Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Source : Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

We live in exciting times, Super Smash Bros. fans.

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Breaking: Too many Fire Emblem characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
"Breaking News"
This is so sad can we get 10 Compensation orbs.
10 Mario Characters 9 Pokemon Characters (7 if you count Charizard/Squirtle/Ivysaur as one for Pokemon Trainer) 6 L…
Article ends asking for Goku in smash. No idea what the intention or this article was
Idk what to tell ya if 7 characters from a 70+ character roster is "too many" at this point
Shut the fuck up
Breaking: Too many dumb/pointless Kotaku articles in the news this week
1) This is indignant and bitchy (you literally fronted the article with "Thanks, I Hate it") 2) This story has bee…
Nintendo: "Fire Emblem is one of our main IPs", Heroes has made well over $400Mil., every game since 13 has sold ov…
Out of sheer spite I wish Sakurai makes Lyn, Alm, and Edelgard playable.
Yeah, I agree. The series thats been active for 28 years, has main stream success, several manga adaptations, live…
Each time someone complains about Fire Emblem, Sakurai adds two more FE characters
Breaking News: We don't give a shit
Breaking: Fuck off they're fun
People who say this also ask for stupid stuff like Goku or Sans Undertale. And also, you can't just look for somet…
Kotaku, back at it again with the shit articles. The fucking 10 Mario Characters, and 9 Pokémon characters is fine…
Breaking: Kotaku makes shit articles
we have like 87 mario characters yet no one complains
they literally put in one swap character that's one of the three main characters in fire emblem awakening please ca…
Shhh let us FE fans be happy. I say add more #LynForSmash
BREAKING! Despite Mario having 10 reps including 2 Marios, Pokemon having 9 & Zelda having 6 with 3 of them being t…
That's a funny way to say "sakurai spent hours trying to get these characters in a game for the fans boy are we tha…
Lucina, Roy, Marth, Chrom, Robin, Corrin 6 OUT OF 70 Relax people. It's not that bad. This "lol too many FE char…
Is all that Kotaku editors do is whine? Like enough is enough. Unfollowing
Oh no 7 out of 73 characters are from Fire Emblem Whatever shall I do except pick any of the remaining 66
Just wait until they drop a chracter from Three Houses.
Hablamos de una saga que lleva 28 años 15 juegos,camino del 16 Con más de,no sé,500 personajes en total Es una de…
shut the fuck up virgin
This is the same game that has 3 versions of Link and Samus, write some real news.
You guys think Kotaku just sees what people usually bitch about and just write articles about that?
It's almost as if its a Fire Emblem.........................Awakening.
If y'all think Chrom (and other similar FE reps) wasn't a case of "either I put in this guy who requires very littl…
To spite Kotaku I am now legitimately okay with my previous suggestion of adding every fire emblem swordsman
I will say, it would be nice to see a Fire Emblem character that's not sword-based, but the amount we have is just…
It feels fairly obvious that there are so many Fire Emblem characters -because- they play so similarly and don't re…
Breaking: Too many shitty clickbait Kotaku articles
Kotaku back at it again
Breaking: shut up Kotaku and go sit in the bad journalism corner
Kotaku is just the buzzfeed of gaming blogs
inb4 all 3 new protagonists from 3 Houses get revealed as playable in the next direct
>7 Mario characters - (18 if you count the Koopalings, DK, Diddy, Wario, and Yoshi) >9 Pokemon characters But plea…
chrom is literally an echo fighter who fucking cares
"let's complain about a game having too much content!"
Breaking: Ike, Robin, Corrin, and honestly even Chrom (he has a mix of Ike and Marth/Roy) are all different. Marth/…
I'm not even going to bring up the amount of Mario fighters Shut the fuck up and stop complaining everyone's dream…
"I love Fire Emblem" *Specifically shits on the Awakening ones cause she hasn't played the others*
god everytime i see a kotaku headline i just lose fucking brain cells how are y'all still verified?? lmaoo
Okay I am out. Really?! Mario has 10 Zelda has 6 Pokémon has 9 And you are freaking against a 7th Fire Emblem Chara…
KOTAKU BACK AT IT AGAIN with the garbage articles! lul
And Kotaku proves once again that they're ass
Kotaku fucking retire
this article ends with "give me goku nintendo"
Breaking: Kotaku is a horrible gaming news source
Maybe it's because Fire Emblem has a bajilion more characters than any other Nintendo franchise and a lot of them a…
yall gonna buy it anyway so shut up
Shut the fuck up
deletw this and never make another article again you piece of trash
Damn this is said Alexa play "Together We Ride"
old man yells at cloud (not the character although he is a swordfighter so stay tuned)
>9 Pokemon >Several Mario characters >6 Zelda characters, THREE OF WHICH ARE LINK I'm so tired of this
Non ferme ta gueule
Breaking: Too many Kotaku journalists literally throwing a pity fit over the smallest things in video games More a…
Smash doesn't have enough Fire Emblem characters
oh my god who cares
It's a 15 game series and each game has its own distinct cast No
When nobody ever takes you seriously so all you do is put out shitty pieces like this 👀
Kotaku makes one good article about Leffen then goes back to pointless pieces. So much more to cover in this dire…
Mira, no he leido (ni lo voy a hacer) el artículo, pero vaya mierda de titular
Too many garbage Kotaku articles that make Buzzfeed look good.
The fact this is from Kotaku is enough of a joke, but it's topped with "I love Fire Emblem" and the author's admiss…
Breaking: Shut the fuck up Kotaku. How many times must I say this.
Hector isn’t in the game yet so we haven’t gone far enough
Breaking: I have too many meaningful, wholesome relationships. As well, it would seem I have more money than I know…
needs more gokus
Kotaku more like shitaku
when will kotaku shut up
Kotaku is like, genuinely not news omg
Wake me up when Kotaku will stop posting awful and stupid articles like this. Journalists should NOT be subjective.
There are five fully fledged FE characters in smash ultimate. There are 8 Mario characters. There are 6 Zelda char…
So, can Kotaku still be considered a reputable "news" source at this point?
Honestly this take just isn't interesting anymore or all that relevant, especially in a game with about 70 playable…
they will really do anything to make smash look bad lol
none of them are lyn or hector so we can keep going until they get added honestly just replace the other 66 charac…
Because Kotaku says there are too many, I now think there are just the correct amount of Fire Emblem characters in…
Breaking: Kotaku is run by dumbasses who got butthurt that Waluigi still isn't in and will never be in probably
Today, on "Who thought this article was a good idea"
Putain mais ils la ferment jamais
Oh no slightly less than a whole ass tenth of the roster is filled with these gaijin anime characters
Oh no, Smash has too many characters from a single series in it. This is a first.
Correction: Not nearly enough Fire Emblem characters in Smash Bros. Ultimate.
I found it. The worst article
All these amazing features, additions and such and you still bitch, I hold my head in my hands 😡😑👏
First, they complain about the 3DS's popularity and now this. Kotaku's like the annoying fan that is never happy ab…
So does Mario, Zelda & NES Classics, what's your freaking point? Fire Emblem was one of Nintendo's Japanese exclus…
Breaking: No one gives a shit
"BREAKING" I'm losing it. Then again the fact that Fire Emblem has more characters then Zelda does is crazy
Too many? Kotaku you've never been more wrong.
Girl bye I didn't ask for this bad opinion 👋🏼
too much water
Yo: Puede ser un buen articulo de opinión acertada "Please me, Nintendo, and add Goku from Dragon Ball Z." Neverm…
Breaking: Kotaku is still going with the bad articles
You guys just took an L this week with that "releases on dead console" schtick; you're just digging deeper lmao
AND WE ARE BACK with Kotatu putting out absolute trash articles
Breaking: Too many Nintendo characters overall in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Hey uh Kotaku. What happened to good journalism and articles?
its true but you shouldnt say it!!!!
#FirstWorldProblems courtesy of @Polygon
Mais, c'est logique, genre c'est une licence avec énormément de personage, surement une avec le plus de persos de n…
EVERYONE IS HERE! so bring ALL of them
Is Lyn playable? Is Hinoka playable? Is Sakura playable? Is Jill playable? NO? Then we still need more.
Es cierto le pese a quien le pese. Si al menos no llevasen todos espada, pero es que así parecen todos iguales
Everyone trashes on Fire Emblem characters, but when Kotaku tries to jump in ain't nobody having that shit lol
I agree with a Kotaku article??
Breaking: Kotaku has the wrong opinion yet again.
"Please me, Nintendo, and add Goku from Dragon Ball Z." Fuck the hell off, Kotaku!!!
*Before Chrom* Kotaku: Meh, this is fine. *After Chrom* Kotaku: THERE ARE TOO MANY MISSION ABORT
"Breaking" Man how does someone post an article 4 years too late is amazing to me.
I mean they arent wrong but they shouldnt say it
Mario - 10 Pokemon - 9 Zelda has 3 Links No
Breaking: Kotaku hasn't changed their terrible ways since they were called out last year, change likely impossible.
Not enough fire emblem characters.
Fire Emblem is a great franchise with lots of valid and deserving characters
Breaking: Too many bad Kotaku articles in my timeline
Breaking: It's one of the most popular goddamn franchises that Nintendo has, IM SORRY IF WALUIGI OR GOKU ARENT IN T…
Kindly stop making articles
*adds 1 FE character* "TOO MANY FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS!!!"
Sweetheart, you can only make that judgement ONCE Hisame gets in!
you want to tell me that a series with a fast and big gain in popularity with a lot of characters in it will have m…
Far from hopping on the Kotaku bashing train, but I don't agree. If you criticise there being too many Fire Emblem…
Fire Emblem literally has more characters than most other nintendo IPs combined, of course they'll have a lot of re…
How long they gonna be drunk/high now?
Breaking: Kotaku is still garbage
Not until my husbandos Takumi and Ryoma make it into Smash
I've never read a more pointless sob story article, imo let's just add some more FE characters so I can drink the t…
I cant imagine being this wrong lmao, you can never have too many fe characters. I would by the shit out of a smash…
For once Kotaku is right
Can we erase Kotaku now?
I agree with a shitty gaming journalism site for once
I can't wait until Celica is confirmed so that I can see this Tumblr writer's salty ass tears start filling up the…
Gracias Kotaku por los articulos de calidad 😂
Mario has like 15+ reps and Pokemon has like almost 10, and people have a problem with FE reps still? LMFAOOO
People shitting on this article title like its not 100% true
The CORRECT argument to make is "Too few non-Lords from Fire Emblem in Super Smash Bros."
They're the Pokemon of playable characters. And that's fine, they don't all play the same
Jogo de uma franquia que era tida como semi morta com meia dúzia de fãs no ocidente há 5 anos e hoje é sinônimo de…
Kotaku is a dying website so this was only written for the clicks, but lets lay some things out Fire Emblem is one…
Too many clickbait articles on Gaming "News" Website
This is like my mad rantings about Shovel Knight, except she's getting payed to do it.
Breaking: Too many Super Mario characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Fire Emblem has become one of Nintendo's biggest series, and it has a long history. It makes sense that it's gettin…
Breaking: Sakurai told y'all to fuck off cause he's giving y'all everything.
Kotaku.....please shut up.
Lmao this guy says he wants Goku in smash at the end of the article.
I really think bad takes Tim needs a vacation, the hate clicks from last week's article should've been fine
Why do we as a generation even allow Kotaku to still exist
Pokémon has 9 reps shut the fuck up
and in other news to many mario characters.
Apparently 4, a half-echo and 2 echoes is too much.
Hagamos una lista:
How many Mario characters are there??
There are more Mario characters but nobody cares so go on I suppose
give me more! give me more!
This will never be true until, at least, Banko and Kazooie are in.
Nunca serán demasiados.
They go from bashing xQc with a quote said by Taimou and now they're saying there's too many FE characters in smash…
Let me explain to you why a cool game coming on the Switch shouldn’t have too many Fire Emblem characters. THEY ALL…
There are never enough FE reps ;)
If you dont get yo Smash 4 Mario main ol up tilt lookin ass off Kotaku
"There are too many Fire Emblem characters! Oh but put Goku in Smash." Dude, there are six characters from Zelda a…
Lmaooo is this The Onion?
More like too many pointless Kotaku articles
Give me Celica first and MAYBE we'll talk about it then
why is everyone bitching about the fact that we have 7 FE characters when there are 9 pokemons if you say there are…
I'm feeling this pretty hard. We have 7 Fire Emblem chracters and yet Zero, Knuckles, and Shovel Knight get the Ass…
You don't say
I'm not mad that there is a lot of FE characters. I'm just mad that they are all boring as fuck.
Can't wait until they add like 2 more, Kotaku continues to be 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮
Kotaku is still being stupid I see.
Kotaku does it again
...see, when you end your article with "add goku to smash!11!!11!!!1111!!!1!1!!" even though the damned god Sakurai…
Hahahaha @Bastakikun
Literally kill yourselves
Breaking: Kotaku bitched about a meme character like waluigi not being playable
the internet is cancelled
Kotaku is for nerds and weebs
Complains about Fire Emblem having too many characters but keeps quite about the Mario and Pokemon characters. C…
They're back to their dumb opinions.
Breaking: eat my dick
Fire emblem big goat y'all just childish
I know Ike and Marth ofc but if you held a gun to my head and told me to name another I’d fucken die
There's no such thing as "too many Fire Emblem characters in any game"
"Played the crap out of Awakening and Birthright" We're dealing with a Fire Emblem expert here.
With the inclusion of King K. Rool there are now 12 characters related to Mario compared to Fire Emblem's 7.
BREAKING: Who gives a shit?
Esta Hot Take se estaba demorando.
Do y'all just Only do clickbait now?
N o F u n W e e b s !
Finally a good article up until the last line.
This is why no one likes you guys
Oye, @FEHeroes_ES ¿por estas cosas daban orbes?
more like not enough give us Alm and Celica
Pretty sure there's probably more Mario characters than FE characters.
Breaking: You can't have characters from a now prominent IP in a PARTY FIGHTING GAME!!!! RAAAAHHHHHHHHH
For once I agree with Kotaku
people who ask for goku are invalid
Yet you're just fine with having so many more Mario characters in Smash. What a joke.
Wow Kotaku you finally noticed. Good fucking job on ya 👍
In other news. Add MORE Fire Emblem characters
Breaking: Kotaku are whiny bitches who complain about anything then say, well it cant be that bad
Me encanta la gente sacando mierda de Fire Emblem y creando odio porque haya 7 pjs en Smash (5+2 echos) siendo una…
je suis d'accord mais fermez la
Breaking: Who gives one?
when will this site shut down
Beating a dead horse with this one.
Pero eso lo sabíamos desde el E3.
Smash Bros needs more fire emblem characters and they all need to be voluptuous and wearing skimpy low-cut armor.
Has it breaking when people started talking about it years ago?
Breaking: I don't give a flying F-Word. Make people happy, that's all that matters with Smash. With that said... K.…
You can't write an article complaining that 7 first party franchise reps in a Smash game with 73+ characters is "to…
kotaku do you ever just shut the fuck up
What say you fans? We have some thoughts indeed.. #kotaku #FireEmblem #SuperSmashBrosUltimate
Cry more, faggots. They're not adding Goku so suck it up.
Sakurai adds Chrom only as a Ultra Smash People complain Sakurai adds Chrom as a playable character People complain
Honestly not even wrong
The hottest of takes today
Hay el mismo número de personajes de Fire Emblem que de Pokémon (7) y la saga Mario tiene 8
If y'all don't gtfo I swear to God.
It's true Sakurai these Kotaku guys have no brains
I for one welcome our new swordman overlords
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, No.
Can someone pinpoint the exact date "Articles" became paid Twitter threads
You mean: Not enough Fire Emblem characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Are people still complaining about this?
Don't say bullshit.
This is not a surprise, Kotaku just shut up lmaooo
You cannot be fucking serious. All the stuff we got today and you choose to focus on this pathetic, weak argument A…
Breaking: Too many nintendo characters in a nintendo game
More Fire Emblem characters please
imo, yeah there are many Fire Emblem characters in Ultimate, but all of them are sick :P
Nah I think Fire Emblem is fine now. Getting Chrom was the only situation where I'd be OK with FE getting another c…
seriously stop it @Sora_Sakurai
They keep adding them like, I'm not buying no damn FE game.
HOT TAKE: kotaku is the vice of video game journalism. and yes, that is a very bad thing,
I deadass hate these comments. People have been spouting this shit for fuckin ever and NOW it's untrue? As an FE fa…
Este artículo es basura
*looks at Mario cast*
what year is this
2 of em are clones calm down mate
Like there aren't too many Mario Characters either.
And more fan favorite characters are bad why? And it’s not like they’re “taking the spot” of any other wanted chara…
@fredddddable : A Kotaku às vezes tem bons artigos Eu (Inteligente):
This article actually ends with "Please me, Nintendo, and add Goku from Dragon Ball Z". Incredible.
"Too Many Nintendo Characters In Nintendo Game", says website journalist that wants Goku in Smash Bros.
Old news. Melee had too many FE characters...... Hell, Smash 64 had too many FE characters
I 100% agree with this. Fire Emblem characters are space fillers at this point. How bout add some of the bad guys f… this really a complaint?
Your articles are ass
Breaking: Kotaku wishes they could think of better "articles", Recycle old complaints.
este artículo y sus comentarios resumen perfectamente mi opinión
Too much? Yeah, look at the Mario representatives.
Kotaku: I don't want Chrom in Smash Bros! Literally Everyone: Then why did you ask for him??
Why is this even an article...? No, seriously. Why? This kind of crap belongs in the comment sections, which are…
>"Smash has too many fire emblem characters" >"Please Nintendo add Goku" Fuck off already.
Kotaku: Hey where goku nintendo? Kotaku: How can you put another FE? you must be kidding? why are you trolling me l…
Not just too many Fire Emblem characters. Too many characters with swords. So many sword characters, and now so man…
Marth, roy, ike, daraen, chrom, lucina et corrin ça fait 7 y'a 10 perso de Mario en comparaison 7 c'est bien pour u…
Wait til they hear how many Nintendo characters are in it.
sHUT the FUCK UP 🗣️
WTF!??! I love Kotaku now
Theres too many characters in general shut up
Kotaku: 6 Fire Emblem characters is acceptable. 7 IS TOO FAR
Breaking: there should be more
Breaking: No one should care.
Breaking: Kotaku is still garbage.
Theoretically the Fire Emblem character amount didn't change :^ And let's be honest there'd be atleast 1 more of t…
Breaking news! There are more Mario characters than Fire Emblem in smash.
Alright look in hindsight I sorta get it with Smash 4 and I can get wanting another FE rep over Chrom But there's…
i hate this article wowza
Okay, if it's gonna make Kotaku wanna crawl in a corner and cry then yes MORE FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS ADD HECTOR AND…
Agreed in Sm4sh but who cares in Ultimate. Tbh even then my problem is more the Fire Emblem characters they chose…
who fucking cares? they’re characters
Fuckotaku, pero e' verdá
The same people who complained about not getting another Mario rep (Waluigi) are complaining that another series, o…
I wanna ask a question. Just a simple one. What's the point of getting angry over this? It's the same song and da…
Shut the entire fuck up
B r u h. There's 8 Mario characters. Counting sub-series, there's 13. Pokémon has 9 (counting the Pokémon Trainer i…
This isn't news and had always been an issue that nobody really complained about. With the amount of stuff in SSBU…
hello fellow Smash fans. I have made an opinion for you
Hey wow it’s Cecilia like the character from fire emblem: the binding blade
this is a headline i wholeheartedly support
Play some better FE games then get back to me mmk
OMG. Thank you @cecianasta. This times a thousand.
This is the most garbage article of anything Esports related I've read this year.
6 out of 70+ characters are from Fire Emblem "iTS a FiRE EmbLEM FaN GAmE aT ThIS POinT!!!11"
Look, a good take on the internet
Oof. One tenth. That is going to take some shine off rolling random.
Wrong. Howeve we do need more Waluigi
Most of the Fire Emblem character don't make sense to have. Similar moves or unimportant to the franchise (does any…
THANK YOU Look, I get this series is beloved, and for good reason, and IN CONTEXT these characters are cool. But,…
And none of the good ones. Seriously. Where's Hector, Lyn, Eliwood, Jafar, Nino, Mathew, Joshua, Florian, Eirika, E…
There’s not enough
a *shit* opinion. FE needs actual real time combat with their characters. FE: Warriors is bunches of fun, but being…
Holy shit can you people shut the fuck up? ?
Omg! Shut up! So what if he made it in!! 😡 We just got Simon and K Rool! So stop bitching!!
Yeah you fucking tell em Kotaku. How dare they add more characters of a beloved franchise that is considered a Nint…
Kotaku keeping with shitty articles :^). Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate…
Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Bowser Jr, Bowser. Link, Young Link, Toon Link, Ganon, Zelda, Sheik. Fire…
im taking this with a grain of salt because lolkotaku. but yall got it twisted. FE doesnt have as many reps as poke…
ANOTHER Fire Emblem Character in Smash?! 😡 This article perfectly echos how I feel on the matter. How about you?!
"I get it. Smash Ultimate has every character from every Smash game...Nintendo wants to please everyone. Please me,…
Please stop saying there's too many fire emblem characters when they're only 9% of the roster. and despite the meme…
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Easy to hate on this article but I do certainly agree that if FE characters are gonna continue being added to Smash…
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
purehavuk #Gaming #News | @FlyRts @Quickest_Rts | Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ul…
@emamd @cecianasta also a must-read
Mad. Let us have Chrom in peace.
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate #supersmashbrosultimate #smashultimate
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,
Ok so U complain about Firef Emblem But Not How about other franchises For that matter. So what if there are 7 Fire…
Breaking: Too Many <i>Fire Emblem</i> Characters In <i>Super Smash Bros. Ultimate</i><em></em> via @kotaku
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate @kotakuさんから
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Breaking: Too Many Fire Em
*rolls eyes* Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via @kotaku
pues se chingan >: v
There are many Mario characters, a good amount of Zelda characters, plenty of Pokemon characters, now these idiots…
"Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" #computerspiele #feedly
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Mole hill, prepare to be a mountain. 🙄 Fans are hyped today. This is lousy reporting. via @kotaku
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via @kotaku
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate #videogames #feedly
This is the type of shit that the #FAKEGamingMedia does! Then you have a female writing up the bullshit. In this cl…
Pfffft. I'm not particularly sure Echo Fighters count as separate characters, considering there's an option to merg…
I approve of this message by @cecianasta
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
I LOVE @cecianasta’s articles for @Kotaku OMG
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via @kotaku Or mayb…
🙄 Do I really need to say it? *Sigh* Regardless of whether you like FE or not, you cannot argue it's mass popular…
Hallelujah! This might be a joke article, but I couldn’t agree more! XD
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Breaking: Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Nem pra criarem um moveset diferente pro Chrom. Agora você tem 3 personagens que jogam exatamente igual Breaking:…

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