EA Shuts Down Visceral Games

Source : EA Shuts Down Visceral Games

EA is shutting down Visceral Games, the studio behind games like Battlefield Hardline and Dead Space, the publisher said today. The Star Wars game in development at Visceral will be revamped and move to a different studio, EA says, although it will now be something completely different.

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EA is shutting down Visceral Games
Después del desastre que fue Battlefield Hardline dije que me extraña que EA no cerrara el studio...bueno, pues lo…
Oh and EA are shutting down Viceral because they couldn't put microtransactions into Amy Hennig's Star Wars game.
Well fuck me
says a lot that a studio making a traditional action adventure with the biggest franchise in the world suddenly get…
Well, this really sucks.
Oh, wow. Damn...
Oh look, another studio EA has shut down.
BOOM! El juego de SW que desarrollaban cancelado Adiós a Dead Space Se suma a Maxis, Pandemic, you know: esa EA
O jogo do Star Wars vai virar um Battle Royale no universo de Star Wars.
If you're a gamer, you should be actively avoiding lootbox scheme games. Because they're putting narrative driven g…
Estúdio de Dead Space, Dante's Inferno e BF Hardline será fechado. Estavam trabalhando em um game de Star Wars diri…
Минус одна игра по звездный войнам Минус одна крутая студия Минус одна надежда на светлое будущее ЕА
Adiós Visceral Games, adiós Star Wars.
Nationalise EA and trebuchet its execs into the sun
Joder, con lo bueno que fue Dead Space... 😭😭😭
Holy crap. My condolences to all those affected. :(
the only decent team EA had. that sucks.
around EA ;-; sleep well visceral games
Holy fucking shit. Well say goodbye to that Star Wars game we all wanted :(
I loved Dead Space 1 and 2. So sad to hear this. I hope everyone at Visceral lands on their feet.
EA been irrelevant in this household ever since they got rid of EA SPORTS BIG. If they ain't making Skate, it don't…
BUT WHAT ABOUT AMY HENNING’S STAR WARS GAME 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Hope everyone over there lands on their feet. 💙
Another one bites the dust
Remember when Dead Space was so good? And then Dead Space 2 was pretty good? And then when EA soiled Dead Space 3 w…
Huge news. Sounds like EA doesnt want that Star Wars game from the Uncharted creator to be a linear story game, but…
Oh man. A studio with lots of history and impact here in the SF Bay Area. Before it was Viseral it was EARS, where…
I believe there is an appropriate image for this occasion.
EA at its best. Schade. Das Star Wars Spiel sah nach Potential aus.
Ugh I was worried this would happen one day. Dead Space is the best horror game franchise since Silent Hill, they d…
Visceral Games created some of my most favorite titles. This is awful
محد ينافس EA في تقفيل الستديوات. 😔
This is depressing as heck. Visceral had all the promise in the world. Their's was the SW game I was most excited f…
Well RIP that Star Wars game they were gonna make
Sehr traurig! Dead Space 1 & 2 sind zwei der besten Horrorspiele überhaupt und haben das Genre neu begründet.
Fuck! There goes Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond's Star Wars game. Fuck you EA
Eita maluco D= Nunca mais Dead Space de novo? E o Star Wars deles, como fica? D=
This is tragic and utterly heartbreaking. Another incredibly talented studio relegated to history. :(
Another potentially great Star Wars game dead on arrival.
This is very sad :(
MDR Ok le jeu Star Wars prévu en 2018.
☹️ Super curious to hear more about how this happened. Really disappointing to see they're shifting away from linea…
Iiiiiiih rapaz
This is really sad 😕 This team made some special games, hope they all get into other studios soon
Whoa. Dead Space remains one of my favorite development experiences. RIP Visceral. Hope the affected devs find good…
They were working on a cinematic, story-based Star Wars game. This really sucks.
That's a real bummer. Dead Space 1 and 2 are top games from last gen for me. Hope everyone lands on their feet.
Well... Shit. RIP Dead Space
Now it is truly a dead space. Bye, Visceral Games.
Bei EA ist kein Platz mehr für Spiele wie Dead Space, die kein Publikum haben, was mit Battlefields Fanbase mithalt…
This is terrible news. One of my favourite devs
Was just thinking the other day how much I'd like to see a new Dead Space game. Oh well. Another tombstone in the…
Whoa this is nuts. Super bummed for the people, and also I had high hopes for the project they were working on.
Damn. That's a big name. Condolences to everyone there, clearly home to some serious talent
Just EA being EA. #RIPVisceral
Uhm uhm what? So Amy Hennig's SW game is not happening?
¿Y para eso fichas a Amy Hennig? 😠
eh. wow... that's pretty disappointing.
Y la picadora de estudios de desarrollo que es EA sigue bien engrasada y a toda potencia...
J'connais un jeu qui va rejoindre Star Wars 1313 dans les limbes 👌
Damn. I hope Amy Hennig and the rest made it out OK.
Oh god fucking damn it, can Amy Hennig please get a break.
Another body for the pile of companies EA has killed
Well today just keeps getting better.
EA shuts down a previously good studio after EA's own interference is what fucked up Dead Space 3.
Glad this isn't another Star Wars 1313 story, but terribly sad that Dead Space's team is gone. I blame Gamestop.…
Rip their star wars game
Some really upsetting news. Dead Space 1 was an awesome game. Was looking forward to the Star Wars game as well.
I love big, AAA single player games, this is sad. Hopefully some devs will learn to scale these massive games back…
Well we can say goodbye to that Amy Hennig Star Wars game
Me tiene contenta EA, ¿eh?
Now I'm officially boycotting them. Fuck you @EA. Shutting down a studio like that for money? This day and age neve…
Another game company gone and destroyed by EA 😑
Hard to stay excited for Battlefront II when EA continues to suck studios dry and close them. Hopefully those affec…
La malédiction EA, le retour. (Bioware, you're next :/ )
Another one bites the dust under ownership of EA. I hope all of those affected bounce back quick.
Sounds to me like the Star Wars game is being revamped into an open world game filled with loot crates.
Fuck you EA, Sincerely Everyone.
This is such a fucking bummer :(
... another one bites the dust
EA, el asesino de estudios más rapido del oeste
This is sad, they made one of my favorite series with Dead Space..Still largely enjoyed the last game despite micro…
Pôôôôô........... :/
Called it.
Really sad to hear this. Visceral had tons of amazing talent.
FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU YOU PapaEA. RIP Visceral Games and Dead Space.
Star Wars games are cursed.
Les mecs font de Dead Space 3 une purge aussi. Pas étonnant. Dommage. Dead Space 2 reste un très bon souvenir
This is terrible for everyone
Estos no estaban haciendo un juego de star wars?
Quand EA tue dans l’œuf le seul jeu Star Wars qui éveillait en moi de la curiosité...
Hope everyone lands at another awesome studio! Sad to hear about this and the Star Wars game they were working on 😭
Well, there goes hope for another Dead Space. :c
EA, para sorpresa de nadie, cierra Visceral Games.
Otro juego basado en el universo de Star Wars que queda inconcluso 😂😂😂😂 cc @thezobeck
Not like I thought there would be another one, but good bye Dead Space. And shit, Battlefield too right? Damn.
That’s two major studios in one year. EA is on a roll… I was looking forward to Visceral getting back to an action-…
This is shit. I refuse to believe that there is not a market for linear single player experiences. Especially in th…
Alle so: "EA kann gar nicht noch unsympathischer werden " EA: "hold my Beer.."
Wait wait what about Amy Star Wars game or dead space fml
эх, пойду Dead Space перепройду =/
Rapaz, que doidera que bateu na turma da EA?
I think it's time to boycott open world games with lootboxes as a crutch. Gaming is moving into dangerous territory…
مثال للي كنت أقوله من زمان في الاندستري: ستوديو ناجح — تفرض عليه مشروع بهواك ويفشل — ستوديو يتحمل الفشل! وأنت؟ 😐
Just another notch on EA's lifelong campaign of Game Studio genocide.
EA is so predictably bad
This deal is getting worse all the time but at least we have Loot Boxes!!! 🙄
Those poor designers who have grinded out years on a star wars game that would have been a hit
Gooooodbyeeeeeeeeeeee Dead Spaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
What the #4Puutiset @Taktiikka
It keeps happening
I'm sure many of us saw this coming, but still super sad news.
EA....what...the FUCK!
Whoa didn’t see that coming 😧
Fuck. Dead Space is my favorite Horror Sci Fi series, and its a damn shame this happen to the company. Very sad day…
Furious. For fans and the utter waste of talent. @amy_hennig is a legend in my eyes and I could see how much she wa…
All the memes about EA... they're true
Of course they are... The quote is so depressingly honest. RIP story focused Star Wars game, I'm so mad, what a bag…
There goes Dead Space... and Battlefield... I bet EA just ends up publishing sports games in like several years in…
RIP Das Star Wars Spiel.
So uh... Anyone hiring?
western AAA gaming continues to be generally bad
Aww we won't get any other Dead Space... Hope the devs can recover :/
This one hurts
Fuck you @EA u cunts xxxxx
Wow, I did not see this coming.
Oh no, the Star Wars game....:( @Nusu1828
@IraeNicole sounds like the mystery Star Wars Game is dead
@JimSterling called it a while back. Sadly, this news doesn’t surprise me.
Christ, seriously?
What a shit ending to a company that made such cool stuff and just got beat into the ground until it died
This fucking sucks. A lot.
This is just awful. Games industry can just chrew you up and spit you out. Hope everyone lands on their feet.
EA games é uma porra mesmo né
This sucks. Always wanted to see them go back to the Dead Space universe. :(
Visceral. The studio that made the original Dead Space.
Ahhh manooooooo :( Dead Space 1 e 2 são jogos muito bons, agora o sonho de um revival morreu. (E gente a Amy Hennig…
Oh shit this is awful news.
this fucking sucks
EA haciendo un EA.
Shame. Visceral was a studio willing to take established formulas and franchises and try something different & insp…
Caralho eu realmente não tava esperando isso
Yeaaaaah the 'pivot the design' paragraph is insane to read
RIP @VisceralGames , thank you for Dead Space, one of my favorite series.
God damn it. If EA wants this "games as a service" thing why not make the obvious choice with FIFA and charge a yea…
@GhostJacobs vc viu isso?? qq a EA ta fazendo deus
¿Adiós al juego en 3ªP de Star Wars?
Aah, what a shame. Dead Space is one of my all time favorite games. Combined all the things I love in horror, sci f…
RIP Amy Henning Star Wars game :(.
Great now I’m depressed
Awww this blows! Was looking forward to that Star Wars game. Hope everyone there will find work somewhere else soon.
RRRRRRRIP Another one bites the dust.
Adiós a ese juego en tercera persona de Star Wars :____
Fuuuck off EA.
B-b-but the Amy Henning Star Wars game... 😢
Breaking News: EA still chewing up and spitting out talented game studios
Dude. This disheartening as hell.
No me jodas, EA.
This is so awful. Wishing the best to all those affected.
The Dead Space sequel or reboot dream is dead
Into the ditch they go. What a shocking turn of events.
Remember dead space 1 and 2? Those were some good games
Who had Visceral in the "EA Execution Sweepstakes?"
Adios dead space
EA coronándose otra vez.
When did @JimSterling first call this? Four years ago maybe?
What a disaster...
Christ. Sad, too familier story.
Whoa. All those people, out of work… I really hope they land on their feet soon 😰
So @EA kills another wonderful studio with awful management and fundamental franchise changes. Watch, @bioware is n…
Que bosta :/ E eu tava muito animado pro jogo de Star Wars dele.
But what does this mean for games already out there like BF:Hardline and Dead Space?
😅همممم و الي شغالين عليه و نستناه منهم وش بيصير عليه ؟
Oh non merde, pas Visceral😢😥😪 Dead Space, Battlefield Hardline, Dante's Infer.... Attend... Ah non autant pour moi…
Jesus. I hope everyone lands on their feet. What an unfortunate situation.
Ok so Star Wars Visceral game is dead? Please... no.
Pelo jeito não teremos um novo Dead Space e o Star Wars novo vai entrar em um limbo doido
But they’re making a Star Wars game??
Adios a mis esperanzas de poder jugar a un Dead Space 4...
So what could be the best Star Wars game ever will never see the light of day?!? Fuck you EA..
I feel like this has been predicted for years but it still sucks so very much.
Sad to hear this news. Hoping they're keeping @amy_hennig & team on board to create a unique storytelling experienc…
.@VisceralGames, thank you. #DeadSpace still echoes, esp this time of yr. Fate of their @starwars game? Hope not li…
Welp, there goes Dead Space 4. What a shame. :(
I'm not surprised tbh.
Oh, wow. Damn...
Amy Hennig's game is getting "revamped"... a.k.a. completely changed to something else.
Vaya, que sorpresa, cierran visceral games, con lo bien que salio el Hardline... que sorpresa
RIP that Jade Raymond Star Wars game I guess
eita cuzão deu ruim pro star wars que tavam fazendo
I cannot wait to hear the story of this in @jasonschreier's #BloodSweatAndPixels2!
Oh non... Leur Star Wars please 😭
@dinwel What about that single-player Star Wars game?!
♫ hello darkness my old friend ♫
Battlefield Hardline fue el último clavo de su ataúd. Una pena :/
@Eurogamer_es @xavirobles @kr3at0r @javisoap
Fuck. No Dead Space 4 :/
Traduction : on faisait un koyor like on pense que ça va pas plaire du coup on va faire un truc pour vendre
By "pivoting the design" I bet the mean "finding a way to add loot boxes"
É, parece que aquele Star Wars que não apareceu na E3 já nem era cogitado mais. Tenso ler essas paradas, não só pel…
EA's Motive Studios in Montreal was working on a Star Wars game with Visceral.
Oh man. That's a big deal. :( My condolences to everyone who's out of work over this.
Espera, qué. O sea, no por favor.
This sucks. I know Dead Space 4 would never have happened but Dead Space 1 & 2 are some of my favourite games of la…
Oh no!!!!! This means a major delay in the Star Wars title they were working on... Thank goodness they didn't cance…
Well then. Goodbye dead space 4 i guess
nunca direi que tô fazendo um jogo de Star Wars
Okay ce n'est pas un bon jour dis donc... Star Wars open world RIP
I says god damn! 😩
oh fuck.
#EA stap, please, stap
This was only a matter of time, but it's very sad. That team had serious talent. Hope people land on their feet.
@EA should shut it self down instead.
The Amy Hening single-player game is dead, being "reworked" to something more broad; ie multiplayer or RPG
الصناعة بدت تخرب، بايووير انتهت، بيثزدا انتهت نسبيا، روكستار وضعها ما يطمن، EA واكتيڤيجن زبالة من يومهم
FuuuuUuuuuuUuuuuck that
Los videojocs se mueren. La anterior gen fue la mejor y esta cuesta abajo y sin frenos.
Holy shit, EA is adding Visceral to their studio mass grave. Keep looking over your shoulder, Bioware.
Sigh...EA strikes again.
RIP Visceral Star Wars game
Con las ganas que tenía del Star Wars de Amy Hannig :(
Well there goes any Dead Space 4 expectations :/
This is so disappointing!
wtf man, qué está pasando en EA
Bueno, y ahí va otra.
Once upon a time they were one of my favourite developers. RIP
wtf. Hopefully those talented people land on their feet.
Damn thats crazy
@AngryJoeShow @Totalbiscuit @JimSterling No surprise there
The change of direction to Amy Hennig's Star Wars game sounds like we're about to get Star Wars: Microtransaction
Always sad to see studios get shut down :(
Ea has killed yet again something
EA ha cerrado el estudio que hizo Hardline...normal xD
Du coup RIP leur projet Star Wars ?
RIP possibilidade de Dead Space Remaster. :(
What a load of shit. Fucking @EA strikes again. Now I'll never get a Dead Space 4. 😢
puta merda!! EA fechou o estúdio que produziu Dead Space
No loot boxes, no games
make that 19473819382 dead star wars games now
And another one for the EA cemetary.
No more Amy Hennig Star Wars game, 😞
Well then. Another promising Star Wars game flushed down the toilet of history. Sigh.
Joder EA, haces una bien y 3 mal...
@JimSterling DON'T. WORK. FOR. EA. EVER!
@JulienChieze @RomainMahut
Pero qué cojones EA? Ya me han dado la noche con esto 😤😤😤
Damn. Despite how Dead Space ended up, the first two games were good.
Such a shame was looking forward to their Star Wars game from @amy_hennig.
What. The. Fuck.
Sad. Really really sad.
:( why do all good looking Star Wars games get cancelled
We all saw this coming didn't we? It took so long I actually hoped they'd been spared somehow but... welp.
No more dead space? :(
Another dead SW game fuuuuuuuuuu
This is heartbreaking. So much talent at this studio, and the Star Wars game looked promising, as 1313 was. EA is d…
welp there goes battlefield hardline
Sigh. Not the best of news out today. Was really looking forward to that Star Wars game.
EA being EA is not even an exaggeration at this point.
🎶 Steve walks warily down the street With the brim pulled way down low 🎶
@JimSterling Here is an awful company shutting down good studios.
Nouvelle victime de EA
RIP Amy Hennig's game...
No me digaaaas, no me lo esperaba para naaaada #Hardline2Confirmed 😂😂
Fuck! I want their open world Star Wars game!
A name i heard more than once...
A queda da Visceral foi uma coisa assustadora :(
Well this sucks
Aún mantenía la esperanza de un Dead Space 4 :(
That'll be their Star Wars game going bye-bye then.
I taped a promo for them with @GlenSchofield once . . .
Once again EA proves to be merciless to studios who do not meet expectations.
So much for Dead Space 4...
There goes my hopes of a new Dead Space.
Welp, ahi se fueron los restos de esperanza de Star Wars y Dead Space
Dead Space 4 tiene el mismo futuro que Half Life 3.
que te jodan EA
Foda que o Star Wars que Visceral parceria bem legal
Effectively means Dead Space is Dead along with the Star Wars game they were working on. F&$k EA
That fucking quote from EA actually hurt to read. Sounds like, “We saw it was a story focused single player experie…
Oh great, another great developer joins the Origin Systems funeral pyre
EA is shutting down the last thing that kept them together.
Guess we'll be streaming Dead Space next stream.
Triste, muy triste noticia...
What a bummer !
I am not angry @EA. I am just... disappointed. So f***ing disappointed with how you have zero love or passion.…
La historia se repite a si misma, otra vez. Temo lo que le hagan a Bioware.
Dead Space 2 was a fantastic survival horror and I will be forever furious the team never gets to make a proper seq…
I just spewed my coffee reading this
This really sucks
So much for Dead Space 4
Hoooooly shit I did not see this coming.
Mais um jogo de Star Wars morto por tabela
Hey @EA, quit being scumbags and destroying the little guys for 'more money'. Seriously. Just stop. #Gaming
So what will happen to be Amy Hennig, I hope she goes off and forms her own studio
A sina da EA que consiste em adquirir estúdios incríveis e depois fechá-los ainda continua firme e forte.
EA please for the love of fucking god stop killing studios. First Maxis, then Bioware, now Visceral Games.
Another one... :/
Jaw is on the floor. I’m friggin shocked.
Dammit. Hope we see Hennig's Star Wars game in the future, more so hope that everyone is able to find work again. :(
I love the first two Dead Spaces.
Wow. What a shame. I was really looking forward to their Star Wars game too. Best wishes to those affected.
لحظة صمت ...
Ale, no mas dead space ni dante's inferno ni bf hardline, ha palmado Visceral
My dreams of hoping and longing for Dead Space 4 = CRUSHED TO DUST FML
Games as a service bullshit raises its ugly head again.
I am surprised it took them this long...
تسوون كدا مع ستوديو انتج لكم سلسلة بمثابة ديد سبايس يا EA؟والله عيب الي قاعد يصير.😔
Doei Star Wars game, doei nieuwe Dead Space. 😭
Well this absolutely sucks! I guess I shouldn’t expect a new Dead Space game anytime soon.
Wow. R.I.P. Visceral Games.
"The Star Wars game in development at Visceral will be revamped and move to a different studio." All that matters.
Another one bites the dust. EA's hit list is galling.
Holy shit. Thoughts go out to @VisceralGames staff, hoping they land on their feet smooth.
goddamnit. goodbye dead space
Adiós Dead Space
EA will erase anything not resembling EA. All the best to the people at VG
Infinitas gracias por Dead Space! Uno de los mejores AAA de la generación pasada.
Se cancela el juego de sw??
Damn, weren't they doing a Star Wars game?
dep Dead Space
This is really sad.
God fucking dammit.
EA best company confirmed
....This is really sad. :(
*sigh* Fuck EA. Just fuck em'.
Sad day. 💔 for @amy_hennig, @ToddStashwick & pals at Visceral; was looking forward to seeing their creative magic i…
Wait. They are closing them because their games are _too single player_. This makes me sad for the state of the in…
EA ruins absolutely everything
Weren't they working on a Star Wars game?
This is a huge bummer.
Always sucks to see studios get shut down. Guess no more Star Wars game from them either.
Another one bites the dust - Shame
*google search* aaaah os caras de dead space ok
Wasnt Visceral working on a Star Wars Game?
This suuuuuuuucks. Visceral is one of the best studios that EA had and missing out on all their talent on one team…
Kiss goodbye to any chance of seeing Dead Space 4 one day then.
Jesus Christ EA
EA being EA and shutting down yet another games studio, like the flock of septic leeches they are
Me cago en la puta...
god fucking damn it. another Star Wars game we won't get
can't say im surprised, but this fucking SUCKS
Holy Shit. EA is axing Visceral, and 'revamping' their Star Wars project from the ground up.
triste fim de Policarpo Quaresma
R.I.P. Dead Space
Wheres @YepWeOut “DeadSpace4...hype”
Shame, another coffin filled by EA, who at this point have more talented studios in their grave yard than their act…
Rip uncharted in space
That really sucks.
No Star Wars Game for you 🤷🏻‍♂️
This is awful news.
this is trash ea is trash amy doesn’t deserve this bullshit
anda no saben que chucha estan hasiendo vayance a la verga pendejos :v
RIP Dead Space.
BF Hardline>>>>>>>>BF 4
Dead space 😢💔💔💔
This is awful. I hope everyone lands on their feet. Say what you will about Dead Space 3, it was a cool game in a g…
Better this way. I loved DS, but EA stuck its dick in 3 and the studio became, well, a necromorph after that. Hope…
rip Dead Space
damn, now that Star Wars game from Amy is probably dead :(
Genueibly cannot believe this news. One of the greatest devs of the last ten years, hope everyone finds a job.
oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
Oh great. There goes Dead Space.
Well there goes Dead Space 4 and Dante's Purgatorio... #FizzVsGaming
Что тут скажешь...
Absehbar. Trotzdem zu Dead Space -Zeiten eines meiner liebsten Studios. 😕
Another victim by EA
Putain de chiens de merde de couilles de bites. Dead Space 3 était rigolo en multi mais sinon osef
Me cago en todo, justo ayer lo estuvimos comentando
EA shuts down Visceral Games
This is sad news. First/foremost for the employees involved, but also, for the fate of a narrative-driven title and…
Well that's dissapointing :( Their SW project is being moved/changed/delayed, apparently it wasn't turning out as g…
Ruined my day. Loved the studio & creative vision.
Hey, I would've been into a linear Star Wars game. But what do I know?
EA가 비서럴 게임즈(데드스페이스 개발사)를 폐쇄. 제작중이던 스타워즈 어드벤처 게임도 <strike>폐기</strike> 다른 스튜디오로 이관한다지만... 퍽이나. EAed.
My dreams of Dead Space 4 are officially dead at this point. RIP Visceral. Your team knew fun in a way no one else…
MY HEART! I've been thinking about Dead Space so much lately. Sincerely, best of luck to those now on the job hunt…
another tragic victim of "we made them make generic war shooters and their games stopped selling." RIP.
Terrible noticia.
Wtf made some of my fav games and werent the working on a star wara game
Oh no. EA just shut Visceral and what seems like putting the Open World Star Wars game on hold.
WOW.... EA ruins another great developer.
Et le prochain sera Criterion. Merci EA, encore de bonnes décisions.
WTF are you kidding me? The Star Wars game in development at Visceral will be revamped and move to a different stud…
whaat Eu sai pra ir ver Blade Runner 2049 (foda pacarai) e o mundo foi pro caralho enquanto isso
What the actual fuck EA. Another great studio just ate up by the monster.
RIP that Star Wars game everyone was waiting for... Now it's going to be completely different. :/
EA you need to fucking chill, okay?
Dead Space's studio is dead. 🙁
This makes me so incredibly sad
#RIP to one of my favorite shooters BF Hardline developing studio @VisceralGames I was hoping for a HL2, but that l…
Jeder, dem Gaming ernsthaft im Herzen liegt, sollte diesen Drecksverein (EA) boykottieren.
Well there goes the Hennig Star Wars game I guess...
Sérieusement ? Pas comme si le studio était sur un SW ... Et Amy Hennig ? Bon Philou si tu veux saisir une opportun…
So sad for everyone affected. Worried about what this means for friends at Motive.
So sad to hear this. Visceral was one of my favorites.
Holy shit. Amy Hennig's Star Wars game is... dead? Probably dead? Very dead and replaced by a multiplayer openworld…
I keep forgetting, do the clocks go 1 hour forward or backward when EA gets done milking an acquired studio and kil…
Well fuck. The #StarWars game they're working on is still happening w/ different studio, but sounds like it's chan…
Oof. Canned mid-deveopment is the worst feeling. >_<
Heartbreaking. Dead Space has always been a favourite game and that whole series holds such a dear place in my hear…
Holy shit. I was really optimistic about Visceral's Star Wars game. The EA curse strikes again.
Well crap. Dead Space had its issues as it went on but was a solid survival horror series. Best of luck to all thos…
What the what?! Developer behind Dead Space is being shuttered. 😿
PAPA EA strikes again.
EA is the fucking Black Plague of the video game industry
I know I'm not exactly one to have their finger on the pulse of game studio stuff, but this was a shock to read.
Holy shit. Sounds like Hennig's game will be butchered.
EA kills everything
Not cool EA, not cool at all.
Meest deprimerende gamenieuws in tijden naar mijn mening. Dead Space was fantastisch en verdiende zoveel beter. EA…
No remake of Dante Inferno
Infuriating, distressing, disheartening. Hoping everyone on the Visceral team lands on their feet.
You ruined Dead Space and now you killed it off for good. GTH, EA
Visceral made some really phenomenal games. Sad to hear this :(
Ugh, boo EA. At least we got 2 and a half amazing Dead Space games before they got taken away.
God Damnit.
Oh, putain de merde. EA ferme le seul bon studio qu'ils possèdent. Et donc goodbye le fameux projet sur Star Wars q…
And there it goes, another one to add to the list.
Developers of Dead Space, Battlefield Hardline, etc. Amy Hennig's #StarWars game will now be headed by EA Vancouve…
Dead Space was one of my favorite games of all time & was looking forward to the new Star Wars game. 😢
i think @EA easily top 10 worst companies in america
And so we have to wait longer for more action/adventure games in the Star Wars universe. I really miss LucasArts...
Shittttttt, that is terrible.
Add another body to the EA count.
@MrTAKx Awww, and I was hoping for Hardline 2, damn! Lol
EA dans ses œuvres...
On ne peut qu'être impressionné par l'effort d'EA pour se faire une nouvelle fois élire pire entreprise des États-U…
Oh God I was scared this was mass effect related at first
EA didn't deserve Visceral
Visceral Games. 😭
Did not see that one coming.
I'm really starting to dislike EA.
Oh my... :( Sorry to hear...
Goddamn it. Fuck EA.
the way EA describes what they're doing with the leftover parts of visceral's star wars game sound like just star w…
another studio bites the dust :(
Allez bien vous faire enculer @EAFrance
I see this and only think it's because EA decided to take a linear story game and make it something else to add loo…
Pffff...bande de naze. Les mecs bossaient sur du Star Wars en plus.
Supongo el adiós a Dead Space, que aunque nunca terminé DS3 fue una de mis franquicias favoritas de sci-fi/horror..…
Damn son. If loot boxes stop this happening then keep em fucking rolling
Gra spod znaku #StarWars od #VisceralGames trafi pod inne skrzydła.
Чё, сингловые игры пацаны?
Wait a second Hatten die nicht ein Star Wars Spiel in Produktion?
@StronkTweets Uh oh
@SteezeMcQueen1 @NewWorldShogun @PleaseDontCry2 @Arnold165 @TFS_Punisher I'm trying to process this...wtf!?!
I'm becoming increasingly sure that by 2020, I'll believe most game studios were just figments of my imagination.
Really terrible news! Visceral was an incredibly talented studio that made some awesome games. My heart goes out to…
Now we'll never know how Dead Space was supposed to end. Another good studio ground to dust.
Pour EA, "Story-based, linear adventure game" > "experience that players will want to come back to and enjoy for a…
Bollocks. I had high hopes for the Star Wars game in development.
I feel bad for these devs, man. Dead Space 1 and 2 were rather interesting games that explored psychopathy and insa…
R.I.P Dead Space
Aw, fucking hell. Was really excited to see what they'd do with Henning involved, too.
Did not see this one coming.
So bummed about this. Please, please, please @EAStarWars, give Amy Hennig ALL OF THE MONEY to stay on this project.
Visceral had been working on a Star Wars title, which is now being handled by another studio.
So much for that Star Wars game.
So, that teased Star Wars game... Dead Space... ?
Sad to hear about this - Visceral's Dead Space series was very important to me in college. Condolences to all affec…
Electronic Arts rompiendo cosas desde 1995.
Adiós a Visceral Games. EA dice que el proyecto de Star Wars continuará pero con otro estudio... 🙄
Another one bites the dust.
RIP "it's like Uncharted but Star Wars" game I was looking forward to playing.
Dammit @EA, I'd buy a story-driven game made by adults from you every month if I could. But I have ZERO INTEREST in…
Damn. Guess we won't be seeing the Star Wars game they were working on.
Damn 😣 One redeeming fact is that they wouldn't be forced to create Dead Space Ultimate Team
Pomijając to, że Visceral spektakularnych gier (poza Dead Space) nie zrobiło, to i tak idealnie pasuje tu "Just EA…
RiP Dead Space 4 - EA schafft es immer mehr, die Spielereihen die ich Liebe zu töten...
@Regicidious No More Dead Space 4
@JasonicProtosh there goes hopes for Dead Space 4😢. If it was ever going to happen anyway.
EA cierra Visceral, estudio tras #DeadSpace, #BFHardline y quien estaba trabajando en un futuro juego de #StarWars
Extremely bummed. Dead Space is one of my favorite games ever (same with Dante's Inferno, goddamn it) and EA drove…
RIP dead space.
So I'm not getting an Uncharted-like @starwars video game? DAMMIT. F.U. @EAStarWars.
Mhm... getting crowded in the EA fridge.
To @EA, How Could You!
Fuck off you cunts @EAStarWars
Absolutely gutting news :( Always liked their games, but it all makes sense in terms of industry trends. Still - go…
Oh boy. Here we go again.
No Dead Space 4 😣
RIP single-player AAA games.
Huge news from EA today. Of course it would involve the one #StarWars game I would actually play...
EA strikes again...
비서럴 게임즈가 dEAd 당해버렸다
Het zal ook eens niet
This sucks. I really enjoyed their work. The original Dead Space was one of my favorite games.
Damn. That's a bummer. Dead Space 1+2 are two of my favorite games. Was holding out hope for a fourth installment.…
EA, 2K and WB are leading the way in sending the industry towards a huge shift. They are following heavily in the f…
No more Dead Space 😢😭
I guess we're never going to get another story driven #StarWars game :(
Another one bites the dust...
NOOOOO!!! Fucking BASTARDS!!!!!
This is a real bummer, for a lot of reasons.
Nobody tell @Beard_Grizzly. 😖
Damn EA 😂😭
This sucks. Dead Space was a gem of a franchise.
Nothing worst seeing another good studio shutting down ;( #gamedev
Es un día muy triste para el vicio. adiós vaquero 😭
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I just...*sigh*
PLEASE let another publisher (SONY) handle Star Wars games in the future!!! @Disney @starwars
No words ... just absolutely no words ...
Mother fucking what??
.@EA shuts down @VisceralGames, the studio behind @Battlefield Hardline & @Deadspace. Their #StarWars game in dev w…
ohhh FUCK OFF... sigh. They knew that.. fuck EA they had a chance of a good Star Wars game, but NOOOO only star war…
Damn you @EA why you do this to me!!!
RIP Dead Space for good 😭
This is very sad. #deadspace was one of the best horror games I have ever played. @EA destroys everything.
Yo, bad move guys. BAD MOVE.
Absolute fucking travesty.
The saddest news possible. @amy_hennig on Star Wars is but a dream now. Hope all the team can get new positions. Ta…
Another great dev house died after being forced to take a great game and make it into a mediocre franchise with the…
EA strikes again. :/
hum :/ glad for the people who are going towards other studios, but damn EA, let the game what it wants to be, not…
y'all fuckin with me right
They claim another victim
*Where are we going Papa EA meme*
EA sendo EA
Is it too much to ask for a console-based Star Wars game that plays like Witcher 3? I don't think we'll ever see th…
EA as encore frappé, après avoir mal utilisé les équipes de Visceral Games,ils démantèlent, et disolvent les devs d…
What a shame, Dante's Inferno and the Dead Space series were some of my favourite experience last gen.
Wasn't it Visceral that was supposed to be developing that open world Star Wars game?
What the hell? EA has been making so many dumb decisions lately and have been ruining so many of their developers.
What? What the fuck EA.
With all the things going on in my life right now... *Sigh* When it rains, it pours. I loved Deadspace :(
What the fuck EA? The only upcoming Star Wars game I was keen on was the one being developed at Visceral. But nope…
Typical EA......
can. can Amy Hennig just have a win. just once. leave her alone.
Terrible news!!!
@linarinoo rip dead space
Another one bites the dust. Thanks #EA
dammit @EA now there will never be a @deadspace sequel. fukk you assclowns
The writing was on the wall for a while here I think. Sad for all the employees.
Goddammit! Hate seeing studios close. Also means that this Star Wars game is probably going open fucking world.
What's wrong with a Linear story based game lol..
Mazazo. 'Dead Space', sobre todo el primero, es una maravilla del terror espacial. De mis favs de la anterior gener…
The game that comes from this is gonna be some loot box bullshit with a tacked on multiplayer shit
.@EA La peor compañía 😠
Heartbreaking news for #DeadSpace fans - all the best of luck to the dedicated team at @VisceralGames finding gainf…
Nożesz kurwa :v Co z Amy Hennig, gdzie moje Dead Space 4... Ten mem o EA już nie jest żartem, a rzeczywistością.
Welp. Show of hands, who saw this coming?
Guess we're never getting Dead Space 4. 😢 I hope everyone at Visceral lands on their feet.
Whoa. It sounds like they don't want Star Wars: Uncharted anymore. No wonder we've heard so little about this game.
Well rip my hopes and dreams of another deadspace
Yeah another for the @EA graveyard games devs learn to avoid this publisher like the plague!
Damn!! Goodbye Uncharted-like Star Wars game!
This is a real bummer
@stuggyg Wonder what change in direction they are planning for the Star Wars game
Marker f*cking dammit
......... ok I'm done .........
Gotta love EA :(
Fuck you EA
El juego de Star Wars de mi eternal love Amy Hennig :(
Not only is this a huge bummer as Viscereal created some of the best action games of the 7th gen, but the fact it s…
Qué chingados.
Saw this coming years ago... Still sad
.@StarWarsExplain thoughts on this unfortunate news?
Syklusen til et EA-studio: 1) Lag noe kult 2) Få frihet til å lage noe litt mindre kult 3) Lag franchise av 1 4) Hj…
Wait, weren't they working on a new Star Wars game? Also there goes my hopes of Dead Space ever coming back.
Sad news. They made such an amazing horror game.
as if there's not yet enough reason to hate EA
Another setback for an original triple A #StarWars game to come out during the Disney era.
What the fuck, EA?
Another one bites the dust. :(
Ésto sí me molesta por Dead Space >:(
Man.. @deadspace was so good, hope the Star Wars game moves forward and finds success for those who are retained.
La neta EA no te pudrirás con tus FIFA pero ojalá te pudras con tus FIFA...
Descanse em pança
[Obligatorischer Spruch, wie viele Studios EA bereits auf dem Gewissen hat]
"closely tracking fundamental shifts in the marketplace". In other words, it didn't have loot boxes so they had to…
Damn I saw this coming tho
Problem with linear games is everyone seems to only play online multiplayer games nowadays on the ps4/xbox1.
Said this would happen 2 years ago.
Really sad news. Lots of talented people losing their jobs. As a fan of linear sp games, kinda distressed EA felt i…
Sad. Dead Space was one of the best games of the last generation.
ih rapaiz parece que fudeu muito dead space
RIP Another dev got close down by EA :(
Tohle mě mrzí.Zpráva o SW hře na mě působí,že příběhovou hru zas vymění za nějakou dlouhodobou ždímačku,ke který se…
So there goes their Star wars game?
Here's hoping @amy_hennig stays on her project as it shifts studios, focus. Hopefully this doesn't happen to Respaw…
Considering how we haven't heard anything about this in a while I'm not surprised.
Oh man, this is a real bummer.
Wait, was this Star Wars 1313?
fuck ea for cancelling that amazing sounding star wars game
I'm sure @EA won't be happy until they've completely ruined video games for everyone...
EA should shut down EA…
So like the over used marketing term, EA Redwood Shores is a thing of the past. 😢
EA tells employees that the new Star Wars game will be led by someone else and use assets from Visceral's game…
Eles dizem que vão transferir o jogo do Star Wars para outro estúdio .. mas to bem triste pela Visceral .. Dante's…
Wow, Hennig appears to be completely gone. So much for that Amy Hennig-led Star Wars game I was looking forward to
I think video games are bad, actually
Good news everyone - the beleaguered EA design team that never has enough time to fix NHL XX will be even BUSIER th…
fucking god damn
God, that is so scummy.
Ojito con esto. Es evidente que la semana que viene abriremos el programa con el asunto de EA y el incierto futuro…
Confirmando o óbvio, Amy Hennig não vai comandar o Star Wars (agora da EA Vancouver).
So yeah, fuck EA too for this
@Eli_Vanto @BlessingJr All signs point to Vancouver Frankensteining the project into what…
RIP Amy's work.
So basically they were doing a game that didn't focus on the mercantile mindset of current wave of games. Shortly.…
@m_carpenedo Continua...
“We’re still doing your main project, just without the whole you thing.”
Much as I hate the news (a new SW story by Amy Hennig? Hell yeah), I definitely don't envy the devs who have to pic…
Fuuuck this. The idea that a single-player, definitive ending, game based on one of the world's biggest IPs isn't…
EA’s worse than I thought… they destroyed a studio leaving many jobless and took what they worked so hard on and ga…
I literally almost gave EA a compliment earlier on NBA Live 18 not being full of microtransactions unlike 2K. But t…
eu to com raiva da EA
Y encima parece que Amy Hennig queda fuera del proyecto, así que podemos olvidarnos de cualquier reminiscencia a Un…
A fine example of one of those layers of shittiness. Yeah, they *can* do this. Even makes sense businesswise...
One awful thing about this is the artists have to find new jobs without being able to show the art they spent the l…
@redinferno124 @Romudeth @FrameworkEleven Amy Henning no longer leading the project too
go back to Naughty Dog, Amy 🙏
Und trotzdem kauft ihr wieder alles von denen. Selber Schuld xD
So basically a different game.
Sobre o quanto do jogo da Visceral vai continuar no novo projeto. Parece que é só questão de assets mesmo.
عليكم لعنة الله في الدنيا والآخرة @EA
EA has shut down Visceral Games:
Kaum ist Battle Royale populär werden Studios mit laufenden Entwicklungen geschlossen, um mit dem Strom zu schwimme…
Another good dead company
Creo que ya toca ir despidiéndose de los juegos de EA. Es una pena lo que ha hecho con sus estudios.
La new à sans doute pas louper
I know everyone's tweeting about Dead Space, but I really liked Battlefield Hardline and wish that game did better
Well, this is sad 😞
Mano, hoje só tá acontecendo merda!
Sad to see @VisceralGames go, such a great team with amazing games. Thanks for all the fun!
A ver si te vas a la mierda de una vez EA.
I was really looking forward to this Amy Hennig Star Wars game. 🙁 Fuck you, @ea.
We're hoping this isn't the beginning of the end for AAA games 🤔
I am extremely disappointed in the ongoing tone-deaf decisions of @EA.
This thread is really important if you give a shit about the industry
@EA Another studio bites the dust. Bioware next? 😡 Well done . Well done
My heart goes out to all the friends I made at @VisceralGames in my time at EA.
#EA Shuts Down #VisceralGames. Well that sucks. #FeelsBadMan
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @kotaku
@Plopnham @rocco_botte I think he’s referring to EA shutting down Visceral and us losing Amy Henning’s single playe…
Sad news. Visceral gave me some of my all time favourite games with the Dead Space series, so this is a real shame.
EA, just stop. What the hell happened?
Visceral Games, makers of Dead Space is shutting down #BonusStage995 | @it_burns
. #EA shuts down Visceral Games studio, will reboot Star Wars game
Retweeted Kotaku (@Kotaku): EA shuts down Visceral Games
Yo @EA, here's your daily reminder: You guys are the worst abomination of the entire industry.
@Kromatick_ :/ no Dead Space 4 I guess
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @kotaku
@eriedess not that you were waiting for another #deadspace, but it looks those folks are out of a job for real now
#EA Shuts Down Visceral Games #gaming #FuckEA
Really sad to hear this, great studio... please don't abandon story-based linear games people. :<
Go ahead and pivot the design, I’ll pivot from anticipating to fearing. #StarWars #PivotYourselfEA
Frustrating news. I do like linear single player stories. Looking at Bethesda, you can even make money with DLC.
We'll never forget you, @VisceralGames. And you, #Westwood. And you, #bullfrog. And you, #pandemic. And you,#Maxis.
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @kotaku
Well this is worrying. Visceral was making the Amy Hennig STAR WARS game. Now EA is “pivoting” the game.
EA, 데드스페이스 제작사 스튜디오 비서럴 게임즈 폐쇄 중소기업이 드디어 미쳤다!!
“In its current form, it was shaping up to be a story-based, linear adventure game. Throughout the development...
Widzę, że kostucha drapie już spękanym paznokciem o drzwi BioWare.
Noooooo 😢 Dead Space is one of the best games I've played.
Good Job @EA that's two in one year! Care to close down three? #EA #Visceral #gaming "EA Shuts Down Visceral Games"
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games
#RIP @VisceralGames. @EA has shut down the studio behind Battlefield Hardline and Dead Space.
i hope EA can follow suit #Visceraljobs
RIP #VisceralGames. Will be interesting to see what happens with their games.
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @kotaku
Can we please just do away with these parasitic, morally and creatively bankrupt triple-A p…
⛔️EA shuts down Visceral Games!!!!⛔️
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @internetarchive
As so many amazing games are being released, we also have some sad news as Visceral Games is being shut down by...
@cakesale_ @EA Shut down Visceral games in the midst of making a new single player Star Wars game.
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games
"EA Shuts Down Visceral Games" #gaming #EA
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @kotaku
I guess its goodbye to another single player narrative driven Star Wars game. Hello Destiny Star Wars.
Visceral Games is dead, and so is the Star Wars game the company had been working on...
@CohhCarnage EA Strikes again...
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @kotaku
@waypoint at least @austin_walker doesn't have to hear people use the word 'visceral': @EA Shuts Down @VisceralGames
Bad move, bad sign EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @kotaku
Dead Space. </3
EA Shuts Down #VisceralGames via @kotaku #StarWars #DeadSpace
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @kotaku
Dead Space is DEAD
#EA Shuts Down #VisceralGames via @kotaku
@Andrerseits @Hijuga
EA shuts down yet another great Gaming Studio. Bet you they did not play ball with EAs pay to win scheme.
And so it happened RIP Visceral Games.
But...but Dead Space 4 :(
EA shuts down Visceral, moves Star Wars game to EA Vancouver/others Incredible studio.
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games
Doh! Just got news about Visceral :-( Spent some formative years there, made lasting friends. Bet of luck y'all!
@Monika_31 @J_Boule for reference
Good Star Wars games are just cursed I guess via @kotaku
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games
A mi, desde que cerraron Criterion, ya todo me da igual...
Well there go my hopes of another Dead Space game.
관련기사는 영문기사입니다..
EA's magic touch is going to delay that Star Wars game until, oh, 2047.
Visceral Games did amazing franchise, just poor business practice and expectation from EA Publisher to kill studio.
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games via @kotaku
Schade: @EA schließt Visceral Games. Mochte die „Dead Space“-Reihe eigentlich ganz gerne.
Que horrible noticia // EA Shuts Down Visceral Games vía @kotaku
EA is shutting down Visceral Games by #RobinsRos_ via @c0nvey
Och nöööö. Was soll das denn? #VisceralGames
Si era parlato appena pochi giorni fa di Dead Space e arriva da casa Electronic Arts una notizia molto brutta...
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games.
EA Shuts Down Visceral Games
I thought they got shut down a while ago.
Oof, we'd gone too long without a story reminding us of the volatile nature of the games industry, I guess:
"EA Shuts Down Visceral Games" #gaming #feedly デッドスペースが・・・

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