese are, and have been since the Edo age perverts
Come On, Anime - Kotaku #anime
Come On, Anime - Kotaku
Come On, Anime #chaoticharbingers #feedly
Come On, Anime Anime: has a child appearance character. Me: she smol. Anime: has characte…
I will never stop railing against this anime trope being the worst
Anime 2017, is a mistake. via @kotaku
Less of this would be nice.
This is the kind of stuff which has repelled me from the JRPG genre in recent years.
Come On, Anime ༄ In the category of “gross anime things,” let’s talk a little about an in…
It's not real. We know it's not real. Get over it. Grow the fuck up, @cecianasta.
@tforks_ aka: go away nowi
If you somehow give a shit here's the article
yeesh. Tho this is filled mostly with shit, Grimoire Zero which I've heard good things about (including the leads d…
There are some good responses to this article, but there are also a bunch that would make Roy Moore seem like a goo…
they didnt forget about Zoe hasjhdgsadjhasgfihwdshgkjedfs<bgfkjds
Amigos Geeks: "Juan Jo por qué dejo de ver Anime que tiene historias tan maduras y es claramente el medio artístico…
Come On, Anime - Kotaku #anime
Come On, Anime - Kotaku

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