PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review

Source : PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review

PlayStation Classic is a faithful reproduction of the experience of playing original PlayStation games in the mid-1990s. In that respect, it succeeds. What it lacks is passion.

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PlayStation Classic Reviews …
Seule explication que j'ai pour la présence de certains jeux en version EUR 50hz sur la PS Classic : Sony télécharg…
Remember.... "some people" said this took the momentum away from Nintendo with this announcement. No such thing a…
*Pretends to be shocked*
everytime Sony copies Nintendo it's gonna be bad lmao
aaand preorder cancelled
Low quality product, spend your $100 elsewhere
Literalmente PAL pico 😜
Alors là je tombe des nues
And to think this costs more than the NES and SNES classics
So basically this is the Playstation Move controller to the SNES Classic's Wii Remote, huh Called it
And I was planning pick one up 😂
The thing that baffles me most is the lack of DualShock. The PS1 literally created the dual stick controller that's…
How could they drop the ball so hard with this
Yikes mate Just yikes
watch hackers solve all of the problems sony couldn't be assed to give a fuck about
pera lá o controle do PS Classic não é dualshock????
como eu disse desde o início: melhor baixar um emulador
Talk about wasted potential.
Like it's KILLING mee folks had to buy it to realise this.
The legendary power of Sony not giving a shit and thinking they can take an idea Nintendo had and sell it with less…
Ptn mais elles sont énormes ces manettes Oo
100€ pour ça... Non merci !
Cancelled my preorder a couple weeks back, I got a vita and vita tv with a better selection of PS one games!
So do I cancel my preorder? I think I have a few days left to decide.
Pues le fue mal al llavero emulador de $3500
50 герц это стыд. Нинтендо такого себе не позволила с NES Mini и SNES Mini.
Was this made by atgames ?
One can only hope that the lack of effort they put into it makes it easily hackable so I can put my own collection…
Games running at 50hz is fucking atrocious on a 2018 microconsole
I'm unsurprising with how quickly it seemed like it was rushed out.
Lo de los 50Hz no puede considerarse un problema ya que los títulos PAL son para toda Europa. Con lo cual tienen la…
*pretends to be shocked*
Cuando copias algo exitoso, pero lo copias mal. Pésimos reviews para la PS Classic.
Sounds like I'm better off with my PS3, which I basically use as a glorified PS1 machine these days.
sony copys nintendo and fails for the nth time
I was considering getting this, but I could just get the good ones and more on my Vita (which is also portable) so…
Ждем обзора от патриарха русской игровой журналистики. 12 из 10 складок с деньгами.
Esta cosa nacio muerta.
Les reviews ne sont pas tendres et pointent du doigt le "minimum syndical" qu'offre la console. Quand même hâte d'a…
>50hz games Come on. Kaz Hirai wouldn't have let this happen. Sony needs more Asian influence.
Sony can't what Nintendoes
Glad i cancelled my preorder a week or two ago.
Playstation ruined the greatest console ever lmao
Who did they get to make this? Straight garbage.
é, rapaz, 100 doleta por isso
Sadly knew this wasn't it when it was first announced... 😓
Got the PS4 almost perfect...How did they fuck up this so bad?
En resumen: VALE CORNETA
Mini Konsolen waren ein Fehler.
Surprise surprise I'm right again
Лол, сони даже тут умудрились обосраться
Normalmente no hago caso a las reviews pero es navidad y los 100 pavos que va a costar el cacharro los puedo emplea…
"....How do you fuck that up??!"
Не получилось не фортануло
Color me shocked...
Verdicts are in. Yet I’m likely still keeping my pre-order. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Just me that briefly wondered why you'd want to control a Playstation with a Nintendo DS? No? Okay....
dona sonya fez bem em sair da E3 evita passar mais vergonha
Can something be a disappointment when it didn’t raise hopes in the first place
For it's price, I might as well buy a PS1 off eBay and every good game made for the console. Would probably be less.
You're better off gettinf the original thing anyways, can be easily found with the same price
You tried, @PlayStation.
Who could've guessed except everybody because Sony clearly never gave a shit about quality with this thing, only ab…
Well this is unfortunate😓
@BrettScott46 Might want to stick to emulation.
Disappointed, but not surprised. It's bad enough that it had such a weird catalogue of games, but even the QOL and…
Oof, sometimes I really worry about not pre-ordering something but I'm fine not ordering this. 😬
Save your 100 bucks peeps.
It's official. Nintendo did the Classic systems better.
yet again Sony tries to copy nintendo and does it badly with half ass effort
This is disappointing. :/
Même pas étonnant.
[Pretends to be shocked]
There's another bad thing about the PS1 Classic It doesnt have Legend of Legaia
All they had to do was stick a PS Vita TV in a ps1 case with games preloaded...
Кстати геймпады без стиков это тупо минус.
Les autres reviews n'ont pas l'air plus enthousiastes
100 balles pour ça
so, it's not just about copying your competition and ripping your fans off, huh. oh well
Pretty sad. Was kinda excited for this. But I'm glad I cancelled my preorder, and just decided to go out and buy an…
It seems only nintendo can do something good with these "physical emulators"
Wenn du natürlich gar keine Konkurrenz sein möchtest, dann gibst du dir einfach keine Mühe
Jajajajajajaja la wea malaaaaaa!!!! Jajakka
I wonder if Sony self sabotaged themselves with the choices they made for the Playstation Classic to prove no one c…
Lmao you're a fool if you don't cancel your pre-order.
Del afán solo queda el cansancio.
Sony phoned in this one didnt bother to get Crash bandicoot or the classic Spyro games. Imo this is a nice paper we…
Said its be trash day 1, NJ or really happy about it but the cash grab was obviously no real time or effort went in…
En svag produkt verkar bli ännu svagare än man trott…
Une purge, mais qui en doutait 🤔🤔🤔 #TeamCarotteJus évidemment 😂
>50Hz games You fuckin' WOT?!
I really hope Sony doesn't look at how many people don't buy this and come to the conclusion that people don't care…
así que la recepción de la PS Classic ha sido 'orrivle'
Shame on Sony. They should’ve knocked this out of the park.
They really tried to do something skdjjsbd
not surprised after they showed that weak game list
Lo dicho, lo esperado y lo analizado... un bluff gigantesco
PlayStation Classic: the Kotaku review:
as someone who grew up with the original playstation, hearing it was put together with little passion and thought m…
No shit. Hard pass. "PlayStation Classic doesn’t feel like it was created by a company with a true and abiding pass…
PlayStation Classic: the Kotaku review:
play station calsic
It is almost as bad as i expected. Way to let me down Sony.
This, as taken from @kobunheat's review, is exactly the feeling I've been getting from Sony and the PS Classic from…
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review ༄ PlayStation Classic is a faithful reproduction of…
dang, the reviews are not kind for the playstation classic.
The only PlayStation Classic review I need is from @kobunheat, and his opener is pretty damn good…
With the #holidays right around the corner, you might want to check out this #PlayStationClassic review to see if i…
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review via @kotaku
I for one am very excited about the return of old, hubristic Sony.
I think I'll wait til someone buys it and has buyer's remorse and sells it before picking it up. I still have my PS…
Early review on the Playstation Classic
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review - Kotaku
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review - Kotaku
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review - Kotaku
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review via @kotaku
I'd say @kobunheat's input on retro gaming has been invaluable, Whether it was 1Up or Wired, but this review is ju…
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review #playstationclassic #finalfantasyvii #metalgearsolid #residentevil #rayman
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review via @kotaku
Resumen, no vale la pena xD
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review via @kotaku
@chrisspahn PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review via @kotaku
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review via @kotaku
PlayStation Classic: The Kotaku Review

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