Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones

Source : Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones

Alien Isolation was a big critical hit when it came out in 2014, so news of a sequel might come as welcome news to fans. Less welcome news might be the fact that said sequel is a mobile game.

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Alien Isolation is getting a sequel... for phones
We need a word for the emotional state of "I'm disappointed in this, but because gamer culture overreacts to everyt…
Alien: Isolation was SO GOOD, and deserves better than a mobile sequel. 😑 Definitely check out the original if you…
Fox is on my shit list now.
I legit almost jumped out my chair with happiness... then I finished reading the sentence... "Do YoU GUyS nOt HaVe… do you keep fucking up so badly? Nobody wants a mobile game, we want a proper sequel to that awesome ga…
.......ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!?!?! Now I'm just gonna be annoyed all day.
Poop! 💩 #AlienBlackout
I cannot tell you how much my heart rose and sank reading this headline.
*eye twitching*
Haha, was... dann kann man das auf dem Klo spielen, das ist praktisch, weil man sich dann nicht mehr in die Hose ma…
Disappointed this is a mobile game. I wanted a proper console sequel.
You all have phones, right?
How to not handle your top IP's Hand them over to gearbox. Make a mobile game. I want a good avp or aliens game.…
Biggest disappointment of 2019 so far
Faleceu, simplesmente
Unpopular opinion time..... Alien Isolation was boring as fuck. Now I can be bored on my phone.
*sad trombone*
Remember all those Alien games that came and were complete trash, then Isolation came out and it was pretty good? N…
Alien Immortal
Can we please, for the love of God stop pushing franchises to mobile.
What you guys dont have phones?
Weeaaaak. Alien Isolation was unbelievable because of its immersion into the world. You're not going to get that…
I want to be blown out the airlock
I am actually pissed what the fuck NOBODY asked for a mobile game, we wanted a legitimate sequel
@Alien_Theory bummer...
Yeah, fuck off.
Acordei assim hoje
I am really excited for this game, so I'm hoping this is a joke? It's not? Is it?...
I've been done a dirty
It is really my own fault for not seeing this coming. Why did I get kinda excited? Dammit, I will never learn...
Tô rindo por fora e chorando por dentro
Why am I the only one happy about this. It's Alien Isolation. On the go. That's lit af. I'm happy about Diablo an…
mano, que desnecessário....
What the fuck
Who thought this was a good idea?
Is this an off season April Fools Joke.
I now understand how Diablo fans feel.
Will you survive, will anyone care?
The last two words of this post turns this into some straight up monkey's paw stuff.
Hey, @20thcenturyfox, no one wants, no one.
No.... era una secuela muy esperada para mi, como me hacen esto TT
Definitely what you want in an environmental horror game
God damn it...
Haa..... Fuck you
Big oof @VampiricHeathen
The aliens hunting you are video ads for TOON BLAST
Dear, sweet Celestia, no. Please... *PLEASE* do NOT give the alien franchise, my sweetheart, my true love, the pay…
This is nothing more than a cash grab on the back of a game that revived the franchise
but wait,,,, this might be bad,,, hhhhhh
People.. Are gonna be... Fumin
Oh no. Is this another Diablo Mobile fiasco? Alien Isolation was so good!
I let out the biggest Sigh 🙄😴
Look, okay. There is nothing inherently wrong with mobile games. They can actually be fun when done well. But for t…
Ha ha ha ha... Wot?
Is this Blizzard?
Fuck the entire industry!
I don’t think anyone wanted this but alright
So exited for the future of gaming! Can't wait for Dead Space Mobile, Mass Effect Mobile, Deus Ex Mobile, GTA Mobi…
Yeah... It's gonna be a no from me dawg
Alien Isolation is getting a sequel... for phones
Fox has announced Alien Blackout, a mobile sequel to 2014 Alien Isolation. The game will be published by D3 Go best…
@bowlingotter @KatFTWynn Say what now?
Hell yeah mothertruckers
Alien franchise does not deserve it... 🤪
you've gotta be fucking with me
#AlienBlackout is a big mistake. Listen I get mobile gaming is big right now with kids and even some younger teens,…
I'm no fan of the Alien franchise. Or I am? Hard to say. Anyhow, the original Alien Isolation game was fucking BRI…
Que alguien me explique en qué momento se consideró una buena idea sacar videojuegos serios…
So they're making an Alien Isolation sequel.... but its for mobile...
OH HELL NO!!! 😡😡😡
@TheQuartering The Fact Alien isolation Sequel is announce for God damn phones.
Are you freaking kidding me? That game was so damn good. It deserves better than this! Alien Isolation Sequel An…
alien blackout really is for fucking phones i want to fucking d*e
You know you fucked up when even the Game Over Video Games Twitter account calls your bullshit.
Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones
given how insanely popular Dead by Daylight for phones & other horror for phone titles are in China right now, this…
I've never been so excited by the first four words of a sentence ands so disappointed by the last two. *sigh* At…
Do you guys not have phones?! ?
what in the absolute hell
Why does it seem there is a BIG push towards mobile games from triple A titles? No one wants this... Or at least I…
@stewartTheSock You excited?
LMFAO I'm sorry @afraidtomerge, althought I bet @afraidtohaske is excited for it.
They Fucked It Up! @AngryJoeShow #AlienIsolation
Ah man 2019 is off to a terrible start.... #wtf #gamingnews
Well this is bull!! <i>Alien Isolation </i>Sequel Announced For Phones via @kotaku
Ohh for fucks sake, you had to put the sequel I dreamed of on fucking PHONES. Pathetic..
Looks like Alien: Blackout is for mobile only.
@AngryJoeShow damn you corporate commander!! Joe Corporate is at it again! via @kotaku
YES! But noooooooo..... @ThePengimaster
Аксиома Эскобара Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones
Alien Blackout - where you drink a shitload of alcohol because you're scared shitless of the alien. Alien Isolation…
Okay, that's not what I hoped for. But I will have a look. #AlienBlackout
Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones ༄ Alien Isolation was a big critical hit when…
Not acceptable! Why haven’t Creative Assembly been contracted to do a sequel on the major game platforms? The origi…
Alien Isolation was so much fun & instead of making a cool sequel..they are putting out this bullshit instead
Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones via @kotaku
Can we, uhhhhhhh, not?
<i>Alien Isolation </i>Sequel Announced For Phones via @kotaku
Remember that ‘Alien: Isolation” prequel that was hunted at a while ago? It’s officially a mobile game called ‘Alie…
Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones #alienisolation #alienblackout #kotakucore #foxnext #alien
Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones
I went from soo excited hearing they made a Alien Isolation sequel to depressed it’s just going to be a mobile game…
So Alien:Blackout is a mobile game? Huh?
All that Alien Isolation sequel hype? Yeah, it was for a phone game...
Oh yeah. I haven't played #AlienIsolation yet. Heard the first half is pretty good. Mobile game for a sequel... wel…
Depois do fiasco do Diablo Immortal, tá na hora do Alien Immortal!!
Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones
Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones
<sigh>....I'll take it, I guess. #AlienIsolation
Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones via @kotaku
Once again this is even more proof that companies don't care making a good or great product but rather how much mon…
OOOOH *scrolls down* Oh?
@KyleBosman Game announcement:
god fucking damn it di ba natuto ang ibang game devs jan? dnt hype up shit then reveal na its going to be a mobile…
purehavuk #Gaming #News | @SGH_RTs | Alien Isolation Sequel Announced For Phones #blog
As someone that loved Alien Isolation and was hoping for a sequel, let me just throw out all the expletives at this…
@THEREALRTU I need a video on this, sir
#ALIENISOLATION for mobile!!
Oh. I am a huge fan of Alien: Isolation, and hearing this news is a colossal disappointment for me. I would have re…

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