The Promised Neverland’s ‘Mom’ is Already Anime’s Mom of the Year

Source : The Promised Neverland's 'Mom' is Already Anime's Mom of the Year

Fiction has never been very kind to orphans. As if losing one’s family isn’t tragic enough for children in media, their writers often see fit to punish them further by sticking them in the care of rundown institutions in the charge of some of the most despicable humans imaginable. Across

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FEATURE: The Promised Neverland's 'Mom' is Already Anime's Mom of the Year ✨ More:
are you sure about that
I don't even read this manga and even i know this woman is bad news
Se podría decir que el premio se lo ha GANADO.
That awkward moment when you're being sarcastic and people believe you
La verdad es que totalmente merecido, es una madre ejemplar ^^
Top 10 posts publicados antes de la tragedia. w
We aren't doing this today!
She did nothing wrong. She did what she had to do to survive and did everything in her power to make sure they were…
call the police
Crunchyroll out here with the otaku version of NYT Editorial Page Clickbait.
Shou Tucker is the Anime's Dad of the year!! :))
If this is true then Anime is screwed tbh
Ha! Yeah. Right.
yes officer this was the post i'm talking about
this ain't it.
Crunchyroll is on their bullshit again guys.
Como Shou Tucker, padre ejemplar
are you sure about that are you absolutely sure
yall sure about that? lmao
bir tek benim kafama uydu sanırım bu cpizcpezap isabella💜💜💜
Baddest in the game. Niggas don't know momma got that fire pussy. Make you score 300 on ya test and shit
Que cojo....
yikes is this supposed to convince people that this isn't a psychological thriller before they watch it? you had so…
alright whoever runs this account has to hand over their rights lmao
read what you've posted again, carefully and slowly
i havent even read the manga yet but she isn't That for sure
If this is what I'm up against, can I do anything right as a parent 😐
yes, because taking care of livest- I mean, children - for at most a decade, just to feed them to demons is definit…
"Honey, you have a big storm coming."
choose the correct answer: -no -nope -nopidy nope -nopers -sorry fam but it's a no from me -fuck no
Okay then.
you're reaching 🤣🤣
Ya quiero ver las partes del escape animadas
...I'm just gonna let this happen for anime onlys
AYSHSYAHAAYWWYSY @JPatatatatatata @SanctumInfernum @piopotata @TessTLane
Lol...anime watchers don't know yet 😂
chief this ain't it
are you basing this like u r basing ur nominees crunchyroll
Um. What were the thought processes behind this decision.
I don't know much about Promised Neverland but isn't the mother character like super evil and sacrifices kids to de…
Ummm...Excuse me?....I dont think mom of the year would harvest her children ._.
I've never been more mad reading an article before LMFAOOOOOO
@KNDthei yo if this isn't the biggest troll of a tweet idk what is. Even just scanning through the reason is nothin…
Nothing but facts, would love to have a mom like that
This ain't it chief Isabella is hot tho ngl
Aight just what the fuck are you playing at here pal?
we STAN Isabella (i hope she lets me hit)
Weird flex but okay
lol you're in for a rude awakening
but she can't defeat satoru's mom best mom of all anime universe
*John Cena voice* Are you sure about that?
as a manga reader I have mixed feeling about Mom's character... but not This.
I'm sorry, WHAT
*Inserte aquí meme del Pikachu.*
She- okay nevermind
Pues evidentemente
Excuse u
y'all are some foolios
A linda nem parece q é Satã
I love Isabella fight me
This is well written satire and I am here for it.
????? eye have to laugh
i know yall are prolly "what the fuck" but im just gonna say it right now... she deserved better
said no one ever
Hey guys I think it's supposed to be a joke article
I'm confusion
excuse me? w-what did i just read?
Y'all are insane with that kind of shit
Right up there with Tucker
I guess they bring their kids up different there, it's culturally diverse.
are yall seeking death
excuse me????
Literalmente los está criando con el único motivo de matarlos y usarlos de alimento but ok
I guess Korone gets Sister of the Year huh..
please stop this is triggering
Yeah best mom for sure
You be lying fool!
who the fuck wrote this
hmmm this dont add up 🤔🤔🤔🤔
como é?
e eu que não vi o ep que saiu, tome vergonha na cara Hiris
damn im watching like 50 anime rn and wanna keep up with game of thrones helP-
This has my biggest YIKES of all times
who's gonna say it
j'ai rit.
What just happen......
Ari y sus múltiples cuentas
The children of The Promised Neverland's Gracefield House undoubtedly have some rough times ahead. Luckily, they ha…
That is so sinister. ^___^;;;
Yea, her speciality is serving kids.
Can't wait to watch this hohohohohohoho
The Promised Neverland's 'Mom' is Already Anime's Mom of the Year via
[Crunchyroll]The Promised Neverland's 'Mom' is Already Anime's Mom of the Year Fiction has…
The Promised Neverland's 'Mom' is Already Anime's Mom of the Year
The Promised Neverland's 'Mom' is Already Anime's Mom of the Year
The Promised Neverland's 'Mom' is Already Anime's Mom of the Year #Anime #Crunchyroll
The Promised Neverland's 'Mom' is Already Anime's Mom of the Year via @Crunchyroll

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