Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) – “No Sequels” Edition

Source : Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition

Hello everyone!! The Spring Season is officially halfway over (!!!), and people are comfortably settled into their favorite shows. It’s at this time in the season that we here at Crunchyroll like to share some viewership data with everyone, so you can get a better sense of what your neighbors

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I dug into the Crunchyroll data to find out the top new (non-sequel) anime for each state this season!! Check out t…
Caligula is fucking horrible. I'm amazed anyone's watching it.
Oh wow Megalo Box is doing better than I thought. Thats good!
finally America does something right
I don't even know what half of these shows are Where's Lupin
Wyoming the only state with good taste
YEE-HAW! Knew Texas had good taste in anime 👌👌👌
Wisconsin. I am disappointed.
So proud to see how correct most of the country's non-sequel anime taste is right now.
Glad to see I'm in a megalobox state
Based SD representing LOGH.
It's such a relief to see that Megalo Box is highly watched even if there is not a lot of talk about it. We really…
Megalobox dominating? Niiiice. (I need to catch up)
Connecticut. We're hipster as fuck.
I'm disappointed
I see the one person who lives in Wyoming likes Horse Girls
Maybe the first time I've ever thought "Huh, Wyoming gets it." Too bad the map isn't just Hinamatsuri 51 times but…
Wyoming is the only one with taste
There's a lot I disagree with regarding popular opinions in my old home state, but their anime tastes lie with hors…
Clearly I'm not screaming about Hauling Ass Musume loud enough.
Makes sense Georgia likes the show where there's plenty hunting and cooking.
Wyoming being the only state out here with good taste smh
Florida Man loves Megalobox
Porqué hay gente que sigue viendo SAO
Yo! Who are these people in Hawaii loving Megalo Boxing as much as me? I need to find you and hug you. 😍
Not surprising LLENN is pretty great.... Our State of IL Agrees @Jamesvelectric (SAO Alt GGO) all the way
@Tuglow_ @WaifuWilly America knows what's up!
MEGALOBOX fever, yeahhh!!! The show definitely deserves the attention!
3 estados tienen buen gusto.
Oh god, I'm moving to the state of Caligula in three months
Arkansas estáis bien que hacéis viendo esa mierda
Please watch Megalobox it's so good
For once, I'm totally on board with my state's tastes 😁
maybe if you licensed more shit and didn't botch the video quality we'd have a better sample size.
Woo Megalobox! Also I like the 5 people in North Dakota watching Persona 5.
That's a whole lot of Megalobox and that's great
SAO Alternative is in my state Interesting....
what does South Dakota know that we don't (also glad to see Hawaii with the based taste)
What the fuck is wrong with my state you fucking
north Dakota likes bad adaptations
new Hampshire has let me down for the last time
ONU: necesitamos saber a donde estan los furros y los lolicones. @crunchyroll_es : Tengo la solución..!
tfw missouri has the true best taste of comiga
Missouri doing something right for once
I cannot believe that P5 Animation isnt the top in every state, shocked and upset
Kentucky's most popular anime of the season is GGO, and not Umamusume. Missed opportunity.
Really actually happy that people are appreciating MEGALO BOX
Texas being out-done by (most of) its neighbors once again
El shit taste predomina
I'm really glad to see MegaloBox getting so much love, but it also makes me sad to see how little people are watchi…
note to self: avoid Wyoming
PA has good taste for once
Ohio making me proud with Megalobox on trending ❤️
indiana doing something right for the first time ever
Megalobox the hotness but shout out New Mexico for fuckin wit Hinamatsuri
of course Wyoming likes the show about the horse girls
Nice my state has good taste
washington represent......
>New Jersey having good taste for once Did I step into bizzaro world
Proud of my state West Virginia, what are you doing
#MegaloBox is popular in my home state! ^_^ @Crunchyroll
I'm disappointed Tennessee isnt watching Megalo Box
Georgia with golden kamuy 💪💪💪
Vermont, Georgia y Wyoming los estados con mejor gusto
Glad my homeland appreciates Ashita no Joe in some form
Glad to see my state is woke
Georgia with the good taste
AY!!! Alabama got that Megalo Box love!
I'm 10x more surprised that Hinamatsuri even has 1 state than the amount of states GGO:A has.
well i guess Ohio isn't totally shit
Way to have great taste here Alabama.
Of course my normie state has SAO at the top
Dominio aplastante de GGO y Megalo. A Caligula le va mejor que a Cómic Girls y que a Uma Musume uwu
Proud of both my home state and current state for once.
No wonder people from MD and DC stay hating on people from VA.
This season's most popular shows are breddy good for a change.
For once this map is actually pretty respectable!
new mexico and delaware have the best tastes
Notice p5 pls
Florida got good taste as always
It's no surprise that Megalobox would be popular in Florida. It combines our two favorite things: dingy industriali…
Im glad *looks at map*... Wyoming reps Umamusume
My people of Ohio have good taste. :)
Cali knows what's up with that Megalo Box love!
Once again, IL. has zero taste in anime..... 🙄
Ok; North Dakoto, stay classy! New Mexico, I like what you're putting out. Wyoming... I'm a little worried. Do w…
New Mexico and whatever the fuck that one that's just a rectangle are the states with priorities straight
I don't even watch Persona 5 (CT), so what the hell is this?
>logh remake instead of original FUCKING WHACK
DMV what are we doing 🤢🤢
Uma Musume não estar ganhando no Texas é algo que me impressiona
I always love seeing which states (and later, countries) decide to be a bit different. While most of the country is…
Os americanos so assistem megalobox e SAO
@ProfessorAn1me @HabitPlays @MemoryNK @thekawaiicrew @gero_the_hero what did you guys get?
Missouri continues to disappoint me on almost a spiritual level. Meglobox is amazing. Hinamatsuri is hilarious. Eve…
wow I can't believe everyone in Missouri has good taste in anime
virginia pretty alright
poco megalo box veo ahi
My state loves SAO apparently.
Good job, Ohio and PA. I'm proud of you.
Why does Persona 5 not count as a sequel
Megalo Box is getting a lot of love.
Missouri and Wyoming are the cool states.
Wyoming with the best taste in the nation
tfw torn and I are carrying our states
Good to see that ohio is full of weebs of culture
I'm actually happy with Arkansas this time~
My state has Megalo Box. Knowing what I know about the show Im not shook.
South Dakota what
Once again, everyone in Virginia is watching something else then what I am watching.
Shout out to Georgia and Vermont From @Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition via @Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition - Crunchyroll News
[Crunchyroll]Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition…
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition
Look at that Megalobox representation! I see a new series of HNI coming
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition via @Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition
アメリカの今期アニメ人気 Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 #Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition via @Crunchyroll
Aww sad days . Golden Kamuy isn't very popular... Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No…
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Spring 2018 Anime by State (US) - "No Sequels" Edition via @Crunchyroll

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