Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z

Source : Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z

My older brother watched Dragon Ball Z every day growing up, and I still hear young black men talking about it all the time. On the train, I hear black teenage boys sharing their takes on Dragon Ball fighting games. When I meet black men my age, ones who scoff

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talking to black men about how this show helped shape their lives was incredible.
This piece is long overdue, and speaks to the most formative parts of my life.
DBZ formed so many bridges between nerd nkas and hood nkas
extremely good + relatable
This piece by Gita is good.
It’s cool to see this because I remember rambling off about why I thought niggas loved shounen and how we could emp…
I was hoping someone would write this one day
This is really interesting
How many poc can say the bonded over DBZ? I know I made so many friends over it and I'll never forget what Goku did…
this is real real real good
This essay is everything
so cool! i was way too immersed in DBZ fandom ✨back in the day ✨
Read this feature this morning. This is an absolutely fantastic piece on why Dragon Ball Z resonates on a personal…
Wow, @xoxogossipgita thank you for writing this article. The Tao of Wu as a reference point, too, was cold. Looking…
i support this article unconditionally
.............. >Black Men >Dragon Ball Z Good lord, you make it always about race -.-
Now I want a "Why Black Men Love Naruto" article.
This is so fucking true. Bermuda may as well been Kame House
I just like the violence and the music ... not everything gotta be about color
lmfao this is so incredibly racist and stupid but hey thats kotaku for ya
Dragon Ball Z is the first show I can remember emotionally and physically fucking EXHAUSTING me in an amazing way -…
this is such a cool idea for an article! there’s always been a huge black presence at the anime cons i’ve gone to o…
I've seen a promoted tweet for some guy's mixtape and he was drawn as Goku on the cloud. Also Piccolo is a black ma…
This is a sodding ace piece.
this makes me recall this austin walker post really strongly
Amazing read
This is an extremely good read
This was a good ass read. Thank you.
This article is so fantastic:
@EzCarnage25 @Lewis34Spencer @bethfinn11
I know you're not black @Krakenstein but I thought you might find this interesting all the same.
Saiyans are alien black ppl....and Asians
I associate this show with my little cousins ❤️❤️❤️
Pop culture matters, especially when it’s pretty much ubiquitously popular. DBZ always to click with POC & I had s…
Really good stuff
Bruh Dragon Ball Z was just the shit?
Some of this is so accurate to my and some of my cousins views on the show it's uncanny. Good read
IMO It Brought People Together, I Knew The Toughest Nighas Out There That Used To Shyt On Nerd Nighas But Say They…
Well fuck @F_Chupacabra there goes a whole podcast episode
"In his book The Tao of Wu, the rapper Rza says the story of Dragon Ball Z, 'represents the journey of the black ma…
Spoiler alert: I ran a moderately successful DBZ fansite in the late 90s/early 00s and SO MANY of my fellow DBZ pal…
"Even when this fool's dead he's like 'no days off'" This is such a brilliant read and resonated with me deeply as…
I feel like I've been waiting for this piece for years
Reason I have a Goku decal on my car
Interesting take on the Dragon Ball series. (Though I must disagree on the part where Goku is a "great father.")
@DarianNysJr worth a read
This is an awesome article
This is an interesting article
It Taught Me You Have More Potential Than You Really Think
Dragon Ball Z, I loved. Sailor Moon was also a fave.
An Africana reading of DBZ. It's good.
This made me pretty happy to read
I wish I would've know I would've volunteered to speak on this I'm gonna take my time for this read
I want to write stuff like this. This is amazing.
This is one of my fav pieces this year
@xoxogossipgita @daniecal 👍🏽
if you don’t stan dbz stay from round me
wasted hella copy paper printing characters & tracing them 😭
My son watches and loves it.
Wooow. @ me + my life
this is a good article!
Same with Naruto
Amazing read
really great article!!!
This is an interesting perspective on Dragonball Z. I never got into it because of the pacing, but when you look at…
@XavierWoodsPhD I hope you get to see this
Not just black men. I 💘 🐲ball beyond anything. It's my bae lol.
This is great and honestly some of this stuff I never consciously thought of before, but still resonates with me.
Nothing but facts here 😤😤
This explained a lot about myself to me. Down to tracking my DNA. Brava this is dope
this is the greatest thing I’ve ever read @JP_Halstead @Just_Bein_Frank
Gotta read this when I get home
I'm definitely reading this cause I definitely feel like one of the few that didn't get into DBZ.
<3 @xoxogossipgita <3 Love this article about DBZ resonating with black men. Give it a read if you haven't and chec…
Ima read this article, i believe is cause Goku was just a fye ass Dad and person and niggaz where I grew up hardly…
This is the greatest article I've ever read.
Really interesting read
I fw this article other than the part saying Goku was a good dad LOL
since i was a teen i was always— not totally surprised, but def fascinated— by this cultural phenomena nice to hav…
This is an awesome read
This is beautiful and relatable
The only wild untruth in here is that Goku is "a good dad."
Haven't read this yet but if no one talks about how Piccolo is black I'm gonna fight
"Some fans of the show relate to a character that doesn’t know their heritage." @xoxogossipgita from downtown. Wond…
Frieza was White Supremacy lol.
Every black friend I've ever had has liked anime and DBZ in particular. I always thought it was because anime has a…
ooo i need to read this
Somebody once asked me if I knew a single black person who didn't like DBZ. I hesitated for a second, and they adde…
This was an amazing read
Why black men love Dragon Ball Z:
because it's fucking awesome, you head-ass reaching motherfuckers
The word "cringe" is overused, but it applies here. Yikes.
i still can't believe they wrote this shit
what the fuck is wrong with Kotaku I didn't watch Dragon Ball for an underlying message, I watched it because the g…
I feel like I can weigh in here. Most of Dragon Ball Z's themes (the only thing stopping you from overcoming [adve…
I'm using the salt in these replies to season my veggies
Holy fuck we did this bit 3 fucking years ago. #mostunderappreciated
We wuz super saiyans n shiet
Why MEN love Dragon ball Z. Not just black men. It's straight hands what's there not to love.
You're overanalyzing it. The answer is simple. They saw it on their TV and thought buff dudes punching people was c…
I swear to God if this article is about black men somehow relating to Goku................
Skip the dumb white guy reductionist comments/twitter replies and enjoy this from @xoxogossipgita
Because i like seeing blonde people beat the shit out of each other
Rushing home to watch #DBZ was my thing. I was that guy. The show still holds a big place in my heart. Growing up a…
Because we just so happen to be black whilst enjoying a TV program...dude
Lmao sooo did you interview all the black men in the u.s to find this 😂😂
Because training is a pack of cigarettes in Dragon Ball's universe so they can relate to Gohan.
Lol well....ok
They must have ran into @unknownghost360 lol smh....look yall @GLAI8TORDUDE @AnchormanV2 @Dealer_Gaming @fullbring47
Lmfaooooo @1PieceGreatness
Why black men despise gaming journalism.
gonna guess it's the same reason why fucking everyone loves Dragon Ball Z It was also like the first anime to real…
DBZ was all about perseverance and growth. It appealed to no specific group or gender. There is no "underlying mess…
LOL. the stigma of #us liking stuff like this is slowly fading. LOL again.
Oh look, an explanation 😂
this is so fucking stupid. DBZ is the single most mainstream anime there is, theres a reason why its the most popu…
Whew I'm dying to know cuz y'all really do
Shit like this, is why #GamerGate happened.
This article is despicable
y'all for real with this 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Why this black guy loved DBZ: It was animated, exciting, and on Toonami. Years later I realized it's a pretty terri…
What the hell is this shit?
Black men loves shows/movies/anime that have that underdog tone to it because eventually they overcome the obstacle…
What? Kotaku please..
Because they think their high amount of melanin gives them super powers
I like how this keeps popping up lol
Y'all stupid as fuck and didn't even read the article. Take a lap.
Dee The Sage fosho drew this
It's true every black friend I ever had loved dbz but... who doesn't? Really though it's kind of a dumb thing to po…
Yooooooooooooooooo! Seriously @xoxogossipgita's articles are becoming my favorite thing on Kotaku
🤔Interesting.... it kinda makes sense tbh
wow im not even black and i find this offensive... albiat i was raised in a prodominatly black/creole area
This is why "adblock" exists lmao try hard inclusive clickbait
@Some_BlackGuy hahahahahaha confirm? I'm dead xD
This is a great read
Quando eu vi o título pensei "WTF", mas depois de ler o texto, percebi que ele se aplica não apenas a pessoas negra…
Du coup aux USA, Vegeta perso de renoi?
This is a great article by @xoxogossipgita about Dragon Ball Z as a cultural touchstone for a generation.
The article started well enough but ended up reaching way too far. Most of my black and Hispanic friends do indeed…
There is no deep meaning behind why black dudes watch Dragonball Z. The show is good and that is all there is to it…
Mdr ils en ont d'autres des comme ça ?
Probably the same reason white people like it... and asian people, latino people, etc.
tb conhecido como unico anime q nao é uma bosta
"Black men don’t just like the show because it reflects the broader narrative of black history. It also helps demon…
Bruh fuck y'all. Niggas don't know shit
Definitely worth a read
Who doesn't love DBZ? This is needless virtue signaling.
now THIS is the kind of journalism I've been waiting for
This whole article could have just been just a paragraph.
Im gonna see where this goes.
Because it's DBZ, lots of people like DBZ and it has nothing to do with race.
"Cuphead is racist because there aren't any racist caricatures." "Why do black people like dbz so much?"
Bruh niggas like dragonball z because there is a bunch of niggas beating the shit out of each other....its not that…
I want this same degree of analysis for why Black boys love Sonic
What about Cowboy Bebop? Or Tokyo Ghoul? Or Naruto, or or or.... Maybe it doesn't have to do with race √=\√
So you get mad at a game for not being racist but you make an article like this...logic.
Why the headline focuses on Black Dudes?
wtf? this is why I am starting to avoid Twitter
Also read: Why Kotaku will never be taken seriously
Holy shit, this is the most stereotypical racist thing you could of publish lol
My best friends in 5th grade were brothers who told me all about the episodes that hadn’t aired on Toonami yet and…
This shit was a stretch lol, but it wasnt all racist and shit like i thought it'd be. Dragon ball wasnt all that de…
Wha- What? I mean if you're black, 9 times out of 10 you love DBZ, but you guys really had NOTHING else to write a…
on va apprendre à kotaku les origines de piccolo ils vont voir flou
Y'all never watched DBZ if you think goku is an underdog past the first saga.
Y'all really compared Set it off to Dragon Ball Z
@SavinTheBees seems like Kotaku will get their badge removed first lol
This is some next level analysis
At the end of the day, Cuphead is the real racist
The comments > the article LMFAO
I chatted with the lovely @xoxogossipgita about the importance of DragonBall Z to black people. Some other familiar…
Check out this article. Interesting whether you like DragonBall or not.
I wrote a very similar article about a week ago. this shit is too much of a coincidence
This is pretty neat.
I'm so glad somebody wrote about this b/c I definitely noticed that DBZ resonated w/ young Black men but I couldn't…
This is a good read
you know, this is a thing I've noticed with friends and classmates since elementary school. really interesting!
Why black men love dbz This is life💀
This is a super awesome read, definitely gives me a new way of looking at the show
Great @xoxogossipgita piece on reading race in Dragonball that brings back memories of the long-lost…
Why black men (and latinos you could throw that group in there too) love DBZ: man this mak…
I always wondered this, and enjoyed seeing it tackled so thoughtfully by @xoxogossipgita.
Why Black Men Love Dragonball Z
This paragraph punched me right in the chest.
Great article on Kotaku about one of my favorite manga/anime
Articulazo sobre el impacto de Dragon Ball en la comunidad afroamericana. Me ha emocionado. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
And please also check out Gita's excellent:
i love this so much
This is a beautiful article
If there's a man of color in your life, then maybe give this a read.
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Dope piece @xoxogossipgita!! Wonder how may of many friends can relate?
You might just have cracked the code, @xoxogossipgita. An informative read about why black men love #DragonBall,…
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z:
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
why does this have to be explained?
I've always been curious about this. @xoxogossipgita wrote a great article about it.
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z Shared from my Google feed
You know a writer is good at what they do when they make you realize something you never realized. Thank you…
I can't really relate, but it's still rather interesting to me.
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z @kotakuさんから
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
My brothers and I loved DBZ growing up
This is really, really good
@SupremeDreams_1 fam this is a reach.
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
why are u everywhere breh @bossjones
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
I've always felt the story of Dragon Ball was very familiar to my own. The addiction to Sayians honestly deep...
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Kotaku asking the real questions.
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z It was a good show I watched it all the time
All my friends are dead! Wish em’ back I said!
Why Black Men Love #DragonBallZ via @kotaku #Brotaku
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Wtf is this headline? Whereas the why do people like DBZ article first? Answer, it’s good and humans like things.
[...] Then one day, gets stressed beyond his limits and Hulks out into his alter ego, Super Saiyan—a nigga with dre…
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z | Kotaku
Long read: Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z In conversations I’ve had with black male "Dragon Ball Z" fans, I've he…
Wow this article hit home, I can't say they are wrong in any measure. What about you #dbz
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z Shared from my Google feed
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Very interesting. I have has similar convos in my store ....
I love this article so much.
Jujuなー Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
"I think black men like Dragon Ball Z because the show is so fucking extra" XD
A very good article...I agree with just about all of it except that Goku loves Gohan but that's a personal viewpoin…
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Great fucking show!
Why black men love Dragon Ball Z:
Si vous vous demandez pourquoi c'est difficile d'être noir en France, cet article de Kotaku peut vous donner des pi…
I rarely do that (maybe I should do more ?) but i'd like to thank you @xoxogossipgita for this article, it's great…
Every word of this is true
awww they sure do ❤️
#DBZ #dragonball #blerd #nerd #anime
"Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z" via @Gizmodo
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Fuck Goku. Vegeta is the MAN!
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Interesting! @xoxogossipgita looks at what attracts black men to Dragon Ball Z.
This article could have just read "Cuz it's fuckin' great."
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
@xoxogossipgita have you considered maybe it's cuz *all* men love dbz?? Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
The realest article ever written! #DragonballZ #DragonballSuper #BlackMen #anime
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
Why black men love #DragonBallZ. I'm surprised it took someone so long to actually write about this. GOAT anime for…
"Why Black Men Love 'Dragon Ball Z'"
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z
This is awesome
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku
Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z via @kotaku

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