Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76

Source : Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76

The next big game from Fallout developer Bethesda Game Studios is Fallout: 76, the company announced today, and although the studio hasn’t yet said what it is, we hear it’s an online game of some sort.

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I think it's really important to reiterate this: Anyone who spends the next two weeks expecting Fallout: 76 to be a…
This is sad and disheartening to hear. Hopefully whatever they are coming up with is something really special and n…
Like I said yesterday, it's way too soon for a new/proper Fallout to be coming from BGS. For a NV-type Fallout, it'…
It's fine people expecting Fallout 4 to be a traditional single-player RPG were also disappointed
But how do you even know this, I'm believing absolutely nothing I read for the next 2 weeks and just waiting for E…
Curious. Perhaps the rumours of Fallout: 76 being a "Rust clone" might actually be true. Could be very interesting…
:T Oh goodness...
Парам-пара-пам, фьюииить!
Hype-Level ist soeben gesunken
Reports are going around it is, in fact, going to be an online game, so bye bye interest in this game.
Simple stuff and rumors from journos and some leaks from Bethesda/sources Here:…
I feel like most people are expecting to just be disappointed in general
If this turns out to be Fallout: Battle Royale, Bethesda are dead to me.
Fallout Battle Royale, veréis Me cago en San dios
I’m sad 😩
welp so much for that hype
jason you got blacklisted, maybe you're right but I fully expect nothing more then co-op and will give you the bigg…
fallout battle royale??
да и все остальные тоже будут разочарованы
It’s going to be Fallout Battle Royale
And like that you’ve lost me.
I’m concerned...
Sad but true. They can join the Pokémon purists complaining that Gen 8 isn’t happening this year instead of just ap…
Ну еще бы это ж ебучий Rust, ггг
Oh, FFS. Some of us play games in order to *get away* from other people.
I have zero faith in Bethesda to do this well to be honest.
Schreier rarely misses a beat, so no doubt this is accurate, but... Bethesda has been campaigning their single play…
Нахер это все
Komentarze pod tym tweetem.
pls don’t disappoint
I am all sorts of anxious about this game now...
The replies to this are a mess lmao. Imagine being a fan of video games and thinking you know more about a project…
LETS GET THIS MONEY I have always loved the idea of Fallout ~online~
And for that reason I'm out
They fixed the companion AI by getting rid of it
Ok NOW im intrigued.....
But @bethesda... why would you do this to us?
The comments from angry gamers here are hilarious. Given Bethesda's history trying to tell interesting stories in t…
Please just give me a story mode I can play with a friend online, then I don't care of it's closer to an MMO.
Suspicions confirmed
@Mick_Boss Okay, scratch that.
@pixelpebbles @Izziano46
Friends that are excited please read
Disappointement from @BethesdaStudios ? Nothing new there!
kids I’m so lost
Interesting 🤔 some type of base building co-op game possibly. It's Bethesda so I'm still highly intrigued but my hy…
If I get fallout online I’m fucking out buddy
This. Use realistic expectations here. I think it's going to be fun, but I don't think it's going to be "Fallout 5"
Damn, eh? Fallout MMO, perhaps?
What the heck 😑
wowee I sure was wrong :/
Fear grips me. How will I handle change?!?!
I’ve changed. I don’t want single player for this one. Give me my co op or multiplayer!!
Hmmmmm :/ An online Fallout could be fun, definitely not going to shut it out before even trying it, but the lack o…
Вот это интересно уже
Fallout 76 aka Fallout Battle Royale 😛
If it's a battle royale game I'm punching myself in the balls 76 times
And the @Fallout hype train drives directly into a wall. There are other games for online survival mechanics. Fallo…
As of right now I'm basically just writing off this is an ignore, hope I can be proven wrong.
gimme fallout battle royale 😂
Online Fallout? I would definitely play hope the shot hasn't sailed on them though
trads btfo again
Ok so not only is it bad but it's double-bad
but what does THIS MEANNNNNN
MMO Joey, don't do it!
Expectations officially lowered.
I assume Fallout 76 has something to do with Brian Colangelo.
vai toma no cu
Crap. @BethesdaStudios had us on the line for a friggan MMO. What a waste.
Can pretty much tell this from the teaser. It looks like the fallout shelter concept reworked into a more tradition…
Literally anything is better than 4 was so
Fucking hope it isn't. Single player only please
If 1) it brings something new to the table 2) has sufficient content to keep gamers playing and engaged and 3) has…
今のところわかってることまとめ ・これまでとはかなり異なるゲームになる模様。マルチ要素?(トレイラー中に2人いるような椅子やテーブル配置) ・kotaku記者が「今までのシングルプレイヤーRPGなFOに期待するな」とツイート
@Ikells8907 @jogadrogba17 @T7Saber good morning.
There goes my hype.
if this is a fallout battle royale im kicking your ass
I knew it this would probably be a goddamn MMO. Probably getting an ESO treatment
Totalmente... lo veo más cercano al Shelter que al 4
I didn't think it was. Fallout 4 is still pretty recent
Había conseguido ser feliz durante unos minutos.
People should really listen. Do the math. Think about how long ago was Fallout 4. This is made by a different comp…
@DnRTweetz @LexyMors
(Nut) @Jmitt1
I don’t even care about the game unless obsidian are the developers
20 years after bombs dropped no super mutants shitloads of ghouls ... zombie survival online game. fuuuuuck
Boooooo (maybe)
well this was spot on
The type of game Fallout 76 might be instead is super exciting to me though. Online RPG survival seems perfect for…
great.. now my hype is dead. It’s a fucking online game.
Most of the comments in this thread are in the first stage of grief: denial.
@JCBaggee @scc_da_matt I think we're either getting a bullshit mobile game, a Battle Royal cash grab game, or... M…
@xXBraveShadowXx wait i actually linked the wrong tweet, i meant to link this one lol
Goddammit @BethesdaStudios
Well, the if it's an mmpg, the franchise just lost another customer.
This really bums me out too. This and pokemon turn out to be disappointing side games.
Already bracing myself for the disappointment.
They compare it to DayZ.
I'm going to be very disappointed
Oh thank god. I was worried.
Surprise announcement, looks like an MMO/online game. Here's hoping #E32018 brings something to go with it in the s…
Oh, well fuck this all to hell, I don't care about this game anymore.
i really don´t know how to think about this 🤔
omg i bet it's gonna be some dumb shit like destiny
Remember this person's track record...
That's fine. But I'm out.
Please *don't* be an MMO, plssssss 😭
Fallout: Battle Royale is going to be sad.
Putting expectations in check already fam
Rapaz.... Lá vem mais battleroyale
Noted. I imagine this would be the case, and that Fallout 5 is quite a way off
Lepiej być rozczarowanym już teraz, niż po premierze (i kupnie).
Oh and also this
From what I've heard, Fallout: 76 is an online game of some sort. Developed by BGS in both Maryland and Austin (for…
It better fucking not.
Fallout Online? CURIOSO
AHH. So it's a 76 player Online Vault Battle Royale game then?
Será que é o free to play que tavam rolando rumores?
Présentement xptdr
Présentement ptdr.
Fallout PUBG clone, gotcha
b a t t l e r o y a l e
Huge scoop again from Jason, makes sense Bethesda is moving into a more online direction with the success of ESO.…
this might be interesting if its done right????? i hope they dont fuck it up though like ESO
Сообщается также, что Fallout 76 это в каком-то смысле онлайновая игра (но это не точно)
Okay THAT could be sick
Someone has unfinished online business with Fallout... and I'm looking at no one *cough* @norespawns *cough*
bueno también hay que tener en cuenta que este tío trabaja en kotaku sabes igual se lo están inventando como hacen…
Oh bah pourquoi pas, après avoir milité pour les jeux solos, ça serait pas surprenant de vouloir quand même faire d…
I can still remember signing up for the now cancelled "Fallout Online" beta. A Fallout MMO would be interesting to…
Si queréis saber más sobre Fallout76, echadle un ojo a este hilo, porque es bastante esclarecedor respecto al tema.
Battle Royale with 76 players! (Bethesda couldn't figure out how to put 100)
Fallout 76 é "um tipo de jogo online."
Fallout pulling Xbox and iPhone number system now! Guess the report yesterday that no-one was going to guess what…
Was I right? The trailer mentions "you must rebuild", coop fallout with focus on building? I will slap you all?
Ağlıyorum şu an.
if its multiplayer i have no fucking idea. if itslike 2 person coop on the wasteland? could…
An online game? I’m still interested.
If this has battle Royale I quit life
@maniacalmorgan @CryssyCheung look at this. Winston 76 is coming over to Bethesda. Cant wait for jump to do AOE dam…
Que buena skin del soldado 76
I'll grumble if they go Battlegrounds or something, BUT it was always gonna be a construction and shooting focused…
Yea I'm not hyped @ExpIoda that rumor might be trye dawg. At least we got starfield or whatever it's gonna be called
Now this could be interesting
Huh - me saying I thought it was Fallout Online might not be out of the question
76 players, one vault, only one of them comes out alive to claim the fabled winner winner vault boy dinner...…
I swear to god if the hero based shooter thing is real
Whatever they do, I hope they do not ruin my favorite game franchise of all time. I will have literally no hope for…
ach auf Online Game hab ich ja weniger bock :( falls es sich bewahrheitet
@SkinnedHound this is all i know but from what op said it's not an mmo at least, just has m…
God, please no
All my hopes and dreams are gone
Oh no! I hope not! #Fallout76
UAU, nunca um hype meu despencou tão rápido!
Okay I just watched the teaser and they used john denver so I’m back in, let’s do this
And there goes any interest I had
What? No wild battles?
Oh. Um. Ok.
Online 🤦‍♀️
Oh nonononononononono
Bethesda tu fez merda com Skyrim Online. Não repete o erro amore
Cautiously optimistic
Justice for BattleCry
ONLINE fallout??? Yeah I’ll pass I think.
Toma un battle royale como a mi me gusta
@gayspacegulag Nvm, Fallout 76 is going to be trash.
I just want you to know, @jasonschreier knows his stuff 👍 #PleaseStandBy #FALLOUT76
@DotProto Seems to be online focused based on reporting from Kotaku and Polygon
Please si at det ikke er enda et Survival spill med byggeelementer.
Just throw me in a wood chipper at this point
kotaku ok who cares don't trust his words
Thanks @MrAgentStrange
@mason_beene @badkennyfly @badkylefly dammit. Online... lol. Good call kenny
So it's Fallout Online or Fallout BR.
ahahahaha of course it fucking is
Please for the love of fucking God, don't be a Battle Royale, I can handle co-op play, MMO maybe, but if there's a…
An online game?? 🤔😐😑
If ends up being Fallout Battle Royale I'm gonna scream.
Also doch das alte Fallout Online wieder aktiviert? D:
Interesting. Perhaps an MMO-lite?
Fallout: 76 reporting for duty
Never mind im not interested anymore
Uh-oh, don't tell me its a Fallout mmo-
My interest is slowly deflating like the world’s saddest balloon
This guy is a hack who works for a hack site. His sources are no better than reddit.
@TyboyN17 @Nick_Mhm what do U think
Fallout 76 is just a Battle Royale fallout
If this turns out to be some kind of Battle Royal game, I can't even begin to fathom how disappointed I'll be. Sadl…
Welp just like that RIP my hype
Is this a TES online reference?
Not sure how to feel about this
I realllllllllly hope you can bring your mate in as a follower this time...
This has potential imo
In each Fallout crate there's a chance for you to get a golden legendary weapon if you purchase with real world US…
People can't be happy about fucking anything.
Oh, for fuck's sake
Aaaand the hype is gone
novo fallout com soldado 76 como protagonista
this actually makes a lot of sense
Fuck offffffffffff tho.
@Mathrigo @PixelViet @ankarabambaataa gerüchteweise soll der focus auf "online" liegen.
So "Fallout Online" to match with The Elder Scrolls Online.
Guessing it's an MMO.
Well there goes any interest I had with this thing.
No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no n…
I really hope this is going to be closer to Fallout Online than Fallout Battle Royale. Lol
No me digas eso
@MarquesZero não é exatamente um Fallout tradicional
فولاوت أونلاين على غرار الدر سكرولز أونلاين
Era de se esperar que fosse algo DIFERENTÃO, já que o título não é 'Fallout 5'
Hmm...whelp, love it or hate it, folks, you can always keep playing The Long Dark. New content still being added. N…
New Fallout game incoming!!!! Woohoo! 😁 And while a Fallout 3 remaster would be amazing I'm glad it's not just an…
it's just ESO for Fallout
Oh for fuck sake, an online game. Fuck off.
"We're all battlers royale, now."
فول اوت 76 لن يكون جزء سينجل بلاير تقليدي حيكون فيه خصائص اونلاين بتطوير فريق باتلكراي سابقاً اجل في امل نشوف Sta…
هممممم Fallout جديدة ويقولك ممكن تكون أونلاين! وش رأيكم؟ MMO? Battle Royale? عالم مشترك؟
Lol, fuck this
(I really don't want it to be an online game)
So... Fallout 76 is either an mmorpg or an battle royal clone
Dette, kombinert med oppfordringa om å bygge opp att verda når fallouten er borte (i traileren), får meg til å bli…
Pump the brakes 🤔
I can't believe that within the space of 24 hours we've had a Pokemon and a Fallout announced and I hate them both…
It begins The affect of online battle royal
Olha aí, e tem gente que dizia que o Brasil nunca iria fazer um jogo AAA
Guys listen. This will change my life I will be hidden in my dark living room for months after the is released
So from what I know, #FALLOUT76 is located in DC and is a control Vault...which means we will see a new side of th…
Fallout 76 looks like it will be the Elder Scrolls Online of Fallout games. 🙄
Why online whyyyyyyyyyyy
What if this is basically an online shooter based on ideas from Fallout Shelter 🤔
Se me ha bajado el empalme. Circulen, aquí no hay nada que ver.
Fallout MMO possibly? This could be interesting or it could be awful
@RadioFreeTom The real news of the day imo
If this is true then there goes the little interest I had for it
@IronClawGaming OH HELL NO!!
Online game 🤔
@Darthonxp eso están diciendo
Preciso jogar os outros 75 pra entender esse?
Maybe this means it’ll be using the ESO engine... Which isn’t perfect but it’s better than the trash fire they’ve b…
Fallout 4 sucked. So like, I mean, I don't think I could care less
Why are y’all mad at this
@DanNerdCubed Wait a bit, you might be out
Feels like a trap. I doubt it will be a full game. So far looks like the F4 engine, even the vault model is exactly…
“Online game” well I’m out
And excitement dwindling.
A fallout online game would be pretty weird
"Online game." I wanna die.
Fallout online xd
@cecilos @kr3at0r ahhh :(
DUDE, why didn't I post my prediction yesterday?? I didn't see anyone mentioning a Fallout MMO but me! I know tha…
Noooooooooo tiooooo :(
@jinxland Hopefully it doesn’t mean having to interact with anyone who had to ask what the song in the trailer was
inb4 Fallout Battle Royale
Well this would be disappointing...
Fallout battle royale
why are you all mad abt this idk anythung abt fallout please fill m in
A Fallout game with online elements. I'm out. I play Fallout slow and stealthy I don't want run and gunners ruining…
And there goes all of my hype...
So it's pretty much the next Final Fantasy 14?
I can't unsee Soldier 76
Somebody end my shit please
No un Battle Royale. No. No. NOOOOOOOOOOO
Lol.. i should work in the industry..
@xSesale y los rumores dicen que va a tener algo de online
what did I say?
I'm calling it--there will be a battle royale mode included. Because of course.
@Doctor_Leon54 Online game ...... du coup la hype est retombée :/
@FFPako yeah, not gonna happen
Fallout Royale. ;P
'tin mais stop.
Still saying Fallout: Battle Royale.
Du multi dans Fallout 76... Mais qu'est ce qu'on en a à branler dans cette franchise ?! Ça me rappelle le multi de…
Todos los rumores de q va a ser online salen de aquí y lo único que se saca claro de aquí es que puede tener algún…
It’s a fucking base building game? Congratulations @bethesda and thank you for the major letdown. Don’t hype up Fal…
>online Oh FUCK no.
Online naoooooo
We're all soldiers now.
Imagine the sheer disappointment when they announce this is some sort of MMO or some shit.
Fallout Online a reality? I wouldn’t mind exploring the wasteland with friends! Just hoping for no battle royale...
Спасибо, пока.
Hope not, but try to keep an open mind.
Und das Interesse schwindet ein bisschen :D
>online Into the trash it goes
Bethesda announces Fallout: 76, which we hear is an online game of some sort
TES Online with guns
According to lore in Fallout 3, vault 76 was a control vault in West Virginia set to open 20 years after the war. R…
None of you will ever see me again.
the object of the game is to run several burner accounts while operating an NBA team
Yay. Joy. (Also, brace for the inevitable flood of "Wow, I must've slept for a long time 'cause I totally missed…
Fallout online game? Can already smell the BR in it........ whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Inb4 Eso with fallout skins
это овервотч референс?.....
Fallout Battle Royal with the option for Skyrim Battle Royal
where the fuck is fallout 5-75 i call bullshit FAKE NEWS
No, I said Fallout in the 80's, not the 70's!
too bad a tactical visor isn't gonna fuckin save him from the nukes
Please stop robbing me of my precious years of life Fallout. Please.
Oh crap I forgot to play the other 75 games
Espero que no sea un MMO... con lo bien que les va con el Elder Online no se cómo se les ha ocurrido xD
Só de ter Country Roads no trailer já ficou 10/10
lmao who cares
@Remnoct @NovumZero
@Pedro_RCV @MarquesZero
I PREDICTED IT. Literally just last week I was just saying Fallout needs to make a multiplayer game and now look. U…
Elder Scrolls Online but set in the Fallout universe? 🤔 #FALLOUT76
Please be fake news Please be fake news Please be fake news Please be fake news Please be fake news Please be fake…
If it is a MMO, gonna be a hard pass after ESO. If it is a Co-op online game I am fine with it. Like 4 teammates or…
Oh God no. Please tell me they're not boarding the "games as services" crap train with this franchise.…
Now to see if Blizzard decides to take action for Soldier 76 LUL
Onliiineeeee Fallouttt!! 👀👀
Destiny do Fallout
what a fucking way to play with my emotions.
Esto es en serio?
Se viene el Destiny de Bethesda.
This disapponts me massively. It's been on the cards for a very long time, Bethesda has wanted to do a Fallout MMO…
Oh shit, a new Fallou-- -"online game" -Bethesda developed -rebuilding themed (sounds like more base building a LA…
kotaku is saying its online even though NOTHING SAID THAT
Online Game??????? What
You were right @ScarletCrystalx 😕👎
it's gonna be fallout fortnite isn't it?
If this is an MMO, this will be a pass for me. If it is a mobile game, it will also be a pass for me. I played Fall…
@RaynerJVella1 well something you would like to know about Fallout
Ewww. Thoughts? @nicologdeguzman
Hopefully it's not an online game.
Instand deal breaker
Fallout: Royal?
"We hear" as in "we just made it up for clicks"?
No citation means that it should be taken as complete bullshit.
Bold move to get me interested in the possibility of a Fallout game by making it a Soldier: 76 themed Overwatch cro…
I swear to God if they make a fucking Fallout MMO I'm gonna kill myself and there's not gonna be any nut from me. I…
@DEbrius @Corbin_Krueger
@DiIlatronic Seen this? I hope they mean some sort of online co-op, could be some sort of online MMO:
Why is everything random numbers now? What's next, Xbox 5926? Mario Kart 1024!? MARIO PARTY 9174?!!
Cool. First vault and online play. Hopefully it is a persistent world that will grow and change. #Fallout…
Who asked for this?
I hope it's co-op. But any farther I don't think it'll be that good.
@SithCamoh eeeeehhhhm
Ooohhh country roaadds 🎶
anyway bethesda is blocked & cancelled.
We're all soldiers now
Estoy muy confundido
@ClassyUndead uh oh
Ok I'm not trying to get too riled up before anything is really known... But no one wants this. WTF IS THIS.
Battle Royale inc online game. Pls just let it be an ONLINE CO OP component...and not fully online as in : MMO. pls.…
@billy_mkII Aí o que eles mostraram...
PLEASE let it be online like ESO.
its gonna come out in 76 years
Vaults have limited space. This leads to a Battle Royale where the winner gets a spot in the vault.
Was kommt nach eins, zwei, drei und vier? Natürlich 76...
mmm oo that's something else
Online game of sorts? Lost my interest of sorts. #fallout76 #fallout #porcupine #lemon
(I just hope it’s not this)
You play as Joel Embiid who has to find 4 other 76ers greats in the wasteland. In the penultimate battle, they batt…
miss me with that bullshit fam
@true_shrimp @notdogpig 머임 온라인이라는데여?????
*insert Overwatch joke here*
Unless you're absolutely opposed to online play, this could be really inspired.
lol one word and I don't care anymore
@doomista tohle mi ale dělá trochu starosti. Snad to nebude oskinovaná kopírka TESO.
Okay actually kind of pissed it's online. IT WAS A SUPER GOOD FIRST SHOOTER RPG AND YOU'RE RUINING IT. @bethesda
Oh shit, its going to be a leave the vault battle royale type of nonsense isn't it?
if this is a battle royale i'm flinging myself into the ocean and never returning
Amazing I cant wait to see this monstrosity. Its gonna suck. Bet.
Fallout MOBA? It's out of my comfort zone, but I do really enjoy Overwatch, so maybe it could be cool!
"online game of some sort" = bullshit MMO with lootboxes. Well, I was excited for a day.
Online Fallout? Hold the fuck up @bethesda
Fortnite clone, calling it
???? I don't know if this is what fallout fans wanted
>online Why.
Não estraga meu dia por favor...
@SaishuHane @EuroTrashLord
This new overwatch skin looks sick
I wonder what Soldier 76 has to say about this!
Fallout Version of ESO. okay
It better not be.
this is what beth is doing rather than working on tes6
oh yeet it's just an online game
((Screams into the distance))
This better not be a mmo cuz that would ruin this game
Djarum, Djarum~ 🎶
ONLINE?! Fuck sake this is gonna be a Elder Scrolls Online v2
Já vi isso em algum lugar...
Essa provavelmente foi a maior broxada da minha vida :(
@Obsidian please salvage the remains of this series
Fallout's long rumoured version of TESO?
Wow, Bethesda can't count if they skipped Fallout 5-75 to jump right to 76. No one made this joke yet, right!?
Hmmmm. "Online", eh? :/
Que ganas de un battle royal en el yelmo
FUCK NO @FogLight22 @LexyMors
Online uh? 🤔 Co-op maybe @corrossa_? 🤩
I'm so excited! I guess it's going to be an online survival game, inspired from DayZ and Rust.
"Online game of some sort" Hype descendo...
Awwww shiiiitttt
Bethesda Announces #Fallout: 76 #WPUGamers
Okay great, but where's Elder Scrolls VI though...??? #Fallout76
I love Fallout, but I would rather eat poop than play an online Fallout survival game.
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
woooo ok some gaming news to get excited for
WHAAAT? 🤯 Please be an MMO "Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76" #gaming #Fallout
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76
Wait, online? I hope this isnt true because I will be so sad. … via @kotaku> via @kotaku
PRAISE sweet 8 lb 6 oz baby Jesus! An online Fallout community game...😭😭😭 via @kotaku
@monochromewillo @penguin_ford @rebekaheats I was wrong!!
@Error_Gen_Fail FML! Kotaku has just said Fallout 76 is 'an online game of some sort'. That would really annoy me,…
I have a Nuka Cola wallet. They already have my money.
FALLOUT!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 via @kotaku
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 via @kotaku
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
@thompsondaley Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
@Fearless_Fred I trust Jason he's great
Dude, yes! I just hope it's better than Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 via @kotaku
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
@seanmarkee @Robbiejamesking
@BethesdaStudios @bethesda If it's online... I'm no longer excited
Just in case you haven't seen this yet... lol. It's all over the place so probably old news by now haha!
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 Shared from my Google feed
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76
It's happening!!!! @RadioFreeTom
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 via @kotaku
Big news from Bethesda!
.@BethesdaStudios annonce un nouveau titre de la licence #Fallout et cela sera #Fallout76. Le moteur graphique ne c…
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 @kotakuより
Fallout 76 is coming then.
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 via @kotaku
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 @kotakuから
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 via @kotaku
@McCarron @m1ke77 Polygon and Kotaku both independently reported it
IPs velhas nunca morrem.. Nem desaparecem
Missed out on Fallout 5 through 75. LOL! Seriously though, gonna be ace!
@TheEliteCourier @4allout
Okay. 😍😍😍
@dragonpeets here: and here or here
@DCDeacon @Fallout @Fallout
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76
It's an "online game"? Well, ugh...
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
@fun_pas @Lili_immaculate
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
Bethesda Game Studio has announced "Fallout: 76," the latest entry in their post-apocalyptic series.…
@guizinlixo also o msm jornalista do kotaku q vazou as infos do fallout 4 uns meses antes do anuncio oficial tb con…
"Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76" #games #feedly
Kotaku: Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 - Kotaku: Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76. Shared via Google News
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
#Bethesda Announces #Fallout: 76
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 via @kotaku @MrGreger !!!!
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 #gaming #feedly
Bethesda Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
@LucGolabiowski @MyRriuR Według przecieków ma to być „Survival Online RPG” więc to bardzo możliwe…
@sentinebula Bem, é o Kotaku (Eles vivem de baboseira Ninhogophilia e Justiceiro socias) esse site é tudo que menos…
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76
@doojon @BethesdaStudios Now rumor has it that this is an online game?
"Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76" #takemymoney
@dufrau Kotaku has heard through the rumor mill that it's an online game, which... I don't like. But we'll see.
@DutchIvo Kotaku kwam als eerste met het gerucht
"Fallout: 76, the company announced today, and although the studio hasn’t yet said what it is, we hear it’s an onli…
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76
Hello beautiful 🌼 Announces <i>Fallout: 76</i> via @kotaku
New #Fallout announced who is excited? #FALLOUT76 #Goth #Geek
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76
@jessicaelle @TriciaTweetz "its an online game of some sort" not sure what that means
@Zack_Cavz it’s totally not what you expect
Let's hope this is an MMO not another Shelter style game with online components.
Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76 - Kotaku с помощью @GoogleNews
I'm still going to watch the teaser every day for two weeks and get my hopes up though.
After a 24 hour teaser stream... we have a teaser trailer. Bethesda, we need Fallout: 76 now! #fallout76
@GopherGaming it’s looking like Fallout 76 might be an online game of some kind

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