Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game

Source : Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game

The writer-directors behind Zero Escape and Danganronpa have formed their own studio and are teaming up to create another game about school kids and murders. Fans of both series will likely want to check out Death March Club—especially since the developers don’t think their former employer will continue their old…


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'Death March Club' will follow a school bus full of 12-year-olds who find themselves trapped in an abandoned underw…
fans: *through sobs* you can't just make everything into ever17 and danganronpa kodaka and uchikoshi: *points at ne…
ok 'this is just dangan ronpa!!!!' jokes but this artstyle is tight as hell
my name's kazutaka kodaka and i only know how to write one premise
12??? I was already tugging at my collar when Kodaka wrote DR surrounding high schoolers like this sounds pretty yi…
Von den Machern von Zero Escape and Danganronpa. I can't wait.
so what you're trying to tell me is... this is middle school dangaronpa.
>Is a sidescroller >"WTF THEY'RE JUST DOING DANGEY ROMPA AGAIN!!!!1!!1"
Danganronpa! ....for kids!
This looks cool as hell.
This isn't DanganRonpa, it's the totally original franchise BlanganBlonpa
My kind of game~ visual flare is top knotch 👌
Finally we needed a game full of Kin Drama related to 12 year olds, thank you Kodaka
Kodaka left spike chunsoft......to make Dangan Ronpa 2.0
And That Clown Was Me
kodaka was right when he said danganronpa has no end
kodaka is so original with his ideas, i wonder where he gets inspiration
danganronpa but kidz bop style
another negative portrayal of clowns in Media
Danganronpa Kids: Bus of Despair
visual novels are about to be solved
danganronpa pero con niños de 12 años
Aparently the dangan ronpa writers can't write anything else besides children killing eachother...
"Ouais ouais j'ai quitté Spike Chunsoft ouais. C'est la fin de Danganronpa, je vais lancer d'autres projets. Comme…
What a fucking waste of that art
>tfw you quit Danganronpa to make Danganronpa alright
I hate that the art style is so cute with this awful premise, what a waste
hey guys gonna leave my company to do the exact same thing as i did at said company
they made a danganronpa game about the fandom
cant believe they made a danganronpa game about the fandom
can't wait for all the braindead idiots to compare it to Danganronpa cool great
hey wait a second kodaka this sounds a lot like danganr
I like the contrast between "cutesy colorful artstyle" and "murdering each other"
Disney: Battle Royale
This is literally what I imagined a Kodaka/Uchikoshi joint project might look like
Man I cant wait to see 12 year olds kill each other what a great idea
En fait c'est danganronpa mais sans le nom danganronpa quoi
danganronpa as fortnite
... What kind of synopsis is this?
why would you make your murder game about 12-year-olds i hate this
In ten years he'll write a story about babies in a killing game
While this premise does sound like ass, yall gotta remember that it still could be executed pretty well.
kinda like when disney quit their current shows just to make them again as kid versions
this is also olivecore
isn't this the exact same premise as every uchikoshi game
No me extraña nada que elijan el PC cómo plataforma base, con un argumento así, de momento es donde más libertad te…
oh so it's just the same shit as danganronpa
The artstyle makes me so interested in seeing this! Best looking anime I've seen yet.
junko enoshima is shaking
kodaka: im a dumb bitch with horrible taste. i will never change and that is a promise
this is even worse bc they are kids
I dont like danganronpa but this is just ridiculous cmon now you could have kept just doing danganronpa this is stu…
When they said it was gonna be @nakazawatakumi/@Uchikoshi_Eng (Ever17) and @kazkodaka (Danganronpa) teaming up, I d…
this premise was a lot
I mean, yeah. Of course Too Kyo's first game would play it safe and be Literally Danganronpa
Wow, an ever17/danganronpa hybrid. Exactly what I'd expect
Imagine making a game that isn't Danganronpa and everyone says it's Danganronpa
i guess i'll still play it but like... why do they have to be 12
Grounding Inc. announced that we are going to participate in the development of the new game “Death March Club“!!…
so basically........danganronpa kid edition. @SSSStoic -thoughts? Its also from the same creator
so its gonna be like a not very good dangan ronpa is what you're telling me
is anyone else kinda weirded out by how the bulk of these two's output in recent times is teenager death games and…
Danganrompa, Jr. Edition
Oh hola Danganronpa. No es Danganronpa? Porque definitivamente es Danganronpa
.....so danganronpa 2?
@CharlieDaGrate danganronpa but with kids
It's Ever17 and Danganronpa combined. Uchikoshi did it. He successfully managed to drag Kodaka into a creatively…
Kodaka: I'm tired of making Danganronpa, I want to do something new Also Kodaka:
Danganronpa for kiddies.
well I guess this is one place to go after Danganronpa
I knew shit was gonna be crazy with Uchikoshi and Kodaka in on it but I am still so shook. WHAT IN THE HeCK
i love danganronpa
When you quit danganronpa to make danganronpa with lolis
au moins c'est 150 fois plus beau que DanganRonpa n'aura jamais été
I can a black and white bear laughing
las historias del rollo de niños en algo muy muy dark siempre me molan
dude was just sick of having to use fuchsia blood
dangan ronpa v3: please stop asking us to make dangan ronpa games you fucking weirdos kodaka: now that I'm done wi…
2 everyone saying it's like danganronpa: ofc the headline fails to mention it's by kodaka and uchikoshi
*tira su dinero a la pantalla*
So....a younger version of Danganronpa?
Joke: 21 year olds fighting in bars Woke:
If you had asked me a week ago what kind of game the creators of Zero Escape and Danganronpa would make together, t…
Despair Land avec des collégiens trop bien on vole notre plot @HappyFlaky....
It's the battle bus the executions are fortnite dances
Is this not just Danganronpa?
The thing is players of this genre will probably have a hard time relating to the kids unless they're extremely wel…
@SirTamachee I'll get another note book.
So it's Danganronpa but worse? I didn't know you could get worse than Danganronpa but gj
Wait a minute that plot......
Isn't this just Danganronpa
fuck it, Kodaka - play the hits.
UPUPUPUPU *clown honk*
What charming art for an underwhelming premise
el estilo del arte????? sos
The important thing: Take designs (Zaregoto Series, Ningen Series, Katanagatari, that one Animator Expo short)
Now this is for me lmaooo
My favourite part about this is that Kodaka openly admits to sabotaging his own series so they can't make any more
This is literally Danganronpa but with little kids
This sentence went several places
This cute af art and murder? I'm sold already.
"we're done with Danganronpa" *Basically makes a Danganronpa game but with literal kids*
So why did you quit danganronpa? Kodaka: so i can make danganronpa with little children getting fucked up by a clow…
ever17ronpa is my favorite fusion
Welp there it is @teamchickadees
danganronpa: "who you" death march club: "i am you but younger"
I can't wait to play this! 😲
Is this one of those games by the Danganronpa guy? Can he do *any* other plot?
Can't wait for a snail with a machine gun to murder half the cast for funnzies
This shit is getting so banned Im so ready
Straightup sounds like an ever17 + Danganronpa pastiche. Kind of uninspired given even those series creators have r…
>Underwater Amusement Park HMMMMMMMMMMMM
Oh so it's not like regular edgy its EDGY edgy
I already watched Mayoiga. Looks good, but sounds boring.
The really worrying part is that I'm sure kodaka's writing peaked in V3. I don't know how this is gonna go. Also ha…
A suivre, pour les fans de Killing Games !
Osea que dejan de hacer Danganronpa para hacer Danganronpa con un payaso. Estrategias de marketing over 9000
Del creador de Danganronpa.
Waitwaitwait so what you're telling me is the creators of DanganRonpa and Ever17 got together and made DanganRonpa1…
You have my attention
I'm more interested in this than Danganronpa tbh And I especially dig this aesthetic more. The characters dont loo…
This one is probably the product of theirs I'm interested in the least but I'll keep my eye on it
Danganronpa 4 is sounding pretty good.
This premise is literally danganronpa x ever17....
I am going to play the SHIT out of Death March Club
danganronpa but con niños
No saben hacer otros juegos o que
oh the art is gorgeous
battle royal but with the cutest animation art ever
Japan just gets it man
Danganronpa but with worse characters tbh. This was the project I was least interested in so whatev
Me encanta el director saliendose del equipo de danganronpa para hacer otro danganronpa pero que no se llama dangan…
Perché vuoi far uccidere i bambini Ouma
literally ever17 x danganronpa
danganronpa fortnite
Danganronpa à l'école primaire en gros quoi Bah c'est pas foufou hein
AKA the other Battle Royale video game genre
Der Artstyle ist gewöhnungsbedürftigt, aber hey Uchikoshi und Kodaka = instantbuy
Existe alguna novela visual que no sea Danganronpa o Zero Escape?
a body has been found
I'm in! ... not literally tho.
Ever 17 + Danganronpa =
Puede ser 2020 ya por favor?
Pretty sure I've had a nightmare or two of this idea
Mais niquez vous non
People be going mad over this, but I'm just here, smoking on a metaphorical pipe, thinking, "They're making another…
Danganronpa com a equipe de Zero Escape, agora vai
Kodaka can't do anything that's not Danganronpa, huh?
so basically danganronpa but with children
Danganronpa (5)4
I don't know if I like the sound of this
This art reminds me so much of take but I don't see any mention of them working on it
i know people are joking about dr but ngl this looks whack
bruh the real battle royales start to show let's go
You left Danganronpa... to make Danganronpa? What?
which Japanese developer lead is behind it? well, whichever of the two you likely answered, you're right
So Dangaronpa on drugs
brodie dipped on danganronpa so he could make danganronpa with little kids
what was the point of leaving Danganronpa if he's gonna write same shit except worse and with worse artist on board
This is literally Danganronpa in 2018
@WoolieWoolz so i guess Kazutaka Kodaka is actually gonna kill the children this time...
Finally something interesting for me don't disappoint me
je sais pas si ça va être bien mais au moins c'est joli
Dongonronpo? I'm down.
Pas étonnant
New danganronpa game looks fucking cool
the clown is clownmaeda
@AcidMirage the dude that made Danganronpa said he's done with Danganronpa, left Spike Chunsoft and started his own…
Danganronpa but everyone is 12.
This art style looks coooooool
Je peux pas m'empêcher de crier à quel point j'aime cette DA, à chaque fois qu'on en parle 🗣️😍 Ça respire le Kaiba…
Parad a Kodaka os lo puto suplico empieza mal
How many times do we need to have this exact VN reskinned again?
Danganronpa but with Pennywise
"I wanted to murder the children, but they wouldn't let me". "Now they can't stop me
@NicoB7700 So basically Danganronpa with 12 year olds
danganronpa with kids n a different art style
I like the art but man that description turned me off right away. Im tired of Pre-Teens and Teens being forced to…
Too Kyo games starting wild. I'm prepared to scream Kodaka's name in pure agony once I play this.
Estoy tan sorpresa como todos ustedes con este plot
Kodaka; [decides to stop danganronpanging (?) to move on] Also Kodaka; [danganronpas]
Fucking sign me up
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that something like this is the premise of the game made by the Danganronpa and…
Por qué esta gente está tan obsesionada por ver niños matarse entre ellos
Kodaka is adorable tbh. Oh, and yeah. The game itself looks interesting enough I suppose.
me suena 🤔🤔🤔
Not sure what is it with creators/mangakas and their obsession with 12 yos spilling over into violence. I know what…
"12 year olds" in some 2.0 Danganronpa....... I don't trust like that 😐
so... danganronpa
did this dude just mighty no. 9 danganronpa
hmmm sounds familiar
It's always freaking clowns
danganronpa fortnite w/ jailbait
can't wait for the bnha fandom to get this one
this is just clown fetish danganronpa
4kids Danganronpa
Pros meus amigos fãs de daganropa
Danganronpa v4 jk vou comprar
This man quit doing danganropa to make a more fucked uo version of it.
so it's....danganronpa?
Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod
O jogo novo dos diretores de Danganronpa e Zero Escape 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Hmm...🤨...Not sure what to think 🤔. @Pixcelation_ , @TheNinjaKuma, what are your thoughts?
It's officially on the list.
it's Danganronpa in the setting of Ever17 with a clown
This is my new most anticipated game.
Agreed. This is interesting.
Uhh.....Cool? @Cheesygod @ZeroXMaru You gotta read that. XD
So, Danganronpa, but with an underwater amusement park, clowns and classmates?
للحين ما خلصت الجزء الثالث
Parando pra pensar, danganronpa sempre foi battle royale 🤔
Este BattleRoyal suena bien!! :O
Sounds like Danganronpa with even younger kids...and...a clown instead of Monokuma...and...under water.
Une collaboration entre les papas de Zero Escape et Danganronpa 😱
@Iateyourp1e Uhhh
danganronpa but with children
@NextGenPlayer @chucklz86 . Sounds interesting
meu pau do ceu o.O
I've only really played the Danganronpa series, but I know you cant knock these guys for creativity. I'm very inter…
Fuck yes I want this!!!
Danganronpa and Zero Escape creators team up for the ultimate murder game:
I know I said that Animal Crossing Switch was my reason for living but this... this is my True Purpose
Ok with this and Judge Eyes, have I been transported to a bizarro Silent Hill where all my greatest subconscious de…
@sydhholder @chuthulhu79
This is amazing news.
Greatest collaboration
Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover in history Game devs:
Podiam fazer um jogo com um tom mais sério. Não necessariamente um noir maaaaaaas com personagens sólidos, vários c…
OMG I love the Zero Escape series. Hype!
This is going to be galaxy brain good @MattBodega
Si tienen el recurso suficiente, esto puede volverse el mejor juego de misterio y con giros de trama de la próxima…
O...M...G. Take all my money. All of it.....
Hopefully not in VR/AR
I haven't even read this but I'm already sold
<i>Danganronpa</i>, <em></em><i>Zero Escape </i>Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game @kotakuより
please help these people
looks like the Danganronpa and Zero Escape folks teamed up to make a game just for me
Reasons to live until 2020: *THIS*
Ooooooo hellooo? @SweetKickz101 @tofutofupanic
Someone want to explain to me what "getting out of a rut" means? I clearly have been misinformed my entire life.…
@ragbag @anneladyem I did not know about Kodaka's exit nor that we're going to see a pseudo-Danganronpa/Zero Escape…
We. Are. Not. Ready. (We also aren't worthy to have this amount of talent behind a single game.)
@RealFreshPlays I thought this might interest you if you haven't heard yet Kotaku: Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creato…
Menarique 🤔 via @kotaku
purehavuk #Gaming #News | @SGH_RTs | Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game…
Ohhhhh my goodness. The devs of two of my favorite games, are about to make one game. I am floored. 😍😍😍😍
Can't wait
QUE NOTÍCIA LINDA! via @kotaku
Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game #kotarouchikoshi #deathmarchclub #kazutakakodaka
Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game ༄ Kazutaka Kodaka (L) and…
let's fucking go
This is all from here btw
Ehhhh... Kids in #BattleRoyale seem like a MONUMENTALLY TERRIFYING combination in the worst possible way.
Авторы Danganronpa и Zero Escape, которые несколько недель назад основали новую студию, анонсировали очередную игру…
Key art for "#DeathMarchClub". Directors behind #ZeroEscape and #Danganronpa have formed their own studio and are t…
"Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game" #games #feedly
Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game @kotakuさんから
Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game (Kotaku)
This is some spectacularly exciting news:
Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game
Under the radar big gaming news "Danganronpa, Zero Escape Creators Team Up For A New Murder Game"

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