Watch Before You Play: Steins;Gate

Source : Watch Before You Play: Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is a fantastic story that has more than earned its reputation as a modern classic. Whether you’re looking for a comedy, a sci-fi thriller, or an emotionally gripping character drama, Steins;Gate is the anime for you! Of course, anyone getting into it for the first time will have to

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Why are you like this
People have been calling this article out but I kind of agree with it. I think the anime is a totally acceptable wa…
I disagree. I love the anime to death but watching it first sets the VN up to feel like a drag. Obviously it won't…
Hey, now saying that you should watch the anime before the VN is wrong, but I see people here doing the anime a dis…
>skyler has been an anime fan since 2005 how about stop hiring children to write your articles and pay your transla…
Crunchy Roll truly has no rights
Imagine waking up at 3am and at the foot of your bed is Nishijou Takumi from the hit anime series, Chaos;Head
As someone who has experienced both the VN and the anime Play the VN before the anime
I can understand why VN readers are upset at this. I've only watched the anime though and got delivered an experien…
Terrible article. Especially when the VN is way better than the anime
This is the worst take of all time
wtf is this
lmao definitely dont do this
If you haven't already dropped Crunchyroll, here is the biggest reason to yet.
Ça me fait penser qu'il faut que je regarde la nouvelle saison de Steins;Gate
i wonder how many cases there are of the anime being better than the vn
Watch Before You Play: Steins;Gate via
[Crunchyroll]Watch Before You Play: Steins;Gate Steins;Gate is a fantastic story that has…
Watch Before You Play: Steins;Gate
Watch Before You Play: Steins;Gate

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