Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Fall 2018 Anime by State / Province / Country

Source : Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Fall 2018 Anime by State / Province / Country

We’re a full month into the fall anime season, and much like folks are getting settled into their favorite scarves and easy chairs by the fire, they’re starting to get settled into their favorite anime, too. With that, we’d like to continue to the tradition of sharing maps of Crunchyroll

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What are the top anime this season on Crunchyroll in each state/country? I dug into the data to find out!! 🌎 Read:…
Who the fuck is using Crunchyshit in Venezuela? Maduro? The cucked Venezuelan opposition? I watch my anime the way…
Wow, this is gaebage. Shame on all y'all
Golden Wind même pas numéro 1 en Italie c'est un délire
is Goblin Slayer that popular?
shout out to the 6 people in Nunavut and Yukon combined repping JoJo's also, the 4 of you in Northwest Territories…
Mainstream anime kinda sucks right now. Good thing there's still Trigger, Bones & Kyoani
wow only yukon and nunavut have good taste
JoJo fans, we gotta migrate up north. ....Like, FAR up north though.
lol, the controversy surrounding Goblin Slayer's first episode worked
the fact that vento aureo isnt top in italy is so oddly depressing
外国人はレ○プとかゾンビものすきとはきいてたけどアメリカゴブリン1色はすごいね 欧州とアフリカ(?)はジョジョが強いみたいだね
goblin slayer is the elfen lied of today
Nojoda obviamente los enchufados que pueden usar Crunchyroll en Venezuela estarían con el Sword Art Online
Je tiens juste à signaler que Zombieland Saga est premier à Haïti
someone nuke my country pls
Ai o que acontece quando você fala de mais do que você odeia. 2 presidentes e 1 anime todos levados ao topo pelo m…
If you want proof that America is a hell zone, here is exhibit a: were just a g 0 blin sLa y er screenshot
Europe with the superior anime taste! Happy to see Portugal is included on that!
All of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe is loving Jojo this season. Good. (And my fellow Poles have not let m…
Per Crunchyroll welcome to the United States of Goblin Slayer! Canada and Central/South America also pretty into sl…
WOW I can't believe Goblin Slayer is so powerful
So does Goblin Slayer appeal to fascists or something?
"Não pense num elefante rosa." Resultado: Você pensou num elefante rosa. "NÃO ASSISTAM Goblin Slayer!!!" Resultado:
Kkkkkkkkkkkk todo mundo vendo Goblin Slayer Os eslavos adoram Jojo
vous comprendrz quand qu'il faut rayer les us de la carte?
I’m weirdly fascinated by the geographical divides in European anime viewing. The North goes for Goblin Slayer, cen…
shoutout to Haiti for having good taste
Si les ricains n'étaient pas là, y aurait moins de viol gratuit. Dans les animes eh bien quoi, on mérite mieux je v…
A gente não aprendeu mesmo com a eleição, foi bater palma pra maluco e é isso que acontece
SAO en Perú... Oh, no... Noooooooo!
SAO nerds btfo'd Goblin Slayer too fucking strong
I always knew the slavs were a bunch of secret metrosexuals
moi quand l'anime le plus populaire à un titre digne d'un tweet
Ahahahahahahah oh wow
l'ex URSS
That sure is interesting.
Not a single blip of Hinomaru Sumo, humanity has failed me once more.
Goblin Slayer beating JoJo Part 5 is hilarious.
só o haiti ta de parabens ai
Glad to be living in a JoJo part of the world.
betrayed by my own country
It's actually a crime that Seishun Buta Yarou is nowhere to be found on any of these maps
Welcome to United States of Goblin Slayer least the United States is united for something this week.
Can't believe eastern europe has the objectively best taste in anime
Facts speak for themselves #GoblinSlayer. If you haven't seen it go check it out !
Québec and New Brunswick got it right. Everyone else didn't. And on a whole everyone got it wrong with no Bunny Gi…
A lot of #GoblinSlayer! Even in México! 😀
When the fuck did goblin slayer get so damn popular. Especially with a mainstream audience?
I want to be mad that Zombieland Saga isn't the popular one in Portugal but Jojo is so damm good that it's understa…
That Goblin Slayer, despite that first episode has been a major look forward to on my weekly anime digestion.
brasileiro tem gosto merda e eu posso provar
le bresil qui kiff Goblin Slayer ça m'étonne même pas
Western Europe and Scandinavia is on my shit list. Slavs continue to have good taste in anime
Excellent work, I'm always fascinated by geographical tastes in media and anime in particular.
Cancel all of America holy shit that's embarrassing
>Italy isn't JoJo
the us once again disappoints
@marco_abreuu depois compara com o teu vídeo de apostas...A minha só acertei goblin slayer, slime e sao
I thought these are all Photoshopped jokes, everyone watches Goblin Slayer
As you can see, Jojo saved europe
Really? Goblin Slayer? The anime kinda brings the manga down. I cant believe people like it
wow goblin slayer took over the us
We've become content with the bare minimum #GoblinSlayer is lazy as fuck
wtf is this BS where's bunnygirl
who knew starting a controversy about a show would cause it to be more popular
this is insane, the anime is this good it's uncontested
This is what happenes when you don't vote Hope you voted
seeing all that GS on these maps: 🤮
That U.S. map graphic is a joke, right? @Crunchyroll
Thanks for sharing @debaoki !
@Chromakaze I somewhat can not believe joj isn't popular in the states
quebec is cancelled
Its Goblin Slaying Season
Literally what is goblin slayer
this is depressing to me
Ma patrie me déçoit grandement.
Glad to see my fellow countrymen don't have shitty taste for once.
FEATURE: Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Fall 2018 Anime by State / Province / Country ✨ More:
"Hey, uh, just wondering, is this an out of season April fools joke?"
[cries in zombie] [cries while running]
Incrível como na América Latina só as ilhas do Caribe estão com bom gosto e engraçadíssimo Jojo dominar na Europa…
Nevermind, burn the US down
democracy is doomed
Holy shit. That's actually pretty goddamn shocking.
Hahaha, this sucks man.
American = shit taste
Really shows hype is a cancerous thing; never buy into it. Goblin Slayer even without the rape scene is just a dumb…
brasil full goblin slayer lel
@Ruclenco Impresioante
@DrAggro @MrHailZeon Ah..
Ojala este Igual en LATAM
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute is there Crunchyroll in Cuba?? Ok I'm packing my stuff right now
holy shit
Woah! I did not realize Goblin Slayer was that popular, especially with it intended for mature audiences. Crazy.
America has voted...I will be watching Goblin Slayer this season.
That's pretty sad
I’m always at odds with what the typical anime watcher watches but y’all really had to hitch a ride on this bandwag…
This is impressive, to be honest.
The people yelling, screaming, and complaining about Goblin Slayer accidentally made it the most popular new anime…
Mamai por que me criaste em um país onde assistem goblin Slayer em vez de jojo ou zombie land saga
I feel like this might be due to its bad publicity.
This has got to be a joke right? Everyone watches Goblin Slayer
This is hilarious* because Goblin Slayer is an underwhelming, boring and lacklustre snorefest. *depressing "Gobli…
Not evn zombieland or bunny girl? damn bro
I really thought the thumbnail was a joke 😣
The lack of "Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai" leaves me really concerned about peoples' taste. Seriously…
Lo más visto segun Crunchyroll por regiones. Asi que en Perú el anime mas popular es SAO :…
@SkywardShield Oh, it's real
😂😂 The fact that Goblin Slayer is doing so well in American just is funny and puts a smile on my face…
I'm utterly mystified at this bad anime being such a powerhouse, particularly given its very strong competition
Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Fall 2018 Anime by State / Province / Country
¿Recuerdan cuando les dije que en la otra/otra encuesta...
Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Fall 2018 Anime by State / Province / Country
@Toramelle Yes 😥
YUP! I also am enjoying #goblinslayer. But I feel #Zombielandsaga is a bit underrated here Crunchyroll’s Most Popu…
Europe and Africa pulling through with the Jojo love. Smh at America being PURE Goblin Slayer.
[Crunchyroll]Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Fall 2018 Anime by State / Province / Country We'r…
Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Fall 2018 Anime by State / Province / Country via @Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Fall 2018 Anime by State / Province / Country #Anime #Crunchyroll
Well this is a nightmare of an electoral map if we're to judge by the average Goblin Slayer fan on Twitter.

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