Do You Smell Your Video Games?

Source : Do You Smell Your Video Games?

Here’s a fun fact about me: I was born without a sense of smell. Here’s a fun fact I learned today: people like to smell their physical video games. Help me square these two facts, readers.

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Do you smell your video games?
I'm a big believer in new game smell. Honestly. Treat yourself to a whiff next time you open up a game for the fi…
Smelling your games is so 2016. It's all about licking them now
Kotaku has nothing to report on.
This is why you buy physical games. For that New Game Smell™
Kotaku sempre com as pautas mais pertinentes
2017: Taste your Switch cartridges. 2018:
Why even ask this question? Isn't this standard procedure? I also rub them against my face and sometimes give it a…
Only when the wife is out of town.
Called the fuck out
Atari kasetlerini koklardım evet. Daha doğrusu atarinin kaset bölümünü koklardım, hafif yanık olurdu. Ayrıca PlaySt…
Eu dei um tiro de Spider Man ontem.
Quem não cheira?
The used copy of Sonic Riders for the Gamecube that my Mom bought me years ago smells like a leather shop every tim…
What kind of psychopath doesn't smell their games?
Well, Nintendo Switch owners have been using ONE of their other senses... 👅
Je plaide coupable, ça m'est arrivé.😊
Why yes, yes I do.
Video games and hockey cards 👃
Anyone else ever notice that the discs sometimes smell you maple syrup? 🤣🤣🤣
Cuando lo acabo de abrir si... 👀 #DontJudgeMe
Do you smell your video games?/ I have a New Car air freshener next to my #PS4 to simulate with my digital purchase…
#NewGameSmell is going mainstream!
ff15 probably smells bad
Hell yes I do.
Hell yes I do and my wife makes fun of me for it. NEW GAME SME THO!
That new game smell >>>> @datManTweezy
Nothing like new game smell!
I can't smell data
Actually yes. Some of my games and boxes smell so fresh and I didn't do anything to them it just the way they are.
This is your daily reminder that 1UP has been gone for five years and somehow fucking Kotaku is still around.
with no sense of smell I've taken to gnawing on the upper right hand corner as a quality test
Yes, why? You got a new game???
Yes and they smell wonderful when there first opened.
Not since the SNES era. Opening those boxes (particularly Squaresoft games) was HEAVENLY.
Even if they're digital.
Do other people NOT do this? I miss Xbox 360 games. They smelled like soap.
Yeah I can't lie, I do it with new books occasionally
Ok sir, this brings your store credit to .... $5.00
Yes, I genuinely do.
I smell everything, books, video games, CDs back in the day...
Yeah I do. Also goes with fresh pack-cracked Magic cards and new books.
Every time. It's the best smell.
Hasta que se me llenan los pulmones de oxígeno.
Hell yeah, I used to love opening the case for the first time and sniffing the great scent originating of the manua…
TIL that I am not alone in this.
What else am I supposed to do for foreplay?
i smell everything.
yo really though that fresh plastic smell dont fucking @ me
When I used to work at a used game store, sometimes people would bring in their stuff & the cases would smell like…
Just what the fuck is wrong with you, people.
And in the latest news Kotaku ran out of stuff to talk about. Answer to your question no I play them.
Yes. I also smell New Pokemon Cards, Clothes, Collectibles... everything new. Don't judge me
Here I thought I was the only one that did this.
Yes I 100% do and always have. The same goes for new magazines, too.
I do! Haha @ailee814
I admit it. Yes, I most certainly do. Same thing with new books. #noshame #NationalVideoGamesDay
Its articles like this that make me wish I could smell...
I do this lol....
no but I know people who tasted switch cartridges
Los juegos digitales no huelen
Break the seal, SNIFF THE SPINE
moi oui et vous ?
Oui mais c'était mieux à l'époque où il y avait le mode d'emploi à sniffer
Meanwhile on planet @Kotaku
Factory smells are 👌. Also Pokemon cards. I still remember that smell.
Yooooo yes 😭😭😭😭 the covers smell like heaven
I don't smell them, but do appreciate the hell out of that new game smoothness.
Well, at least I'm not alone
I also smell board games.
A different point of view...
so @rcmacleod can't smell and me and ethan just had to explain to him what video game boxes smell like
I want a new video game smell Yankee candle, hook that shit to my nostrils please. Opening a new game is the only e…
I absolutely huff my videogames and no it isn't weird
I have turned my weird quirk of not being able to smell into a blog
Do You Smell Your Video Games? via @kotaku #gamedev #indiedev #gaming #art #design #storytelling #humor
This is the only thing I miss about my switch to all-digital purchases:
Do You Smell Your Video Games? ༄ Photo: Shutterstock Here’s a fun fact about me: I was…
Do You Smell Your Video Games? via @kotaku I huff the shit out of them! XD
<-- grappig dat doe ik ook altijd, en ook met mijn Blu-ray en DVD's :)
Só o manual, na época que vinha incluso em versão física Do You Smell Your Video Games?
Do You Smell Your Video Games? via Digg
Do You Smell Your Video Games? #Gaming
"Do You Smell Your Video Games?"
Do You Smell Your Video Games?
Do You Smell Your Video Games? #tellusdammit #gameboxes #tellus
Do You Smell Your Video Games?

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