Is Ocarina of Time a gay coming-of-age story?

Source : Is Ocarina of Time a gay coming-of-age story?

[Have you ever played a game and thought to yourself, “Man, this is a fantastic allegory for budding sexuality and what it means to be true to yourself?” Me neither, but that’s why we have fantastic blogs from Adzuken, who gives us scrumptious food for thought on how Ocarina of Time could be more than just another adventure for The Hero of Time. Get your work on Destructoid’s Front Page by rockin’ the suburbs in our Community Blogs! – Wes]

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, puberty hits Link in much the same way it hits many of us

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Is Ocarina of Time a gay coming-of-age story?
This article’s central point is that Link is gay because he’s not a d-bag to all of the girls he saves, despite bei…
Not 100% sure if this is a shitpost or not
"When Link grows up he doesn't want to fuck any of the female characters but he stays close to Sheik who he thinks…
have you ever wanted to delete twitter, throw away your phone, and throw away your house with your phone in it
Game Theory sucks these days
when u need some clicks
As someone who is pretty openly gay, this article is such a reach it hurts. Please never write something like this…
Miyamoto sweating. They finally caught him.
This is a screenshot post on the internet to mock games journalist for years to come article
whoever wrote this article is swimming in student debt
Link is gay cause he respecc whamen What a stupid article
L I N K? more like L I N Gay!
Is Destructoid a straight up mess?
I t a i n ' t t h a t d e e p
Alright, so this article isn’t as thought out as I would have liked and treats the idea of Link being gay as comedi…
What is this? Game theory? We just gonna start forcing narratives because it's easy content to produce? Maybe in…
There is literally no romance in it gay or otherwise.
See this what y’all not about to do
Holy shit i’ve never read a stupid article like this before and my head hurts shut the fuck up
Every now and again I remember I had posts on the frontpage of this site three times and part of me dies.
Game enthusiasts love to say that videogames are just as valid as film and books as an art form but will have an an…
Is Me want to kill-my-self?
are you an english language and literature major?
how do i delete someone else’s tweet, article and account? asking for a friend
this is up there with the dumbest shit ive ever read
u off the goop for this one
There are so many layers to this: The headline The BOTW picture The N64 in the URL And I haven't even read the ar…
im gonna fucking vomit
When did you guys turn into polygon
games journalism is so fucked, they cant even use the right game in their clickbait article image
no but fortnite is
Usese "breath of the wild" for a screenshot of "ocarina of Time" "Gaming news"
is minecraft gay?
Male character: can wear female clothing Games media: IS THIS GAME GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?
Spoiler he fucks the fish man
Talks about Ocarina of Time. Posts photoshop of Breath of the Wild. Quit your job.
Can someone please stop the game journos?
I Can’t Believe The Gays Have Claimed Ocarina of Time
no it isn't The article literally says at the end that it isn't literally why was this being written necessary
Wow this was horrible to read thanks
no no it's really not
The traffic must be horrible for them to write something as baity as this
no it just means he's into crossplay ;) (also wrong game lol)
link is a gay icon now? we stan
well its gay as hell either way
Slow day at Destructoid. Can't even post a screenshot of Ocarina of Time.
No, it’s not
Gay niggas would not be caught dead wearing tunics stop disrespecting them like this bruh
I had to see this so you all are suffering with me.
Ah Alguien que le quite las drogas al escritor ese
Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom I'll save you the click, they end by saying Link's a blank slate anyway after all…
>Asks a question involving Ocarina of Time. >Uses a screenshot from Breath of the Wild. Games journalism at it's…
you are one dum my man you truly are off the goop on this one
Not sure if this is just a sad attempt in pushing gay agenda or what it is, but stop.
When you read a good Link x Sidon fanfic and you’re convinced it’s real
i don't think you should write
This is Breath of The Wild
*Desarrolladores creando juegos actuales con verdadera representación LGBT+* Gente: *Juego que no tiene nada que ve…
Imagine thinking this
Will Destructoid stop being a trash source of information? These answers are the same No
Find out next time ON DRAGON BALL Z
Wow I can't believe link is FUCKING GAY
Is the writer implicitly referring to the gay community as "fairy boys"?🙈
no but link is a fruit loop
slow news day huh
Thought of the day: Ya know when I think about it... no. It don’t make sense. OoT Link has a descendant Link in Twi…
no, but twilight princess is
Bahahaha ma sve je gej.
I have never face palmed so fucking hard in my entire life
No but its Link /did/ help me realize that I'm definitely into dudes.
i mean 7 years later and his hair looked that good?
That's it I've simply had enough
1: No. 2: that's BoTW, at least use a screenshot of the game your trash article is actually about
Everyone’s getting all pissed over this but it’s literally a tabloid for games. They make the headline sound ridicu…
I actually don’t hate this, so long as it isn’t mistaken for journalism. I wouldn’t mind seeing some dating mechan…
If this is true then call me a professional speedrunner because I'm going real fuckin fast
How much IQ is required for journalism?
The article specifically says "yeah I don't think Nintendo intended this message" stop freaking out ppl
When you refuse to admit that Sheik was zelda
Wait, what?
bomb jumping is gay culture
this is a meme right
Ocarina succs cuz its gay
If you made any kind of personal connection with any game, it and you are valid ✨
Destructoid is canceled
Something weird is posted, the internet overreacts, more news at 11
haha is link gay??? cause he got a skirt??
Blow it out your ass
I mean it is about a guy whose two best friends are a transvestite and a fairy, who spends the game amassing a coll…
This article was actually written by a mentally deficient chimp. Like for real this is like the biggest ass pull I’…
I see someone in the Destructoid office has been playing blind darts with the Game Theory topics dart board again
This article makes game theory look good
This bait was almost as strong as Henlo's
1. That's Breath of the Wild 2. Did you hire MatPat recently? 3. No
Game Theory: Is Ocarina of Time a screenshot of Breath of the Wild with a rainbow flag poorly edited into?
this isn’t even Ocarina Of Time this deadass Breath Of The Wild lmfao
That's Breath of the wild not Ocarina of Time you used as a screen shot You guys are so god damn lazy
The L in LGBT stands for Link
i want to die
That's an image from Breath of the Wild, not Ocarina of Time If you're gonna dig too deep into a game at least pre…
I mean... I guess someone could see it that way???? Link is the blankest skate possible, so you can just project yo…
twilight princess link's existence is enough to disprove this entire article
other than the fact that it's botw and not oot, this tweet gets too much hate
Delete your website
That’s not even the right game.. haha
I haven’t even gone fishing with bait this big.
Short answer: no Long answer: Don't click this article, also no.
Destructoid, injecting gender politics into games randomly since.. well.. for a long time anyway.
also, that screenshot isn't even from OoT??? fucking idiots
excuse me?
First of all, wrong game. Second of all, this poor Photoshop edit hurts my soul.
*ignores article and meme shops in the thread below*
Every Zelda game is gay
quando vocês levam fanfic muito a sério
I forgot about the scene where Teen Link buttfucks Shadow Link.
Bitch, stop reaching.
Let’s start a moment called, “Reading too far into things with games journalists”
no but this article did give me aids
They did it. The left-wing agenda's finally got their pillow soft hands on Nintendo. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
The gays are trying to ruin zelda and im here for this
[Nobody liked that]
Link has no personality because he is ment to represent the player. He is whatever the player wants him to be.
this really fucking dude i am actually so pissed off at this what in god’s name in this shit, literally no zelda ch…
Nah, that ain’t it
Wait, what?
I saw a screenshot of this and said out loud "this isn't real" I'm upset to learn it is
it's not that deep
Même pas lu mais allez boum je valide direct
Yes, I imagine this is exactly what a straight ageing Japanese man who plays the banjo and takes inspiration from p…
man really low on ideas for stories are we
All I can do is laugh. Not once did I think that Link was going on a gay magical journey. I don’t whether this is…
i have some problems 1 no it's not 2 thumbnail is breath of the wild 3 shitty photoshop 4 digging up ocarina of tim…
You want your profession to be recognised seriously, but then you people write dumb shit like this. Goddamn, what a…
Graphic design is my passion
This just comes off like one of those Buzzfeed things where it's like "THERE IS NO HETEROSEXUAL PEOPLE" kinda artic…
Well, he did live in a cave with an old man back in the Zelda NES
im feeling a light-to-decent no on this one
Das ist so sinnfrei, dass es fast wieder Sinn macht...
@uwu_whats_thiss @susduudhei2 @thederpypiplup
Yeah sure, the Shadow Link boss represents his repressed feelings of needing dick it all connects.
No u gay cuming-of-ag store
Link's not gay, he's celibate FFS... 🤦🏻
if you wanna look at it as one go for it who gives a shit it's hilarious how mad people get at stuff like this
Noooooope. Not even gonna read it, gonna assume it has to do with Sheik.
n-no? I'm a bi trans woman and no?
What the hell?
what the fuck is this garbage
Next episode: Was Mario Galaxy made by gay Nazi aliens?
That's not even a screenshot of Ocarina... #FizzVsGaming
Foh with that homo shit
Stop giving LGBTQ+ people a bad look by tweeting garbage like this
This is some low quality bait Also, that’s Breath of the Wild
Man Ocarina got HD as fuck oh wait no it's bait for clicks
The Master Sword is gay.
Nah issa game about killing the Demon King Ganon
That’s Breath of the Wild not Ocarina of Time...
I wanted to be like epic and shit but no this is just too stupid I’m going to print this tweet and burn it see you…
finally a good article on this shitsite
Saved you the click. No.
Why must you do this. Please stop doing this
>Link doesn't boink anyone in a kid's game >He must be gay It's finally so clear (also @reecespradley I bet Andrew…
who the fuck cares?
Rainbow bannerites really want to ruin everything.
Why is this an article?
What. The actual. Fuck...
É assim que se faz clickbait meus lindos
This is such a reach lol
I cant tell if this is a joke or not
Je me suis arrêté de lire quand j'ai lu en gros "Y a plein de femmes y a même une TRIBU avec que des femmes et même…
it absolutely is
y'all are that desperate for clicks eh?
Que pereza tuvieron como para ni siquiera encajar la bandera gay con la escena.
Gaming journalism was, is, and always will be a complete joke
Su argumento de “como link no le pone a todas las morras del juego, obviamente es gay”. Verga cómo quieren los tome…
This is why gaming "journalists" and websites are often frowned upon. Absolute joke.
That’s it, I’m having all journalists sent to the gas chambers. “...the next thing he knows it's seven years later…
Tune in next week for their next article: "How I Learned to Tap Into My Latent Homosexual Desires Through Buck Bumb…
Según esta gente Link es gay porque no liga con las mujeres a las que salva. QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…
Were you too lazy to find a picture from Ocarina of Time?
Oh for fuck sake. Someone at Destructoid actually sanctioned and wrote this utter bollocks?!? No I haven't clicked…
@Menenyay was it this shit?
I just read it and in a way it paints straight people to be embrasive with feelings and down right mean. I mean, Li…
I'm sorry what?
Was it really that hard to get a screenshot of the right game?
Link is a gay icon
Breath of the Wild Link is obviously the gay one. Have you not seen him look at Sidon?
Wow The Onion is getting better and better with their satire--oh wait.
*snap* that's going in my cringe compilation.
It damn better be
See, this my one and only problem with everything LGBT. When it makes it's way into... literally everything. It got…
But that's just a theory... a GAME THEORY
Is Sonic Mania an allegory for the American Civil Rights movement
I don't want to live on earth anymore
I thought it was well-known Link was a fairy boy?
Is Destructoid a dummie coming-of-age story?
Gods of the Triforce! Here that which I desire! Wash this clickbait away from my feed!
I actually wonder how humanity got to this point?
that's a no from me dawg
Even if I don't like journalist I still respect them enough not to compare them to this abomination. it's all down…
Enough with this clickbait
God damnit I hate this generation
Gaming Journalism Ladies and Gents 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Why am i laughing so hard
oh don't you fucking dare bitch
@Finch_atl Dear god...
No, but it did age just as badly as this post will in 5 years from now. You're not even using the correct picture.
destructoid is far from the worst gaming news site out there but it makes up for it by occasionally doing something…
I... um... ...what? I mean, I guess it could be, if you wanted it to be. Link is designed to be a blank slate for…
Sigh. The character was called Link to link the player to the character. He's whatever the fuck you deem worthy to…
No because although there are some decent points presented, Japan's culture is highly homophobic and especially 20…
This is one of them articles that even without looking at the replies and comments, you know it's gonna be a shitsh…
please delete this or i'll have to use force
I’m not giving you money I’m not clicking this
I beg your ducking pardon
I'm not sure what game they meant to say, but it better not be Ocarina of Time.
This might be the worst photo edit by a verified account I’ve ever seen. That’s not even OOT. That’s BOTW. C’mon, i…
See the thing about Link is he's always been the blank slate, you could make his character representative of anythi…
Y’all call link gay just cuz he ain’t wanna pipe the princess
How do you manage to fuck up so bad you use the wrong image🤦🏾‍♂️
What does this have to do with... This is the dumbest thing I ever..... My head hurts....
Only one question: You realize Link has never reacted to almost anything ever right? He’s a blank state character.…
I think I’m gay but what?
@_lunchtable_ you got some explaining to do
This level of reaching pulled a muscle in my soul.
oooooooo boi, where do I even begin with this one
No. Not at all.
When you've accepted that you're a trash site.
This has to be the most stupid article I've read and I used to read allkpop articles. Btw that's not even Ocarina…
“Shiekh was Zelda in drag” 😬😂😂😂
"modern journalism"
They wrote, using a screenshot from BotW.
Good article. People are calling the title clickbait but the article does actually break it down.
C'est une question à laquelle la réponse est : non
oh shut the fuck up
Well not really, it wasnt made with that intent But if OoT is helped you find yourself thats awesome, I'm sure the…
If this is a story about link coming out I’m going to die happy
I remember the scene where Link, Darunia and Ganondorf had an orgy in Hyrule Castle. The spitroast Link got was a s…
Just why Also that's a botw pic not OoT
What the actual fuck
no but I'm glad people have unique memories with the game.
Ya at the end link stands up and screams “IM A HUGE HOMO” at Ganon, that 100% happens.
No, it is the story of Link saving the world again
Very good you used the trap joke from BotW to illustrate that Ocarina of Time is gay
That’s BoTW link. It has no relevance to the story anyhow. No that’s incredibly stupid considering it came from jap…
Delete this please
uh no it’s just a terrible game
I always thought so
Actually, its about MGTOW. Link could have been drowning in pussy (Ruto, Saria, Malon, Zelda), but his destiny was…
>Ocarina of Time >Gay coming of age story >Uses Breath of the Wild image Wow. Can you be any more desperate?
Why are you the way that you are
No. Ocarina of Time is a story of Link saving the world from the evil that plagues it known as Ganondorf. Second ve…
>a rainbow bridge exists once
More like a coming out to kill ganon story
“Writes Ocarina of Time” -> shows screenshot from Breath of the Wild also stop doing this stupid shit
Yeah sure why not😂😂😂😂
My man's do be blowing on that ocarina pretty hard... 🤔
Why people have to make everything about the gays
Everything about this tweet has made me violently angry
retarded wojack . jaypeg
Slow news day, huh?
Someone got paid to write this
:^ ) Sometimes Just sometimes I have a good reason to hate everyone
Guys... link has friends that are girls, and is finding a stranger who *might* be a guy who is helping him on his q…
Is Destructoid fucking retarded?
- "Samus Aran is a transwoman. Deal with it" - "Sephiroth is a Transgender Icon" - And now:
Please read this, it's hilarious
Might as well be cause Zelda fans are faggots
he's literally an empty overly feminine shell
Probably not, no.
people REALLY want link to be gay apparently
Is this a joke?
in the case of narcissa yes
This ain’t it.
No. No it isn't. Those exist. Ocarina isn't one of them. Neither is Twilight Princess. Nor is Skyward Sword. Windwa…
1) that's a screenshot of Breath of the Wild 2) no 3) if it was it'd probably be a good game
I mean, the whole point of the silent protagonist thing is so you can insert yourself into its shoes, so yeah, inte…
The Metroid games are actually a thinly veiled metaphor for Samus transitioning into becoming a trans man why do yo…
This some dickhead shit
yikes @DontH8thaGravy
I opened this article and stopped reading after the first paragraph
You bastards.
Hmm..... Whatever you say destructoid
No. You're stupid. 😒😒😒😒😒
The reply's to this tweet do not disappoint.
Right, and I snort coke because it makes my scrotum smell better. You ain't foolin me
The answer, no...
Mentions Ocarina of Time. Picture is of Breath of the Wild. 🤔
I’m sorry, what?
Gaming journalism everyone. 😂
1- That's a screenshot from Breath of the Wild you ignorant cuntheads 2- No
I sure hope so!
1. This is Breath of the Wild. 2. no
You could argue more like Sheik's theme is the closest thing to a romantic theme in the game, comparing it to Saria…
não e a imagem nem é de OoT
Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare a gay coming-of-age story?
What kind of horrible bait is this?
pretty sure it's a "chosen one travels through time to save the world, and skips most of his childhood and thus doe…
I have no words
Why would anyone tweet this
The absolute state of games journalism
The Rumor Come Out: Does Link Is Gay?
Seriously in front of my childhood?
Well, now that you mention it...
I even gave it a chance but this article is sooo bs lol, clickbait of the lowest form. The parallel b/t time travel…
I just don’t even have any words for this one... how do you even come to the conclusion to ask that question? Comin…
Story involving a young male: h- Journalists (gay pedophiles): wow a story featuring a gay protagonist
>ocarina of time hot spicy takes with BOTW screenshot GAMES JOURNALISM
Bro.. W H A T T H E F U C K A R E Y A L L S M O K I N G
For real? C'mon @destructoid
Pretty sure the author of this article didn’t play the game.
Spoiler Alert: No
Wowzer why didn’t I think of this.🤨
Yes. Everything is gay. Also this is breath of the wild
Short answer: No Long answer: No. No it’s not. You flipping clod
No. It’s not.
Does Destructoid is gay? The rumour come out.
can you guys not????????????????
Got eat a fucking dick
no it's a texture pack for minecraft
Alright, this is getting silly.
okay first thats a screenshot from breath of the wild
jinkies scoob
Journalism is dead
Another reminder that "gaming journalism" is a fucking joke
@PocketSandRyan Just fools
Is Destructoid a satire site?
YES IT IS!! ^__^*
“Do I honestly think that Nintendo intentionally inserted this subtext...? Absolutely not, nor do I believe that Li…
Keep that bs away from my games.
???? Nothing to write about..... ??? This pays their journalistic salary
Another of Adzuken's articles was featured over at Destructoid!
what the fuck are you doing
Dawg y'all really reaching here
Is Back to the Future a gay coming-of-age story?
Didnt even use the right game screenshot
Ur hero of time gay
I don’t uhhhhhhh. I’m sorry what?
Western journalism FAGGOTRY at it's finest
Y'all wildin' and I'm pretty sure you know you are just to have people click on your links. NOT TODAY, DEMON.
I'm not even gonna read this article. The answer is too obvious
Yes of course it is! Mario Sunshine is about transitioning gender. Mario Kart is about introducing your mixed race,…
Have you...not played the game?
What the actual fuck
How to tell when it's a slow news day. Exhibit A:
This aint it chief
You gotta be shitting me
Is Ocarina of Time a gay coming-of-age story?
Is Ocarina of Time a gay coming-of-age story? [Destructoid] #destructoid #news
@dolari I think you'd have an answer to this question.
Is Ocarina of Time a gay coming-of-age story?
A bit far fetched but not bad tbh. I feel they thought this a bit too deep but not too preachy give it a go.
Top story: Is Ocarina of Time a gay coming-of-age story? , see more
Is Ocarina of Time a gay coming-of-age story? 😈😈😈😈😈
Is Ocarina of Time a gay coming-of-age story?
Artikel sagt, OoT Link ist gay, da er sich nicht auf die weiblichen Wesen einlässt sondern…
No. Fuck off and stop putting your politics into media.
Im done with the internet today
yes also don’t forget anakin x kenobi, Frodo x Samwise, narrator x Tyler durden, probably t…

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