EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game

Source : EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game

Electronic Arts has canceled its open-world Star Wars game, according to three people familiar with goings-on at the company. The game, announced alongside the shutdown of Visceral Games back in 2017, had been in development at EA’s large office in Vancouver.

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BREAKING: EA has canceled its open-world Star Wars game, three sources tell me. This is the one that EA Vancouver t…
Why does EA ruin everything I love
Tomorrow’s KFGD gonna be lit!
How long until Disney starts rethinking this partnership?
This is ridiculous. Let me speak to a manager. (I joke because I'm experiencing serious pain)
Really glad EA handles this franchise that has limitless potential and they do nothing with it
EA loves canceling Star Wars games almost as much as they like turning Star Wars games into glorified slot machines!
Imagine having the Star Wars licence and being this inept. Take it away from them Disney.
@Disney needs to give Star Wars to a more responsible gaming company that'll focus on quality and not "what can we…
Not only is @jasonschreier a good guy, he's always scooping everyone.
Y'all get on my fucking nerves.
Disney stop giving EA exclusive rights to the Star Wars license Christ challenge
Tras la muerte de Star Wars 1313... ahora le toca a este :/
What’s the fuckin point anymore? EA might as well not make a game ever again
os caras ficaram fazendo/modificando um jogo por SEIS ANOS pra cancelar completamente depois onde isso é cortar ga…
EA and Disney had a 10 year deal on Star Wars Games, in that time they seem to have cancelled more games than they…
I'm glad EA is getting good use out of their Star Wars rights.
Genuinely wondering what the heck is going on at EA because they can pull off something ungodly with FIFA year by y…
EA is catching a LOT of heat over this, and maybe rightly so, but... If it isn't a perfect 10/10 gem of a game the…
Get Star Wars away from EA NOW @Disney! Seriously, one of the worst decisions in gaming history to give them the IP.
I can't even. You have Star Wars, y'all. Why is EA handling this license so poorly?
Enough is enough. How has Disney not taken away the SW license from EA after all of this crap?!
What the FUCK is going on over at EA
If there's one thing I can say about EA, they sure know how to burn money, waste talent and disappoint Star Wars fa…
I have no idea what is going on at EA but it is becoming more and more clear they should have not have the Star War…
Are you kidding me EA
wow... again EA cancels something thats sounds like it could have been fun and interesting... please @Disney...…
I am sure internal politics, switching to Frostbite and 10,000 other things are all piling up at EA but at a certai…
Damn, another blow. EA treated the Star Wars property so poorly this gen. Let's hope that Respawn delivers the fir…
EA is better at destroying Star Wars worlds than the Death Star.
Fucking hell.
Dudo que haya algo negativo en que EA deje de existir y todas sus IPs vayan a parar a estudios con ganas de sacarle…
Wow, for a video game developer known for their football games... They sure know how to fumble a lot!
So the visceral game is double cancelled.
How is EA allowed to keep the license at this point? In all fairness, Battlefront 2 is in a good spot but beyond th…
Take 👏 Star Wars 👏 Away 👏From 👏 Them 👏
LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Take away the license from these dudes goddamn what a fuckin mess
good GOD its astonishing how badly they're doing with the Star Wars IP
We seem to be made to suffer.
✈ ✈ ✈ 💥
At what point is Lucasfilm able to file for breach of contract and pull the license? This is ridiculous.
This was the Star Wars game Amy Hennig was working on right? I saw this getting cancelled once they closed down Vis…
I ... forgot it even existed
Já passou da hora da licença de SW sair das mãos da EA e a Disney contratar estúdios pontuais para desenvolver os j…
Isn't this like the third one they've cancelled?
two broken shitty widely hated products and a cancelled open-world game and somehow EA are still the ones in charge…
PERFECT! Now give the Star Wars brand to a decent game publisher that ACTUALLY prioritizes making games fun & enga…
Just take away the license already.
lmfao why tf EA still got the Star Wars license? smh
Get the SW license out of EA’s hands please @Disney it doesn’t reflect well on you and the brand
It's just cancelled Star Wars projects all the way down
Otro más a la fosa
So the linear story heavy Star Wars game we were getting from Visceral fucking died for nothing. EA can go bankrup…
Can someone remind me as to why Disney gave EA, of all companies, the right to make Star Wars Video games?
EA has released two Star Wars games (excluding Galaxy of Heroes) since acquiring the license in 2013, and they've b…
What are you *doing*, @EA?
guess they couldn't find a way to put loot boxes in it.
Pretty sure EA has cancelled more Star Wars properties than it’s put out.
EA ran "Star Wars" games into the ground at the peak of franchise popularity. after TWO releases!
Noooooo! UGH Come on now. :(
Can someone please grab Iger's credit card and fire up LucasArts again. #StarWars
I got one thing to say to EA: FUCK YOU! That is all.
Okay, time to pull license and do games like Marvel has. EA's made it clear through years of incompetence that they…
Acho que depois dessa e com o sucesso de Marvel's Spider-man, a EA não segura mais essa licença pros games de Star…
Star Wars has never been my kind of thing but it’s a property that prints money. EA’s bungling of the license will…
And this is why you lease out the IP on a game by game basis instead of locking it to one company. Let alone when…
EA continuing to dazzle Disney with that exclusive Star Wars license
Disney has just completely mismanaged Star Wars. It's complete negligence and idiocy. LucasArts put out quality pro…
I literally just ended today's episode of Caffeinate. But this is significant. Not surprising, but significant.
Disappointed but not surprised. How has Disney not taken the license away from EA? It's proven to be a giant waste…
Sad day for Star Wars fans. Even if another SW project will be worked on now, it won't be available until further i…
nobody with sense lets EA put their hands on anything.
I wonder if Disney is questioning their decision to give EA the Star Wars licence at this point. Probably not, bec…
hey @Disney give the star wars rights to a publisher that deserve it. Wasting my time. We aint getting younger 👉👉⌚️…
Honestly I’m kiiiiind of okay with this. When it was with Visceral it was going to be a linear story, then it was s…
Dear Disney, Look at what Sony managed to do with Spider-Man in 2018 on PlayStation. Could you imagine what any of…
Fucking bravo
Worst. Company. Ever.
Ya viene siendo hora de quitarle la licencia de Star Wars a EA, no creen?
La historia interminable, EA y su drama con la franquicia de Star Wars.
disney, please give star wars game rights to a company that doesn't suck
When does the board start to talk about Andrew Wilson? This is bad news. Help us Respawn Entertainment, you’re our…
Alguém precisa salvar Star Wars da EA, NÃO É POSSÍVEL
Why can’t we have nice things?
Yet another.
Good grief, @starwars please take the rights off @EA.
EA literally needs to lose the license to make these games man. How many more chances do they want?
Can Star Wars game cancel EA?
I'm not even a Starwars Fan but I think it time Disney gave the IP to someone else.
FFFFFFFFF @EA needs to stop!! Oh my gosh.
Help us *insert any company other than EA*, you're our only hope.
never let EA have star wars again please
couldn't find a way to put loot boxes and micro transactions in a story based game
If true, how does EA still have the license after only really putting out Battlefront and Battlefront 2?
omg AGAIN?! 😒
OK, EA do know that, while they may be one of the big boys in the gaming industry, if they piss off Disney too much…
Well this is just massively disappointing and frustrating...
EA aren't gonna have the star wars license for long I just don't see it anymore. I think it's in Disney and Lucasfi…
I wish EA would just fucking die at this point
I want to recommend giving the Star Wars License to someone else, but honestly. I wouldn't know what Publisher I wo…
All EA needs to do is a hard as nails side scroller like Super Star Wars and a space sim like Rogue Squadron and I’…
Al final... más de 6 años con la franquicia y solo han sacado cajas de Loot... desastritos...
Somewhere Amy Hennig is at a bar and having the BEST cocktail right now.
Disney gotta do something about this trash
EA just can’t help but be pieces of shit
Just let the Star Wars franchise die already
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Only EA could mishandle an easy win like the Star Wars license THIS FUCKING BADLY.
Keeping a close eye on Respawn.
Well that was fun while it didn't last. I have a dream that some day we will get an awesome, open world Star Wars…
W i e s o
Games get cancelled all the time - we just don't witness it that much. Still EAs use of the license seems weird, co…
Lmao EA is just the best. All that money for the Star Wars license and puts out two battlefront games.
More evidence that we'll never get another GOOD Star Wars game. Honestly it boggles my mind that EA hasn't lost the…
How hard can it be to make a open world Star Wars game? ....Oh, very hard? Well shit.
Star Wars is ripe with potential for a video game. Games like KOTOR and the original Battlefront II on PS2 were a b…
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the 2nd time this has happened to a open-world SW game since Disney bought…
I’m sure Disney, who singlehandedly is pushing Hollywood into record profits, is feeling pretty awesome about this…
Can EA just get fucking shut down already? All they’ve done for years is release terrible games while scrapping any…
Pau no cu da EA
You can’t take the skeleton of a tight, linear, story-driven game and expect it to translate well to an open world.…
Jeez I just want a cool Star Wars game come on EA
Jesus fucking Christ I’m so done.
Come ON. Visceral was such a good studio. They probly had some great ideas in this.
I 👏 Hate 👏 EA 👏
I don’t know how the contracts work, but Disney needs to get the Star Wars license out of EA’s hands as quickly as…
Dead Space is dead forever and we get... nothing.
Damn that is really unfortunate
Wow... and they wonder why I’m never excited by anything they announce.
LOL. EA should be ashamed of themselves, oh wait they still made billions off of mobile games and broken products.
Perhaps EA should no longer have the Star Wars license. Just a thought.
At this point it seems like if your studio touches the Star Wars IP it's a curse.
For crying out loud, take the Star Wars license away from EA. They haven't done a thing with it besides ruin the Ba…
Quitenle la licencia a EA luego por favor.
EA and Disney really don't seem to give the respect this franchise deserves
EA has had Star Wars for 5 years and made two mediocre games. Can Disney please take the license away. They love mo…
In case you wanted further confirmation that EA has literally no idea what to do with Star Wars and are completely…
Al final no va a salir ningun juego mas de Star Wars, porque vaya tela... xD
What the hell is going on over at EA.
Oh commmmeeeee onnnn EA...get it together. @Stlville84 @forcesportspod
disappointed but not surprised
O Star Wars da Amy Hening aparentmente morreu. Então dos projetos de Star Wars da EA só falta sair o da Respawn? T…
I live for the day EA goes bye bye. They are hot garbage.
hey can they give the star wars license to literally anyone else jesus christ
Puta merda. Parece que a EA gosta de ser hateada. Poha EA.
I won't finish what you started
Bloody hell! Just rebuild Lucasarts already I can't take this anymore!
Projeto amaldiçoado
EA stinks, but I still wanted this :(
Tirem Star Wars da EA, por favor.
In a galaxy further and further away...
EA getting the Star Wars license was a mistake
@badkylefly what a joke. We’ve gotten two games and that’s it. EA blows
So much wasted time, first they scrap it because it's linear and now it's scraped again.
It makes sense. Disney hates star wars, so they make sure only EA can make star wars games. Over on Earth-2 they'…
I can't even make games and I would have done more
Wow. SW games have bad luck nowadays huh?
I’m a day late to this. It’s obvious EA totally botched the SW property in terms of love and care in AAA gaming. Bu…
Fucking what. How.
can Disney revoke the license already
EA es un absoluto desastre como editora.
Come onnnnnn
So Battlefront and Battlefront 2, some mobile stuff and a trail of cancelled projects. EA was literally given a lic…
I'm going to fucking kill myself
What in the crap!?!?
Huuuuge bummer, I would probably kill for a Skyrim/Fallout 4 style Star Wars game
At this point, I'm not really expecting anything Star Wars to release from EA after Jedi: Fallen Order.
Disney could you break ties with EA already. Please!!!!
breaking: ea somehow had star wars projects that were not yet cancelled. this error has been fixed
@disney please take away the Star Wars license from EA
Oh what the fuck? Sorry to the team working on it. And as a fan this sucks big time.
1313 all over again :'(
Hey @Disney , we want Star Wars video games. How about you guys give the license to someone that can actually give…
Remember that time EA signed a ten year contract with exclusive rights to Star Wars games, and has nothing to show…
when will EA sell their IPs and die
fuck's sake
Can we take the Star Wars license away from EA now? They've done NOTHING with it, and all of their most promising…
EA has truly fumbled with this series
So now, with this cancellation, we also lost what could have been another incredible Amy Hennig led project for not…
5 lootboxes say that this is ebcause they made lootboxes illegal and so they can't lootbox the game to lootbox hell…
smh @EA you are actually the worst
Lost full
EA do not deserve this licence.
EA is a masterclass in handing a world renowned IP
Thanks again EA
One day one of these won't get cancelled.
I think AAA publishers have given up on games as a service. At least for these types of games.
Obviously Star Wars: Ultimate Team edition didn't quite pan out for EA..
Uff los fans de star wars
can we just get the star wars license away from EA. i bet ubisoft could make a good star wars game. or even better…
I know it’s extremely passe at this point to shit on EA but seriously, what the actual fuck is going on over there,…
Big surprise. I wish EA would lose this license. They've yet to do anything good with it.
I’m shocked Disney is still letting EA do it’s thing
This is the first I’ve heard of this game and I’m really disappointed
Oh come on! 😖
EA is my favorite studio but they're absolutely wasting this license
6 years. Within 6 years, spread across multiple studios all we have to show is 2 ganes from the same company and at…
Give Lord of the Rings back to EA though because EA actually somehow managed that license properly and Warner Bros…
Please just give the star wars license to someone else that isn't EA
They’re never making another Star Wars game that isn’t Battlefront.
Y otro máaaaas
while EA own the star wars IP, disney have them in the boo box atm after the battlefront 2 fiasco
Imagine having the Star Wars license for a half a decade and putting out two subpar Battlefront games and nothing e…
Execute Order 66
Disney, please yeet the Star Wars license from EA already.
Remember when they announced the exclusive license with like five games? Of which they’ve produced two, neither of…
God dammit. Can we please take Starwars away from EA?? PLEASEEEE
Visceral got shut down for nothing
fuck YOU EA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
estas cosas me hacen perder las pocas esperanzas que tengo para el da4
Electronic Arts ha cancelado más juegos de Star Wars de los que ha lanzado, es un hecho. No me extrañaría que su ac…
Why does EA even have the Star Wars licence if their Star Wars games keep get canceled?
hey disney thanks for that exclusivity deal it sure worked out huh
i hate you ea
Jesus Christ..... Please Disney, give this franchise to a studio that will actually make games. I don't think a AA…
A Star Wars game should just be an easy chip in, and EA just can't pull it off in the slightest.
Please give Star Wars to another developer
#thexboxcast @thexboxcast #xbox
bicho pq dnv esta merda
@EA what are you doing? You have dropped the ball so hard since you optained this license. You screwed up two poten…
Fuck y'all @EA
EA has done a terrible job with the SW license
Os caras estão cagando na franquia de SW nos videogames
For God's sake EA, LET ME HAVE FUN!
@bmheavner lol
For the love of fuck take the license away from EA
2019 already the worst year
2023 can’t come soon enough.
Of course another good IP just fucking ruined by EA
Fuck EA, fuck Disney for giving EA Star Wars, and fuck the system
I am partly disappointed but it IS ea,, we’re probably avoiding some fma shit
Al parecer #EA canceló el juego de mundo abierto de Star Wars que estaba siendo desarrollado por EA Vancouver. El m…
I’m Kinda Hurt About This
Hello darkness my old friend...
Very upsetting that @Disney cares so lil about the #StarWars ip as far as gaming. So far @EA has come out with one…
Tant mieux 💀
a ideia realmente é nao existir nenhum jogo bom de star wars nunca mais
I cannot emphasize this enough: F U C K E A
muito espantado com essa
Let it burn
What a joke
EA has done nothing but fumble the Star Wars license since they acquired it smh
Can someone buy the rights for Star Wars video games from EA? They are killing a series with limitless ideas for ga…
Bordel, Disney, refiler la licence à un vrai éditeur pour les jeux, Rockstar, Epic, Square E., mais par pitié, fait…
EA has had the Star Wars license since 2014 and has released two battlefront games that are essentially half baked…
I am genuinely disappointed right now. An open world Star Wars game is something that everyone on the planet would…
ah porra toda vida isso
Das ist SO lächerlich, wie EA diese Marke behandelt! -.-
BREAKING: EA cancelled another Star Wars game. At this point, Disney has to start pulling out from that contract
You know who made great Star Wars games? Lucas Arts. Ok. Fine they also made rebel assault. But Dark Forces is a m…
ea cancelando un juego de star wars nada nuevo
Disney, it’s time to take the license from these people bruh...
I think it’s time some more companies get a piece of the Star Wars pie
Hey @Disney , please get @EA off the @starwars license
Not only are we never getting that story-focused Visceral Amy Hennig SW game, we’re not even getting the bastardize…
Booooooo we want it
Bro this Star Wars Project a whole ass mess
Disney doesn’t have this much patience. Just wait. Remember Activision with the Marvel license. Somethings gotta…
Disappointed but not surprised
There isn't a facepalm big enough.... a ragey-exploding head explodey enough to do justice to this news right here.…
é genuinamente impressionante o quão mal a EA tá gerenciando a franquia
it didn't seem that long ago when "all" the star wars projects were being teased at e3 2016. now not many are left…
Madre mía... A este paso se cargarán el Star Wars de Respawn.
Boy this partnership has really worked out, hasn't it?
Can someone else have Star Wars please?
I wonder if @RealGDT has any thoughts about @EA... 🤔 It's mind-boggling to me that they still, somehow, have exclu…
Another one? 💀
EA are clearly the evil doers and yet the Star Wars fanboys talk shit about Disney and Kathleen Kennedy for no reas…
Watch as Disney gives the Star Wars licensee to someone else.
1) Who knew having the Star Wars license would be so difficult. 2) Pressure is on Respawn to deliver. I’m betting…
EA needs this license taken from them, last year
So basically we're not gonna get a good starwars game anytime soon...
Uh oh, any scoops on your end @MakingStarWars
We all knew that giving EA the Star Wars license was a terrible idea from the start but Disney went through with it…
So stupid. Should have never been given the license.
Quand est-ce que Disney va se rendre compte qu'EA est simplement incapable de faire quoi que ce soit de la licence…
Electronic Arts: Bringing you as little Star Wars as possible since monopolizing the distribution rights.
I'd already given up on it tbh, classic EA.
Vamos aceitar, jogos de Star Wars não são tão bons. Star Wars é overrated, gurizada.
A EA tá cagando os jogos do Star Wars nível HARD!
Why doesn't Disney do anything possible to get the Star Wars license away from EA? So much money left on the table…
Imagine having the Star Wars IP and not doing anything with it.
Disney shouldn't be working with EA, good lord.
maybe EA should just give up trying to make Star Wars games!
Are you kidding me... Disney, having EA make Star Wars games is bad from business standpoint. Please take the licen…
thank god they need to fix madden first
EA why u wack
empresa de mierda
Hey @EAStarWars just give the properties to someone who can actually make games that are finished on release. Nobod…
@EA why do y’all suck so bad
It’s wild how EA is still allowed to even touch Star Wars, and I say that as someone who likes both of the Battlefr…
Y van dos esta década
Alright, this is just fucking sad..
Fully expect the license for Star Wars games to end up at Respawn if Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a successful g…
os caras não desistem mesmo
@EA You all seriously stink for this one.
This is a complete disaster. They cancel Visceral Games project (I was really interested in a third-person action a…
Caralho EA VAI TOMAR NO CU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Giving Star Wars to EA is starting to look like a very costly move for Disney. So many missed hype and cancellation…
Wonder how Disney feel about EA's overall handling with the franchise thus far
Pretty sure theyve cancelled more games than theyve released so far.
A EA não cansa de se afundar.
wow, so both single player AND open world games are dead now Which genre will the EA/Star Wars deal kill next? I'l…
What the fuck
And anyone that has wanted a cool new Star Wars game since KOTOR 2 just let out the longest beleaguered sigh on the…
Somebody tell Disney to make they own studio please
Keep it cancelled this time!! 😂😂
This deal’s getting worse all the time.
Save us Disney. Youre our only hope.
Someone please, for the love of God, get the Star Wars IP away from EA. That’s not a knock at either entity, it’s j…
Gutted. The game Visceral was working on was looking to be something really special and even after their collapse I…
@Disney For the love of god stop them!
@Disney EA doesn't seem to know what they're doing.
...Respawn still good?
this exclusive Star Wars publishing deal EA has is getting worse all the time!
Damn. At this point let anyone make a Star Wars game
This is disgusting
This is ridiculous. How many SW games are going to get cancelled?!
Of COURSE they did. Because EA is an inherently evil company and we can't have anything nice. I've been looking fo…
Jeeeesus. First Star Wars 1313 and now this? Star Wars is stuck in limbo, it seems like.
Man, fuck EA
EA still being trash I see
Here we go again with people dying to play games that never got teased or past the revealed stage
Just another Tuesday at EA.
Disney por favor Tira Star Wars da EA Por favor
If Disney knew who they were in bed with they would yank that exclusive license so hard, EA shareholders would each…
Star Wars: great film franchise, cursed game franchise
Ow @Disney tira a licença do Star Wars das mãos da EA pelo amor de deus
Bitch wtf
Kinda wish Star Wars would follow the Marvel route and let great developers handle their IP instead of keeping ever…
All hopes on Respawn now
@GameOverGreggy, how many more non-starting/troubled games can there be before Disney/Lucas forcibly remove the Sta…
...what in the actual fuck is wrong with you @EA
Welp, see you all in therapy.
Someone please give the Star Wars license to another dev...
noooooooo, even if it might of been shit because EA I was actually so excited for this
Not sure how EA continues to fuck up everything, but here we are.
Is there anyone on the planet who thinks EA is a good company after all the shit they've done? EA rot in hell, fuck…
Naprawdę będę pod wrażeniem jeżeli Disney w tym roku nie zabierze EA licencji Star Wars...
Disney take the licence off this absolute shit house of a company. @Disney @EA
Honestly, good. EA would still try to find a way to shove microtransactuons in this otherwise.
EA und Star Wars... immerhin bleibt uns noch "Jedi Fallen Order" von Respawn Entertainment.
Ainda tem aquele que o diretor anunciou claramente sobre ameaças.
EA and Star Wars is the equivalent of the Fyre Festival of video games
EA figure out what do with the Star Wars IP challenge
The Star Wars clusterf### continues.
Disney please take the license from EA
EA, give up the Star Wars rights to make games. You are clearly shit at doing it that isn't called; Battlefront.
All these years and no good Star Wars game...
EA's Star Wars game is dead. Long live EA's Star Wars game.
@Disney please take this IP away from EA.
Disney giving Star Wars to EA was a mistake.
Ahí los tenés a los pelotudos
EA is killing the Star Wars video game universe
This is bullshit.
Fifa should take away the license they gave to ea
You know what, I never thought that I’d say this but the Star Wars games were in far, far better hands with LucasAr…
well at least respawn is still making something. who knows how long thats going to last though....
A bagunça que tá isso aqui, bicho.
Star Wars continues to struggle as an IP on every platform. What the hell is going on?!?!
Lmaoooooooo EA
È impressionante como a EA não dá uma bola dentro
EA really cancelled a game, shut down its studio so they can focus on this game which ends up getting cancelled too.
“Uh, everything is under control. Situation normal. ... We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?”
Disney can we please take the SW license away from EA? Sheesh.
Alguém por favor tira a licença desses jogos da EA e devolve pra LucasArts?! 💔
Jesus fucking Christ. I'm not sure who I'm more annoyed at: EA for constantly fucking up with their use of this lic…
cc: @StarWarsExplain
Wow... They might as well let @bioware bring back Revan at this point.
What on earth is EA doing
Ohh? But what happened to Open World games being a more profitable venture, EA?
anão velho
Come on man 😕
Disney gonna yank that license back soon.
C'mon Disney. Time to take EA's playthings away.
@EA is garbage please lose the Star Wars license
I was so excited
Cc'ing in @MrBadgerino and @Rossko15 on this one:
I'm starting to think developing and releasing great games based on the Star Wars franchise might be quite challeng…
Ah I see things are still going well over there.
My god @EA you can't do anything right
damn EA you run Star Wars like this?
No puedo esperar el dia que Disney les quite los derechos, que basura de compañia.
Why is Star Wars so troubled?
Man. Give it up. This is like the third one.
Just take away the star wars license from EA!!!
EA have put out two Star Wars titles since they've solely held the license, neither of which have done at well crit…
If there is any IP more ripe for building games in than Star Wars I can't think of one. How have those in charge fu…
Great job Disney. Handing that license to EA was just so awesome
bruh. Disney need to keep the rights away from EA and give it to a company that deserves it more.
Ah tomar no cu. E o olha que os caras da Visceral são bons
Execute Order 66 Wait...shit...no...
EA are just the fucking worst! Bet it's been cancelled in favour of a cut & paste FPS
Respawn’s game better be good, because EA can’t stop shitting the bed.
Fucking EA. We can’t have anything nice.
Oh my god PLEASE just take their license away already
@EA are the biggest clowns in the publisher space. They've had the license since 2013 have exactly two poorly recei…
Dammit EA! You are why we can't have nice things.
We just can’t have anything man!
Time to take that license back @Disney
Wow! What in the world...
So freaking pissed about this.
What a different world. Two years ago Nintendo needed all of these developers to make games on switch for it to suc…
Seriously, the hell are they doing over there??
we all so this coming honestly after visceral shutdown
What a mess
My God EA just let someone else have this license at this point.
I have no words for this…
EA doesn't deserve the Star Wars exclusivity.
Yo ya me pierdo con los juegos de Star Wars de EA
What is going on with all the Star Wars games? Nothing seems to have come out of the EA partnership other than Batt…
EA is trash! Rip the Star Wars IP/License away from them and let another company do it justice.
Amy Hennig's work went down the drain due to EA's incompetence.
oh damn
Hot take: the Star Wars IP is cursed and it will be a long time until we see something worthwhile.
Well shit. I was just talking to my homie about this the other day smh
Oh for God's sake...
So like why did EA ever get the Star Wars license if all they were ever gonna do was make mediocre Battlefronts and…
O O O F !
That is really sad
Good they saved us from more mid
Hey @EA just give the license to @fromsoftware_pr and give us Sith Souls, man.
What a shame.
FFS, just pull the license already. It’s been nothing but a shot show since Battlefront was announced.
EA..... seriously!?
This shit is ridiculous
wasn’t the @Respawn team working on this? or am I confusing two different titles?
EA siendo basura vaya quién lo diría.......
@Disney @starwars you need a new license partner.
Just EA doing EA shit EAch and every day.
Le projet ayant le nom de code Orca ne verra pas le jour, un gros jeu de Star Wars à monde ouvert. La bonne nouve…
Great use of the Star Wars license. 2 mediocre games in 6 years. Do you know how much money Disney could have made…
This is bullshit and not surprising. I wanted that 1313 game, that Amy hennig game, and just want an open world gam…
Well there goes that dream
EA just doesn't get tired of fcking everything up don't they?
..... Why are EA allowed nice things
Man I hope they figure things out. Still would love some kind of new open world Star Wars game
Smh this is where the redemption was EA coming short yet again
Das Star Wars Open-World Spiel welches EA Vancouver nach der Schließung von Visceral Games übernommen hatte wurde g…
Schade drum. Dank Ultimate Team Lootmist hat EA es aber auch nicht nötig..... 🧐
Menuda rachita con los juegos de Star Wars... Primero "1313" cancelado, y ahora éste. Pediría que hicieran un nuevo…
Man what a damn bummer🥺
EA, please give the license to people who will actually use it. Star Wars has limitless potential and you’ve done a…
Man, they just continue to bungle a license that should be printing money for them. Embarrassing. And incredibly di…
Pero me cago en la puta
Menino nem viu a luz do dias e hoje está nas estrelas, agora só falta da Respawn
EA and grossly mismanaging Star Wars videogaming, name a more iconic duo
Bit late writing this comment but I have been reading up on this since it broke :/ I am still hopeful for Star Wars…
How has Disney not stripped the Star Wars license from these guys ?
lmao EA fumbled the Star Wars license...... multiple times YIKES
Hey yo @Disney it's about time you take that license away.
Jedis del mundo, esta mala noticia es para ustedes #StarWars
I won't pretend to know what it's like to design video games, but I understandthat just finishing one is a miracle…
Add that to the list of reasons why I hate EA...
EA’s Star Wars track record thus far: - No Single Player in Battlefront (2015) - Hiring and firing Amy Hennig -…
como é POSSÍVEL que a disney ainda não arrancou essa licença da mão da ea
I will never not be upset about the death of Visceral. Fuck you @EA for that, amongst many other things.
I would have litterally vomited money at it but okay.
EA has done nothing good with the Star Wars licence. What a waste.
WTF @EA ??? 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Bon Disney , il serait temps de donner la licence Star Wars à un autre studio de jv non ???
holy shit
Isso que dá, vc entregar a maior franquia da cultura pop nas mãos da EA
This just in. EA makes terrible decisions.
good job EA
EA continues to EA. Why do they continue to mess up star wars?
EA blows and doesn’t deserve the Star Wars license.
I feel like we haven’t had a proper #openworld #StarWars #game. Am I right? What open world do you remember playing?
Good to know we'll never see another Star Wars game until I'm 80
Today in”EA is terrible” news...
Eh, ok? cc @izzynobre
EA can just fuck off man. EXCLUSIVE rights for 5 years and only made 2 absolute trash games that were both PR night…
goddamn it
Star Wars: Dead Space
Eu só queria um galactic conquest novo para de fuder tudo EA
This is just pathetic at this point. Just counting down the days for that EA license to expire.
HAHAHAHA good job EA
I guess Star War games are done now.
Let me tell you I am absolutely shocked that EA is bungling this license. /S
effin hell EA 😐
Breaking: EA cancels its open-world Star Wars game
809 2740 Kotaku(@Kotaku) - Jan 16
Fuck you EA
Capitalism - a multi-billion corporation acquires total control of a beloved video game franchise, turns much loved…
Also, the lesson here isn't "EA have wasted the SW license". The lesson here is "don't give an entire license to a…
And there it goes. Not happy right now.
EA was given an IP that translates so perfectly and easily to so many different types of games and *still* found a…
EA has done real harm to the Star Wars brand and its been a pleasure to watch in real time.
Outch !
Was machen die da eigentlich? 😑
EA nomás no puede con la licencia. Ya que se la pasen a alguien más.
I lived long enough to see EA cancel both a Lord of the Rings and a Star Wars open world game.
Why does the universe not want us to have good Star Wars games again?
wow EA cancelling something someone wants what a surprise i guess they killed another fucking studio too?
And another one bites the dust.
I wasn't holding my breath. Does this mean EA are being taken off Star Wars games all together? I hope so.
Mayyyyyyyybe some other company could make a Star Wars game now? Pretty please??
EA is a garbage fire.
Gamers have still not realized that the biggest threat to gaming is capitalism and the environment it nurtures. Art…
Radical gamer action, physical removal of the corporate scumbags v i o l e n c e
I mean it's kind of snark But pretty sure there are more cancelled EA Star Wars games then released ones
Oh fuck you @EA.
Can we cancel the Star Wars license to EA also?
Breaking: EA is as shitty as ever
Reminder that EA didn't deserve the IP in the first place, and we all saw this coming.
EA doesn't make video games anymore, just money grabs.
Breaking: EA somehow unable make a single good Star Wars game.
Remember when star fox 2 got cancelled :( But then they brought it back because Nintendo > EA
Reminder that this is what was being built from the remains of Volition & Amy Hennig's Star Wars game they scraped…
Bueno, tampoco es que tuviese mucha fe en un reciclaje de lo que hizo Visceral.
This is like the second time they've done this
EA WHY!!!! You fucked up!!😤😤👿👿😢😪
God damn it EA...Can we just give the Star Wars rights to a different company that will actually produce an amazing…
Star Wars is the most lucrative, easy to work with property in all of games... HOW DO YOU KEEP FUCKING THIS UP, EA!?
Noooo! That concept art looks so nice!
EA deja de cancerlar tus juegos de Star Wars.
EA the only company that could make a lifelong fan of Star Wars angry at Star Wars
I'm incredibly happy because EA would have butchered this but incredibly sad too because I NEED a new single player…
EA has gone from most hated publisher to most incompetent. At this point it's just pathetic.
I hate y'all so much.
the what and i find out about this now?
there have been more Star Wars movies in the six years EA has had the license than Star Wars video games
Of course. Disney needs to go ahead and just cancel this partnership.
😭 Star Wars deserves a better than EA
т.е. Uncharted-style надо было отменять, чтобы и вот это отменять? EA, как так?
Probably didn't have enough micro-transactions. 😩
if it didnt get cancelled they would still release microtransactions to it
why were they even given this IP
Couldn't find a way to add microtransactions to the game I bet...
How EA still has the rights to Star Wars, especially after the Battlefront 2 debacle, is beyond me
de novo meu deus
Did anyone REALLY expect EA to put effort into 1 of their games?
Disney yank that license away please Sincerely, everyone
Wow. Just...wow. I'm incredibly disappointed in you, EA.
Disappointed but not surprised
O mundo é um lugar melhor com menos jogos open-world
Wenn es so weiter geht, dann hat EA bald mehr Star Wars Spiele über den Jordan geschickt als tatsächlich veröffentl…
Because of course they did. This is annoying at this point. Star Wars hasn't been in good hands since Disney's buy…
God I can't wait for the Star Wars' license to be ripped from EA's hands.
I already knew smh*
The handling of this franchise, from both the film & gaming sides, has been absolutely abysmal & it makes me sad.
I just want a single piece of enjoyable Star Wars content this decade Please God please just give me something
The only Star Wars games EA was actually interested in making was battlefront cause that was easy to monetize
people acting like EA would put effort into a game LOL
EA is literally never going to finish a Star Wars game that isn't just a Battlefield reskin are they
¿Por qué EA no se funde? 😑 Que un estudio decente agarre los derechos de Star Wars y nos dé los juegos que merecemo…
"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly s…
It's a real shame because EA is packed with the kind of talent you'd need to produce an outstanding video game, Sta…
Good. Let someone else have Star Wars.
If you hate EA and you know, clap your hands
Disappointed,but not surprised
Kyle Katarn’s sitting on the bench, head in his hands, legs bouncing with nervous energy, waiting for the coach to…
I don't understand. How hard could this possibly be.
I'm shocked. Shocked.
It's like EA goes out of their way to be bad.
EA really working nicely with that Star Wars IP eh? lmao
Good, no more EA games
EA's Star Wars release lineup: Oops All Battlefronts
Im not really surprised or upset considering this was most likely going to happen since Visceral closed anyways...
Can Disney just give the rights for the Star Wars game to someone else?
No. Wait. Come back.
Who's even surprised anymore?
I couldn't be more disappointed with @EA @EAStarWars . We haven't had a great #StarWars game since…
EA is killing itself. Bless up
What an absolute shit show. Here's 101 on how to mismanage one of the biggest ip of our time 🙄
How can a company so obsessed with (milking the players for) money, start & stop so many projects. If we dont count…
Qué chorprecha.
they would've fucked it up anyway
good. give it to rockstar
Are you fucking kidding....
Can't implement enough micro transactions... Throw the whole game away
Unfortunate but not surprising. Keep dreaming those dreams, everyone.
Breaking dice
uh, is #FuckEA still relevant?
But...why! Just give me a damn Star Wars game! 😥😪
Sembrerebbe cancellato definitivamente il gioco di Star Wars sviluppato da EA Vancouver (il famoso progetto Ragtag…
Who would of thought...
шо посоны, выпускаем новую батлу?
Was actually looking forward to this.
I wish EA would go out of business.
Pfffft lmao
For God's sake, get the #StarWars rights away from EA. They are killing this franchise in terms of video games. Sho…
Get ready @ThatJunkman for more STAR WARS is DEAD from the YOUTUBERS. No doubt is will be taken as a victory and F…
Getting those flashback of LucasArts getting shut down
vaya qué pena
Poor visceral
yall had one job. is it too hard to make a good star wars game nowadays?
EA is becoming a company I used to love and now finding the more news I hear about them the more I can't stand
Guess we'll be playing Skyrim now
Oh for the love of porg!
The only words that come to mind are "You've got to be shitting me." EA clearly can't find a way to handle this lic…
This is disappointing and really upsetting. Will we ever see the Star Wars game that the fandom is dying for come t…
an open-world SW game would be killer. Sad to see this fall through the pipes
Hey @troopa_keegs weren't we JUST talking about this!?! 😥
@Disney can you guys pull the star wars rights from EA's slimy hands already? They fucked the franchise enough
@SuperKikachu @MicaliBruno isso lembra algo que falamos a um tempo...o q acham ?
*eye twitch*
well then
Breaking: EA is a trash company
couldn't find any way to shoehorn microtransactions?
So anyway, when is EA losing the Star Wars license because it hasn't done jackshit with it besides mobile games and…
Can EA just stop shitting on itself? No? Okay, that makes sense. But don't let Star Wars wallow in your shit.
Dear @disney and @starwars; I would like to give you guys money for a good Star Wars game. Maybe it's time you cons…
ugh...again? EA doesn't know what to do with star wars
EA cancels new star wars game for a smaller version and earlier release. @GerberKawasaki
Can we, uh, give Star Wars to someone else?
At least when Bain Capital takes beloved things and ruins them, it makes a profit.
2019 is keeping up the pace for crazy huh?
@EA Shut your worthless company down already.
Good EA is shit. Comments on Square Enix Kingdom of Hearts 3 allowing a Guy to be abused by Female Executive?
All I wanted was an open world starwars... why EA... why?
parabéns: vai tomar no cu
To give EA the exclusive Star Wars rights was one of the worst decisions. We got 2 mediocre Battlefront games and n…
A Disney é louca de manter os direitos de imagem de Star Wars nas mãos da EA
Ayo @Disney you gonna let @EA keep the #StarWars license after so many let downs? You do realize you could be makin…
I honestly thought it was cancelled long ago.
Don't understand how EA still have the license to make star wars games. Another one cancelled, and probably more to…
Enterarme de que iba ha haber un juego de Star Wars de esta forma no tiene precio
Damn rip
Unbelievable. 🤦🏻
HOLY SH#$ Well, not surprising after the whole loot box fiasco and EA 'single player is dead' comments. No doubt th…
@EA realized they screwed up. Cancelled ambitious project that was all over the place. However, being behind schedu…
How many games will these people just throw away?!?!?!?!
Jesus. How you fuck this up??
That's lame.
Worthless piece of sh***!
At this point in an alternative universe we've already gotten a well received Star Wars Musou game.
Pera Destiny já não era isso ?
You absolute degenerates!
@EA already gunning for worst company of 2019 I see
Another one bites the dust
EA lose the licence?
At least you can't argue that Disney is the worst thing to happen to the #StarWars franchise.
I see giving EA the Star Wars game license continues to pay dividends.
Mas eh uma dsgraça mesmo essa empresa
@starwars , you have to start considering letting other publishers and developers make Star Wars games. This EA ex…
Hey @disney can you open up the Star Wars licensing please? Or better yet, start LucasArts back up again?
I'm old enough to remember when EA was actually a competent game company, developing and publishing a wide variety…
umas das melhores coisas de star wars kkk pra variar ea fudendo tudo dnv
Pues nada, primero fue el 1313 por aquel entonces, después se canceló el que estaba haciendo Visceral rollo Unchart…
This hurts. But it's EA so... I'm not surprised
Get the fuck outta here .@EA. Stop wasting the limitless potenial of the Star Wars franchise. Sell/Trade the rights…
EA back at it again
Lmao they are so bad at handling anything with that Star Wars license
This makes me wish Bioware was its own company again.
I don't even give a shit about Star Wars and I'm desperately hoping someone manages to take this IP away from EA...
EA and the Star Wars license have not worked well together.
I've said it before and I'll say many more times... Fuck EA!
So.... Disney have to be giving the Star Wars rights to someone else, right?
Neta que EA no sabe que carajos hacer con la licencia de Star Wars, creo que Disney se está tardando en quitársela.…
Блять, еа не смогла сделать из игры ебучее казино и закрыла, предлагаю все последующие релизы бойкотировать, надоел…
@FaD3d_Js whack
La maldición de los años impares: En cada año impar, se cancela un juego grande. (Año 2017: Scalebound)
Will someone give this license to Blizzard or Bungie already because
U wot m8? 🤨
isso não é praticamente assinar a retirada de direitos? eles quase perderam com o caos que foi o lançamento de Bat…
It's very frustrating how we can't get many Star Wars games now, much less good ones. Remember when Star Wars games…
how do you mess up something that prints money as easily as star wars
Sw fans fucked up
EA could have made a profit but yeah just another bad decision
@Eurogamer_es ya tardaban...
Other people have said this since the license was issued but it bears repeating THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T HAVE JUST ONE…
This game is cursed.
EA at it's best. Ruining things.
*Chad Vader screams* TAKE THE SUICIDE PILL
A EA ladeira abaixo.
this was for the better I assure you
Fuck anything good in the star wars IP is dead
kkkkkkkkk fodaaaaaas
And everything has gone full circle. Well done, EA.
Can't say I'm entirely surprised as it is EA, however that doesn't stop the disappointment...
This was the only Star Wars related thing I was legitimately interested in. Now all that's out the window.
I'm assuming that Disney are just fleeing the ship at this point
Disney is gonna give EA the Smackdown
o jogo era uma ação-aventura linear da diretora/roteirista de uncharted feito pela visceral (dead space) até o estú…
RIP. But what did we expect really?
Annnnnnd another one.
To be honest I'm not even shock. EA you continue to show why nobody trust you. Also if I was disney I'd be shopping…
Star Wars should be in the public domain.
I havent played a good Star Wars game since Jedi Academy tbh..
dicancel juga
I'm not surprised at all
Which genius thinks it's a great idea to give Star Wars to EA and Disney? This is the second hyped Star Wars game t…
EA cancels EA
EA should stop making games period.
@Disney please terminate @EA contract for Star Wars games, they're the most hated gaming company and they're litera…
#StarWars fans have been split riiiiiight down the middle this past year and a bit. let us thank the force that E…
Not a surprise, it's EA
E mais uma vez a EA perde uma oportunidade de ouro de fazer um puta jogo de SW
So Visceral Games closed... FOR NOTHING!!!
@Disney please cancel EA
What was the point of Disney giving EA exclusive rights to make Star Wars games if they’re not going to actually go…
EA literally has cash money JUST SITTING THERE. DO SOMETHING #StarWars
in a couple years every game is going to be an always-online, microtransaction-driven multiplayer "experience" and…
Que alguien le saque la licencia por favor
You know, the Visceral Games Star Wars was one of my most anticipated games. Then they got shutdown and the project…
This is the most EA thing I've ever seen
🤨😖🤦‍♂️ Say it ain't so... #StarWars
Give the license to someone who deserves it.
EA não vai mais sugar a marca #StarWars com mais 1 jogo.
oh noooo im suprised. Not.
For fuck sake I just want to buy death sticks and kill jawas
Can we please give the rights and licenses to people who can make a proper game and who cares enough to finish a pr…
Wow quien lo diría? Luego de cancelar el mismo proyecto 2 veces antes -_-
EA is the worst thing to happen to #StarWars since Disney.
EA needs the fucking Star Wars license stripped from them jesus fucking christ.
Боже, мажорные издатели, прекратите срать себе в штаны! Пожалуйста! Посмеялись пол годика и хватит, почему это прод…
Fuck EA. Fuck them to the furthest point of the universe, then fuck them even further.
Qué sorpresa.
EA still being EA
Somehow this doesn't surprise me >_<
Qué bueno. Así no la siguen cagando.
@RAZ0RFIST I know it's Kotaku but...
This is beyond ridiculous.... Stop shooting down great potential!!
This deal gets worse all the time
vai se foder @EAStarWars
Alguém cancela a EA.
I wanted to really give EA the benefit of the doubt but this is the straw that broke the camel's back. EA is the mo…
Breaking: EA does exactly what we all expected it to do.
0 sorpresas
뭐 그럼 그렇지 옘병
It seems impossible for #EA to put out anything #StarWars related besides Battlefront. Do you think we will ever se…
Been reporting on this all night - here's a big update on *why* EA canceled its open-world Star Wars game…
this justification is... interesting.
Interesting. And this also fits my theory.
Some interesting context to EA cancelling the open-world Star Wars game. It's because the forecast was too far out,…
They codenamed their probably filled with microtransactions star wars game after a whale. Not subtle at all there E…
In a way, very happy with this...as now we we can begin waiting for announcement of new #StarWars game partnerships…
Bare minimum, cancelling large, ambitious long term projects in favor of small, quick-fix, cash grab projects with…
Well of course it was also a great idea that would have sold like hot cakes. Just to make matter worse, put salt in…
They need to take the whole Star Wars license away from EA immediately. Give it to a competent developer/publisher…
I'm not a game dev, so maybe it's not this easy, but I feel like EA could put out Star Wars games quicker if it did…
@ChaosCharza, @SidAlpha, @THEREALRTU, @YongYea, I smell a microtransactions-ridden Fortnite wannabee or Overwatch c…
cc @Goennjamin
You'd think if anyone would be capable of working on two Star Wars games at the same time, it'd be EA.
We're all confident that this game that EA is going to rush out in 18 months is going to be good, right? #oof
The most aggravating thing from a gaming company is when they cut an ambitious project due to "time." The new star…
Te gierkowe Starwarsy jakieś przeklęte :|
Era Mass Effect Andromeda com skin de Star Wars, basicamente
This flips my view on the Star Wars cancellation entirely! I'm much more likely to play a smaller game, and no one…
A fascinating story. And I'm sure one that boils down to EA being greedy
Boy...having spoken to a few people that worked on Ragtag I’d bet they’re a little unhappy about this.
EA: "Hmmmm, this seems good but what if you made something worse so we can cram it out the door faster?" Man, fuck.
EA wants to rush a shittier game for next-gen launch. nice
Important to note. I’m just disappointed that we’ve been in a Star Wars renaissance since 2015 and only have two me…
This looks more reasonable now.
Ironic that they wanted to make the original project “bigger in scope” just to cancel the new project in favor of s…
Es ist mir ein Rätsel wie bei so einer Lizenz den Hals nicht voll genug bekommen kann. Langsam geht es mir auf den…
well it seems like they made the best choice.
I think it's ironic they just cancelled a "smaller game"
“Would involve playing as a scoundrel or bounty hunter” Take that @Whittico !!
Oh good, so we're gonna get an extremely shit, super rushed star Wars game that they're just fucking pumping out. S…
EAがオープンワールド(惑星から惑星に行って賞金首のクエストをやる、など)のスターウォーズの新作をキャンセルした理由としてロードマップがゆっくりしているからスケールを縮小しての新作にシフトすると発表。 流行り的なことが問題になっ…
Agh. If Jedi Fallen Order turns out to be rubbish, EA need the Star Wars licence taken away. That said, we've seen…
Cancelling a game cuz it'll take too long to make, but restart it after making a shorter game. Um. That's adding mo…
Was looking forward to this game 🤷🏾‍♂️
Hm okay let's see what happens. At least they didn't just wantonly scrap it.
I had a slightly different take but I was right that #EA was looking for something "lighter" on development. It mak…
Restarting a game from scratch with less than 2 years until release is how EA gets quality titles like Mass Effect:…
At least they didn't end up losing their jobs for being too "passionate" aka slow. And I highly doubt the project w…
They really can't catch a break.
The plot thickens
...why do you have us EA?
"See we had a cool game being made but it wasn't fast enough so we scrapped it. Hope you guys enjoy Star Wars: Batt…
If only there was a linear, story-based Star Wars game, directed by someone like Amy Hennig, that could fulfill the…
So they canceled a game where you play as a bounty hunter that’s going to come out around the same time as the new…
Ok. This is slightly better
“Dont worry guys, the game isnt canceled, its just having content cut so we can make $25 DLCs without actually havi…
Interesting update on the EA cancelled Star Wars game again thing. Seems more like "get a game out for next gen lau…
Lo de siempre, vaya. Anuncian estar desarrollando el juego más ambicioso de la historia, y dan el patinazo en favor…
"Smaller-scale" = MOBILE GAMES.
@RockstarGames thanks alot buddy because yall make such unbelievable open world games, open world games either gett…
Ладно, окей. Это можно считать как "прибрали за собой". Но все равно же обосрались...
Sighs. Hopefully they can pick this back up and finish it one day.
So you scrap a game already in development because you need a game sooner...good work @EA...isn't Respawn's Star Wa…
.@Disney, can you give @EA's @starwars license to studios that will actually follow through on truly great game exp…
Fucking knew it. “Aw nah that’s far too long to wait”
Inb4 battlefront 3
So they canceled it because they thought it was going to take too long to make. They want a new Star Wars game in 2…
Sounds like code for a rushed, incomplete game
Cancelled because it was going to take too long.... Hm....
So EA just wants to rush a game out rather than put work into it?
Ça vire à la mauvaise farce, mais soulignons que les annulations sont malheureusement courantes dans le JV, que per…
So basically they cancelled something that was little more than an idea to begin with.
Oh, lord. The "open world Star Wars game" EA was working on sounds a lot like GTA/RDR online, only space. That's…
Visceral’s ‘Star Wars’ game has been officially cancelled, the game would have followed playing as a bounty hunter/…
That's sounds awesome. This is a travesty.
R u serious
EA and Konami in a big race for worst company.
EA a annuler le jeu starwars qui était en developpement avant la fermeture de Visceral Games. Y a pas à dire, EA ai…
EA ha cancelado el juego de mundo abierto basado en #StarWars
Cuantos más nos van a cancelar...
Storyline and functionality aside, I think I would've enjoyed an open-world Star Wars game. But, I also wouldn't w…
Just heard about the #EA #StarWars video game project. Hope all my friends over there are unaffected. Hang in there…
Is EA like allergic to shipping a star wars game that isn't Battlefront? Seriously how many times are they going to…
No! EA cancels the open-world Star Wars video game.
EA Cancels Open-World ‘Star Wars’ Game via @kotaku #StarWars
$EA (-1.1% pre) EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game - Kotaku
¡Malas noticias! @ElectronicsArts deja de sentir La Fuerza y cancela el juego de mundo abierto de #StarWars:
Kumpi on tän konsolisukupolven paskin kyymmenvuotinen diili, EA:n & Disneyn StaWa, vai Bungien & Activisionin Desti…
#EA Cancels #OpenWorld  #StarWars Game [UPDATE] #gaming
vish......... EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Esse num é aquele Star Wars anunciado na E3 não né?
Did anyone honestly believe this game was going to be finished?
Goddamnit. Here's hoping #Starfield scratches this itch. @LegendaryMarvel @XboxIROCC
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] #streaming #twitch #gaming #games #EA #news #StarWars #update #sad…
@arjunsethi Yes. Sounds like they’re going to try and do it after...but who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️
This may not be entirely EA's fault, but it's seriously unbelievable. Apparently, they don't want to take time & fo…
If they fuck up Anthem... I'm legit never buying from EA ever again, this is their last chance with me. You shit on…
@arielle_danan i know you don't like star wars but i thought this might be something that you might wanna discuss a…
EA cancella il gioco l'open-world basato su Star Wars, secondo Kotaku
Boy I'm sure glad EA keeps canceling these Star Wars games that have cool concepts and sound fun. I wouldn't want t…
Ok Sun I Need Star Wars Characters Dressed Like Kanye West Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson & P…
.@EA y tho?
Just when I'm holding out hope that @EA is going to do something good with their money they cancelled the #StarWars…
what the fuck..
This story's been updated with new information that the reason EA scrapped the open world conversion of Amy Hennig'…
As if we needed more evidence EA is utterly incompetent as a game publisher. The way they describe this game concep…
Nos hubiera gustado ver ese juego de mundo abierto de Star Wars, lastima que fue cancelado. Aunque nadie quita que…
If I were Disney, I'd be reevaluating my contract with EA.
An update on that cancelled EA Star Wars game (from Kotaku)
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
EA Cancels Open-World <i>Star Wars </i>Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Can Disney please now take EA off Star Wars games and give them to a more creative developer who is actually capabl…
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
What’s more painful than a breakup? #StarWars
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game @LIRIK
Someone has to die now
Another reason to hate Electronic Arts Star Wars #StarWars
Electronic Arts has cancelled its open-world Star Wars game. Read more about the news here:
@InKognitoTy, I didn't even know this was a thing! And now it's gone. EA Cancels Open-World <i>Star Wars </i>Game…
Follow me on this logic: "Linear games are dead! We will cancel it and make an open-world game. No wait! That will…
I don't even know what to say anymore... Bottom line is that the EA Star Wars exclusivity needs to go away. This is…
@DisneyGames @Disney @starwars For the love of the Force, please release @EA from the burden of making your fans go…
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Dammit why! I hate you EA your causing so much pain
Fire EA into the sun via @kotaku
EA Cancels Another Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
EA's open-world Star Wars game canned in favour of smaller project
Can EA stop screwing up #StarWars games?
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
⁦@Disney⁩, You NEED to take this license away from EA. This is absolutely absurd for such a beloved IP! #WashedUp…
@Disney @BobIgerCEO Here's the main source. The time is now: EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE]…
@dkaszor dan what is going ON at ea
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game
So.... EA Vancouver just cancelled the #StarWars game they've been trying to make for years. The one that cost Visc…
Well, so much for the dream of a single-player Star Wars open world. I guess all we can expect is linear adventure…
Come on, @Disney, it's just embarrassing and disappointing at this point... …
#TRADING $EA (-1.1% pre) Cancelation of Open-World Star Wars Game. 🧐 - via @Kotaku
Come on @Disney - take the license away from these clowns at @EAStarWars - what a decade to do nothing but hurt you…
Ay?? EA Cancels Open-World <i>Star Wars </i>Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
And another one bites the dust. Thanks a lot, Thanos.
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku @EA WTF!!!
Not sure how anyone can be surprised with this after they cancelled the Amy Hennig project. Here’s hoping the force…
@ErectForEla Fallen Order? That game seems like it’s fine. It looks like it was an unannounced game. Here’s an arti…
So disappointing that Disney and EA seem to have wasted this huge opportunity to make more than just Battlefront an…
Code-named Orca, it was very early in development but would involve playing as a scoundrel or bounty hunter who cou…
EA Cancels Open-World <i>Star Wars </i>Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
@EA Why... why. Why!!!!!!!!!! EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Another Cancelled game from EA. EA Cancels Open-World <i>Star Wars </i>Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Can we just give the #StarWars liscenses to someone else? EA obviously doesn’t know whay to do with it. This would…
'In favor of something with a sooner release date' EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] I am surprised t…
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE]
EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Стало известно, что EA отменила игру под кодовым названием #Orca. Эта был проект с открытым миром по вселенной Звёз…
@EA cancelled it’s planned #StarWars open-world game in favor of a smaller title scheduled to come out in 2020…
Here’s a cool sounding Star Wars project that ⁦@EA⁩ canceled, because of course they did.
Hey @ign, @kotaku, @joystiqall and @GameSpot. Does any other property have more canceled video games under its belt…
#EA cancelled it’s #StarWars open-world game and plans to release a smaller scaled game next year.…
EA Cancels Open-World <i>Star Wars </i>Game [UPDATE] via @kotaku #StarWars

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