EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million

Source : EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million

Mega-publisher EA has purchased a new studio—Respawn, the developer of Titanfall. The news comes just weeks after the publisher shuttered Visceral Games.

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EA is buying Respawn for over $400 million, outbidding Nexon. Deal includes Titanfall 3 and Star Wars
Microsoft should have bought Respawn.
Interesting. Even if Titanfall isn't a huge-selling blockbuster series you'd be crazy not to see the talent at Resp…
EA cierra Visceral porque, entre otras cosas, es bastante caro mantener developers en California comparado con otra…
Wish Microsoft bought Respawn.
Bon ben c'est dommage. Je l'ai aimé beaucoup moi les gars de Respawn.
Feels like... Phil Spencer announced to acquire Game studios and Publishers rushing to go shopping before Phil gets…
Ach, nice. #Tintanfall3 confirmed @Redmaker
Можете начинать хоронить respawn
Schön, dass ein drittes Titanfall kommt, nachdem Teil 2 so schnell in der Versenkung verschwunden ist.
Looks like they had to bid, since Nexon made an offer to Respawn a while ago
Really hope this is a step in the right direction. Absolutely adore Titanfall. My go to multiplayer when have Battl…
Titanfall 2 hatte eine der besten Shooter-Kampagne der vergangenen Jahre. Ein Nachfolger und dazu ein Star Wars sin…
I’ll be honest, I thought they were EA owned this whole time.
RIP Respawn. We all know what'll happen in a few years.
This was obvious as soon as they released Titanfall 2 the same as the new Call of Duty and Battlefield.
WELP Respawn had some nice games while they lasted.
@JimSterling So, 3 yrs until EA shutters it?
No!!!! Fuck you, EA!
I kinda have that image of a mind-controlling worm leaving one host and entering another.
Damn.... Well RIP Titan fall franchise... EA will kill respawn 😢
RIP respawn
Shame. Another company the EA juggernaut will destroy.
💔RIP @Respawn RIP💔
Don’t let Respawn die!!! We must support them!
The company that publishes the Titanfall mobile game almost outbid EA. Long live free to play.
Прощайте, Respawn
Guess who's next on EA's chopping block? You had a good run Respawn.
@StarWarsJunk @KOVPodcast more major Star Wars news. New Star Wars video game announce today too. Should make the W…
les gros bâtards ils envoient Visceral balader pour emmener Respawn avec eux (qu'ils vont aussi fermer au bout d'un…
Looking forward to EA shutting them down in three years. God, fuck EA tbh.
Titanfall 3 and future Star Wars games are going down the drain.... #RIPRespawn
Oh boy Oh boooooy
they set me up just to knock me down
Just in case the folks at Visceral weren't feeling *quite* fucking over enough. Respawn working on Star Wars coul…
Well… this news isn’t as awesome.
I'm fairly scared now. It's great to hear there should be a Titanfall 3, but if EA gets a wild hair in their ass...…
Making games is expensive tho
RIP Respawn, not just for your future closure, but for your talent being drained by the blood sucking EA execs.
Let’s hope that EA doesn’t get disappointed in these guys and shut them down too @jon_cheatham
Good bye Respawn!! EA will be closing your studio as soon as your next game goes gold.
That feeling when you're working on a dream project, your studio gets shut down, and then EA buys another studio an…
Can't wait for them to be shut down in like 10 years... ...if they make it even that far
So long as this means Titanfall 3 I'm happy
Is the 2015 company name available yet?
بداية نهاية ريسبون، فريق مبدع RIP :(
Well, RIP Respawn. 'bout to get EA'd to death.
fuuuuuuuuuck. I️ mean, hooray for more TITANFALL, but I️ trust EA with studios as much as I️ trust anyone who’s goi…
Cut to Respawn being shuttered in 2020 because the Star Wars game isn’t going well. Again.
So....this means Titanfall 3, Star wars, then on to back up duty for battlefield I believe, and.....then shuttering…
They ded 💀 @JimSterling
The Grim Reaper has found its next prey. Let’s face it, this doesn’t bode well for Respawn. Gonna try to play and e…
EA is savage. Hot dang.
Start the countdown ticker to West and Zampella bailing.
Oh God not Respawn 😩
Nexon would have been such a good fit for Respawn, that makes me even more upset...
In before EA shuts down Respawn in 3 years when Titanfall 3 doesn't bring in a billion dollars.
Well, fuck.
I'm glad that means Titanfall 3 but also FUCK because it's going to be totally ruined by EA
Well looks like an ass for closing Viserial. And then buying Raspawn for 400 million the next week.
está morto menino titanfal
When do they close the studio?
EA vai acabar com mais uma desenvolvedora
#mks not destiny2 related but interested my non the less
Mega-publisher ... 🙄
La peor noticia del año. Otra estudio que la va a tener jodida.
Well, another developer to dissolve and another IP to bastardize. Thanks, @EA
EA is like the Galactus of the video game industry
Also worth noting this is the same company that closed Viscersl just weeks ago. Kinda messed up to shutter a studio…
Y’all really gunnu make me loose BT to another evil corperation? He didn’t ask for this.
Super bummed about Visceral. 1st Dead space is a fantastic game. I wonder now if the talent at Respawn will there.…
It's a shame that Respawn is closing down. Hope everyone lands on their feet.
Add Respawn to the EA studio corpse pile.
Place your bets now for how long til this studio gets closed too
I look forward to the @Respawn shutdown in 3-5 years!
Jeg gir dem fire år, maks.
Breaking News: EA future-closes Respawn’s doors.
RIP Respawn...
titanfall 3 is about to be pay to win garbage. :(
Hasta luego, Respawn. Fue bello mientras duró. Supongo.
Ea vai fazer 30 star wars multiplayer @Almighty_Peones
damn thats crazy
@JimSterling EA just brought and signed a death warrant.
Good: They'll get a chance to make another Titanfall campaign Bad: They'll inevitably be shut down.
it's a testimate to how shitty EA has been to third parties that most of the reaction to this is "poor Respawn" lol
Place your bets now how long it's going to take from now on until they close down the studio!
Flash forward to 2 years from now when the headline reads "EA Shuts Down Respawn"
Booo EA just gonna ruin them in the future
Expect Respawn to be closed down in 3 or so years then...
woah. i was wondering how they were doing a Star Wars game when EA has the license now. great news in the short ter…
EA is buying Titanfall developer Respawn
2021: EA Closes Respawn, Cancels Star Wars game
EA is panning to murder Titanfall developer, Respawn.
We've been chasing this all week. One source told us that Nexon made an offer, EA had a window to counter and did.
Well, guess Titanfall 3 is gonna suck.
Journalists: might as well get your "EA Shuts Down Titanfall developer Respawn" headlines pre-written now, save som…
Es hora de ir despidiéndose de Respawn Entertainment
We deserve another gaming industry crash
*after bleeding as much money out of the series they can* EA is shutting down Titanfall developer Respawn
Press F to pay respects.
Pues me voy a ir viciando al Titanfall 2 lo que les quede de vida, por que se ve venir
Otra muerte garantizada.
So: Respawn's next game will be a mediocre lootbox-filled shitefest, and then a game or two after that they'll get…
*grumbles angrily*
Cool. So when is Vince and Jason starting their new studio?
Oh hi Games Industry, if you're lookin' to pick up some Respawn staff? Save yourself some time & start recruiting n…
Well, that's the end of Titanfall. RIP.
Can't wait for the studio to be horribly mismanaged for the next 6 years and then closed down.
Sad fate for a great studio.
Can't wait for @EA to shut down @Respawn next #RIP 💀
Rest in peace Titanfall, you are literally signing your own death certificate if you do this you dumb fucking idiot…
Welp titanfall is ruined 😩
@convowithanerd I guess I won't be buying Titanfall 3
RIP Respawn, we hardly knew ye.
Le hacía falta, estaba muerto. Hay que rematarlo
Congratulations to Respawn for being chosen as the latest sacrifice to the unyielding meat grinder that is the mode…
wonder which will come first. a titanfall with lootboxes, or EA just kills off the developer company and dissolve t…
Welp there goes that. Micros and lootboxes for TF going forward. @Respawn will be dead in 2 years after @EA shuts d…
2019: Such a shame EA shut Respawn down.
Titanfall 2 was so unrated. Best FPS campaign i've played in years.
I hope @Respawn doesn't join @EA just to become the next @VisceralGames
A EA é uma corporação maligna que vende os mesmos jogos esportivos todo ano para jogadores casuais a fim de financi…
Why do developers even say yes to EA anymore all they do is make them fuck up the games then close them down for fu…
Well, Respawn, you had a good run. Thoughts and prayers.
EA management was unable to comment on whether loot boxes would be added to Titanfall 3 before the game is cancelle…
Let's sing a song for this fallen hero.
RIP Respawn. The thread under this Tweet is great.
Welp... there goes Respawn. Going to be put down
#RIP #Titanfall2 / @Respawn. You didn't deserve this fate. You were a good game that many people didn't buy because…
Damn... That sux
Welp. It was fun while it lasted.
Damn, this is like telling someone they have colon cancer.
@felipe_mgm agora o cronograma de prioridades vai ser: 1) Microtransações; 2) Pacotes de DLC Premium; 3) Pacote pag…
Rip Titanfall. At least Respawg got a good game out in the series. EA is about to ruin it.
Ah bugger. They were doing good work too. So it goes.
Well, Respawn is fucked!
Seems like this may not end well...
I honestly thought they already owned Respawn. Either way, I hope they manage to survive.
Uh oh. Wonder how this will ultimately turn out.
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the doorway the bullets rip To the sound of the beat Another one b…
Well shit @JalapenoNick
RIP Respawn.
Went into a black hole there
Titanfall 2 is the best FPS I've ever played. Such a shame and a waste of talent.
#RIP Respawn
Well this studio is dead in a few years. That's unfortunate.
Good while it lasted Respawn
Give it a few years and they will be dead like Visceral games.
That’s nice I hope when @EA shuts you down next @Respawn (and they will, there’s nothing you can say to convince…
Mais uma razão pro pessoal odiar a EA
RIP Respawn and titanfall 2019
What’s the under/over for how fast EA closes Respawn and give Titanfall to DICE?
Pues parece que Titanfall 2 será lo último de Respawn con actualizaciones de contenido gratuitas.
Well, it was good while it lasted. RIP.
that means in about 3-5 years from now Respawn will not exist. They've already had a flop of a game in Titanfall 2…
Лол рип титанфолл, закапывайте
Well.... that was quick
welp that franchise is dead
Guess that's +1 in my #FreedomProject against EA.
No, no, no, nooooo... This is terrible!
Rest in piece, respawn.
Quantos anos pra Respawn fechar?
Welp... Titanfall had a good run. RIP
welp, that's not a good sign, is it?
That Titanfall 2 release date is making more and more sense every minute that goes by.
How many years until Respawn is shut down?
Why? So they can close it down?
After they just close Visceral...treading on some thin ice there @EA
Pressing F to pay respects to a developer that will now die a slow death
Weren't they also working on a Star Wars game? I bet that one won't end up happening either.
Kiss that developer goodbye
E lá vamos nós
R.i.P. Respawn. You will be missed
Toma 2: "En tres años lo cierra."
Oh for fuck's sake. It's a matter of time before EA dissolves the studio. RIP one of my favourite developers. ☹️…
11/10/21: @Kotaku article: EA shutting down developer Respawn. #CallingItNow
Respawn just signed their own death certificate.
The deal includes the unannounced “Titanfall 3” and Respawn’s Star Wars game currently in development -
#Titanfall3 ¡CONFIRMADO! 😀😀
EA is buying Titanfall developer Respawn
Preparing a tombstone for Respwan to be used in 5 years
Well it was nice knowing ya.
No... NO... NOOOOOO!
so help me, EA, if you kill this one too....
Goodbye Titanfall, it was fun while it lasted
nderakore gg next titanfall dead on arrival
Whelp...RIP Respawn
Incoming shitty DLC practices for Titanfall 3 😢
EA compra a empresa por trás de @Titanfallgame, @Respawn... outra boa empresa a ser destruída por EA ou a EA quer m…
@AnaitGames @chiconuclear @pinjed "no os preocupéis por Respawn" xD
"Respawn will also receive bonuses tied to Metacritic scores for both its upcoming Star Wars game and the unannounc…
Screencap this. EA will shut down Respawn within the next 3 business years. Calling it now.
Might as well say your goodbyes now.
Yassss. Getting Titanfall 3 and a Respawn Star Wars game.
@EA fuck off you cunts
Oh on. That means the headline in the near future will be... "EA is closing Titanfall developer Respawn"
EA buying Titanfall developer Respawn for over $400 Million #VGN
Great job Phil!! Another missed opportunity after you worked exclusively with them on titanfall 1. 👍👍
Not sure how to feel about this. Guess this says a lot about the success of TF2 @Moxxie_G4GMedia @Mooch1978…
EA Is Buying Respawn For Over $400 Million. Deal includes Titanfall 3, upcoming Star Wars project, and VR game! ? 😱
@Lewmzi @9_volt88 oh noo
Breaking News!! EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million Whoopy whoopy!
So what are we thinking? I'm calling it at 3 years. EA will force them to make a third Titanfall (that'll fail with…
Retweeting this for posterity. Your prediction is probably correct to within a month.
Wow ça continue! EA a acheté Respawn se qui inclut le jeu de Star Wars, Titanfall 3 et bien plus :O. Respawn va off…
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ EA가 리스폰 인수 안했으면 넥슨이 사갔을 거라니 병신매치가 따로없네
EA is acquiring Titanfall developer Respawn for $400 million, deal includes Titanfall 3, upcoming Star Wars project…
@xcapim360 @AmxGameplays @Odraued_AMX @xcapimBr Aí pq valorizam essa infantilidade de notas, até as publishers valo…
This is a catastrophe for one of my favorite game series. RIP Titanfall.
타이탄폴도 이제 끝인가... EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million via @kotaku
Posiblemente la noticia del día (de ayer) fue la compra de Respawn, creadores de Titanfall, por parte de EA. Lo que…
Well, R.I.P. @Respawn
EA is planning on Closing developer Respawn. (mark my words, Respawn days are numbered) via @kotaku
EA is so into microtransactions, it's closing studios that make games where microtrans can't be implemented, and bu…
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
@Saselandia AL MENOS me conformo con que DESTINY 2 se haya estrellado, ahora Respawn va a ser comprada por Electron…
Welcome to the team @Respawn!
The deal includes the unannounced “Titanfall 3” and Respawn’s Star Wars game currently in development -
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million via @kotaku
¿Alguna opinión respecto a la compra de Respawn por parte de EA?
RIP Respawn, you died too young...
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million via @kotaku
Another one bites the dust....in a few Years
RIP Titanfall, it was a good run.
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million …
Electronic Arts покупает студию Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall) за $455 млн.
Прощай, Respawn. ☹️
@Kalgar It’s from the @jasonschreier Kotaku article
Calling it now, #Titanfall3 will be a game as service model AKA #Destiny and #Anthem.
I wonder if they'll still be using Source for their games cause Titanfall 2's performance is 👌
#GamingNews Developer behind Titanfall games - Respawn Entertainment - will soon be shutting it's doors and closin…
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
GG Respawn, GG. Good luck, have fun.... 😢
so today there will be a lot of jokes about EA killing studios.
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
Ea Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn for Over $400 Million, and That’s a Big Opportunity for Brands
Well.. if we ever get a next #TitanFall I guess it’s gonna be loot box aplenty!! But let’s not kid ourselves.. this…
Oh man~ I got this gut feeling on who's going to get shut down by EA, don't even need to buy a lottery! XD
Titalfall, such an awesome game! EA is buying Titanfall for 400 million! Will this be a good thing or the downfall…
I'm sure this is going to go well! *sobs uncontrollably*
Don’t know how I feel about this! EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million via @kotaku
I always feel sad when #EA buys a game studio. They are notorious for buying studios stripping them of everything g…
EA is buying Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment
On the birthday of Halo 2, I am sad to report that the Titanfall franchise is on it's death bed. #RIP Titanfall, yo…
The predator EA, no longer satisfied with its recent kill of Visceral Games, stalks its next prey.
Sources: EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
@AlphaOmegaSin Please make a video about this!!!!!!
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million Only a matter of time before they meet the same fate
Another one bites the dust ☠️ #RIPRespawn
"Respawn has a healthy future ahead of-" "Oh. Nooo. NooOOOO-"
So what's the over/under on how long until @EA shuts down @Respawn? 5 years?
#kotaku #respawn #ea EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million: Mega-publisher EA has purchase…
あったーこれかー QT EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million #gaming
#EA #Respawn #Titanfall #xbox #ps4 #gaming
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
And so another studio is destroyed, franchise lost, talent burned. @EA finishes @Respawn EA Is Buying Titanfall De…
Bye Respawn, it was nice knowing you. I'll always like Titanfall 2
'Prepare for lootboxfall' I really respect Respawn and Titanfall 2 is my favourite FPS in years. I really hope EA d…
Well Respawn's fucked
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million #gamedev
RIP Respawn, I hope $400m was worth the death of your company
Este es un día muy triste en mi corazón.
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
I'm just glad there will be a #titanfall3 just hope respawn doesn't end up in the EA studio graveyard #titanfall
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million via @kotaku
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million ༄ Mega-publisher EA has pu…
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million #EA #Titanfall
Oh, fuck @DerGreenNinja
Well, it was fun till it lasted.
Don't do it @Respawn, @EA kills everything it touches. Have you learned nothing!
Didn't think it would be possible to feel even worse for Visceral employees right now, but then this comes along.
EA liked Respawn so much, they put a ring on it. What an odd, circuitous path back their corporate ownership took.
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
Hop, rendez vous dans 5/6 ans quand ils fermeront le truc après les avoir pourris.
Visceral Games: Dead Respawn Entertainment: Up next BioWare Corp.: In the hole
Just weeks after closing @VisceralGames, @EA has bought @Titanfallgame developer @Respawn. How do you feel about it…
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million #respawn #ea #games
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million Titanfall 2 was excellent
EA have managed Titanfall really badly. From an ill-conceived Xbox exclusive to a poorly timed sequel. Very surpris…
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million-...
Given how poor EA's handling of Titanfall 2 was, not to mention the note in here regarding bonuses tied to Metacrit…
I'm going to miss Respawn & Titanfall, after EA shuts them down in 5 or 6 years. :( via @kotaku
EA Is Buying Titanfall Developer Respawn For Over $400 Million via @kotaku
@alext87uk God dammit...

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