Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same

Source : Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same

The game industry is not exactly known for valuing workers. Big studios are rife with soul-destroying crunch and end-of-project layoffs. French studio Motion Twin, developer of the Castlevania-inspired roguelike Dead Cells, is trying something different: Workers own and manage the company. There is no boss.

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This is incredible and I'm buying Dead Cells posthaste (thx @Vahn16)
this game looks sick and also holy shit what an awesome dev
just in case you needed any more reasons to buy Dead Cells - here's the ABSOLUTE FUCKING BEST ONE!!!
As if you needed any more reasons to love Dead Cells
I'd heard a lot of good things about Dead Cells, but this sold me. I have more games already in my backlog than tim…
Request game on @terminalsio if you media/streamy types
This sounds like the kind of structure I'd like to work within someday! “Passionate workers can do much more in a f…
Syndicalist game studio? Yes, please. I hope they succeed. And then we can socialize Nintendo. And Sega. And Bethes…
This is how we work, too!
i can't recommend this game enough purely on the gameplay but this is probably an even better reason to support it
I was going to buy this again on Switch anyway(already own it on PC), but I now love this company even more!
Juuunge, und das bei einem der besten roguelikes(oder spiele insgesamt?) der letzten jahre
brb buying Dead Cells in more platforms
se você precisava de mais uma razão pra gostar desse jogo maravilhoso
Dammit, I wanna work at an anarcho-syndical workers cooperative. (It sounds great, but given some of the stories a…
This is absolutely fascinating actually
this is actually fascinating
Dead cells is a very good game and you get to support worker owned business buy it
Dit is fantastisch (en Dead Cells is een holy shit fucking amazing goed spel)
This makes me like Dead Cells even more! (i've only spent >3 days of my life playing it so far :P great game!)
This game is fuckin phenomenal so support them while you're here.
This sounds pretty fucking dope
TIL one of my favorite games is developed by an anarcho-syndicalist collective, this rocks
This is rad as hell. Fuck yeah.
Man, could Dead Cells get any better?
Already bought it because it's an EXCELLENT game, and now I'm supermegaproud to have done so
this is cool as hell and this game rips. good stuff
Already preordered on switch really can’t wait to play this
👏 Vivement la sortie Switch déjà preco
I was planning on buying #DeadCells whenever a huge sale was applied (like I do with many games), but on the light…
Wow. Think I’m gonna pick this up.
That's what I'm talking about.
count me sold on dead cells
Super cool, also side note #DeadCells is one of my favorite games as of late so worth your time to check it out 👀
Interesting concept, I just doubt it would work the same in a larger scale company tbh.
I already preordered it on Switch but this 👌👌👌👌
This would only work with that small studio I'd feel
buy dead cells it's a good game and the development is good
That's how you give us reasons to buy your stuff, folks.
HEY! @NovarionNoel @MikeChurvis @GrasswatchGames it us!
And here I was anxious dropping some money for a Switch version after I'd already got it on PC, but this is kinda c…
Motion Twin go on @StreetFightWCRS
Bought the early access version on PC and had already pre-ordered on Switch. An amazing game.
played a ton on pc, gonna pick up physical switch copy for rad developer practices
I playtested Dead Cells at PAX East. It was a very fun 2d roguelike platformer. I liked it but wasn't like, "I have…
I was gonna hold off on double-dipping on this, but I think I'll move quicker on that, knowing this.
Will give my money as soon as I came back home.
I like things like this. People think things are set in stone with economics but if u break the mold then u can REA…
You should buy Dead Cells because of this and the fact that it's an amazing game.
You know, I find out more and more about @motiontwin as time goes on, and I always seem to walk away an even bigger…
This is the exact sort of video game news I'm here for
A internacional toca ao fundo...
Was on the fence about buying this when it comes to Switch, definitely getting it now
"anarcho-syndical workers cooperative"
I already have it on PC, but now I'm thinking about getting a bonus copy on Switch!
another reason this is GOTY for me
Welp, found a new game to play on Switch.
This studio must have a shit ton of synergy.
jesus christ ditto (also apparently its the best metroidvania since super metroid)
No entraba en mis planes pero ahora se van a llevar todo mi dinero.
Was thinking about getting dead cells for the switch, now it's a certainty
But, like, where do I apply?
Comment je regrette pas ma préco de la version collector 😎
If this is true I'm buying all of their games and sending them my portfolio riGHT NOW
Capitalists ask: How is this possible?
@GrungRevolution No te gustan los juegos pero mira
Same and I don't even like metroidvanias.
Me compro el dead cells
Hell yes. Dead Cells rules and I'm going to buy it again on PS4 and any other platform I may someday get.
Dead Cells just went from a probably to a definitely
This guy's got the right idea. Go out and buy Dead Cells posthaste.
Not only is that one of the most employee friendly models I have seen in a long time, the game is fucking fantastic…
pos mira que lo tengo en la wishlist ara voy y lo compro full price
it's also a very good game
@PunishedCarxist hey man, check this out :)
this is what anarchists actually believe in
Each employee's bonus is determined by the weakest employee's competence. I'm not sure how I'd feel about that. St…
OK guess I'm buying the hell out of this game
Probably going to get Dead Cells out of respect for this move, this is pretty cool!
Aside from Motion Twin being a cool ass studio for this, Dead Cells is just a great fucking game that everyone shou…
Son un amor.
Following this company with keen interest.
They seized the means of their production.
ayer estuve jugando a dead cells y mira me lo compro pero ya
Preordered immediately after I read this. So cool. Also the game looks awesome and it’s $5 off on Switch
Ces amours ♥♥♥
Not only is this awesome on Motion Twin, Dead Cells is dope
too bad it’s a procgen roguelite/Soulslike but this is still awesome
It's also a really good game
I’m just realising the whole boss employee structure isn’t obligatory just expected for the first time in my life.
Absolutely worth supporting these practices. Plus, the game is fantastic!
Buying Dead Cells IMMEDIATELY when it comes out on Switch.
Game studio with no bosses pays everyone the same
I've seen some comments along the lines of "yeah, well try scaling that up/expanding" and my immediate response is…
If you wanna know more about the inner workings of Motion Twin...
Je n'ai pas joué à Dead Cells. Mais j'ai l'impression que tout ceux qui ont joué à Dead Cells disent que c'est très…
Whoah! This is awesome. Also, why I'm generally much happier to toss my money at indie devs.
Are there examples of other studios doing anything remotely like this?
a very consistent objection in the replies to this is "what about the janitor" and a) yes, pay janitors well, but b…
Kotaku published an article about our company (@motiontwin) gameplay. It was a real pleasure to answer their questi…
Even happier to have pre-ordered it on Switch now fantastic 👍✨
This is super cool. I've always hoped indie dev co-ops would become the norm.
Déjà prévu de prendre #DeadCells à un moment, mais quand j'ai lu que @motiontwin se décrivait comme une "coopérativ…
this is what you do to push when your expertise is in game development rather than traditional community organizing…
Apparemment Motion Twin, le studio français qui a fait Dead Cells, se décrit comme une "coopération ouvrière anarch…
This is cool. A few people annoyed over it for some reason, but this is 110% better than the industry standard.
les travailleurs de Motion Twin possèdent et gèrent l'entreprise sans patron, où tout le monde est payé de la même…
Hell yeah my comrades
Une raison de plus de supporter ce studio qui va bientôt sortir l'un des meilleurs Metroid-vania de ces dernières a…
Yeah, but how much? 🤔
My longest yeah boy ever
I really like this philosophy. While this obviously wouldn't work in a big studio, it perfectly embodies the "indie…
vous voyez ce sentiment quand vous adoriez un truc enfant et que vous vous êtes rendu compte que les gars qui gérai…
yeah that shit will never work. Imagine a workplace with no boss! Everyone just doing their jobs and nobody botheri…
I'd like to start an animation studio like this.
Game devs of the world, unite! 😎✊🏽
Interesting quote: "People like me who have been here for 17 years are paid the same amount as people who were recr…
Dead Cells is awesome and double no regrets about buying it now
the nerds going thru the full-blown red scare in the comments sustain me
Honestly fuck the people in the comments getting upset at this because it means that janitors would get payed the s…
It overjoys me that stuidos like @motiontwin are getting more coverage. I've been singing praises of worker co-op s…
We've using the same system since the beginning and so far so good.
Interesantísimo este artículo.
Well, this is the future
C'est ça qu'on veut ! Félicitation à @motiontwin, un excellent boulot et un excellent état d'esprit.
Honestly I had been meaning to get this game already, but this really seals the deal
"Motion Twin’s pay and ownership system... constitutes 'a direct challenge, not just to the exploitative practices…
I have been looking forward to support and play Deadcells first on the merit of the game, the excitement it generat…
Quant on voit le modèle économique de notre "cocorico" studio Motion Twin pour Dead Cells, on se dit que c'est pas…
Chez nous : wow, quelle super boîte, j’adorerais y bosser. À l’étranger : Communistes ! Ce système n’est absolumen…
Awesome. More of this. 👍🏽
but socialism isn't working because Venezuela
“The devs and the artists are paid the same amount of money, and people like me who have been here for 17 years ar…
C'est une bonne idée je trouve en vrai.
Dead Cells is one of the best Metroidvanias in recent years, this just makes me love it more
Wait. Wait. Waywaywaywait. In addition to Dead Cells being one of the finest goddam games I have ever had the plea…
Yo. "Motion Twin describes itself as an 'anarcho-syndical workers cooperative.'"
I have a big ol' dev crush on @motiontwin right now
Article très intéressant sur le fonctionnement de Motion Twin!
Ah ah les commentaires
Le studio français Motion Twin, développeur de Dead Cells, se décrit comme une "coopérative de travailleurs anarcho…
I've been eyeing Dead Cells but after reading this article I will be purchasing this game in the near future.
“anarcho-syndical workers cooperative.” C'est ça qu'on veut, je vais acheter Dead Cells juste pour les soutenir
:) btw this company has been around for almost 20 years operating this way so,,, the dream tbh
Les reactions à cet article sont priceless ❤️ La brochette de gogols.
This is the intermediate future communists want
I'm laughing at all the idiots in this thread that think equal pay is communism. Smfh.
This sounds pretty rad! Also Dead Cells was one of my fave games I played at EGX last year.
Pretty interesting read. There would definitely be a lot of challenges getting this kind of system to work, but it…
Som om Dead Cells inte var tillräckligt bra redan!
Gonna buy dead cells now
La hiérarchie horizontale c'est tellement nouveau qu'ils l'appliquent même chez Valve. Révolutionnaires en mousse ;)
Sounds like an ideal model to support talented creatives.
Voluntarily paying everyone the same.
Les commentaires 😍
I love this idea. Obviously not practical for every studio, but a really cool idea nonetheless.
Heck yesssssssssss
I've recently been seeing more and more articles on jobs and their "unorthodox" work ethics and work time managemen…
Tempted to buy the game just because of this tbh. Sadly not really a roguelike fan, find them stressful and bad for…
.....I should play dead cells
The comments on this tweet are very strange. Why would people be so upset that they figured out a way to create a t…
I love the idea of trying to keep your company small. You can still be a successful company with a quality handful…
@LameHistorian I thought about you while reading this article. @burnberlinburn you should find it interesting too.
A game company that actually lets its employees go home early if they worked late one day or just go home if they'r…
They also made (are making) my favourite game of the past two years
This whips ass and also Dead Cells fucking rules
gente to no aviao indo p la ja
@dhh might like this one.
This is probably the best work environment I've ever read about. Everyone must read this article. Keep up the gre…
im buying dead cells when i get home. love too support anarcho-syndicalism
Maintenant je veux un mode co-op fait par une co-op. GOGOGO
This is amazing. Support game studios that treat their employees well.
Very cool to read about worker cooperatives in the game development space. Amusing to see reactions though. People…
Crazy. Everyone paid the same? Everyone enjoying their job? Happy workers?!? This is madness!! IT'S WORKED FOR 20 Y…
wow i love it when workers own the means of production
We strongly believe in cooperatives, especially for the small and midsize studio models!
>a fucking CO-OP
Even happier playing the great Dead Cells now
Dead Cells would be one of my favorite games of the last few years regardless, but the fact that it's produced by a…
And they turned out one of the best roguelikes ever made along the way
... how did I not know about this before
For some time I've considered Motion Twin as an example of how a coop approach could be a sustainable way to run a…
Yo the studio behind Dead Cells is anarcho-syndicalist? Hell yeah bitch that fuckin rules
If I ever form a small studio with other people I’d love to have this policy. Like what if we didn’t need to unioni…
I love the idea of redefining what it means to sieze the means of production in this capitalist hellscape.
This is great, I had no idea they were an anarcho-syndicalist dev studio!
more collectives/cooperatives like this.
Interesting approach.
Welp now I'm doubly glad I pre-ordered the game
This is rad and I'm gonna buy it now
This makes my heart sing
This is such a great story and I hope to hear more like it.
Dead Cells is REALLY GOOD, btw.
All the love for @motiontwin
Great game and great devs
More of this.
I guess I'm picking up the switch version.
I would be remiss if I did not mention that this is cool as hell
You don't need hierarchies or pay inequity on a teams of a dozen or two. For well over a decade, I've helped out or…
Anarchist Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same
Congrats, clock riding Timmy.
This business model is all the more interesting given that the game they are about to launch is super well made.
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same - Describes itself as an "anarcho-syndical workers cooperative.”…
Cool to see different ways of running a company
Super interesting article about an indie studio run as an anarcho-syndical workers cooperative. I like the idea a l…
⬇️This⬇️ I really hope people don't throw out the very good idea of flat compensation if they find that a flat dec…
this by @Vahn16 is very good, I've been looking into cooperative structures for over the past year or so and thinki…
People always ask what it's like to work at Wraith... pretty much this: #gamedev #indiedev
There's no need for strict hierarchy in the workplace. Other models exist and are extremely effective. We're trying…
Horizontal organizations. I really don't know what to think about this king of organization, but this article makes…
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same #gamedev
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
Non seulement Dead Cells est un excellent jeu, mais son studio de dev est une ''coopérative anarchosyndicaliste'' :
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
This is how you #IndieGameDev! Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
this is fucking rad
Motion Twins, le studio "coopératif anarcho-syndical" (Et achetez Dead Cells, c'est le GOTY)
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same
This is awesome #gamedev
Quand j’ai appris il y a un an ou deux que @motiontwin était une SCOP, ça a été la révélation : quand je monterais…
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
#GDBizIndustryNews Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @Kotaku
Chez @motiontwin tous payé le même salaire 😎 Pas de cravate, une belle mentalité 🤩 Et tout ça à #Bordeaux (la plus…
This is an amazing story. Anarcho-syndicalism can work, if you have the guts to do it!
"Motion Twin’s pay and ownership system, Bénard said, constitutes 'a direct challenge, not just to the exploitative…
I find that "flat" workplace structures are often a bunch of crap, but it sounds like Motion Twin is actually reall…
Fascinating concept. Seems like a cool #videogame studio. Hope their model pays off in the future!
This reminds me of @daedtech's Developer Hegemony book. It's happening!
Interesting... “The devs and the artists are paid the same amount of money, and people like me who have been here f…
@JiceRabut Voilà.
Speaking of cooperatives, this is neat: Dead Cells is by all accounts a very good game, too.
This kind of rules. I think? Glad to have been on the early adopters for Dead Cells. Buy it gaming friends.
best reason to buy a game at full price I've ever seen
🕹️ "Motion Twin describes itself as an “anarcho-syndical workers cooperative.”"
Fascinating via @kotaku
"Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same" #culture #feedly
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same<em></em> via @kotaku
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same sweet
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same<em></em> via @kotaku
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same. Motion Twin is an “anarcho-syndical workers cooperative.”
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same l Kotaku Pretty dope flip of the co-op business/life model...
'Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same', de @Vahn16. "Motion Twin describes itself as an “anarcho-synd…
Kotaku: Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same.
статья о студии Motion Twin и их уникальной рабочей структуре Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same
"Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same" #tech #feedly
Something for other studios to aspire to. As Sébastien Bénard mentioned in the article, doing this for larger studi…
How the world should work. Also amazing game. via @kotaku
I hadn't heard of this studio before, but I'm definitely going to be picking up Dead Cells when it comes out on swi…
a goal for -> Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
Cool guys from @motiontwin Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same<em></em> via @kotaku
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
anarcho-syndical #workers #cooperative via @kotaku
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
Business wet dream
"It seems to be working. Motion Twin has been in business for nearly two decades, and the studio’s most recent game…
Una cooperativa dev #videojuegos #feedly
Now *this* sounds like a worthwhile flat hierarchy in gaming (insert standard caveat about self-exploitation within…
He fliPado en pepinillos con esta noticia
Love this company. Can’t wait for the Switch version
#anarchism #cooperative seems to work?
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
@motiontwin You guys are the best 👌
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
"Motion Twin describes itself as an “anarcho-syndical workers cooperative.” Hell Yeah
Say vut? Awesome!
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same
Another good reason to pick up Dead Cells, which is very good
@Hegelbon is this old news? I first heard about dead cells on your podcast and i don't remember this being part of…
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same
Älskar detta obeskrivligt mkt: ”Motion Twin describes itself as an ’anarcho-syndical workers cooperative.’ What thi…
"Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same" #science #feedly
Game studio with no bosses pays everyone the same
Anarcho-syndicalism ftw!! "Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same"
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
Dead Cells. It's sweet.
Sério, leiam essa entrevista sobre a Motion Twin, estúdio que desenvolveu Dead Cells
Another world is possible! #Gaming
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same via @kotaku
Game Studio With No Bosses Pays Everyone The Same
We don't need bosses to create beautiful things. #vtpoli #workercoops
Communism in game development @blkdog7 @CoastalMichelle @VGOPodcast
Game Studio with No Bosses Pays Everyone the Same

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