Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names 

Source : Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names 

Here’s some helpful advice from me, a guy with a surface-level interest in esports, to you, the pro gamer: Use your real name instead of some gamer handle.

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Pro gamers should use their real names.
He's essentially mad because some people have dumb gamertags. And completely misses the point of the privacy kept b…
Murderfucker3000 is my real name and my pro gamer name
Pro gamers should use their SSNs and credit card numbers as their names.
are you telling me mew2king isn't a real name
Why are Kotaku advocating for something that would increase the direct harassment of professional gamers and give t…
1000x yes. Fer crissakes. All of us should.
This is like the third or fourth time I've seen an article like this in the last three or four years, like clockwor…
nah. from my perspective using gamer tags is much more preferable
in an alternate universe: TSM_Joe vs OpTic_Bob
Gee thanks Kotaku now I can get my shit stolen and attract stalkers (Also I'm lying you're fucking stupid)
Kotaku has been especially retarded the last week huh
This is the only sentence in the article that makes any sense to me.
We already had this! Remember Elements Steve? You fools! You fly too close to the sun!
origin story of this bad take is either a kotaku writer misspelled a gamer tag + felt dumb or they tried to dig up…
kotaku is on a roll with tge dumb ass articles
how about you don't insist on deadnaming children?
Everyday Kotaku finds ways to make people hate them more
But wait, isn't eSports toxic and full of harassment? Pick a lane, guys.
No. Some aspects of gamer culture should be dropped, but gamer handles should absolutely be maintained. This argume…
Pro wrestlers should wrassle using their real names. Hollywood Actors should also use their real names.
Realmente, o Edson Arantes do Nascimento devia ter usado o nome dele!!!!!!!!!!!!
As if swatting and DDoS attacks aren't big enough of an issue as it is?
It would also bring a legitimacy to eSports which will help bring it into the mainstream and add some much needed l…
I already feel nervous when people say my real name on twitter or online in general.
But then I won’t be able to buy a jersey with nad3shot_havok on the back
Why are you even trying, Kotaku?
I see your point. But that point doesn't make sense. Gamertags are used as an extension of ourselves. If someone wa…
Nope, I don't see your point
This kind of makes sense. It would sucks so much to get beat by say, Sir or "insert you choice of bad name."
Can you guys just fucking die
"Use your real name for my spectator enjoyment and risk being doxxed for me"
Look pal, if you wanna dox, you gotta work for it.
Kotaku should practice real journalism.
Yeah let's make it easier dox people in a form of entertainment with some of the most passionate and vitriolic fans…
Genuinely think someone over at Kotaku is trying their best to make Kotaku irrelevant
Article dans le catégorie "GOOD IDEAS" JPP
Yeah...... How about NO!
This is the most compelling argument I have read for why pro gamers should use their real names instead of gamer ta…
No real point in this article, just some 4th grade lvl joke. If you got defeated by dude with some assshit stupid n…
I only have to read the headline to agree with this.
I need to get off the internet today before I break my brain completely.
Progamers should use their fursona + their favorite kink as their names
This is a bad take.
Some people are livid about this article (some are just contrary to it which is totally fine) but judging by the le…
Pero a mí me gusta que me llamen Dai ;c
Kotaku Staff members should k i l l t h e m s e l v e s
God it's like Kotaku has some of the best voices but also the dumbest, immature voices that aren't even trying for…
How the fuck does Kotaku end up making worse and worse and worse articles every fucking day now
An article with so few points it could be condensed into one paragraph, the introduction sentence literally says "I…
You people are useless. Worse than useless.
Pro gamers should use their real names.
Can't help but notice this article is filed to: Good ideas When it should, in fact, be filed to: Bad ideas
just to spite kotaku, from now on im going to enter tournaments with my secret internet alias cumcaptain
The best take you will read today
"Imagine how sad QuantumRa7 will be when he is felled by Brad. Krullxxx89 will be bereft when he loses to Steve. W…
Imagine how more quieter and polite in general COD or FIFA lobbies would be if this were to happen. Serene. In sayi…
Are you kidding me with this image?
This has ruined my day
I've always been ahead of the curve.
No They do whatever they want They should do whatever they want They can use what name they want Stop
I agree with this sentiment but you can tell from the article the author is a nerd. There are no first names in spo…
Cuando no sabes sobre qué escribir.
Pro gamers should use their real names:
Hold up, they finally got @QuanFlix_ @KicksAddiction and @BasedLaRock all on camera at the same time? 😂
My real name is Brian Pothier.
“Krullxxx89 will be bereft when he loses to Steve.”
Yep. This is important. coolmatt69, for instance, should not be a professional name that someone has to remember.
Pro athletes should be allowed to use nicknames like the XFL did
this is..... correct
Counterpoint: all athletes should create hilariously bad Esports style names for themselves.
Sure, yeah, but is Asus gonna be able to sell a "Ultra Pro Gamer Greg Edition" motherboard? :p
Jesus Christ do I agree with this.
"Imagine being destroyed by someone named Greg" Like yeah I understand the reasoning but... getting destroyed by s…
At Compete, we respect Dr. Peepee, but submit that Greg would be more fearsome.
counterpoint: everyone should have names as good as Dr. PeePee
this is the correct take
@BrodySSB Kotaku shares your opinion!
Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names 
Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names 
I just read this while thinking about the roller derby world and thought "no thanks"
#gaming #games #gamer Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names - Kotaku
Another crappy Kotaku article damn Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names 
Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names #goodideas #esports #greg
Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names  ༄ Me and my friends, Josh, Ricky, Steve, and Gary…
Pro gamers should use their real names.
This is not the article you think it is
"Use your real name to embarass opponents". Oh where to start with this rubbish: 1) Losing…
I used to be on this train but I've examined so many other professional careers where people have weird names. I wo…
Agree. It'll happen eventually. | Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names  via @kotaku
Pro gamers should use their real names:
What's wrong with getting beaten by a guy named Greg??? "Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names" via @kotaku
Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names  via @kotaku
This is dumb,this is real dumb.
Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names 

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