First Set Images Of Hollywood’s Monster Hunter Movie 

Source : First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie 

From the get-go, it’s sounded like Hollywood’s live-action Monster Hunter movie wasn’t exactly going to be a faithful adaptation of the popular games. Set photos continue to underscore that.

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First set images of Hollywood's Monster Hunter movie:
Bold of them to make the US army the monster
My nigga what Like...yall know what Monster Hunter is...right?
'We know just what this beloved Japanese franchise set in a lush, vibrant fantasy wilderness needs - sand, tanks an…
did they fucking mix up monster hunter with call of duty
Sometimes it's like creators pass Hollywood the ball on a breakaway for the easy dunk and they somehow wedge the ba…
- no monsters in the promo - utterly different setting - stylized heavily after american military in middle eastern…
get the fuck out of my sight
Monster Hunter: A primitive setting where most of the population lives a hunter-gatherer lifestyle and uses the env…
Tfw you find oil in Monster Hunter land
Oh no. No no no no no. Monster Hunter is about cool teams of people wearing animal parts as armor and weapons. Givi…
thanks i hate it
this is going to be a movie where an entire squadron of marines get turneds into meat by a rathalos and i am going…
Have...they ever even seen gameplay footage of monster hunter?? ? Or looked at the games box art?? ANYTHING?? What…
um I ordered Monster Hunter Not Modern Warfare
meanwhile, on movie tie-ins that DON'T look promising..........................
Even Monster Hunter gets the oorah gunboy recruitment tool treatment huh
Oh no...
Oh boy... I can already tell from one image they f**ked up.
PWSA is our greatest American action filmmaker precisely because he knows how to troll the ever living fuck out of…
"modern adaptation to monster hunter" "set pics, which have mainly been images of modern military gear and hardware…
Someone post a gif of that guy from Blizzcon going "is this an early April Fools joke???"
Monster Hunter The Movie featuring only the desert maps everyone hates
Monster hunter was all about the beautiful environments, gorgeous clash of eastern and Western weapons and armor an…
what monsters do i have to kill to craft that 3 man heavy bowgun
this straight up feels like an insult to anybody who has even played the games.
Does Hollywood know what Monster Hunter is
Thanks I hate it
Ainda rola a esperança de que isso seja no nosso mundo, antes deles irem para o mundo de Monster Hunter Mas se for…
hollywood shouldn't be allowed to touch anything game or japanese related lmao
Throw the whole movie out
No thanks.
I'm fucking mad
Please no... this isn't the game I love...
Please look at this image. Does this scream Monster Hunter to you? FUCK. NO. DID THEY EVEN PLAY THE GAMES? THAT'S…
The flag would do a better job at damaging the monsters than your guns
does the switch axe look a little different to anyone else or is it just me
Hollywood: Quiero sacar una película de Monster Hunter Capcom: ¿Y cuál va a ser la trama? H: Soldados estadounide…
salt warning
"Monsters got oil in 'em." Hunters:
I... I don't have the words to explain how deeply hurt I am by this.
Can't wait for the US Army to take down Rathalos
ah yes I too remember using this trusty palico humvee minigun to grind rathalos wait
Just what i was looking for in the adaptation of a game filled with mythical beasts and dragons. Modern day army so…
Ah yes the first thing I think of when I think monster hunter is the lack of color and also guns
Excuse me, that's not Monster Hunter. That's "Generic American Movie That Tries To Pass Off As An Adaptation Of A…
no thank you i dont want any of that
God I feel so bad for Monster Hunter fans
Ah, so its one of those in name only adaptations with literally nothing to do with the source material. Looks like…
This most definitely ain't it chief.
Happy veterans day part 2 no one works harder than our boys in camo
Hollywood has already failed countless times in their live action adaptations, yet they STILL haven't learned how t…
I haven't even played a Monster Hunter game yet I know this is BEYOND wrong. You couldn't have gone more opposite.
Eu acho que pulei o MonHun que inspirou esse filme.
Why can't Hollywood just work with the source material ugh More military circle jerk, I guess
Kids are gonna see this movie, become interested in the game, then bitch at Capcom because the game doesn't have gu…
Today is weird
Nada dice Monster Hunter como una minigun en un humvee.
It's amazing how Hollywood can make an entirely new movie out of B-roll footage from Michael Bay's Transformers mov…
Esto es propasar el Netflix Adaptation
I'm sorry come again?
Fucking hell, I don't know much about Monster Hunter, but this ain't it! Why even call it Monster Hunter?
This is the kind of movie where I'd expect main monster to be featured is the kut-ku
Unless I'm missing something, it seems pretty evident that they haven't the faintest clue what Monster Hunter actua…
Y'all complain about how hard Rathalos is to take down, and when someone has a real solution y'all complain about t…
they literally put bowguns in mh because regular guns didnt fit the universe lol
Have the directors/producers even SEEN THE FUCKING GAME?? ARE THEY HIGH?
This is not Monster Hunter. You can call it something else, but this is not it. Are you trying to piss us off? Cuz…
I beg you all: don't watch this movie
of course this is directed by the same douche canoe that made the Resident Evil movies
fuck off lol
So glad they included the part from the games where you hunt down Diablos in a humvee.... Wtf happens in the writi…
The new Call of Duty movie looks great! Oh, wait. 👀
ah yes, monster hunter
"The movie is about a UN military team that ends up in another dimension which is overrun with monsters. Jovovich m…
Y para esta puta mierda necesitan comprar la licencia?
é Rathalos o nome desse jipe?
Acabo de empezar a jugar a Monster Hunter y ya han conseguido ofenderme como fan
I haven't played it yet but I'm 100% sure it had nothing to do with military or government or tanks
When you don't know how to film or choreograph fight scenes so you just have the actor point a gun at the monster i…
...Is this Monster Hunter or a Hollywood adaptation of the slightly obscure isekai anime GATE?
I’m not even a Monster Hunter fan and I feel disgusted by this.
I've never played a Monster Hunter game and even I'm disappointed by this picture.
"okay so this game takes place in a colourful fantasy world with a quasi-tribal/meso-american aesthetic." "The gul…
This is terrible @BenMoore035 @IanHinck @TrailerJones @MichaelPHuber @bradleyellis87
I absolutely have to know the script process that led us to this
This ain't it chief...
Now thats just insulting You can't just call these actors monsters. What's wrong with you? Making a movie about h…
Of course they replace people with interesting costumes and unique weapons with Generic Military Guys with Guns.
I'm just... I'm... Done, I'm just done.
I hate it, thanks
> UN military team > another dimension > overrun with monsters OH HEY, THEY ARW ACTUALLY ADAPTING STRANGE JOURNEY
oh man, MH is getting the Resident Evil treatment lmao no complaints here because those movies are hysterical
man were people like NOT expecting this to be turned into testosterone manly man action as soon as hollywood touche…
Eu só vejo essa imagem é penso que é um daqueles casos que coincidentemente uma produção americana tem o mesmo títu…
Como siempre la gran y poderosa armada norte americana... Monster Hunter, mundo de fantasia donde hay monstruos esp…
As a fan of Paul WS Anderson's Resident Evil films, I'm cackling at this
Bold move of them to make the US Military the monsters
Hollywood destruye todo lo que me gusta :/
This movie has everything I love about Monster Hunter. Especially the... jeeps... and... the military... wait, what…
good thing I had zero hopes for this
I'll allow this, but only if the inevitable Call of Duty movie is about dwarf engineers installing ziplines between…
What the hell is this this aint monster hunter this is some CoD bs
Fuck right off with this crap.
Generic Battlefield Shooter Game: The Movie
With the movie news today, let’s actually focus on the only true train wreck. Monster Hunter.
I love how they're basically gonna be making US propaganda without even being asked
Monster Hunter.....with guns...
The only way this will be good is if the monsters also have guns and tanks and shit I want to see a dinosaur in a…
Did whoever is directing this even played a monster hunter game before?
"Hey can I copy your homework" "Yeah just changed it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied" "Aight"
At first glance this seems like a sellout. Where's the monsters?? The hunting?? The monster hunting??? But actuall…
thanks i absolutely hate it
Please god let it die before it even releases
I want to see the pokemon movie. Not this
That has to be the biggest epic fail I've ever seen. This looks absolutely nothing like the fucking game! Army out…
"Monster hunter" That a not monster hunter. That's a random war movie
Hollywood execs: "Hey how do we even make a story out of this setting of a society of genetically enginnered humans…
Uuuh. Maybe I played a different Monster Hunter?...
Does Hollywood have to ruin every single popular Japanese franchise Like what in the fuck even is this, how does t…
This isn't Monster Hunter at all. Fuck off, Hollywood.
why must the cinema insert the us military into everything
Monster Hunter is now a Resi spin-off
That sure does look like monster hunter yes sirree
Monster Hunter was trending so I thought it was a new update but I see this shit. I'm bout to fight Hollywood
???????????? are we talking about capcom's IP??? the fuck is this
going to watch this movie it looks abysmal
I'm concerned
it's a two for one day it seems
They're all LBG mains. They're gonna cart out.
The worst part about this is there's not gonna be a single insect glave joke
Hey guys let's make the Hurt Locker but with monsters and also bad
this can't be real i refuse to believe that they missed the point that hard
Because American monster movies aren't American enough unless the army is the hero
they really thought that shit like the Greatsword wasnt cool enough? naw, it's laziness. why make good props/look f…
Man fuck Hollywood. They ain't got a clue have they?
disculpa qué es esta puta mierda
This MOVIE GARBAGE off rip. nigga why is the army involved lmao. y'all literally could have use the "AVATAR" world…
Uh. I am C O N F U S I O N?!
I see Milla and I know right away Paul W.S. Anderson is going to direct it.
All of this looks bad
Ah tdo bem mudaram tudo Monster Hunter eh uma releitura moderna e talz tudo cer.. perae.. essa é a.. ALICE Naaaa…
what are the odds this is another military sponsored movie? double or nothing the monster largely only serves as a…
if they make Monster Hunter into Starship Troopers i am very much in favor
Oh great, another flawed video game adaptation.
Ughhhh this is gonna be so boring
......They do know monster hunter is.....about weapons....not standard issued military cars and gear.......Damn it…
A Paul WS Anderson video game movie starring Milla Jovovich. Which will, undoubtedly, be shit.
It's still not to late to scrap the whole thing. Do it.
What in the Fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?
God... why Hollywood...
uuuuuugh what the fuck hollywood
So nothing to do with the game
After reading the premise I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. But c'mon you couldn't have had ANY pho…
@LethargicCommie this gonna be 🐐
May be the first video game movie that looks like it's ripped straight from the disc I'm so excited 😭😭😭
Wow yeah this is going to be garbage
my favorite memories of Monster Hunter definitely include rollin' in a jeep w/ a mounted gun
More like "Monster Hummer", amirite ??
We sure the crew didn't walk into the wrong set?
If that image doesn't ooze Monster Hunter I don't know what does. 💩
"Monster Hunter"
actually back to this it's weird that this is only a story /now/ and what got people talking about it since mila jo…
I hate every single thing about this
"Monster Hunter" Haha what
Ok ... officially pissed off ... THAT. IS. NOT. MONSTER HUNTER!!!!!!!!
eu não sei se fico triste ou feliz pelas adaptações trash dos jogos...
So they already fucked up Monster Hunters movie by making it modernized. Oh boy @WizardDakota is not gonna like th…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Kill it. By it I mean Hollywood. Kill it now.
Fuck off hollywood
Turns out monster are full of precious oil.
So uhhh, yeah. This still looks like shit.
You sure this isn't the Call of Duty movie? What is this?!
lmao this sounds/looks so bad
So Hollywood Monster Hunter is gonna be a modern military version of Starship Troopers... WHAT?!
Menudo desastre va a salir de ahí...
A video game franchise I love gets a movie and it looks nothing like the games, so this is what it feels like.
I'm at a loss for words.
My friend would not like this.
Kil me plz
Somebody's having a laugh. This is obviously from Hollywood's Earth Defense Force movie.
Damn monster hunter has come a long way
Oh for the love of Rathalos ... Humvees? US Army BDUs? Machine guns? Do any of these look at all like they belong i…
New Monster Hunter monster announced! Get ready to fight the ferocious HUMVEE!
This movie already looks like crap.
yep that looks like monster hunter
Thank god I'm not a Monster Hunter fan.
gonna be a no from me chief
Ooh, my Mario Movie video was not wrong on one point. Video games movies were DEFINITELY a mistake.
Excuse me what the fuck
OK, maybe Monster Hunter isn't my favorite video game franchise, but I'm not happy seeing these few pictures from t…
Who keeps letting Hollywood make videogame movies and how do we shame them into stopping
Oh god this is gonna be Bayverse levels of US Army recruitment propoganda isn't it
When you hear that there is oil in the Monster Hunter universe
Ahahahaha haha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahaha hahahahahahahahahahah hahhhhhh hhh.
de esto sí que tengo mucho miedo
5 hours of watching the same 4 people farm an EX Boltreaver Astalos and the final scene is the host leaving then th…
Le "KOIS?" est total !
Cada vez que eu olho para uma cena desse filme, eu sinto aquela vontade de morrer cada vez mais forte
I never played Monster Hunter before, but I'm pretty sure that I remember seeing it a lot more differently.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 2 looks great!
maaaan. maaaaaaaaan. that's just depressing.
Unless Milla Jovoich does a cool laser room Dodge this movie looks like it's gonna burn MH fans and suck
Looks more like a Hollywood GATE movie.
Uhh... You have at least seen Monster Hunter before right?
How about stop
This just looks like a photo from the Irag and Afghanistan wars
That's one way of commemorating Veterans Day I guess @Kotaku
this ain't it, chief
I've never seen anything that more perfectly encapsulated everything that Monster Hunter is about. Great job, guys.…
monster hunt-her?
how much coke do these motherfuckers do man
The resident evil movie series reboot it's looking good. @GuSTaVauMJRI @strongest_human
"FINALLY! Hollywood did it, you've struck oil! We're finally getting an accurate, faithful movie version of a belov…
Also, I think they uploaded the wrong images here?
I guess the universe was like, that's one too many video game movies to get excited about, THERE MUST ALWAYS BE BAL…
I mean, really, what is a chaingun but a heavy bowgun by a different name? I wonder what monsters they killed to g…
I see a distinct lack of anything remotely resembling Monster Hunter.
Here's more something no one wanted
Perfect opportunity to have Bazel and just make him a B52
I just.... Like, folks who love MH are pretty excited about this. But its not monster hunter? Its guys hunting min…
Looks like a dumb army movie.
I haven't played that far. How many monster part do you need to craft the jeep?
Idk how you take a series about fighting giant monsters with no real story to adhere to and make it look like shit…
What the fuck are they shooting, Monster Hunter: Gulf War or what?
I feel betrayed and I've played less than 5 minutes of Monster Hunter
Thats how my tweet got this much attention
did no one tell them that bowguns aren't actually guns or did they just not care
Monster Hunter WARFARE
though uh boy oh boy does detective pikachu look like movie of the year next to this. yikes.
Yeah, this is gonna flop
Monster Hunter: Battlefield V Edition
pretty bold to call arabs monsters, but okay ill bite
Please say sike
I have no strong connections to Monster Hunter, so the accuracy thing is whatever, but is there a single aesthetic…
What builds/weapons are they running Those look like shit beginner stats with poor aesthetics
Quem colocou essa imagem da Guerra da Siria na noticia de Monster Hunter?
A lot of the folks in the replies ya gotta realize, the military loves to bankroll movies and in return the movie p…
This plot is Metal Gear Survive
O cara mirou o jogo do Monster Hunter e acertou o anime de Gate
This is dumb but it did remind me of the excellent MonHun Ops from Peace Walker.
Thanks, I already hate it
I barely even played MH and even I know this isn't anything what MH is like
Madre mía, qué putísimo desastre, jJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJaakkakajajsjsjsjjs
God it's going to be fucking awful.
Wtf?! This is not Monster Hunter. #NotMyMonsterHunter
Nem saiu e já sei que vai ser uma merda por conta da moça ali. Estragou Resident Evil e agora meu Mon Hun, vtnc
That's. Not a bowgun on that Humvee, huh
Wenn du eigentlich StarCraft verfilmen möchtest aber das Budget nur für das CGI der Monster gereicht hat
Si vous me cherchez, j'suis roulé en boule dans mon déni, couvert de larmes de sang... #MonsterHunterTheMovie
Nosotros le tenemos muchas ganas, nos da que será un viaje entre dimensiones o algo asi y apareceran en el universo…
Paul dengan bini dia boleh pergi mati cibai
this looks like crap... Fucking americans always inserting their military bullshit everywhere they can.
And I have lost all hope for this movie.
Where's Monster Hunter? I see bootleg Call of Duty: Monsters.
Ya se fue todo al diablo con el live action de #MonsterHunter
Didn't Capcom learn anything about protecting their IPs from bad american movie interpretations?
My brain actually just read EDF instead of Monster Hunter for a second, because that actually made sense.
Uhm... Where are the big ass swords and weird furry companions? Oh god...this is getting Uwe Boll'ed isn't it? 😢
Where are the swords fuck guns
Ok.... I Played around 4 - 5 hours of #MonsterHunter World. I am no expert. This picture seems Wrong. .... Do the…
Not my Monster Hunter.
porque dice en el tuit que es monster hunter, que si no sería lo último que se me vendría a la cabeza. gracias holl…
Of for fuck sakes you fuckin fuck mooks! Fuck!
@_kamalahmad mcm x sesuai jer buat movie.. haha
27ème désolidarisation du film Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter: Modern Warfare
Looks great guys, really killing that Monster Hunter aesthetic 👌
Detective pikachu looks great, I wonder how the other big video game adaption is going... Well fuck you to Monster…
Ah vai tomar no cu....
is this G rank???
What is this bullshit useless pile of steaming hot trash?
Fuck anyone who approved this! What's wrong with you? 😡
I... I... What? Is... is that what they're doing?
If they're not using giant spikey hammers and rocket powered greatswords then whats the point?
Oh it looks like a military movie? How boring.
I can't wait to not watch this movie
Hdksvxiajkjg Hahahahahahaha
Where's the Energy Swords?? Where's the 3D Maneuvering Gear???? Where's the Passion Panties???? WHERE'S ANYTHING TH…
I am totally okay with them making Monster Hunter a big dumb army movie on ONE condition and that is that they have…
dei uma risada alta antes de perceber que era sério
If you people need a reminder of a good looking video game adaptation: Pokemon vs a bad one:
When I think Monster Hunter I totally think Operation Desert Storm...
not even gone try to make it fun just throw the boring ass military into it
@GregTellez 10/10 for following the source material. 😅
Hey veja o lado bom, pelo no filme do detetive pikachu eu sei que tem pokemons
Exactly what we thought it would be. Hollywood is free to toss this shit straight into the trash.
Hollywood producers can't imagine anything not somehow glorifying the US military
It's time to play "which film did the US Department of Defence decide to fund to turn into propaganda for the milit…
Pictured: @MillaJovovich star of Ep 17's @ResidentEvil film Not Pictured: Monsters
Lmfao I'm actually interested in this now
This Call of Duty movie is looking good
Anyone who was excited.....don't be
I don't even play monster hunter and even I know that this looks absolutely nothing like the game. How the in the h…
Lost Planet is right there you don't have to do this to MonHun
You fucking what Hollywood
If you showed me this without context, I'd think this was some war comedy movie
Hostia que casualidad, van a hacer una pelicula con el mismo nombre que los juegos de Capcom.
So its not monster hunter. Ok. Not just going to blindly give money to that
Déjà culte.
Looks more like fuckin Starship Troopers than Monster Hunter, no thanks. Trash.
The word is WHY.
Is there another Monster Hunter I don't know about?
Idk how I feel about this after reading the article.
when I picture Monster Hunter, I don't usually think of World War 2 in the Mad Max universe, but hey, that's just me
Now I am not well versed in Monster Hunter outside of the little bit of World I've played, but me thinks this some…
Excuse me, what?! Is this a joke? What is this???
@ICastTrish i am so so so sorry
Apparently the director of this film does not understand the core of what Monster Hunter is. Kinda like he did not…
Meu por quê
@thefalsescott so story is United Nations Soldiers lead by Milla Jovovich get sucked through a portal into the worl…
I wouldn't even call myself a massive Monster Hunter fan but... what the fuck is this bollocks?
Thanks I hate it.
Yes, Monster Hunter, my favorite modern military video game series.
I don't even play Monster Hunter and I agree this looks nothing like it. Another "what are they thinking" type of m…
I bet there go to say "We're Monster Hunters"
fuck you fuck this fuck fuck fuck FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is this a really REALLY bad joke? I can't imagine @CapcomUSA_ allowing Hollywood to fuck up their stuff THIS badly.…
This isn't what George Washington wanted.
You spelled 'dumpster fire' wrong #MonsterHunter
Ugh. And where the fuck are the Palicos!
the title may be monster hunter but the plot is reportedly just GATE
I do not like this image charlie, its smug aura mocks me
صارت ماد ماكس 😭
meu deus transformaram monster hunter em um filme de guerra americano
Il senso di Milla per chi se lo beve
I'd rather see live action G Gundam at this point
This just keeps getting worse and worse smh
@_danjiru here's your AAA game movie adaptation bro
Chris: if you told me Monster Hunter would have been a worse film than fucking DETECTIVE PIKACHU I would have laugh…
Mother of fuck? RIP @Auron337 MHW did this to us lol these goddamn casuals
I swear, if you just show this one picture without context so will people mix it up with every other army movie in…
Are we sure this is actually based on the Capcom license and not the novel series by the sad puppies guy?
did i miss the MonHun game where you have machine guns and tanks
good joke kotaku, now where's the real movie? ...oh THIS is the real movie... oh dear
I'm sorry What?
US military really wants their money's worth, don't they?
Where the fuck is the Charge Blade?! Y'all really about the make Monster Hunter a nut ass military movie..…
Y'all are overreacting way too hard. The plot of the movie CLEARLY states that it would be a bunch of military peop…
¿Todo lo que proviene de japón y lo toca américa pasa a ser totalmente random o que? xD
Now, I already didnt think turning this game into a movie was a smart idea... but this is just... just wow... and t…
I'm sensing magic portal...anyone else? Or Netflix got involved.
واو.... توقعت استهبال بس صدق....
وين مونستر هنتر في الموضوع؟؟؟
I expected nothing and yet I'm awfully disappointed
God, this already looks ruined.
What the fuck is this fetid rotting pile of shit??
Alright, wtf is this
I'm... disappointed but not surprised.
. . . Uuuuummmm . . . Not sure they know what the hell MonHun is about..
Los colegas cazando un Nergigante
You know how many Jihadis I had to kill to get this wyvern gem?
They didnt even need to try to have a good plot or anything, litearly a movie where people fight a cool cg monster…
ภาพกองถ่าย Monster Hunter ทำไมนึกถึง Jurassic Park หว่า -_-"
Is Michael Bay directing this shit or what? Seriously, it looks like it will be Transformers but with monsters..
What the fuck... why? Nothing is sacred anymore. This will be Grade A basura
Oh dios... No... Qué habéis hecho? No....
Plox no :"(
So it'll develop into actual MH later on. Not a good early impression, considering the whole "into another dimensi…
So can we all just collectively agree that live action adaptations, especially of Japanese products, are not only u…
Repeat after me, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck hell to the mother fucking no
эээ, американские солдаты в экранизации Monster Hunter? Ладно... ладно.
HEY this is the most cursed image ive seen in a while
Does Hollywood actually look at the source material? Five bucks this turns into a Jurassic Park rip off or a Kaiju…
I had zero hopes for this movie and it still looks worse than expected.
...XD "MONSTER HUNTER" y van a hacer una puta película copia de Godzilla. Guay. Hollywood. Guay.
monster hunter?? really? man this is ridiculous AND laughable
What?! Did they not even google what MH is?
Hollywood needs to go bankrupt for this. Literally, no!
I dont understand this movie
Ich will nicht wirklich wissen wie das am Ende wird wenn DAS das erste Bild ist was gezeigt wurde. Hoffen wir mal d…
what??? fuck you!
R.I.P to any chance of this movie being any good at all...
@adishankarbrand would have done a better job
This aint it chief
I have only played the demos for Monster Hunter. But I'm pretty damn sure there was none of this in those games.
I haven't spent a lot of time playing Monster Hunter, but somehow I don't think this is a faithful adaptation of th…
I don't even play Monster Hunter and I know this ain't right
aw shit @MillaJovovich tryin to turn Monster hunter into another shitty resident evil movie franchise
En que evento del monster hunter sale esto?
I don't know why I thought this would be like... an actual Monster Hunter movie and not look like some stupid-ass P…
@Pizza_Suplex why can't we have nice things.
É guerra ao terror 2 tá gente Pode ficar tranquilo
@SocksyBear What is this....
don't worry, i'm calling it: the monster hunter movie is isekai
haha this sucks man
Toe to tip, that is a Monster Hunter.
this is fuckin stupid
Hunting Monsters for Oil??!!
I want to die
"This is bad comedy." - Galvatron
Y pensar que llegue a Imaginarme a Milla usando una armadura y una super lanza. Ja! que iluso fui...
It's like the bar was at shin height and they still managed to bash their head off of it.
Correction: First image of Hollywood's bastardization of Monster Hunter movie!
quem sabe se a gente ignorar eles param de produzir essa joça
Pikachu is voiced by a grown man, and the Monster Hunter movie looks like this. Amazing.
The Hunters defeat ISIS
1. Pra quê um live action de Monster Hunter? 2. Não tem absolutamente NADA nessa foto que lembre MH, se não fosse a…
You GOT to be kidding me. This is a simple concept. Action fantasy mixed with Jurassic Park. Not this. 🤦🏽‍♂️
paul w.s. anderson, folks
Hollywood reimagines a video game property into a turd. #monsterhuntermovie #MonsterHunterWorld #monsterhunter
Sii, mettiamoci i fucili e le granate così da poter dire che i videogiuochi incitano alle sparatorie.
Entre ça et Detective Pikachu on va être servit
This ain't it chief
I hope this movie is at least entertaining as a trashfire, 'cus this is bad, like it hasn't been this bad since the…
Who I gotta slap first, cause this definitely ain't it
ابك لا ابك لا ابك لا
Hollywood: *changes everything the players like about a game and its very identity* Also Hollywood: wHy DoNt PeOpL…
@LadyDevann @LordKreeg
I'm being punk'd right? There's hidden cameras right?
Women in practical outfits? Sing me up!
Listen. I would love Mila Jovovich with a big longbow jumping around trees and monster raptors to shoot a dragon.…
@SweetEvilness Yup and its nothing like the game.
minha cabela deu tela azul aqui
*sigh* I feel like us Monster Hunter Fans are being punished for no reason.
This ain't it chief
All i can imagine is sabaton playin once in this movie
Wtf is this.....😑 Congratulations. You played yourself.....
Tell me, does anything here even REMOTELY give you the idea that this is a Monster Hunter movie?
Parece incrivel
@JadeliyaChan Sieht das für dich nach Monster Hunter aus? D:
I don't even play monster hunter and i know this is just... wrong
Read the article. I think it'll be cool.. It'll probably be more about the monsters than the weapons
Who is this movie even for? Monster Hunter fans are universally commenting about how much they don't want this, and…
Oh, this is happening.
Can we just... can we just stop? Please?
N-No... No, please. Not like this...
.....who asked for this
I am absolutely devastated
We saw this coming. Another "Alice in Wonderland" like story. Just like the Resident Evil films they also made. 😒
A ver, ya es mejor que ESTO.
Do i need to say something? 😣😥
¿Esto va en serio?
Miraram em Monster Hunter, acertaram em Call of Duty.
Another insipid movie based on video games... By the way, who directed this? Uwe Boll?
So the Monster Hunter movie is just an adaptation of the anime Gate? o_o
You sure this isn't G.I. Joe?
First time in history MH looks interesting
I refuse to believe this is actually real
It's gonna be.. Questionable but my gf will endlessly support 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Say what you will about Detective Pikachu but THIS is supposed to be the live action Monster Hunter movie...
First set of images from the Monster Hunter movie set. Looks about as authentic an adaptation as the Resident Evil…
I'll never understand why Hollywood takes a franchise to adapt, and then completely butchers it. Because then it be…
Monster Hunter is pretty much the last thing I'd envision looking at this picture.
Oof, it looks like a generic "military vs. monster" movie
Hey @thechinyboi seen this.... NO...Just....NO...
Sneak peek at Paul Anderson throwing a beloved series in the wood chipper. Also wife is main character cause of cou…
This is why video game movies suck.
Hard pass... no thanks. Maybe they need to look up on @Castlevania and see why it's so successful. 🤣
I never have and never will play a Monster Hunter game. Yet, I feel I could come up with something more faithful ju…
Okay reading more into this. It sounds like it could be fun. I'll also give it a chance because Tony Jaa is the man
The exit is that way
Wait... YOU'RE TELLING ME THESE IMAGES ARE GENUINE??? I thought it was a hoax! What the actual hell????
First set images of Hollywood's Monster Hunter movie:
I'm so torn between "oh no they're ruining it with the military angle" and my base primal n…
Ein Hollywood-Film zur berühmten Game-Reihe "Monster Hunter" ist in der Mache. Allerdings bewegt sich der Film deut…
Okay so this Monster Hunter live action movie sounds ridiculous, but if they can pull off the fish-out-of-water mod…
I don't think I understand Paul WS Anderson and @MillaJovovich's relationship with Capcom, but I'm glad it exists.…
Oh my god, the Monster Hunter movie looks worse than I could have ever imagined
Why does @CapcomUSA_ hate their source material so much? @ImJustDEO @heezmagnif @KrimsonVnm
@duduuugs Kotaku is about as excited for the movie as I am
Hah. Seems I was very close with my initial guess over how the Monster Hunter movie was going to work, based on tha…
@Guessuwat @Josu_ke desafortunadamente es verdad
Esta película tiene pinta de que va a ser una de las adaptaciones de un videojuego al cine mas horribles que haya e…
I know we’re all hype about the new Guess Who Pikachu movie but let’s not forget that the Monster Hunter movie look…
purehavuk #Gaming #News | @SGH_RTs | First Set Images Of Hollywood’s Monster Hunter Movie  …
This will probably make a bunch of money like the Resident Evil franchise. But This is just blatantly disrespectful…
.@Heatherlands_ .@Hotsammysliz
Y así es como, otra vez, se va a hacer una porquería de película basada en un videojuego.
*looks at the set* *looks at every Monster Hunter game I've played* OH BECAUSE OF COURSE MO…
Ok better question WHAT THE FUCK
I'm not sure exactly how I feel about the Detective Pikachu trailer but it certainly made my day better just by rel…
Imagens da adaptação hollywoodiana de Monster Hunter! Não consigo entender a dificuldade de…
Somehow this seems worse than the abomination that was the Doom movie #monsterhuntermovie
So...Detetcive Pikachu live action is gonna be good and MH live action is gonna suck?
I am not a huge Monster Hunter fan, but one thing I like about those games is the aesthetics, which is, coincidenta…
Por favor, Capcom, para esto.
First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie  via @kotaku
Well looks like this movie will be yet another write-off from Paul WS Jovovich! I think I'll give this a hard pass…
Okay, I'm sort of mixed on this, on one hand Peace Walker had snake shoot rockets at a Rathlos... in the other hand…
Something appears to be a little off
Já perdi a vontade de assistir First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie
First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie 
Someone got lost planet mixed up with my monster hunter
Anyway, remember those Resident Evil movies? The director makes a new one. (with his wife as lead role, but of cour…
First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie  ༄ Screenshot: Milla Jovovich (Inst…
Not a surprise, but I'm still disappointed. via @kotaku
Wait. I thought this was a joke
Oh boy........
Cursed images @BUNNYH00D
Remember when we saw the first stills of "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" and people were like, "oh... that does…
Monster Hunter
How is this Monster Hunter? Monster Hunter Game: Fantasy setting with monsters, swords, range of races, and some s…
First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie - Dear glob no... This is way worse than I imagined.
First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie  via @kotaku
First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie  via @kotaku
First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie 
@AngriestPat Please tell me you've seen this, it's gonna be a huge dumpster fire.
First Set Images Of Hollywood's Monster Hunter Movie #monsterhunter #millajovovich #hollywood

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