CR Originals and the HTML5 Player

Source : CR Originals and the HTML5 Player

Yesterday, we announced Ellation Studios, Crunchyroll Originals, and one of our original projects, High Guardian Spice. We’re grateful for the honest and passionate feedback from our community, and we’d like to share more to address some of the questions we’ve seen.


First, we want to be clear that Crunchyroll

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Twitter comment(112)

These people just suck. Lmao.
In literally 2 days.
Digibro is the best anime of 2018!!
Would you look at that~~ Complaining actually works~~~
And then they said Digibro is irrelevant
"Working on this for months." "I did this and saved anime!" - Digi
Oh shit fam, nice work XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Digibro saves anime. Truly, this is the best timeline
Funny how it took a man who looks like he reviews anime for a living to call out crunchyroll for still not using an…
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player
tl;dr everyone who threw a toddler temper tantrum is an idiot as we all suspected lmao
This was a nice sign, fixing the player is a huge win imho. Again, I'm not wishing ill-will towards this original…
And there goes another reason for clowns to yell about that show they've decided they don't like.
Sweet, about time! also I'm going to fight the nerds in the comment who think Digibro had some sort of effect on…
oh my god they're finally switching to html5
You ever read an article but hear a shotgun blast?
too late, already on that funimation now bullshit
And people say Crunchyroll doesn't listen to feedback...
Se tardaron con el HTML5. Ahora aumenten los servidores para que no se caigan a cada rato :v
This is a fine new addition to CR! How about the manga simulpubs now? I've noticed translations can be off and ther…
Y para los que estaban con el pendiente del reproductor HTML5.
Digibro called yll out
*4 years later*
Better late than never.
Before I even get started this morning...boy, did they do some damage control last night.
Cuando te llueve mierda hasta al diablo le haces favores. Ven quejarse y cagar el palo sirve
Strange, almost as if High Guardian Spice was being handled entirely separately from the web developers at Crunchyr…
Holy shit, in September 2018, Crunchyroll finally will join the rest of the developed internet and have an HTML5 pl…
Congrats on adding a feature that even Youtube started enforcing as a default 3 fucking years ago
CR is finally adding in that oh so loved HTML5 player everyone wants. Now all ya complainers will have to find som…
YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS of people telling you to upgrade to HTML5 ect and you doing fuckening nothing and flat o…
F I N A L L Y (wish they'd resurrect development on the HTML5 manga reader as well but there are a lot of things I…
FINALMENTE Crunchyroll melhorando o player? É isso mesmo? Woa
it's been 84 years
Thank goodness, the HTML5 player is long overdue.
There is the sane and patient post we needed
*reads comments* HAHA Oh boy, people REALLY think Digibro had anything to do with this?
Huh... well, I guess y'all can fucking fight over that cartoon all you want now.
Anyone who says CR doesnt help the industry is an idiot
Oh look, CR is adressing the issues in a respectfull and genuine manner. I wonder what the internet will come up wi…
Digibro امس جلدهم في مقطع واليوم اعلنوا عنه 😂
No puedo creer que los troles hipersensibles de siempre hayan hecho tanto ruido que crunchyroll ha tenido que publi…
Still don't buy it
I don't give a damn shit about what everyone is ranting about But html5 yo finally
Did these dudes really get bullied by fucking Digibro of all people to finally roll out an working HTML5 player WO…
Finally - the last site that I needed to hold water for Flash finally moves to HTML5. Thanks! (Hope it works well…
And all of ya "CR should only stick to streaming anime and not make original content at my expense" here's your ans…
Literally a response to Digibro lmao
I haven't opened the article yet so I don't lose the hope that Crunchyroll finally will update their player
Need a popular ani-youtuber to go viral to get an html player out asap lmao. Kind of ridiculous. Glad its coming, b…
Wow. So I Guess people care more about Digibro than I thought.
HTML5 can't come too damn soon. Flash needs to die. If I can watch Crunchyroll on my iPad it should play just as ea…
Glad to see CR finally listening. Embarrassing that it's taken them this long to dump flash, but better late than n…
Wish I could at least ACCESS cr articles in Japan ugh
Well this maybe is a small step in the right direction. Its still shocking that HTML5 is only coming now but hey, b…
I'm glad they're working on more of the technical side of crunchyroll more. I wonder if they ever plan to update th…
Shared this around a couple chats im in and people are already finding stupid shit to complain about. Why do I eve…
YAY!!! FINALLY FLASH IS DEAD(SOO N)!!! hopefully more improvements come soon as well
Thank you for the answer. Crunchyroll may have problems, but it's FAR BETTER than other streaming plateforms like N…
This is literally the only headline I needed, ever, from them
Well, idk what to say...
rápido, todos quéjense de la mala paga a los animadores en los estudios que co-producen 👀👀
Looks like CR is doing some kind of damage control while really not addressing the issue of HGS, a project that sup…
@thekosmoball @golbutte Hey they actually made a statement about all this. They’re rolling out a new video player s…
Funny that on today's DaiCast, we were complaining about the Crunchyroll player. Now they're rolling the HTML 5 ver…
Well, this sounds somewhat reassuring.
A treta deu algum resultado: depois de UM ANO prometendo, mês que vem chega o player HTML 5 no Crunchyroll
Also this is pretty important to read as well.
Well what do you know, @Crunchyroll announced that they are finally replacing their video player from Adobe to HTML…
@Digibrah You are horrible. You can't even leave a company alone when you know full well they dropped themselves as…
Finally an official statement from @Crunchyroll
Huh, Crunchyroll released a little statement addressing some things. Apparently the HTML5 player will finally be av…
@RageGoldenEagle Damage control.
@somekindofthing CR HTML5 viewer going live for a quarter of the members on Tuesday and to everyone sometime in Sep…
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player (Crunchyroll's Response to Recent Feedback)
"We want to let everyone know that our new HTML5 player will soon be available to 100% of users, starting with a ro…
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player via @Crunchyroll
Top story: Crunchyroll - CR Originals and the HTML5 Player , see more
agua bateu na bunda intensifies
Almenos no usan el dinero de la suscripcion de Crunchyroll para el proyecto además si a nadie le gusta pues que ni…
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player an official statement about it. still can't believe peop…
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player via
[Crunchyroll]CR Originals and the HTML5 Player Yesterday, we announced Ellation Studios, C…
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player #News
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player via @Crunchyroll
Quem disse que xinga muito no tuíter não funciona? Finalmente player HTML5
CRUNCHYROLL ROLLS OUT HTML5 PLAYER ON SEPT 28TH!!! via @Crunchyroll @digibrah
@Digibrah Good news! Your video shamed Crunchroll into finally implementing their HTML5 player!
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player
@moeby_ @Crunchyroll
Its sad that they have to do this type of article but it makes sense.
To sum up the people in the comments: "FINALLY they give us information on the HTML5, but o…
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player via @Crunchyroll
Hey Crunchyroll is finally getting ready to say goodbye to flash.
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player
CR Originals and the HTML5 Player

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