FEATURE: Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US)

Source : FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US)

Hello everyone!! The Winter Season is officially one month old now, and people are comfortably settled into their favorite shows. It’s at this time in the season that we here at Crunchyroll like to share some viewership data with everyone, so you can get a better sense of what your

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FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US) ⭐️ Read:
my home state has good taste, GG NY #darlinginthefranxx #darli_fra #anime
cant believe south dakota is a pop team epic state but also i guess that means we have good taste
In the States that Citrus is most popular y'all need Jesus.
I'm really happy that my home state of NC likes #Citrus, but I think like 85% of that is probably @SaiyanSerenityV'…
I want to know the story behind Kentucky and Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles. There's gotta be a story there.
Shout out to Kentucky. Glad to see I'm not the only person following Ms. Koizumi weekly.
only five states are good
Ummm, what is the anime that represents my state MI? I have never seen or heard of it.
Why is my state sleeping on pop team epic tho
i am personally responsible for Grancrest taking Louisiana
Love how Arkansas and Mississippi staying true to their incestual roots Kappa
The fact that a show as generic as Death Match is popular enough to be the most watched in several states is just s…
I'm proud of the slice of appalachian despair that I call home for repping grancrest all the way to the ocean
Idaho/Montana confirmed most wholesome states. Southern and high Immigration border areas confirmed ready for the S…
Damn South Carolina back at it again with the shit taste
wow the states that are crazy about citrus
Georgia, you got some explaining to do. Even Alabama knows better.
Damn, everyone is loving darling in my state. That's pretty cool
As much as I love overlord WA doesn't understand the good shit like Pop Team Epic.
I love how Texas just has a giant fucking skeleton overlord man
Amerika'da eyaletlere göre en çok takip edilen kış animeleri
We could all make easy jokes about Citrus being popular in The South, but I think we should collectively take the h…
Nevada, South Dakota, Alabama, Delaware, and Connecticut are the real niggas.
there's an overlord 2???
There can't be more than 25 ramen joints in my state why is Koizomi-san leading?
Pop Team Epic tiene unos pocos estados pero así empezó Trump (?)
I'm just glad I don't live in one of those Epic Pop states - I'm in an Grancrest state, though I haven't watched it…
Can you explain Iowa's awful taste in this season's shows? @A_Tasty_Sub
why do only southern states like citrus so much god dammit people, stop validating stereotypes
None of these are Yuru Camp states which proves democracy doesn't work.
The good states are any watching Pop Team Epic and Sakura. Everywhere else is wrong.
Surprised my home away from home went for the gay incest show Also strangely proud
i give florida a lot of shit but u know what at least our most watched anime isn't citrus
CT knows PTE is great. (although I love DARLING in the FRANXX just as much)
My dad has some explaining to do
The one time Texas doesn't disappoint
#DARLINGintheFRANXX is popular in my state! ^_^ @Crunchyroll
most of the south watches that incest anime I'm not surprised
Citrus actually leading five states (and so presumably doing well in many others), reinforces my feeling that it's…
States I've stayed in: TX) Yeah, it's popular among my friends LA) no comment MS) I expected this one, actually
Mississippi and Arkansas right on schedule.
honestly surprised Massachusetts aint citrus
this means that ms koizumi loves ramen noodles is only popular in...kentucky. i blame @dethgrimm.
of course NC would be the one about incest
california with the GOOD taste god bless 🙏
Glad new york knows what's up
north carolina loves the gay shit
Nevada with the good taste
I know @MonacaTowa1 and @HylianShinobi mad at their states
I'm why Arkansas loves Citrus.
>citrus in Arkansas Excuse me while I sigh in disbelief.
and the GOAT 'A Place Further Than the Universe' is nowhere to be seen :(
...... ok. ill take it.
disappointed in my fair state of pennsylvana for not watching pop team epic
For once, my home state does me proud.
uhhh that sure is a lot of citrus in the southern states
Man fuck that Pop Team Epic, that shit isn't even #anime
the South is much gayer than expected
My state (Cali) likes Overlord. Good.
@pancakeparadox single-handedly pushing Ohio into Grancest War territory.
not sure if darling in the franxxx is good but nj needs more pop team epic in its lives
For once I don't have to be ashamed of South Dakota's taste!
Ok I gotta think this one over.
im actually proud of delaware for once we have good taste sometimes
Of COURSE Nevada picks Pop Team Epic...
So Overlord II dominates the Lone Star State. I like Cardcaptor sakura Clear card
also I'm disappointed in minnesota
Winter looks very uninteresting to me:
Ya salio el mapa de Latinoamérica @crunchyroll_es ??
Muy buenos gustos los de Idaho y Wyoming
of course my state of ohio, knowns for being average as fuck, chooses to watch the most average as fuck anime
I always find this so interesting because I don't watch overload nor know any other fellow texans who do but appare…
What is overlord II and why do people think it's better than cardcaptors??
wow, this makes me wish I still lived in New Mexico
North Carolina The Yuri state
Is Record of Grancrest War good or does Virginia have shit taste
glad to see Overlord dominating
Iowa disappointing me once again
Very surprised Colorado is not for Pop Team. You'd think cannabis pioneer would have an appropriate pick.
Great, I see everyone's watching a buncha craaaaaap
Darling in the Punxxxsutawney
citrus popular I wonder why oh yeah because yuri and incest
disowning my state for no popteamepic like overlord is aight, but it cannot compare and it should know and fear th…
quarantine every state that prefers franxxxxxxxxxx
The only good thing about Alabama is that Pop Team Epic is popular there.
I'm in no way surprised Pop Team Epic is the most watched anime this season in Connecticut
Every state that has Death March as the most popular anime of the season is cancelled in my book
Death March's popularity baffles me. Guess people still need something to fill the SAO void
Sad to see Laid-Back Camp 🏕 is not anywhere to be found!
Georgia likes Darling In The Franxx? I have never heard of that sooo
So Darling In The FranXX is my state's favorite show? This is not funny at all. I feel ashamed...
I did my part for Cardcaptor Sakura, but we still somehow wound up with Grancrest instead.
@SASSpodcast check out the popularity of mayonnaise these days! #deathma_anime #DeathMarch
Seems I'm not alone among my fellow Kentuckians when it comes to enjoying ramen.
damn, Overlord 2 got 12 states going by this
only trusting AL, SD, and NV anime opinions from now on
Ohio, no. Ohio, I believed in you :(
5 estados dos EUA preferindo Citrus. Quanta coragem...
Apparently Maryland is no longer part of the continental states! I wonder where they moved it.
I don't even know what the hell is an overlord 2, I'm disappointed I didn't get Pop Team Epic
I'm from Alabama and I approved :D
Michigan has terrible taste in anime. I'm sorry, c'mon. You can't do better than Death March to a parallel world?
wow! Amazing!
Ohio, we need to talk.
NY Zero Two represent
Good on New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina.
Alabama knows what's up
CT’s got good taste.
North Dakota we need to have a talk.
NJ likes mecha anime? Gee. I wonder why...
I live in Texas and I've forgotten about Overlord s2
LMAO NC THO #citrus_anime #beautiful
Darling in the FranXX here, interesting.
Pretty sure it's my fault entirely the sexy robot show is #1 in Jersey
huh. citrus is mostly in the southern states... .....
Ashamed to live in a state where Pop Team Epic isn't at the top
i'm so glad almost all the faves are sweeping the nation... and then one single state stands with an anime about a…
Texas and New Mexico. We have to talk.
Wow I live in a Pop Team Epic state. Neat
Yuri seems to be pretty popular in the confederate states
Ayyy i see you kentucky with that koizumi san. Side note. Surprised Cali has been watching Overlord S2. Honestly th…
I love how while the rest of the US likes various stuff you might expect to be popular, Kentucky just really, reall…
Actually a pretty good spread this season, huh
>The mecha show is the most popular show in my state What a great time to be alive...
I'm in a Darling state 😃
I mean... at least it's not Pop Team Epic
You are cool New Mexico, Vermont, Arkansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina. How the heck is #Citrus popular in som…
Overlord y Darling mandan. Y NO HAY COSAS COMFY GaD
100% blaming my roommate for NH
Some days I feel upset that Tr*mp won my state. Other days I smile that my state likes horny robot anime.
ive never even heard of overlord 2
Padahal new series paling bagus season ini (menurutku): #KoiWaAmaeagariNoYouNi #SoraYoriMoTooiBasho…
Well this is accurate for mine (mass)
Pop Team Epic is killing it in South Dakota, excellent.
>My state favors Death March. I want to move.
you're doing great virginia
Of course the only one that likes the show about food is KFC
But is Antarctica watching A Place Further Than the Universe?
>we're a PTE state DAMN RIGHT WE ARE
Gostei de ver que Record of Grancrest War está fazendo sucesso nos EUA. Louco para ver o mapa na AL.
Those Overlord 2's and Darling in the Franxx though!
I think Maine beat NH and MA on this one.
Ohio has shit taste
Overlord II in Florida huh?
louisiana disappoints yet again
So the lesbian incest show is popular in Mississippi and Arkansas, eh? Yup. Sounds about right.
For a split-second I thought Diebuster was making a monster comeback.
According to CR's map for the US, these are the current rankings by state: 12 Darling 11 Overlord 8 Death March 6…
Esta temporada esta muy competida, no veo un claro gigante de la CONCACAF @Kopke
[Crunchyroll]FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US) Hello everyone…
You failed me California. @Crunchyroll via @Crunchyroll
FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US)
FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US) - Crunchyroll News
FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US) via @Crunchyroll
FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US) - Crunchyroll News
FUCK YEAH!!! My state got POP TEAM EPIC!!
FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US) via @Crunchyroll
I never even knew Overlord was that popular.
FEATURE's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US)
Citrus is surprisingly popular down south. -
FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter Anime by State (US) via @Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll's Most Popular Winter 2018 Anime by State!
Было бы круто посмотреть такую карту для СНГ:

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