Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us

Source : Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us

The influx of randomized loot boxes into games like Shadow of War and Star Wars Battlefront II has kicked off a discussion about their inclusion in games. Discussions of multiplayer imbalance and blocked off game content ignore an important truth: loot boxes are an ethical problem. They exist largely to

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Been working on this for a day or two. Companies are not your friends; vampires will never stop sucking blood.
heather is a fantastic critic and her piece on the exploitation of gambling mechanics in games is required reading:
The replies to this with “Overwatch is cosmetic” or “how else do you gain revenue” are upsetting. As if either make…
If these are necessary to keep devs employed you better believe the industry is due for a crash
Extremely relevant to recent discussions on stream
read this. read it. read it read it read it
Pretty much agree with this entirely. Loot boxes affecting gameplay balance is egregious, but loot boxes in general…
incredibly rude of you to dunk on vampires at such an important time of year for us
This article is good and I recommend reading it
kkjsfkkd look I'm very aware that I am a victim of toxic capitalism but Blizzard can have all my fucking money, ha…
Overwatch has not seen a fucking PENNY from me since I bought the game. I refuse to support this model.
Very valuable to keep in mind as smash esports becomes more corporate.
I learned that some non-USA countries have laws around gacha-style systems. good read right here on exploitative g…
I mean, a'doy. But also worth a read.
Nationalize Overwatch imo
Heather's crunchy breakdown of all the vague hand-wringing over loot boxes this week is 👌
Loot boxes use all the same psychological levers as gambling
There have been many great articles this week about loot crates... this one is the best. Thank you, Heather.…
Here’s an idea...don’t buy crates?
I said this earlier in the week, but: I don't 100% mesh w/Heather's take but it is important you read and consider…
lesson: you ever played an iphone game. don't buy shit. buy one-time shit. the game. that's it. yr grown ups. know.
What a surprise lol
Here, it may have just killed my piece but this is exactly it. Great article, read it.
Friday afternoon must read. I'm starting to change my mind about the supposed "acceptable" cosmetic loot boxes as w…
Lol yeah no shit...they want our money ofc they're not our friends
I’ve only recently began to recover from these virtual “Skinner Box” tactics. Thanks for spreading awareness cuz KN…
Wow, a system in which you're RANDOMLY given equipment isn't exactly fair? I NEVER would've figured that out on my…
People hating sustainable business models while not impacting the core of the game 🤔
I play and love gacha games. I spend money on them that I can comfortably afford. And @transgamerthink is 100% corr…
I have been saying this since day one of the Overwatch beta!
Seriously. Screw gacha and lootbox systems.
Thank you, Heather
How are they sucking blood if you're consenting, this article is so bologna lmao.
I love Heather's work, and this article is important and good, so EVERYONE should read it.
Loot boxes, by nature, are predatory. Don’t champion companies for using them to offset “free content” because it d…
This is a great article.
cc @anaees (and the conversation we were having about gambling)
One of the times people really need to actually read something on Kotaku. Click if you care about games.
Micro-transaction are killing innovation for some AAA companies.
Read this. It's important.
See also: other skinner box bullshit like daily quests and login bonuses
we need to find better ways to adapt to rising development costs than exploiting skinner box mechanics. tricky prob…
They spent what?! On video games?!
This is *precisely* why I find loot boxes unforgivably vile. Thank you Heather.
While I sympathize w/devs who need to keep their jobs, here’s a counterpoint to this growing trend.
@alext87uk 🦇
I'm not sure what to tell you? Like, no shit? It's not a company's job to be ethical or to baby you.
Thought-provoking article on loot boxes as gambling. Reminds me of the @ShutUpShow takes on wallet scourges like M:…
I'm really not a fan of kotaku, but this is actually a fantastic article.
Important piece on how lootboxes in games exploit addiction and are bad for everyone.
I'll take 'No Shit' for $400 Alex. (This is most of the reason I stopped playing Overwatch.)
I know little about the gaming world, but know a well-written piece when I read one. This is one.
Blizzard is not your fun buddy who loves you.
It took me two days of playing OW again to remember that getting a Skinner box every 1½hours is not a good reason t…
Loot boxes are designed to exploit us:
"I have a gambling problem. I found this out playing games" - Your move @ESRBRatings @PEGI_RATING
REALLY good article ... read it!
So much for game devs banning exploits.
Only going by the title and will read it in a bit but, Duh
This needs one of those ‘stages of an enlightened mind’ memes. Kotaku is finally ‘2013 woke’.
So is cheesecake. So is liquor. Go away.
Interesting article.
Paying money for random chances at things are always gambling. Doesn't matter what the rating boards say.
An article that makes sense.
I've been saying this for years.
No fucking way
Looks like you're finally breaking through at fucking last @JimSterling - if only you didn't have to break so many…
Best @Kotaku I've read, hits the issue right on the head #Overwatch #overwatchhalloween #lootboxes
Leveling up for the sake of these boxes keeps me up at night
Wise one @GamingEthos said this long ago
As desenvolvedoras estão apelando demais para o nosso lado fraco
Loot boxes are designed to exploit us:
sometimes kotaku's takes are just extremely obvious
Oxygen is designed to be breathed by every living human and animal
It should be noted tho that in OW everything is purely cosmetic
*spits out coffee in between buying another set of loot boxes to get limited availability skins that's impossible t…
Oczywista oczywistość, ale to ładnie podsumowanie systemu.
A very interesting take (food for thought) on loot boxes #videogames
in other news water is wet
No fucking shit
I still think Overwatch has one of the better implementations of this system.
And i tbought tbey were to help us...
Swear they have an article about this everytime the game updates...
you know that trite phrase, "even demons know"? yeah put that here Even Kotaku Knows
honestly you'd have to have some corporate hands shoved very far in your ass to say loot boxes AREN'T designed to b…
코타쿠 기자가 장문의 기사로 랜덤박스와 가챠를 비판하는 기사를 썻다. 기자의 맺음말이 인상적이다.
this article makes me proud to call @transgamerthink my colleague. it is persuasive, informative and biting
Been saying this for a while. Mobile popularized it, now it's everywhere and it's a problem -
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Heather's piece is v good
I'd say this is obvious, but eh, I guess it needs to be said.
a pretty decent analysis about the addictive nature of loot boxes and why vulnerable people should be wary of them.
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
This is common knowledge among game designers, but not so common among players...
Random loot témában egy másik cikk.
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
It's a beautiful day when people mention Skinner's work
This article by @transgamerthink on loot boxes is the most spot-on writing I’ve seen on the subject yet.
Great article about the behavioral science of gambling and loot boxes in video games.
I'm not even a big gamer and I'm fascinated by this.
Only if the dev doesn't care about the players: "Loot boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us" via @kotaku
I fucking hate lootboxes and in game purchases
my qualms with this ongoing conversation aside, i really appreciate heather’s take here.
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
Late Capitalism: Dull the masses with entertainment while bleeding them of currency as they partake.
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us vía @kotaku
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
(for more on that, I recommend @transgamerthink over at kotaku: )
"Loot boxes exist for the purpose of exploiting players.  They exists to prey on the economically vulnerable." -
I'm disappointed to see many AAA games incorporating the worst, most exploitative aspects of Free To Play,...
This is useful if you're somehow unfamiliar with loot boxes at this point but it made my eyes roll out of my head
This is good stuff on why loot boxes are trash. It's really killed my hype for Battlefront 2.
:( Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Down with loot boxes!
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us ༄ The influx of randomized loot boxes into games li…
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
@Farktoid May I suggest an article on loot boxes that was written by someone that didn't spend a bunch of time duri…
Un artículo fantástico:
Hey @PandActivist, here's a decent breakdown of how video game makers try to manipulate gamers and create addicts
Gokken wordt gemeengoed in zelfs de grootste games. Spelers worden op perverse manieren gelokt en uitgebuit.
@Asros Want to know why so many founders were/are upset about the change to loot boxes? Here you go!
While reading this remember that today Nintendo is a part of it, thanks to Fire Emblem Heroes
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us - Kotaku
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us 「ガチャは我々を搾取するよう設計されている」 @kotakuさんから
As someone who has made casino slot games, this is the first article I read about the topic that hits the point
Nederlandse politiek moet hier wat aan doen en de kinderen beschermen! Gokken in games verhuld als lootbox. @MinPres
Lol @ Kotaku just now figuring this out
What noooooooooo? You don't say? @Grummz Did you have any idea?!
"[A] system that preys on addiction built upon research on how best to trick people into letting companies rob them"
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us #feedly
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
@jeffcannata Great article on kotaku on loot boxes/psychology
Excellent article on exploitative game design by @transgamerthink Give it a read if you give a damn about being used
@sblomkamp @shadowofwargame Loot boxes spur gambling addiction:
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Let's call them what they are: unregulated gambling.
@2wicky @shadowofwargame Don’t forget feeding gambling addicts and preying on their vulnerabilities! @ESRBRatings
Always happy to see people calling out Lootboxes for what they are: shady business practices.
Shout out to @transgamerthink
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
Ethics of Gacha game design, the widely spread monetisation technique
Read this if you enjoy playing games in 2017.
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us vía @kotaku
Loot boxes make games worse, but is it gambling? #DevMedEnt
Essential reading for anyone wondering whether loot boxes really are that bad. Spoiler: They really are.
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Really great article on the rise of loot boxes in video games, and the adverse effects it can have:
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Would not want my kids having gambling marketed at them
Un tema muy interesante para debatir. La verdad que todos buscan que juegues sus juegos y nunca lo...
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
I try to keep it positive but please... Read and share if you care about the severity of the moral consequences...
Беру назад 30% плохих вещей, которые говорил об этом сайте. Даже 32%. // Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us -
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us #more #feedly
@domzero1 @shadowofwargame Well with a little $ and a whole lot of luck Gambling, you can get him back!
#esportsLoot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us @gamegod1up
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us via @kotaku
@Artemio En el tema, me tope con este hoy:
Loot Boxes Are Designed To Exploit Us.

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