Nintendo Details Switch Online Service, Will Be $20/Year

Source : Nintendo Details Switch Online Service, Will Be $20/Year

Nintendo Switch’s online service will cost $20/year and will launch at some point in 2018, the publisher said today. Playing Switch games online will be free until the service launches.

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Nintendo confirms to Kotaku that monthly classic games are NOT happening. Replaced with a way better service:…
Big plays by Nintendo #NBAFinals
Okay NICE, so you'll always have access to those games. A Netflix virtual console with online play sounds amazing.…
This is what happens if you're loud enough about dumb shit. We need to be louder though.
This is insane. Nintendo Netflix sounds AMAZING.
Look at Nintendo being smart.
Yo is this real life
Gee, its almost like literally everyone told them their previous plan was stupid. ;)
Oh wow, they're finally doing it.
Netflix for games? I'm listening
Oh sweet Jesus thank you, this was the lamest thing imo when it was first announced. AND for $20 a year?
O wait...this could be huge. Still don't want peer to peer though haha
okay. Now I'm interested.
This is great
This is unbelievable news. Kudos to Nintendo for recognizing how lame the original idea sounded. Hoping for the bes…
The rentals are gone, replaced with something more familar (keep as long as you have a sub)
.@SBFVGSPodcast @burywite @davidjtate
I'm okay with this plan much better
Gut! Der alte Plan war fürn Arsch.
Ho boy can't wait to pay a monthly fee to pay 15 year old games thanks Nintendo you can do no wrong you innovators
This is actually really, really cool. Dude who wants to play some Kirby's Dream Course *online*
Confirmation of service change for Classic games. Now an on demand service.
Nintendo made a smart business decision and I will gladly pay $20 a year for this alone
Essentially the virtual console version of the new Xbox Game pass. Coolio.
This is... this is Nintendo Netflix. Cool.
Wow. Now the question is what is this library gonna look like in terms of games?
Oh so it's... on-demand. I actually quite like that. Still hope we can transfer Wii U/3DS games.
The way it should be! I'm glad that they changed it. :)
Good to hear
FInally some word on Nintendo's online service and perks! Will we be seeing sfome sort of Game Pass variant? 🤔
This is much better!!
Well that took like no tie at all to switch
Ayyyyyy ♡ @NintegaGamer @ShinyFelyne @bluross1992 @TreesenHauser
Esto es lo único que es interessnte. El resto ya veremos. Pagas por p2p, chat en móvil y veremos si Smash va como d…
Did.... did Nintendo do a learning?
@NintendoDads @NintendoGurus @PlayinNintendo @PSVG
So yeah. This sounds very Netflix style and that's my dream
Okay now I'm listening
This is big time and I'll buy a Switch pending details.
That does sound better.
@ithinkibrokeit @GaymerFox @Hyl_ian Here's a bit more, folks. I think we're going to see th…
Dammit now I DO want a damn switch. Dammit all to hell. Okay next up... Return of Pokemon Snap with co-op play??…
Então é um Netflix dos games. Ponto pra Nintendo.
Ok, better. Though I gather it's only #NES game initially. Get some #SNES or #N64 games @Nintendo THEN we're cookin…
@KingSigy @Chillybillz This is a huge, and partially explains why Nintendo didn't want to further compete with them…
Yes! THIS is what I was hoping for! I'm definitely in now.
Amazing news.
I’m going to be honest. If Nintendo gets serious with this, a Switch is worth owning JUST for this $20/yr service.
hey maybe they figured out the internet a little bit finally
Whoa. Like Netflix I'm assuming 😮
The canceled production of NES classics suddenly makes sense 🤔
ماعاد صار فيه ألعاب شهرية، صار لما تشترك في Nintendo online تكون عندك مكتبة دائمة من الألعاب الكلاسيكية مع لعب Onli…
Nintendo's really making some smart choices here.
I'd happily pay $20 a year for a catalogue of 2D Nintendo games. Offer premium GameCube/Wii games on the side, & we…
@DormStreams We did it, we did it, we did it, YAY!
This sounds like Netflix. Please tell me that's what's happening.
G O O D Also sucky as a price for online is $20 is something I can live with.
Nintendo.... Listened..... To people? And acted...... Quickly?
Oh man, this could be big.
@ClassyRaptor THIS JUST IN, the service to seems to be like a Netflix for old games!!
@HeroOfTime125 I think it is
Ay, that's fuckin sweet
@TSGBritt Might get to do that coop Secret of Mana stream I owe you.
@mathman1024 @PSVG Ryan this is from Nintendo ... is like Xbox Game PAss as slong as you have the subscription you…
All good sign us up!
Nintendo's really getting their act together this year.
THANK YOU 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Okay this is pretty freaking awesome
Ok so we get to keep the games now. Awesome.
This is better. @ImaMakeMovies @MannyGPT @JrdnRees
Guys. @Derek_Diamond @JayFunktastic
Yeah boi, that's awesome!
Thank fucking god
Holy fucking shit take my money
That's a little better.
@GuardianDee @ExandShadow Nope it's like Netflix, you have the subscription, it's avaliable to you:
Na, das ist doch nochmal um einiges besser als zuvor angekündigt, nicht? :D
This does sound a ton better than the original idea
Ah oui, ah bah oui, ok, là, oui.
Good move Nintendo
Aaaaaand it's confirmed, great news, thank you #Nintendo for adjusting that particular part of the service.…
This is what people wanted the virtual console to be all along
Nintendo just got business woke
Eu já to esfregando dinheiro na tela.
Thank goodness, smart move. Nintendo style Netflix sounds dope!!
Wow it's almost like they heard every single person on earth say what a terrible service and value add it was. That…
Is Nintendo finally adopting a Netflix subscription model for Virtual Console? Hooray! Let's hope so!
Okay that actually sounds pretty alright depending on what eShop games are available
Wow. I think my decision to slowly save up for a Switch is now justified.
Hot damn! I can't believe they listened, honestly. This is a way better service.
Now this I like.
Nintendo once again behind the times. This was called Sega Chanel Way to copy Sega's innovations.
I think either @notaxation predicted this or was thinking they should do this either good call :D #Colinwasright
This is great news. Glad Nintendo listened.
Wow. This is exactly what everyone wanted to begin with. What an un-Nintendo like pivot. Maybe they are changing.
Oh thank goodness they went back on that incredibly asinine idea.
So Virtual Console Netflix then. I dig it.
cool but can i still transfer my virtual console :^)
Well damn, Nintendo really was listening like they said they were. I'd hoped, but after the way VC had been done p…
Nintendo ouvre enfin la porte au netflix retro ! cc @Loupign
@sunbro_hollow @TheXbone I'm assuming it's in reference to this:
Now get rid of the mandatory phone app for voice chat and I'd feel a lot better about paying for this service.
Big news and definitely the right decision.
This is a great idea
When can I buy my switch?
@Fullmetalpenny even better.
Oh shit, this actually sounds pretty cool
Nintendo qui écoute son public et améliore ses offres: le monde est vraiment sens dessus dessous
Okay that alone would be worth the $20 a year subscription. :D
Rotate the games every so often, and this will be nice for users. $20 annually (at least for now) is a decent start…
they actually responded to feedback *before* a service rollout and not years later? I'll be damned
This is awesome
Oh! Aparentemente si es un netflix de juegos clasicos de Nintendo
@cillah this is the value for me
This sounds a lot better than the monthly game rental idea.
Smart Move Nintendo
Oh so Nintendo is doing that free game thing Neat Now they just need a good selection of games and it's golden
Agora só falta backup do meu save de Zeldo. 100 horas de gameplay não dá pra brincar.
Not too dissimilar to that new xbox service. Wonder if Sony will follow suit.
Porra aí sim! Beeem melhor
There it is. Worth the $20!
Thank goodness Blockbuster Rom Rentals are dead.
I stand corrected. This does sound way better.
That's more like it!
This is way better!!
@tukenstein_me @Starik20X7 @LoZTriforce
This makes the twenty dollars 10000% worth it and I'm pumped.
Nintendo decides to not do a bad idea that anyone could have told them was a bad idea. Stop giving Nintendo money.
they finally did it. thank fucking god.
Oh shit, depending on the games this could be cool as hell
This better not replace Virtual Console or I'll be super pissed
Let us congratulate the anonymous miners on the success of their decades-long drilling project - through the skulls…
Called it long ago, glad Nintendo is doing this!
e com a notícia de que aparentemente a nintendo fez uma coisa boa pra variar eu me despeço
I guess this means that only online subs are given access to Virtual Console? IDK, it sounds like an updated VC
@cakeinabarrel @Cronologic25
There's the answer to my question!
Bueno al menos Nintendo corrigió esto, porque el sistema anterior de online pagado era un chiste
@VidjaGamez nvm you can definitely keep them (at least as long as they're in the library).
OK, this sounds really nice for $20 a year.
$20/year sounds like a good deal for a platform that grants access to a pool of classic @NintendoAmerica games.
This. Is. Awesome.
Do you remember all of the fanboys out there saying "it's not so bad it will be like a book club for Nintendo games…
Começa a valer a pena…
I sure hope more than NES games are included in that lol
ok, NOW they have my attention
Agora sim faz sentido. Já tem meu interesse...
Sounds much better than the original plan.
This makes the $20/year a steal!
Not only is it a cheap as hell yearly subscription, you have this added on top
Good, that old service seemed awful. Pricing is good though.
Nintendoflix. Sold.
@jonnymetts don't think so
Esto me gusta bastante más, dónde va a parar Ahora sí me planteo comprar una suscripción online
This makes the online service EVEN BETTER!
This almost makes up for the awful method of using Voice Chat on the service.
All the Balloon Fight and Wreck It Crew you want!!!
Already a huge improvement.
This is literally the dream come true, right @scully1888? Although a lot of us already own most of them, having the…
Is this the beginning of Nintendo not being Nintendo!? #Nintendo #cautiouslyoptimistic #20bucksis20bucks
immediate access to the full library would be nice but if they can't launch w/ a packed catalog or force the dripfe…
Omg I hope it's come to be ... @NintendoAmerica your move!
Excellent. It sounds like it will work a bit more like PS Plus/Games with Gold now.
I really hope some of my friends are planning on getting Switches at some point so I can play Mario 3 online.
Wow they're even changing their stance on how free games are delved out. Similar to PSN. I like where this is going.
Another Netflix for Games model
im still not entirely sure what the wording here means but sounds way better than the original also, online-enable…
okay I’m very very very down for this
This is way better than what they originally said. This, discounts, and online play, I'd do $20/year for.
@JimSterling they un-fucked something???
I am 300% less upset about the online fee now
@ConnorEatsPants @ItsIonic also uh, confirmed none of the games are disappearing. they'll absolutely add more. huge…
nintendo makes me cry tears of joy
Oh hell yes!
Ok now that this online deal just got better
واو زي نتفليكس و خدمة Xbox pass 🔥🔥
I wonder if this will replace Virtual Console or not 🤔
@concrete1992 here you go
This sounds much much better.
eu te amo nitendon
Oh shit???? Excellent news :)
Oh hey, that thing people didn't like got improved. Nice.
This is like the best thing ever👍👍👍👍
The Switch friggin rules
This is still pretty bad?????
And there it is, fantastic news.
that's pretty neat
This is huge, and will ultimately be the thing that makes me buy a Switch.
Wait. Nintendo LISTENED to their customers? MADNESS!
Woo. Well that aughta make @JimSterling a bit happier. As well as endless Switch owners.
...How classic is "Classic," though? Because this can be either awesome or extremely lame depending on how far back…
This is so much better..
Pues esto por 20 pavos al año no esta tan mal. A ver que catálogo ponen
That's a lot better
This does sound promising.
@jasbris @agm_aries if this is legit this is very interesting cause their online is $19.99 USD a year.
bordel hâte d'avoir la liste là j'espere à l'E3
Much better.
Huh. Well whaddya know, they actually took feedback from concerned fans. Never thought I'd see the day.
Thank GOD! @FarFromSubtle
This is huge! Such a big improvement!
@TaleSpun @Xzyliac @LaMystika I mean, this sounds worth it -
Yo this is MUCH better than the original online plan.
Heard about this on Reddit. This is awesome.
If this is real, this would totally explain the lack of word on VC we've been getting, and COULD be awesome (long a…
No lo puedo creer. ¿Nintendo tomando una buena decisión en su plataforma online? Genial.
This is good.
@FarFromSubtle here you go on the free classic games. It's not monthly anymore.
Oh wow. That's a lot better than what PlayStation and Xbox is offering.
Nice! 😎
Hmm. Will have to see how this pans out.
Il semble que les plans de Nintendo aient changés. Les utilisateurs auraient accès à une sélection de jeux rétro ta…
This is... ...better.
Wait, Nintendo actually LISTENED for once?
🤔...Idk about that. I rather get a game every month without worry about being an active subscriber😒 But we'll see...
@IsaacPauk well, this changes EVERYTHING
maybe they saw @JoshyFunTime video on how they should have a netflix type app for classic games on the switch lol…
Yesssss @NintendoAmerica ! Keep it up!
Nintendo is listening. This service is way better than originally planned.
YEHEHES NINTENDO! Now all we need is Super Nintendo and this service will be worth the price of admission, which is…
Aaaaaaahhhhh this sounds like Netflix for video games
I like this much more but really all depends on the games available
@ShaunBolen This sounds like the idea you proposed during the Switch reveal stream.
Praise @JimSterling
Watching Nintendo grow up into a big-boy
good on yah @NintendoAmerica because that previous plan was ASS :p
@DirectFeedGames -- A bit more info. Does indeed sound like a Netflix type service.
Ok this sounds much better. Why didn't they say this in the first place?
This is what they should've done the entire time. Glad they realized the mostake.
"with added online play" Umm holy shit? That's awesome
Nice, exactly what pretty much everyone was hoping for.
@secularcoding @ThisIsPizza this was a major switch critique of ours, looks like they fixed it
Holy crap wait that is better
so does this mean the virtual console is gonna be a part of the Nintendo Online service? if so it's fucking lit
Nintendo confirms to Kotaku that Switch subscribers will have unlimited access to a library of classic games:…
Could… Could Nintendo finally be doing something that makes sense with their back catalog?
Ha bah ÇA c'est cool
This sounds interesting but if it's just NES games it'll get old fast, hopefully they don't screw this up.
Das ändert ALLES.
All that for only 20 bucks a year? Sign me the fuck up.
Well, this makes Switch Online one amazingly good deal.
They haven't confirmed shit. It's still ambiguous. **a** library Not the whole library. A library. And at the sta…
@ThePhilSSB lets goo Classic games with online play ? 🤔🤔 Smash64 with online ?🤔🤔
That's better. But what kind of library? I can easily see this be similar to the previous 2 rentals a month, just b…
@nostoppingepoch @HeatPhoenix
Voilà qui est déjà plus raisonnable, voir intéressant
switch owners cannot complain with 20 dollars a year PLUS a huge free library of classic games.
I take it back. Having the unlimited classic game library is worth $20/yr.
The question here is, how big will that library be? My guess is pretty low.
Great strategy.
@FaintDeftone @Zakal @scottielindsay
Game changer. Nintendo Netflix essentially.
Added online? Ohhhhhhh reeeeally?
Yay! This is exactly what I hoped for! Yahooo
Hmmmmm @realseanwhite
And Nintendo just changed my opinion about buying a Switch.
Well I'm subscribing just as soon as this library lands cause that fee is well worth a crazy big virtual console
E agora? Não tenho grana pra comprar um Switch no Brasil, vou perder todos os lançamentos. Quando eu conseguir comp…
Wha?!?!?!? Take my money @NintendoAmerica. Now if only I had enough money for a Switch....
Buy Games Extremely Cheap At
Вот, это я понимаю! На #Switch по подписке будет доступна вся библиотека классических игр. Молодец #Nintendo!
good, how it should be
God dammit @VintageSpiffy. Nintendo might be doing a cool thing.
Wonder if this means they could raise the price of the subscription for a larger library of games.
Switch online plans redeemed.
@PhilTatak This is even stranger, I hope it's not a subscription service.
@AdamChura This seems cool.
@NintendoAmerica listening your fans..OMG JUST ONE SECOND.. already see this before.. OH YEAH! on @Xbox Gold Member…
I will permanently play FF Mystic Quest and no one can stop me
classic games with online play? 🤔
So this changed since last time. I'm proud that @NintendoAmerica listens to their audience, it makes it that much b…
Welp, buying a Switch!
@Ricker666 Well, at least it makes their $20 a year worth the money.
$20.00 for a year ain't bad either. Maybe add a few more titles, just to sweeten the deal. #nintendoswitch
@EeZyTakesPhotos look, and talk tomorrow. after the complaints they at least got that right. Still lame that we have to use an extra device for party…
"Nintendo told Kotaku something, says Kotaku"
Ohhhhhhhh shit
Nintendo details Switch online services, will be $20/year
Good price overall. Netflix like VC service is great. Should be well received among the early adopter crowd.
Reasonable price, even if just for their Netflix/Xbox Game Pass style feature that adds online support to NES games.
Compared to the 60 or so dollars that psn needs for a year membership that is a damn good deal for a year
Talk about expensive! 😶
Not so bad, but that online better be smooth as butter, smh
Can't work out if I'm happy or frustrated at this. One the one hand, huzzah free online! On the other, free Nin…
Je la refais. :p Par an. Ouais, ok. C'est envisageable. ^^
Hot damn! Undercut those other fuckers!
Updated clarification that the service will let you have access to a library of games as long as you pay for the se…
Think this will compliment Xbox Live and/or PlayStation Plus? - Jason
Bien pero... ¿Era necesario?
I can deal with that 😂 But give me in game talk without a stupid app 😩
huh not bad thts like a little over some couch change a month
That's.....quite reasonable.
Costs less than PSN and XBox Live for 2 months, still a dick move
Coño 20 pavos al año está bien
Another reminder that the Netflix of games can not and will not ever exist.
I'm not convinced. I think we're seeing the beginning of this and we'll see where we are in two or three months fro…
And I don't ever want it to exist. Spotify was the worst thing to ever happen to the recording industry.
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Holy... @Nintendo listened! On demand classic gaming included!
I have and probably again will be one of Nintendo's biggest critics, but they continue to do a GREAT job w/Switch.
Nintendo confirms you keep your games,like PS Plus. No longer month to month basis like originally #Switch
Nintendo's not wasting time on their online service at E3? THANK YOU! Just keep it games.
this all sounds terrible
#gaming #games #nintendoswitch #indiegame #indiegames
ICYMI: Nintendo's online details. You don't just get one game a month, you get the whole library:
This is really good! I'd pay another 20$/yr for SNES, probably :D
Nintendo’s new online service is a step in the right direction, but is it enough? #NintendoSwtich
Nice, the classic NES games with #NintendoSwitch's online service will be made available via a Netflix model
if the classic library holds up this makes switch very enticing
@bakadesusenpai2 @RiceDigital That was probably just worded wrong. Here:
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] #gaming
#Nintendo has detailed what their online subscription service will cost and what you get. #Gaming #NintendoSwitch
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/ Year, Includes Classic Games
@Kezz182 Yeah they've changed from that plan which is why it's delayed until 2018 the update in this article clarif…
@sven_stick Uppfattade som att det inte är så längre.
@AngryEsper You're adding your own speculation. Kotaku confirmed right now that it's only NES and possibly SNES.
Nintendo Details Switch Online Service, Will Be $20/Year.
"Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]" #gaming #Nintendo
@stephanieZUPPO It could actually be really cool, Netflix style NES library?
Traduction : Nintendo fait son Netflix du retrogaming, à 1,5$/mois. C'est foufou quand même via @kotaku
1 more reason I need a Switch. The Online Service Will Be $20/Year & Includes Classic Games!!! via @kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] - Kotaku #technology
Good to hear, Nintendo. $20 a year as opposed to a month :D
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
@wowmartiean So far online and co op/multiplayer and a free classic game every month.
On the one hand, Switch not having voice chat is a glaring flaw. On the other, I don't like talking to strangers.
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
[UPDATE]🎮 Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games👾 #NintendoSwitch #SwitchOnline
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Nintendo Details Switch Online Service, Will Be $20/Year
What's you favorite class games from Nintendo?
So it's like the Netflix of old games... Something's fucky here....
Yay: Fixe "Games on Demand"-Library während des Abos Nay: Freundesliste und Co. nur via Smartphone
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games
Nintento confirmed to Kotaku that online service subscribers will have permanent access to a classic game library.
@_SKVB @BarronWasteland
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]
Hmm, "Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games". via @kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year
الخبر هذا الي اتكلم عنه
Online multiplayer Dr. Mario sounds like a winner, but buying a modern console to play 1990's best game seems silly.
Nintendo lives their lives a quarter mile at a time. Better but also something different.
#geordi3B0y Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games…
Nintendo lives their lives a quarter mile at a time. Better but also something different.
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]
@Khalil__ اتفق لكن هذا الخبر نقول ان شاء الله بداية كويسه
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]
Et @Kotaku confirme: les classics game seront bien dispo tant qu'on aura l'abo #LT
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year via @kotaku
Let me guess : les jeux de la NES Mini, et puis on réfléchit aux jeux SNES le temps de vendre des SNES Mini ?
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]
*Include Classic Games* is Nintendo kill feature. All heil the #SWITCH
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] - Kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] - Kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
@invadergold123 @GameXplain @YouTube
Nintendo won't get around to launching its online service for its new Switch console until 2018.
Nintendo Switch - the need is ever increasing via @kotaku
fuck nintendo for this
@SamuelB04017534 @LordWeilheim @Domtendo Du bekommst eine Bibliothek von NES und SNES Games die du solange das Abo…
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
@THEREALRTU you making a video on the new classic game service? So glad they listened
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]
@Aftonstjaerna Enligt denna länk så:
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games via @kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] - Kotaku…
@HMKilla Yo hmk you probably read this already. But the way Nintendo is handling the free games is even better now.
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]
Nintendo Details Switch Online Service, Will Be $20/Year.
Nintendo adds Netflix like online service: . Looks our article from Feb paid off! #Nintendo
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE]
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
@doublemaxou @sorento13 Ici, dans une interview donnée par Nintendo à Kotaku:
Nintendo switch's Online service will be 20 dollars per year includes classic games! #Nintendoswitch #ggwausau...
Nintendo's online Switch service will be $20 per year says Kotaku.
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] - Kotaku
Le online Switch coûtera 20$/an et proposera finalement un catalogue de jeux NES/SNES non limité à un jeu par mois.
Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
Not bad!! Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] via @kotaku
@JimSterling What do you think of this? Are you glad Nintendo has changed? Is this a better deal for consumers?

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