Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games

Source : Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games

Sony is ending physical production of Vita games, Kotaku has learned. Although the hardware manufacturer says digital distribution will continue, this move will mark the end of physical cards for the maligned portable game system.

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Scoop: Sony is ending production of physical Vita games. Good night, sweet prince
This is how Sony's E3 2018 press conference will start: "We're proud to announce new information regarding the Pla…
Who's ready for Persona 4 Golden to cost a metric ton?
I fear the day physical media comes to an end entirely. I prefer physical copies of games, manga, anime, and everyt…
They still made those?
Well, there's your answer as to whether or not any future games of ours will be on the Vita. Might have considered…
The PSVita version of Defender's Quest is in the final stage of QA right now and you can bet your butt I am pushing…
Well, it's been good run with so many amazing physical titles. #PSVita.
I think it is an utter shame how much their EU and NA branches stopped caring. As a lover of all handhelds, I gleef…
can i get a rip in chat? 😔
Feel like we gave this thing 10 funerals already
Rest In Peace. The Vita deserved better.
Press F to pay respects
I’ve never felt such sadness
This is like when you see on Twitter that someone died and you're confused because you thought they were already de…
Well of course. You sent it out to die, might as well and its suffering.
What in the flying FUCK @Sony
I’m honestly shocked they made it this long… #RIP
Oh wow. I was actually considering getting a Vita. This is sad.
And I’ll be that guy: The PS Vita was a badass handheld. Loved it. Memory Card prices was atrocious though.
So that means we're getting PS5 and PSP3 at E3!
Switch killed the Vita
People are sad about this but I literally know one person who has a vita this thing should have died the day it rel…
My heart aches 😔
Never even started sis
Sony is ending production of #PSVita cartridges IN THE WEST. Is it that hard to write a complete and acurate title?
Awww, I guess it had to happen eventually; still sad though ;w; Looks like my otomes will be the last new physical…
Don't you have to start something before you can end it? 🤔
Vita means life.
the vita deserved better tbfh
Figured this was coming, but it’s still kinda sad. I remember how hyped I was for the Vita when it launched, and up…
What does this mean @LimitedRunGames??? @LimitedRunJosh???
My life is over thanks
خبر حزين مع انه متوقع :"( مازلت العب على الفيتا بالذات الألعاب القديمة على Ps1 و ps2 ❤️
@jeffrey_south All I hear is “Carry On My Wayward Son” as the Vita rides off into the sunset.
Like the Dreamcast, the Vita was simply too good for its time.
"Seán, what ever happened to your PS Vita?" "Vita... had a hard life..."
Buying a Vita was my worst financial decision all time
It deserved better
And....there it is. 😭
RIP in Peace You Beautiful Bastard
@KiefDesh didn't they already do this?
NO!! I said already I’m not ready to switch!! @miyumint_ T.T
what the fuck
Vita means death @BurzumBabe
Vita 2 must be real
We live in a society
Guess my Son is getting a bunch of new games, ON SALE!
Elle aura plus vécu que la WiiU finalement snif
I can’t believe I imported a pink PSVita from Japan and not get any games for it for them to do me this dirty.
I've known 2 people in my life who have owned this and both were weebs
the vita was a great portable system, like where else can i play xcom at 5fps? naw but for real the vita was pretty…
Makes me want to cry.
the Vita deserved so much better smfh
RIP the greatest handheld ever made
RIP the Persona 4 Golden machine
It was a great ride. I’m was happy to get mine on launch day. Rest In peace you beautiful bastard.
the end of an error
This thing had so much potential :(
Sigh...welp, I’m sure they’ll try again by 2025
@GameOverGreggy we gonna have a funeral live streamed on Twitch? Who's gonna give the eulogy?
Might be time to cop
Vita har ett längre liv än många trodde den skulle ha, so good on it!
Goodbye, my favorite console :( I hate Sony for neglecting this handheld since 2013.
Oh no Persona 3/5 Dancing, hurry up Atlus USA
The news isn't that they're ending it. It's that it was still going this whole time.
Fuuuuuuuccccckkkk #PSVita
R.I.P to the greatest handheld console of all time no exceptions
From the “How can you miss what never existed?” file?
And now begins the nightmare scenario for #gamecollecting.
B-b-but Vita means life... :’( :’( :’(
This is horrible news! In protest I am going to spend hours trying to find my Vita, remove the layer(s) of dust fro…
But what are we going to do now??? @LimitedRunGames @LimitedRunJosh @LimitedRunDoug
Sony, you have my permission to die.
Nothing of value was lost
@LimitedRunDoug gek is gonna kill himself
Sony you let the best handheld ever made die
Just in time for the next portable PlayStation!!!!!! 😢
Vita har varit död i flera år, men är fortfarande min favoritmaskin och den jag alltid plockar med mig på resor (ja…
At this point, the Vita may as well be dead
Smuteczek. Pora wyszukać jakąś Vitę za grosze by ograć dobre rzeczy z plusa.
That’s all folks! (Grab them at GameStop while you can cause Vita game prices have already started to rocket)
Good night, sweet prince.
Galera, não entrem em pânico! Mídia física é passado, mas o Vita continua com toda a força! O portátil está saudáve…
Such a bummer, but as long as digital games keep coming I'll be fine. Still play the #Vita almost every day.…
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest 😦
What’s a Vita? Jokes aside I haven’t used my Vita in a very very very long time.
Yeah I better cop P4G before it's out of stock
Somewhere, a @MrShawnGray sheds a single tear...
A very sad day indeed. Never got the support it needed from Sony even from launch but I absolutely love this consol…
RIP PS Vita and RIP memory card prices
They fucking better have the Persona 3 and 5 dancing games on physical cartridges.
La fin approche malheureusement pour la PS Vita une console que Sony a complètement abandonné ( hors Japon ) depuis…
Rest in Peace. I will always love you, my dear.
Most vita owners have digital libraries so until that happens this is kind of something that should've been done ag…
There were still physical Vita games being published?
A agonia da lenta e dolorosa morte do PS Vita 😢
A sad day is upon us, what's out there is out there and no more will ever be produced.
All 7 people who owned one in the US (after winning it from the Price is Right) are devastated. @Dashing_NYK
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ wystarczy mi możliwość włożenia normalnej karty pamięci po normalnej cenie
We hardly knew ye
I thought this happened already
No More Anime Games 😓
May we have an F for our fallen soldier. F
Oh shit this became public really quickly - and Sony is confirming it!
Curious what this means for @LimitedRunGames. :(
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest 😢
😥 goodbye, PS Vita, you were good but your memory card prices blew
Conchetumaaaareeee nooooo. Menos mal compré el pack de Persona Dancing JP 😢
Just in time for Stardew Valley to finish the set.
You know, instead of slashing the prices off your memory cards, you remove physical media off it. Okay. Logic.
Já vai tarde. Vita ta morto há anos
@LimitedRunJosh @LimitedRunDoug uh guysssssssssssssss
Not really surprising, although it still doesn't mention the end of digital distribution, so...
Pouring a bottle of 40 out for my beloved
This probably only affects Limited Run Games and Kickstarter games, but the deadline is February 15, 2019, so they…
Physical *what* games? (Joking aside, rip)
Hopefully the Persona 3/5 Dancing games are coming to NA this year and manage to narrowly get through this window.…
Bummer. This was such a great, but poorly marketed system. Absolutely love my Vita but it definitely has a small li…
pelo menos abaixa o preço da desgraça do memory card
Sony E3: We are deeply saddened to announce the discontinuation of physical Vita games. A month later: We are deepl…
I have to see it to believe it.
Gone but never forgotten😢
Well, that's the final stake through the Vita's heart ;_;
Igy kicsit nehezebb lesz azoknak, akik szerint a vita el es virul.
This is a fucking tragic day. #psvita
How do you pull the plug on life itself
Not really surprising.
2018 e...
Had to happen sooner or later. I still love this little machine. #PSVita #CantStopTheSignal
Demorou pra morrer
Nooooooooo! My heart 💔
vita means digital only
جهاز قوي وكان له مستقبل بس للأسف الالعاب نظامها مكرر وذاكرته غالية والنظام معوق، تباً لكم يا سوني
Is this the end?☹
Vita isnt life @vidStrickland
You were too good. This world didn't deserve you.
Only Nintendo can survive, right ?
fuuuuck adieu bb
@GameOverGreggy Vita Island now accessible by teleportation only.
Pra ser sincera, eu achava que já tinham encerrado silenciosamente. Jogo físico de Vita é impossível de encontrar.…
In other news, they were still making physical Vita releases
The greatest handheld hardware of all time. I just wish it had the games and support to show it. I’ll always love y…
Goodbye, my son...
What is dead may never die...
Looks like I need to get one sooner rather than later :(
we hardly knew ye
Good. Physical games are a waste.
Vita means life
Scoop: Sony was still making physical vita games in 2018
RIP This amazing handheld
People are still making PS Vita games?
Sad news for the guy in the ER waiting room last week who played his Vita with the volume maxed out.
Today is a sad day. We mourn a fallen comrade.
Vita means dead 😪 #RIPVita
this timeline also sorta explains the ps plus exclusion when it’s happening, I think?
Well shit, better start saving up my beermoney and getting all the Vita games on my wishlist.
Somewhere @RSSLiam is shedding a single tear and doesn't know why
Vita was too good for this world
And this is why I got Danganronpa V3 on VITA over PS4, glad I did too.
First Cliffy B, and Now this
This makes me sad. Dreams of a big and better Vita for all.
It's over, isn't it?
Kung kailan balak kong bumili jusko
@Sarapyon1228 looks like you will have to "switch" very soon after all
@Miraiasahinaa @JackmoveJohnny
RIP the realest homie
Isso já era mais do que esperado. Sony vai desligar os aparelhos do Vita, deixando ele morrer de vez.
what about p5/3d
Sony fazendo Sonysse...
This thread between @jasonschreier and @KazHiraiCEO 🤣
Thank god I have P4G physical then
RIP for the 20th time
Wasn't it dead already?
Now where will I get a physical copy of P4G!?
Oh well I stopped dreaming about getting a PS Vita last year so.
Good night, sweet prince
// I mean it’s an overpriced emulator, with games still $60 years after they launched and memory cards that are out…
Y'all actually can't do this with how expensive memory cards are
Heaven gained an angel today
This might be the end, but I’m still keeping my vacation home on #vitaisland and will visit it often.
I remember pre-ordering at EB and picking up on launch day. Over 6 years ago, so many memories.
Good riddance. They lost all their 3rd Party Support and then just shit the bed with everything else. I liked my vi…
The Vita is the PlayStation equivalent of the Wii U
RIP Vita. 😭😭😭
Oh, poor Vita. You were too good for this world. Too good for us.
I know there are still hardcore enthusiasts, but I think the writing has been on the walls for years.
Good night, sweet prince. Hopefully @LimitedRunGames is able to publish some killer Vita titles before the end of M…
What an odd time in history this portable console arrived at. It was never given a fair chance to be the successor…
Lmao this was such a flop for Sony. My god
Too bad Sony didn't invest in the system like they are doing with PS4. If only Sony allowed it to há é SD cards, th…
I didn't even know they were still making them. 😳
May a flight of Jailbreakers sing the to the rest
Dói ler isto, jogo ainda muito o meu, mas o Vita tá morto a anos... achei até que demorou...
lmao physical copies dont have ps+ discounts so w/e
Well I guess I might as well get on the Vita train before shit gets expensive
I have such a rocky relationship with the Vita a system full of hopes and broken dreams
Vita Means ...
Well this makes a lot of sense since is mainly dead
One of the greatest
Welp lil buddy, Sony's officially done with you. (But I'm not. I'll proudly play my Vita during my commute!)
Vita 2 at E3
This tweet reminded me I owned a Vita
So long and thanks for being my favorite console ever. #VitaMeansLife
Isn't this old news?
The only retail Vita games I saw over the past two years are license based games. Shame it doesn't get as much supp…
RIP. Maybe we'll see a new handheld next year.
Only now? Thing shoulda been dead... Honestly got more use outta my Wii U :V
Scoop: Sony has still been producing physical Vita games.
#psvitahasnophysicalgames 😬
Bioshock Vita será sólo digital.
Well, we had a nice run.
A comprar Persona 4 Golden asap
This mean that @LimitedRunGames won't be able to do vita games anymore? :(
Te volveré un PSP. Mejor y mayor uso. Talvez un 64 o GameCube haha.
Little more context:
Well, despite the gaming press shutting on it every step of the way, the Vita had a good run. I don't regret gettin…
I ... they were making them this long is a bigger story.
I hate that I came to the Vita so late
this thing been dead for a long time pretty much since it came out
Even though I've gone mostly digital now with handhelds, I still appreciated a physical copy, especially for the ga…
Why I'm thankful for @LimitedRunGames. I need to learn more ab the indie & other titles offered. This is on @Sony…
They still made physical Vita games?
Moment of silence @GameOverGreggy @notaxation #vitaisland
End of an era.
really unfortunate for LRG. tbh I think this system is going to, eventually, be one where games get expensive
"But it's still a supported system." - Sony
Fuckin hell Sony
Oof Honestly though, the Vita looked really neat to own, but I never bought one, I was fine with a (modded) PSP :P
Well that's sucks but the good news is PS Vita jailbreak but still.....
Rest In Peace, sweet prince
Hey did anyone know they were still making physical Vita games or Vita games at all because I didn't
Sleep well prince
Thanks for the memories
FUCK!!! Terrible news.
Saddest day..
Disappointing. Nothing else to say.
Demorou até. Que descanse em paz nobre guerreiro.
A sad day. This has been the longest death spiral I've seen of a console.
Such a good piece of hardware, lack of Sony support killed it, great machine for visual novels too
Doesn’t stop the Vita from going down in history as one of the greatest handhelds in my book.
Sony is ending the production of physical Vita games, Kotaku has learned
Vita is officially dead as of the end of this year. Rip vita... you had a good otoge run.
Looks like #Reverie got in just in time. Sad day for #vitaisland
Argh. Sad news. BUT! For now it's only NA/EU which means JP/Asia card productions will continue which means our bud…
O console que me deu meu jogo favorito de todos os tempos (Persona 4 Golden). Durma bem, meu garoto.
The downfall of the Vita is so depressing. Here's this successor that aimed to be a lot more ambitious than Sony's…
Chega ao fim o peso de papel mais bonito da história
I'm so sad the Vita never took off here, I love mine so much 😞
"Sony, I don't feel so good... V-Vita means life, right, Sony?"
For some reason, all news to this forget to mentiom "in the West" and refer to viable ways via Asia, such as…
End of the Vita era. Hopefully digital support still remains :-( I was/am a huge supporter of the vita.
Still my favorite handheld ever, despite Sony abandoning it in America.
Seeing this and the lack of urge of wanting a PS4, the Vita might be the last console I bought from Sony.
Hasta la Vita, baby. 😔
Wait, when did they ever start?
So does that mean no more Vita games from @LimitedRunGames too?
In a weird way I find this comforting. It's finally an end for a system that has fought and survived in spite of…
good thing I have sd2vita now
Essa morte aqui foi mais triste que a do Wii U, já que a Nintendo aprendeu com os erros e fez o Switch. A Sony sim…
BRB going into mourning over a system highly underappreciated in the west
Surprised they lasted this long. Grab your physical copies while you can!
*sigh* I really liked the Vita, but all that's come out for awhile now is just ports of visual novels
Sigh.. not many games release in Eng. Meh..
Le forcing de @DrigOvrmnd a fini par payer cc @neokenji01
since when was the vita getting new games to produce
There has never been such a waste of a handheld's potential as the Vita
Looking forward to the article that has the same headline but with the word "Vita" deleted.
Im actually soso sad......
A sad day
Well there goes Owning any new Vita games
Great, so even if a developer WANTS to make a game for Vita with physical release now, they can't. Thanks Sony
: ) T H I S I S F I N E ((i'll always love you my Vita, no one will ever take you away))
it’s a step closer to the ps vita’s death. it’s disappointing because the vita is a great handheld console that was…
Well, looks like this is it...they're slowly killing the Vita now 🙁
Kind of mad💢💢💢💢
Die PS Vita ist nun Offiziell TOT!! 👻👻✝
As someone who has owned a vita since February 22nd, 2012 from the day it launched I gotta say... I'm proud with t…
@ActionFanboy Posted...
RIP my favorite Handheld You will be deeply missed (by me at least)
Wow I am not surprised The last physical game I bought was 2 years ago
Basically the death penalty right here.
"Amercian and European branches" Et bien, achetons vite les jeux de niche en physique avant qu'ils ne côtent alors
Such an underrated system 😣 Now watch those physical copies rocket even further in value
Now bring Persona 4 to PS4
tfw a lot of people who own a vita quit using physical gamecards a few months ago when the micro sd adapters came o…
Hienosti ovat Kotakulla lavastaneet tämän kuvan sillä normaalisti ei laitteen näyttöä tai näppäimiä näkyisi pölyker…
in shocking news Sony was still producing physical vita games.
I would say RIP, but let's be honest: this thing died years ago.
Time to buy some Vita games then.
Not surprised & Don't really care since i'm buying my games digitally
"Ha! I'll end production of physical Vita games, that'll teach Kotaku!"
Rest In Peace, my sweet, sweet prince 💔
Rest in Peace. Third party publishers will still sell other games tho.
They really overdone it with Vita, kinda hope of having a handheld console that's as good as PSP, but sadly this on…
That basically happened two years ago. The Vita was the biggest fucking waste of money! So much potential not chase…
All good things must come to an end. #vita #vitaisland
I guess this is the end for Vita.
Nasib dh buang dari wish list
@AH_Michael convenient timing for you huh?🙄
@stuggyg I’m surprised they actually kept going this long
This is so sad can we hti 50 likes?
vita... means... life...........
Les jeux physiques sur psvita ? C'est fini selon Kotaku. #Psvita
@SonyOfLastation Kotaku just likes to post shit dont they
Time to #Switch it up. 😉😉😉
Lamentável um portátil que tinha tudo pra ser um dos mais vendidos até hoje
Wait, this hadn't happened yet?
Preparing for Playstation Vita 2 announcement?
Vita 2 is coming 😎
I really hope this is misinformation... :(
Sony is currently producing physical Vita games, I have learned.
A comprar memorias de 60$ usd.
Vous pouvez toujours sortir dessus Isaac Afterbith en demat' (et n'oubliez pas le cross save)
El fin de una era que no comenzó nunca. PSP fue un éxito, PSVita paso sin pena ni gloria. Básicamente por la compl…
Lmao watch the price spike of physical vita games after this
@PlayStation @PlayStationCA @Sony this is horrible to hear. With constant Japanese games, i am not happy to guess t…
se tardaron como 5 años
And another one bites the dust! #PSVita #HandHeldGames #Sony
Console que j'utilise toujours pour le remote play et quelques exclus ou redites de jeu PS1. Sony a totalement déli…
I'm fuxking livid. This is really sad 😢😭😭😭 I love mobage but literally one of the reason for them ending psvita.
Welp, RIP my Vita and RIP future physical otome games. Kinda pissed but whatever.
I pretty much never bought physical PSVita game cards, but RIP...
Hein quoi je croyais qu'elle était morte depuis 2 ans déjà
Triste, pero la Vita era una consola muerta fuera de Japón, era de esperarse que Sony la acabara chapando en cualqu…
I've never been too into the Vita, but this is always a sad thing to see.
At least the digital releases will happen still.
Lowkey should cop the persona 4 golden physical but Idk if I like the game enough to double dip like I will for per…
Probably Bad News…
Pas trop tôt, c'est Sir Maki qui va pas être content 🙄
Looking bleak for the BioShock game.
noooooo ;;;;
Et vu le prix des cartes mémoire en gros ils arrêtent la Vita
Luckily that won't take long.
@piercecp I'm not crying, you're crying
Laura Sad. Aunque es hasta el 2019, todavía puede salir Persona baila baila 3 y 5 en físico.
Oh no 😥😱 The death of PSVita on the hammer... NUUU
If you missed it: Sony is ending the production of physical Vita games, Kotaku has learned
Melhor portátil do universo :<
Wow, did not know this was still going!
Bloody hell, they're still making the Vita?!
The #muvluv Vita port is so late, it has now officially outlasted the Vita itself.
RIP @chusziwei
I’d forgotten about the Vita entirely. It was ace in its day.
Seems like the perfect time for me to finally jump in.
Antes se habían demorado, igual gracias por todo Vita lo intentaste en contra de todo pronostico.
RIP (Um portátil que tinha potencial, mas nunca achou o público que precisava pra ser relevante)
Che occasione buttata nel cesso
You mean that hasn't happened yet?
Sony really screwed this thing up - memory card nonsense, little support, too few PS Classics...
Sony will stop producing physical Vita games by the end of March next year:
Outlived the Wii U
Sad times. A great console fucked over by Sony's inability to remember to do anything with their platforms except t…
The end of an era is coming. The Vita had lots of good games in the Japanese market.
Sony ending production of physical Vita games. #Vita #PSVita #Sony
Wasn't this handheld console pretty much in it's deathbed already?
Very sad to hear that. I wrote how much I like my #PSVita and why #Sony has a big responsib…
D: That's sad .__. Then.. I'm in for cheaper memory cards :D
This week in news stories I thought happened 5 years ago.
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
RIP PS Vita, you'll still be my favourite handheld...
Now I really need to look for Vita games in Japan...
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games (´-`).。oO(そろそろ買い時か?w)
Sony прекратит к апрелю 2019 года производство картриджей для PS Vita. Видимо, все-таки конец. Хорошая была консоль…
"It’s been a long, strange life for the PlayStation Vita, a system that launched here in 2012 with the slogan “con…
They finally killing the #PSVita??? I thought that handheld been gone to Glory...
@MetalJesusRocks It’s finally happening! The apocalypse for vita gamers.
Vitaちゃん終了のお知らせ、Kotakuの元記事まで『独自規格のメモカがほんとダメ』みたいな辛辣ぶりだった。 Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games @kotaku
This is a sad day for all 10 people who still care. via @kotaku
@ProjectSenseDev @MonsieurSushi @nikobud95 @PlaneteVITA Sorry to rush you, but you might have to make the call on t…
» Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
kotakuがソースなのでまだ何とも言えないでしょうが、vitaもそろそろ海外から畳んでいく準備をするんでしょうか? なんだかんだ言って、vitaも息が長かった! 状況にも因るんでしょうが、もしvitaの後継機を出すのならいっその…
You killed my king
@LimitedRunGames How will this affect LRG? I´m still waiting for rabi-ribi :c
Ya era de esperarse, parece q la produccion de juegos en fisico para la #PSVita ya no va mas. Casi me lo compro hac…
Sadly not too surprising. Do you guys still play on your Vita?
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games @kotakuから
@LimitedGameNews @ChaddyBones @RetroCR Sony confirmed it to them, and so does pretty much e…
In other news this is just so sad.. So it is official that otomate is really transferring over to switch due to th…
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games via @kotaku
Ahora sí que sí, PS Vita está muy muerta.
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games #gaming
"Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games" #gaming #feedly
(Misc) Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games- , PS Vita is now going digital as physi…
The software ends but the hardware continues....
how will this affect @LimitedRunGames Vita games? #sony #vita
This makes me really sad! :( I love my Vita. "Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games" via @kotaku
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
#Sony #PS #VITA becomes PS Dead with loss of physical #gamecards
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games @kotakuさんから
Sony Ends Production of Physical Vita Games
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games #tech #news
Kotaku: Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games. via @GoogleNews
End of an era...
@LimitedRunGames sad day. Any thoughts/comments on this?
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games via @kotaku
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games ... Sony Ends Productio…
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games via @kotaku
I don't mind if the games are only digital. As long as yall don't stop completely making games for the #PSVita I l…
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games #gaming #sadnews
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita
I would say this is the beginning of the end for the PS Vita but I'm pretty sure Sony forgot it existed 5 years ago.
@LimitedRunJosh thoughts on this Kotaku article? Does that mean the end of LRG vita games as well?
The steel-toed boot kicks to the sack continue with Sony announcing the discontinuation of game carts. Wonderfully…
Speaking only for myself I haven’t bought a physical PSVita game in a long, long time. Almost totally digital, las…
Would you still buy a PS Vita cuz it’s super cheaper now?
Niente più giochi fisici per Vita! Rimarranno solo #gliemulatoriii!
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games via @kotaku
This is devastating but expected... #1up2play #PSVita #PlaystationVita #VitaIsland #Kotaku @Sony
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games - on @kotaku
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games #Gaming #ux
...... will probably still need switch because otome games are not going to be on the Vita anymore. (lol at the con…
Don't say goodbye to your vita. Hack it. It's amazing.
That would be all fine if @Sony @PlayStation would be nice to Vita owners and give us something larger than 32GB...…
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games via @kotaku
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games @kotakuさんから
El 31 de marzo de 2019 Sony dejará de producir juegos físicos para PS Vita. Otro paso más para decirle adiós a esta…
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
This is so sad, I LOVE collecting physical copies of games, and I carry my Vita with me everywhere!
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games via @kotaku
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games #Sony
Se o cartão de memória desse portátil não fosse um tiro no bolso ele poderia ter ido bem melhor durante esse tempo…
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games via @kotaku
Awwww. So dapat ko na nga talaga ibenta Vita ko.
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita
I said this will be the year Sony kill off the Vita. It will be at the end of this financial year, but still it's 2…
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games 草
A sad day indeed for my little lovely system I enjoy so much. via @kotaku
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
비타 당했다 Kotaku: Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games. via @GoogleNews
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games @kotakuから
@SwordOrWhip Sony ends production of physical vita games. What are the consequences for the people who backed Blood…
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games Shared from my Google feed
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games @kotakuより あらあら。
I would say "The beginning of the end for the Vita", but that was 2014, when Sony launched their last first-party g…
Looking forward to Sony announcing a new handheld device at E3.
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
@LimitedRunGames Any comment on
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games via @kotaku
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games @kotakuから
Such a shame. The console had so much potential but of course lacked in games.
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games @kotakuから
@WAGYPodcast No more physical games for the Vita
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
2019年3月でVitaのパッケージの生産が終了。 (米ソニー) ■Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games @kotakuより

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