Spring Anime CAROLE & TUESDAY Announces New Character!

Source : Spring Anime CAROLE & TUESDAY Announces New Character!

[ua_basic_info name=”CAROLE & TUESDAY” genre=”Slice of Life, Music” airing=”April 2019″ studios=”Bones” img=” post_id1=”” related_name1=”” post_id2=”” related_name2=””] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”” url=”” ] [hide] [en]Honey’s Highlights[/en][es]Comentarios de Honey[/es] [balloon_speech align=”left” text=”___say_something___” image=”bee-happy1″] [balloon_speech align=”right” text=”___say_something___” image=”honey-happy1″] [balloon_speech align=”left” text=”___say_something___” image=”bee-happy1″]

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Spring Anime CAROLE & TUESDAY Announces New Character ANGELA! #Anime #News
CAROLE & TUESDAY, a groundbreaking musical anime, introduces a new character and the artists behind the music!…

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