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As I struggle to fall asleep after a night of Destiny 2, the game keeps running through my mind. It’s like getting a song stuck in my head: I see the flash of combat and feel the rumbling controller in my hand. But I rarely hear the sounds of battle.

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Here's the Destiny 2 review you've been waiting for, an epic, astounding piece of writing by Kirk Hamilton:
Love this review.
Too bad I sold my digital copy to game stop since I read it's impossible to play as a parent...
Reviews like this are what the Industry needs more of. Human vignettes of the play experience
This is a really nice read.
No joke, @kirkhamilton is my favorite games writer, and this Destiny 2 review is a perfect example as to why.
posting this to come back to later!
Not only an excellent piece of prose, but a deeply human, intrinsic take on the complicated relationship so many of…
Hey I recommend this review over most cause the writer seems semi-compitent, which is better than most Destiny revi…
This is a great perspective and review. Give it a read. #Destiny2
Here's my review of Destiny 2:
A lot of what a Destiny game is about is how people play it--on their own and with each other. Hence, a very differ…
Pretty entertaining read. Only destiny 2 review I made it all the way through.
Kirk Hamilton, from downtown sinks it - I think this nails the essence of what Destiny is/becomes for the player(s)
An excellent story of a group of friends playing a game, while highlighting the pros and cons of D2. This is some g…
This is a beautiful piece of work. Bravo, @kirkhamilton
IMO, the most essential thing to read in a sea of good things to read on D2. Perfectly captures singular communal e…
Honestly, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for since Destiny 2 came out. Maybe I’m in tune more cause of my lov…
Always great reading anything of Kirk's. Highly recommend if you have a minute to spare.
Incredibly written Destiny 2 review 👍 @kirkhamilton
Only halfway through this review rn, but DAMN. This is some very cool, unique, and appreciated style of writing the…
Kirk's written several of my favorite reviews. His original Destiny review was fantastic, I expect this to be no d…
@kirkhamilton’s #destiny2 review is “ fantastic and showz just how much this game changed and what it can mean for…
i enjoyed reading this!
A really good piece of writing that also happens to be a video game review.
"He clearly didn’t have a life. He was perfect."
This is to be taught in short-story fiction writing classes from this day on.
This is prob my favorite review piece on D2, but I feel lots of this will be lost in translation for anyone who is…
Great read! #Destiny2
Kirk's review is fantastic and refreshing. Unlike any game review I've read, yet perfectly captures the highs and l…
Our review of Destiny 2:
Man, this review of #Destiny2 is something else...might just be me, but wow ❤
@kirkhamilton this was one of the best reviews I've read all year. can't stop playing even if I'm stuck at 285 powe…
Plot twist this isn't a fucking review.... Games journalism is dying and becoming stupid click bait articles.
Kotaku heeft van haar review een kort verhaal gemaakt. Zeker origineel, maar vraag me af wie hier doorheen komt.
Hahahaha it's divided by ROMAN NUMERALS hahahahah
Haven't played it but it sounds like a bloated mess if this review is indicative of it.
Our review of Destiny 2:
This fictionalized multi-part, multi-POV novelistic review of Destiny 2 by @kirkhamilton is pretty remarkable
I have no interest in Destiny what so ever, but man oh man, I'm stoked to read writing this good about it!
Christ on a cracker I fucking HATE reviews like this.
i want you to trust me when i say that @kirkhamilton's review of destiny 2 is "bonkers" i mean "bonkers good"
Halfway through and @xoxogossipgita is right. Bonkers good.
LMAO what the fuck is this "review"
La review de Kotaku sur Destiny 2 sort des clous (à tel point que j'ai eu peur d'un publiredac).
Rarement vu un gameplay aussi merdique, ça me rappelle Halo.
Duuuude, this is so gd good @kirkhamilton
READ: @kirkhamilton’s Destiny 2 review: I enjoyed reading every word of this videogame review.
Tymczasem w innej części internetu Kirk Hamilton napisał chyba najfajniejszą recenzje #Destiny2 Mocno polecam.
you're a maniac @kirkhamilton
Here's @kirkhamilton, knocking it out of the park with a sensational Destiny 2 review. Take the time to read this.
The @Kotaku review of Destiny 2 by @kirkhamilton is an absolute master's class in games journalism.
I LOVE this game review -- fantastic job to @kirkhamilton and I hope that you continue to be a brave writer.
"This raid was okay, but [Vault of Glass and King's Fall] probably had less bullshit per encounter." yuuuuuuuuuup
The @Kotaku Destiny 2 review by @kirkhamilton is the most creative (and fitting!) game review I've read in ages 👌
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review via @kotaku
Here is a video game review that understands how video games fit into our lives and what they mean in today's world.
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review via @kotaku
@Lehlah fantastic review of #destiny2 here from @kirkhamilton that totally nails so many of our group convos! :)
This is the best video game review I've ever read:
I find video game reviews to be mostly #subjective. I appreciate @Kotaku hinting at that in their #Destiny2 review
Great review of Destiny 2, @kirkhamilton. First I've read that tells the "real" story of Destiny.
Entertaining and informative!
mr. @kirkhamilton's review of Destiny 2 is definitely worth a look you def won't read another review quite like it
One of the most creative and interesting "reviews" I've ever read. Well done @kirkhamilton!
This was an amazing review. Great read || Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review via @kotaku
You'd think I'd stop being impressed by @kirkhamilton's writing, but you'd be wrong. Some next level stuff here.
Jesus fucking christ, just write a review.
Yo @kirkhamilton this shit is bananas. Fantastic job.
My heart reading this review 💓
This @Kotaku Destiny 2 review from @kirkhamilton is one of the few pieces to capture the enormity of the experience:
Good god, @kirkhamilton. You just had to completely outdo your Destiny 1 review.
This is really well written, and one of the few ways to actually capture the experience and thoughts of the game!
I guarantee you've never read a game review like Kirk Hamilton's Destiny 2 review on Kotaku. Highly recommend:
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review
Our review of Destiny 2: — Kotaku (Kotaku) September 20, 2017 …
Our review of Destiny 2:
I've read a LOT of console game reviews. This one, by @kirkhamilton, is fantastic. [mini-thread]
More of this! I appreciate this form of storytelling as review, even if it's best done sparingly. via @kotaku
this is 300 words of review and 2000 words of aimless narrative, as far asI can tell
Amazing review(s). @DestinyTheGame has always been a game for community & I can relate to so much of this. #Destiny2
Destiny 2 Amazing review, reads like an awesome short story containing everything great about Destiny
This is the most unique, most off-beat, most spot-on review of a video game I'll ever read. Damn, @kirkhamilton .
The most self-indulgent thing to ever be called a 'review'
Kotaku: Our review of Destiny 2:
This Kotaku review of Destiny 2 is…something.
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review.
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review
Now this is a proper game review! Fantastic read!
Interesting way to write a review. More of a short story than anything else. Enjoy!
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review
"It was obvious who the good guys were, and who the bad guy was. Plus it had the guy from Firefly in it."
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review ༄ As I struggle to fall asleep after a night of Destiny 2, t…
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review
Please don't review games this way.
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review
Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review
Y'all @kirkhamilton is twice the critic I aspire to be
Our review of Destiny 2:
Our review of Destiny 2: — Kotaku (Kotaku) September 19, 2017 …
Hey @goat_named_bob --
Kotaku: Our review of Destiny 2:
a refreshing approach to a review - focus on the player's experience via @kotaku

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