Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers

Source : Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers

If something is special to you, you want to be able to experience it in the purest way possible, momentarily free from everyday concerns and responsibilities, and most of all from the constant, uninterrupted din of the internet. But there’s getting to experience a game fresh and then there’s what

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Mario fans are way too sensitive about spoilers
Maybe you should just not make an article on every single thing in Mario odyssey
'supposed professional whining' is my second favorite genre of bad article
New 3D Mario games don't come all that often. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be surprised by them.
yeah, who would want to be surprised by a Mario game that was intentionally made to have the most surprises ever in…
Considering people have to basically leave the internet for days just to play a game blind, I can't blame them.
Because fuck people who want to go into games blind, am I right? You are just being sensitive when you want to expe…
Ah yes the "It's Mario so people are too sensitive to spoilers" um no people want to just experience it blind so fu…
Not really, we want to be surprised with the content. How about we get to play the game early and at shows and we T…
The only reason you people aren't sensitive about spoilers is because none of you actually care about the video gam…
Shocking that people want to go into a game knowing as little as possible to be surprised by it huh?
"How dare you not want a game spoiled for you?" Preaches out of touch glorified blog.
Or maybe they don't want all the details to a game they just dropped $60 on?
The reason I still follow Kotaku is so I can see stupid headlines like this and laugh.
"Idiot gamers want to enjoy their games. What absolute fools."
YOU FUCKING RETARDS. How the fuck you can't understand that fans don't LIKE to be SPOILED??? You wankers prove DA…
yes, how dare people wish to have personal experiences with video games instead of having those experiences shoved…
I'm sorry to break it to you. EVERYONE IS SENSITIVE to spoilers.
Spoilers: Mario defeats Bowser and receives the opportunity to smile platonically at Princess Peach Come at me bros
Your right. How dare anyone try to go into a game with a fresh experience and try to enjoy the exploration and new…
People like to be surprised, you fuck nuggets.
Would anyone like a follow up tweet where I pick up all of the inane garbage Kotaku has published about odyssey ins…
Sorry - getting the game we have been eagerly waiting for nearly 2 decades for - of course we are anal about this.…
Coming from Kotaku The site that's sensitive about everything
"Why do people hate Kotaku" Oh i dont know. Maybe it has something to do with their ignorance on most if not all…
Am I out of touch? No; it's the children who are wrong.
Or maybe you guys just write way too many goddamn fluff pieces.
Anyone would be sensitive about spoilers, you retarded pricks
This is a bullshit article.
Perhaps. Or perhaps in a game all about wonder, exploration, and discovery, even minor spoilers directly and negati…
Spoilers in a Mario game, lmao
Please report this tweet. No such article exists on Game Rant or will ever. <3
If the premise of your article is “some people feel spoiled because the lyrics to the New Donk City song are printe…
People dislike spoilers in surprise shocker.
Oh, god forbid we enjoy surprises and don't want them ruined. Oh no!
Fuck this article in particular
Everyone is not just mario fans
Maybe we wanna fuckin enjoy shit and aren't all machines who need to see everything within 5 minutes 🅱
I usually wouldn't agree to this but someone said Spoiler Alert for the final boss Not just the final boss, but a s…
Fuck you, Kotaku
Why is it so terrible for me wanting to go through this game blind like everybody that got the game day 1.
"I am mad that I got shit on for clickbait"
What else would you expect from Kotaku?
I get it, but damn if I don't see spoilerphobia as the biggest nonsense.
you game journalists are way too sensitive when we say you're trash at games
Thanks, Kotaku. I appreciate you reminding us why some many folk rightfully loath you.
The replies to this article are 👌👌👌👌👌
This article is fucking stupid
I agree with this
What fan isn't sensitive to spoilers?
Oh look, a bad article.
It's a Mario game. Beat King Koopa Rescue Princess Repeat
lol fuck off
Sometimes I'm alright with Kotaku especially when you have people like @jasonschreier there but it's titles & artic…
"We fucked up and don't want to admit it" "We don't know how to write about games"
Game Journalists are way too sensitive about video game difficulty
And you guys are way too sensitive about difficulty in video games
I wish you were making as much of an effort to publish worthy journalism as Mario fans were to avoid spoilers. A s…
It's a new fucking game. Of course they don't want spoilers dumbass
even for kotaku this is retarded
Spoiler alert: Kotaku writer spoiled someone on Super Mario Odyssey, admits he "didn't know the other person didn't…
Spoiler: Kotaku is still bad
Can you be any more daft
What the hell, Kotaku.
Que absurdo as pessoas descobrirem que o Bowser é derrotado!
A handful of decent points, but note: anytime you put a character or accessory reveal right in your thumbnail, that…
Kotaku articles are way too clickbaity
I don't think this is exclusive to "Mario Fans". Spoilers suck, period. Especially on a new thing. I don't think it…
Or they could just be joking around like I was.
What about people who didn't want the seventh book of Harry Potter not wanting to get spoiled for them? Or what abo…
Kotaku is way too desperate for pageviews
Oh look another game journo the industry needs to collectively throw in the trash
Have you even MET the Sonic fans?
This did occur to me, I understand the fretting about spoilers when it comes to storylines or narratives, but Mario…
This is the apex of "pot calling the kettle" articles
Kotaku do you think twice bout what you post
If it's not in the trailer or promotional material, wait a bit until you share it (if at all). It's not that hard t…
@reh23 @Mando_Lga no shit Sherlock
This headline is two words too long.
Probably because they had to wait for years of their life to play it. 🤔
La cultura del "spoiler" es una de las peores que han proliferado en el internet en los ultimos años
I want to explore a game by myself without getting everything revealed beforehand. Why make a difference between a…
Whoever wrote this tweet, you're fired
Can this man be fired? please he needs to go.
Why would you go out of your way to insult your target audience? Business 101: you don't do that shit.
Pot meet kettle
Here we go, off the rails....
Spoilers: Fans of things don't like things being spoiled for them.
tl;dr fuck the fans, we want clicks you fucking nerds
Maybe because you are doing so many articles on the game it might as well be a let's play? So don't bitch when peo…
Princess Peach leaves both Mario and Bowser in the end. Thank me later.
everyone is too sensitive about spoilers
Gaming journalism everybody!
maybe they just don't want spoilers in the first week it's out, idk
No, we just want to play the game for ourselves, but how dare we, right? This is just yet more evidence that you d…
I kinda agree with this but at the same time It's Kotaku, why would I ever treat donkey shit like them seriously l…
"Too sensitive about spoilers" is the laziest logic ever. Why not shut your trap instead? It's like saying people…
Kotaku’s way too sensitive about everything else.
Thats what she said HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA
the headline shouldve just been "people are sensative about spoilers, and they should be"
no one giving kotaku's opinion any actual value? just a normal day
The solution has always been to just stay off the internet
Spoilers are never cool
"journalists" are way too sensitive about being criticized for spoiling games.
Its not just you @BoNytes ! ;P
This is actually dumb
Lol silly sensitive baboons.. it's a Mario game... there's nothing here that anyone could possibly enjoy by going i…
Mario Odyssey is a game that encourages exploration, so naturally people don't want to be spoilt on that department…
I should send spoilers to the author, see if that changes their opinion 🤔
Wrong again, Kotaku.
It's a game that loves to surprise you with variety and absurdism. Is it so shocking that some people might want to…
Actually, all Nintendo fans are sensitive about spoilers...
Hey...sana know how Odyssey ends? Mario saves Peach.
How fucking hard is it not to spoil a game though? You could just like, not spoil it
agreed heavily
Italian man boops the spiky dino bad boy as usual #SpoilerAlert
Sorry Kotaku, but this article can fuck off.
It's really not that difficult to put a simple spoiler warning in your tweets guys, we have 280 characters now so y…
spoilers about what... nothing happens in the story
Remove Kotaku
I'm not too worried about Kotaku spoiling games for me. You'd have to get through the tutorial to do that.
Poor @Kotaku, they just don't get it. The surprise is what makes the experience in games like Odyssey so great.
Imagine getting upset about spoilers for a game you like
The disconnect between game journalist and gamers is huge
Mario fans are way too sensitive about spoilers
You know what, fuck you -.-
This is the worst take, people are genuinely shit at this stuff now with the ease of screenshots/video/social media…
Everyone is sensitive about spoilers, you hacks.
Many people react to "spoilers" in different ways. Don't label us "too sensitive" for wanting to experience a game…
Pois é, às vezes quero falar alguma coisa do jogo mas não falo por causa disso.
That should say about "Everything"
Don't be a whiny pissbaby just because people want to experience a game for themselves
cc @mattrio_
Es cierto @reh23 ? Cc.@master_doros
"In another extreme case, one person even called out the game itself because of the painting warps that connect pla…
Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers - If something is special to you, you want to be able to experi...
Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers
#esportsMario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers @gamegod1up
#SPOILERALERT Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About #Spoilers #supermarioodyssey
Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers
Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers
Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers via @kotaku
people can get very serious about the silliest things
Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers ༄ If something is special to you, you wan…
@UnknownKongYT Mario fans are way too sensitive about spoilers
Mario Fans Are Way Too Sensitive About Spoilers
@Cocodwor You read our article this is in reference to, right?
@millere2773 So you're in the this-tree-is-a-spoiler camp? And the absence-of-boos-is-a-spoiler camp? ok
@kazeugma This tab was open in my browser and I have no idea where it came from.

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