Let’s Make a Bet! Kakegurui 2nd Season Announced!

Source : Let's Make a Bet! Kakegurui 2nd Season Announced!

[ua_basic_info name=”Kakegurui” genre=”Mystery, Drama, Psychological” airing=”TBA” studios=”MAPPA” img=” post_id1=”128857″ related_name1=”Previous Season” post_id2=”” related_name2=””] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”NEOBK-1708304″ text=”” url=”” ] [hide][en]Honey’s Highlights[/en][es]Comentarios de Honey[/es] [balloon_speech align=”left” text=”You know, I like to rag on school anime hard because usually when they are studying something special, it is like

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Let's Make a Bet! Kakegurui 2nd Season Announced! #Anime #News

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