Sony Is Skipping E3 2019

Source : Sony Is Skipping E3 2019

Sony is skipping next year’s E3, ditching its traditional booth and press conference in a move that will have a significant negative impact on the video game industry’s annual trade show.

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Sony will skip E3 this year, a massive blow to the trade show and yet another sign that, as I've heard from pretty…
Waaaaat. A Sony não vai estar na E3 2019. O fim de uma era! As empresas estão cada vez mais focadas em eventos próp…
I was really looking forward to another trailer of Days Gone and Death Stranding. I know the Days Gone is supposed…
So the drip feed the last few announced first party PS4 games and then launch the PS5 in 2020. I hope for the sake…
Esto es bastante gordo
Sony fora da E3 2019 então Podemos esperar por eventos próprios, provavelmente
Si PS5 sale en 2020, el PS4 quedará como una de mis consolas menos favoritas. No ir a la E3 será un gran error dep…
told ya. PS5 2020.
Sony nie pojawi się na E3 w 2019 roku. Co z zapowiedzią nowego PlayStation? Czy czeka nas era mniejszych konferencj…
If PS5 is 2020 then AC 2020 has to be a sure thing no? Ubisoft hasn’t missed a launch year for new consoles for the…
Mit den News, den bisher bekannten 2019er Switch-Games, weiteren Neuankündigungen und weiter steigendem Third-Party…
so... in light of this news... anybody got a PS4 for sale for my kid? he need one so I can get mine back and play r…
E3 has made it a lot longer than I thought it would, it's a great event but I'm not sure if it serves that much of…
PS5 in 2020? Good. Perfect timing.
Fuck off, PS5 really I can't wait for all them great totally replayable Single Player titles.
PS5 Confirmed Which means new PlayStation console Lets go!
Not sure how I feel about this? On one hand I think it makes sense for companies just to announce stuff when they w…
Got excited for a sec since I thought an early announcement meant E3 was just a couple months away but nope still J…
PS5 rumors aside, I think it's time for E3 to change and become a fully public show with an admission fee. I think…
Cos they can't be competing
Sony should release the PS5 no later than 2020. They established long-term franchises over the last few years and g…
Begun the console war has.
My opinion could change by 2020 but I'm in no rush for a new console generation. I'm perfectly happy with my PS4.
The only question now is "Can we elect a video game console president?" @LastLivesPod
Primero, no hay PlayStation Experience (comprensible), ¿pero saltarse el E3? Una idea kamikaze que solo responde a…
just announce the ps5 and take all of my money already damn
Montera ner E3 och jag har en färre sak att leva för! Vafan Sony!!??
Death Stranding better be one hell of a game
@Sheparrd2 @TheRoadNotT welllllp 👀
Poranne plotki ;)
Oh man. This are huge, huge news.
I'm really glad I got to go to E3 when it actually was... a thing. My June schedule is lot freer now, I guess.
The big three don’t need E3, they can accomplish the same things in their own events and/or in fewer shows. While i…
@15gunsloop wow
nooooo nononono i don’t even own a personal ps4 :(
E3 more like onl-E3-companies are showing up next year
Llevaban años haciendo pésimas conferencias, pero un pequeño pedacito de mi alma se muere sin conferencia a las 5 d…
I knew it! I’ve been saying 2020 for a while
Please don’t release another damn console.
Ha ciekawe. Bez Sony na #E32019.
PS5 gonna be $1500 dollars and I’ll buy it for sure
Very interesting news to wake up to
2020 will be a great year!
....E3 is my Christmas. What the fuck just happened 💔
Come on bruh @PlayStation
Fucking woooooooooow
Too soon for a new gen of consoles lol the ps4 is still going strong
had a feeling they were starting to not care about E3 by moving huge reveals like last of us part 2 to psx or what…
Well damn, that doesn’t mean they have to skip it altogether. 😩
O 2020 słyszałem z 4 źródeł
If it is indeed shuttering, I’m personally okay with E3 going away. I think platform holders need to host their own…
They have a way bigger platform than E3 itself now tbh . Lol them niggas can hold it down. oh and I’m starting to d…
Si Jason lo dice, es porque es cierto. No es nada descabellado una PS5 en 2020.
Tenk også hvor mye arbeid Sony sparer interne utviklingsstudioer som ikke lenger trenger benytte tid og energi på å…
i mean they already took the W for this year as far as releases go with God of War and Spider-Man so it doesnt real…
We also don’t have to watch now @Iris_Aya
Time to start saving for the PS5. (Looks down the back of the sofa)
¿Sony no asistirá al E3? ¿En serio? Que alguien me pellizque
Hostia colega...
... PS4 not even that old
Certeza. Direct ou conferência própria pra fazer mais buzz pro PS5.
"Houston we got a problem" what you think? @Puertorock77_ @SickHumorTV @almightynxtgen1 @JayDubcity16…
El E3 está muertoooooo
This is a huge deal! Sony is trying to find other ways to engage with the community. I wonder if that means a new t…
La calma que precede a la tormenta.
Again @PlayStation denies cross-play. Kappa
Man, this sucks. E3 is like Christmas for me. I love seeing what my favorite developers and publishers are working…
Anyone else think new gen isn't gonna be actual new gen rather just mkre powerful PS4/XBO just like the Pro and X?…
What are the odds we didn’t get a PSX this winter because @PlayStation has decided to move it to E3 week; taking ad…
2020? Called it
Qué me estás contando? Tiene que ser una coña... Vaya puto bajón no? No entiendo esta decisión... 😰
So I guess I'm not getting a ps5.
Otra muestra más de que la E3 es un vestigio del pasado. Un resabio de una vieja época que ya no beneficia a nadie…
Buuuuh que embole :(
يعني خلاص مافيه اعلانات جديدة للجيل هذا ، 2019 نهاية PS4 زحمة الالعاب في 2019 بيصير ختامها مسك فعلاً
Holy shit
Wha—WHAT?? Look like Sony will announce something in the end of 2019. I hope it's not about PS5 because please we n…
Whoa!! @SuperKamiKevin @demonswithkai
What is green and „wins“ #E32019 by forfeit? 🤪
wow, un E3 sin Sony.
@Miraiasahinaa @RYANTHEPRO55 @MorganaDays @TheRatedD
🤣🤣 I’ve never heard that before
@obadiahradiou Big news. Not sure if you saw it already. Excited for the possibility of the PS5!
oh wow i just got a fuckin ps4 for christmas.
Whoa major news 🤯
Ps5 I just got the 4
Seems like a good time for Xbox to nail it
Iiiiii wouldn't go that far. Considering how underwhelming Sony's E3 conferences have been the last few years, I ca…
Pero que
A power move? Prehaps.
Eita... Nada de PS5 pelo visto.
Si la Ps5 sale para 2020, yo ya paso oiga. (Lo mismo que digo cada generación 🤣)
Interesting news from E3.
Weird, if it's true. Hope not!
PS5 2020? Will Death Stranding be ported?
Já em 2020? Vixe...
I'm a sony boy. Where can i get the next hype?
Ich hab mir schon lange gedacht, dass 2020 das Jahr sein könnte, wo die PS5 erscheinen wird ... Am Besten schon mal…
So Sony has no games. No games for 2019. PS4 is dead. Looks like that's another reason why I shouldn't give a fuck…
We gettin' a PS5, y'all!!! Yassssss, baby! 👏👏👏😭😭😭
#E3 is the epicenter of hype, it will go on. Its time for Xbox to dominate. All the companies need to space out the…
Sony gana el E3 2019.
@RavenBerns sony don’t give a fuck. It’s good to be king :)
Hostias. Que Sony no va al E3 este año.
Justo estaba pensando en que todo va para la PS5. Tal vez incorporen más servicios digitales para anunciar sus jueg…
Nooooooooooooo, they cancelled gaming Christmas 😭😭😭😭😭
Holy shit #E32019
Woah. I really enjoy the eventful nature of E3. I hope this isn't the nail in the coffin that finally puts it down
Niente E3 2019 per Sony, incredibile.
bom faz sentido 7 anos de geração já mesmo ciclo da passada 2006-2013 2013-2020
@AlphaFoxWarfare 🤨
I’m getting the PS5 on the relaease. I DONT CARE WHAT IT COST
Wow, this is big news.
This sucks @sony @PlayStation always had a cool booth @E3!!! But how much is that PA5 gonna be tho????…
Glad I went to E3 this year, then. Although there will probably be plenty of other games on the floor - still, Sony…
Jason Schreier delayed Sony.... 😳
WTF? Huge blow to E3 But could be a huge advantage to Sonys competitors.
Bold move from Sony. Either they have nothing to show since they showed literally all they have for ps4 in 2018 or…
Oh boy it's happening... It has begun... PS5.
The crazy thing is 2019 is still setup to be another blockbuster year with Ghost of Tsushima and TLOU2. This just s…
Nem vou me dar ao trabalho de assistir entao (mentira vem square enix me fode)
2020 going to be LIT #ps5 😂
I fear that this is the true beginning of the end for @E3.
Interesting move from Sony. Bring on the PS5 era!
Even though I understand why they’re doing it, still sucks :(
@MikeOwnby @SkyWarrior108 welp ps5 2020. Clare did u get a ps4 already? I feel like u should wait to buy one next y…
What the hell...
Interesting move from #Sony. But we already know their 2019 games line up, so does it matter? #E32019
Bro what...
This could be good for other developers and innovators who don't need to worry about Sony taking all of the attenti…
That’s 2 years since Sony was in E3 then. What since E3 2018 was just a repeat of Sony’s presentation from 2017.
Eh. Not surprised. Xbox fucking bodied them this year so 🤷🏾‍♀️ Besides, PS has released what they needed for now in…
Word is on the street
Wait what? 😲
This is huge:
Penso que Sony pular a E3 2019 é uma ideia boa, vamos concordar, as ultimas E3 foram só reedições passadas, nessa E…
Ale ja chcę kolejny odcinek serialu Death Stranding ! #KojimaPLZ
No PSX this year and no E3 next year? hmm...
I’m not even thinking about that console
Okay, so then what's the point of me getting a ps4 pro that I've been wanting to get myself for Christmas if it's g…
Se acabaron mis noches en vela esperando la conferencia de Sony :_(
gotta start saving my coins!!
@notaxation @ChrisRGun 😮😮😮😮
What a twist! This is pretty disappointing, but if they have little to show then they are perhaps making the right…
This seems like the perfect explanation. I say this is a good move by Sony. Better to have no #e3 than a bad one
Ahh okay so I’m not buying a replacement PS4 then. That’ll be all on my little brother.
SONY 2020 about to be huge bro
Can’t believe no Sony E3 2019
They didn’t skip E3 before other E3’s because of console announcements. This is a stupid reason.
Sony prépare l'arrivée de la PS5 sûrement pour 2020 donc la firme saute E3 2019 j'imagine déjà le gros line-up de…
This is HUGE gaming news! It could mean a couple of things: Either #Sony doesn't want to share the spotlight or…
سوني بتسحب على E3 2019 بشكل رسمي + البلايستيشن 5 بيصدر 2020 حسب هالصحفي ألي تواصل مع أكثر من مطور حسب كلامه.
)0) a la verga ya no voy a ver nada
Ok, esto pinta mal de parte de Sony... Muy mal...
Holy 💩! Not shocking. Financially and critically if you have nothing to say, why waste the money and time.
No PS at e3 2019!!!
@thebageldogs Whoa
Makes sense if it's true. Wow
Seems safe to sell the non Switch consoles now if you had the thought. Any major 1st party games you miss will be o…
PlayStation 5 in 2020.
How much longer till E3 just folds?
Good. Come to E3 when you have pertinent and/or imminent announcements. The "LET'S ANNOUNCE THAT GAME WE GREENLIT A…
Agree with this. Take a year off. Completely protect any potential leaks and just buckle down for PS5 in 2020. They…
A jednak! Wcale mnie to nie dziwi, to archaiczna formuła którą przy życiu podtrzymywał tylko hype. Nintendo pokazał…
This is a bad look but on the flip I hope we get an event like the PS4 had at the end of 2019
Sony is winding down this gen lol. Why are people acting surprised?
Excited for PS5! The PS4 has been extremely good to me
Nooooo I'm not ready 😭
this sucks
Ok, so Sony is working in the PS5. But skipping @E3? That's a massive blow for the industry and the show itself.
This is probably very true Sony probably just doesn't have to show anything. Last year it was Spider-Man, Destiny a…
@aliensyndrome I agree that this could be another possibility, perhaps not so close to E3 but I do think hosting yo…
Now this is news!
Sony to skip E3 2019
Tbh surprised that we're seeing the same the same phenomenon with games outpacing the platforms considering they've…
We just 5 years into the ps4.... Ps5 dropping?? Mannn im out
So no Sony at E3. My bets were for 2020 PS5, and due to this ayeeee might be right.
Great news 🙌🏾
Se va confirmando mi teoría
Wow. Didn't see that coming. E3 won't be the same.
"olhaí, 2019 é o anúncio do PS5" anunciar algo em 2019 pra sair no final de 2020 seria loucura capaz de rolar que…
And people thought Doctor Who skipping Christmas was bad?
Schade für die E3, aber vielleicht eine gute Nachricht für die PS5. 🤔
PS5 you say?? 👀👀 @SonyElectronics @Sony
Let me start saving for a PS5
This is so crazy
PlayStation can skip 5 shows, it’ll still be better than Xbox lmao
Very strange of Sony, will be a big disappointment for E3 in June my favorite time of year as a gamer!
PS5 confirmed
Por un momento @faserranoacosta he visto tu cara en el perfil de Jason. Es tu alma-mater pero a lo americano/japoné…
The lull between generations this time is no joke. 👀
0 0 JD(@NeOJD) - 30d
Y la cosa va cobrando fuerza...
@ComputerGamePod Good year for @CaptainToss to miss E3, then.
-Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding are likely still two years out at a minimum. -There's no pressure to rush out the…
Start saving for that ps5
Esto sí que no me lo esperaba
That moment when @Shadowhaxor and I had this exact same conversation earlier today. Also...4 hours to get home bec…
They, too, know E3 just isn’t going to be the same now @KazHiraiCEO is retired
Sony pulls out of E3 2019:
364 774 Kotaku(@Kotaku) - 30d
RIP #E32019
E3? Tá mais pra Era3, né não? NÉ NÃO?????????
I'd told Bethany that if our next game is at E3 she'd need to come just to see this spectacle once in her life but…
i don't want E3 to die but also i really hope E3 dies.
PlayStation 5?
Sony, still too busy huffing their own farts after the whole 'we're too good a console for crossplay' thing, decide…
can we follow Sony's lead and all pull out of E3 this year
yes, bring back the old "is e3 dead" thinkpieces, drown me in them
See! Xbox has an exclusive next year.
been saying this for awhile, what is the point of E3 for Playstation and now Xbox when they have PSX and X019? Even…
The workload for our E3 promise-checking series just got a bit lighter
I'm honestly looking forward to dancing on E3's grave. It's always been dumb.
Rumeur du soir : Sony ferait l'impasse sur la conf E3 2019. Intriguant mais pas forcément déconnant. Ils pourraien…
Hooray! Everyone else follow suit!
Wow. This makes me sad. I understand the shifting landscape, but my 13 year old self - who saw E3 as the Promised L…
I guess E3 isn't worth watching next year 🤔
🤔🤔🤔 Lots of theories out there; Gearing towards a PS5, avoiding another the dull conference after 2018, just going…
They're working on something big... PS5?
This is crazy. Like, they've gotta be thinking they can do their own show like Nintendo, right? If not... sheesh.
Holy crap.
I'm honestly shook
In all honesty this is a very good move. The pressure to present the best things in the world every year has been c…
This is a bummer mainly because Sony's been really good about showcasing a truckload of indie games these past few…
I'm sure Sony crunched the numbers and determined this is a good move for them but with one of the big three pullin…
e o xbox que ta falindo...
E2 2019
Vou dar minha opinião: -Faz sentido -ainda assim acho falta de respeito com os consumidores Eles fizeram vários j…
Can't say I'm surprised...
Mmmm interesting
Phew, hopefully no PS5 announcement this summer then
Dang, now this too? What the heck going on with Sony?
Well that's a bit unexpected...
Surprise surprise, a millions of dollars investment tradeshow where fans get to throw proverbial tomatoes is someho…
Wow. Though, this could be good news. They're probably taking an all-hands-on-deck approach for PS5 and don't want…
Sony, may I ask what exactly you are trying to accomplish by doing this? E3 is still too big of an event to just si…
Oh wow. Microsoft, you better have some good shit if Sony ain't there. You can't have Nintendo beating your ass dow…
beg yer pardon
Nintendo that threatening huh
Hmm, something to ponder on 🤔...
This is big news.
Pull out game PS exclusive
Good because E3 is wack. Nintendo already learned this years ago.
@Velkro16 you seen this shit? I'm a little hurt and disappointed.
This is a bit of a shock. Although its not too hard to see why. After 2016, they haven't had a lot to show in terms…
wooooooaaaaahhhh!!!! ...gotta be all the backlash after their HORRIBLE presser last year
What the fuck?!?!?!
Wooooaaah. This is disappointing
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 The Last of Us Part II 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. I gotta wait 😢.
huh. sony taking on a nintendo direction that's interesting
That means the new machine ain't ready or they're going to host their own con. Either way, start saving your money…
#PS5 2020 incoming, I tells ya.
What will happen to my Last of Us 2 Updates tho.
They have been reducing their footprint for the last couple years. Not surprised they pulled out entirely. They eve…
Sony pulls out
Uhhhh wow
Não acredito que vou gastar milhares de reais no Playstation 5 já amo que vem
Que alguien me explica la estrategia que está siguiendo Sony últimamente porque solo parece querer beneficiar a su…
welp they missed paris games week psx and now this so its safe to say ps4 is dead
@FaD3d_Js I'm guessing 2019 isn't gonna be a good year for PS
Aw. And I was so eager to see Sony waste my time by showing the exact same games from E3 2018 again while thousand…
Wow this is crazy. In the past few years it has looked like most big companies were moving in this direction but it…
Oh damn
Very, very interesting!
If this is true, this doesn't surprise me. E3 is really slowly starting to not matter to these companies anymore. T…
So no Sony E3 babies this year, always practice safe sex kids.
Oh damn
Wow, this is uh....this is huge. Either they're going the Nintendo direct route, PSX is coming back in a big way,…
@GameOverGreggy I can't wait for @KindaFunnyVids E3 showcase to make up for this!
Spannende Entwicklung.
J'ai l'impression qu'il leur manque une case a Sony depuis qu'ils ont déplacé leur HQ en Californie
This sucks.. i look forward to their conference every year for E3 specifically. Hopefully they do another event to…
Incluso así ganan el año.
Sony doing a community based thing (earlier PSX with a PS5 announcement perhaps?) instead of E3. With Nintendo swit…
If Sony isn't there, what am I watching at E3? Xbone and Switch reveals? Nintendo Direct exists What is E3 for now?
If anyone goes to PlayStation's own event, they aren't allowed to go to any other events. It's part of their commit…
Mas é a divisão Xbox que tá falindo 😅😅😅
#Playstation no participara #E32019, "exploraran nuevas y familiares formas el próximo año para interactuar con sus…
Could it be the next gen PlayStation?! Or I'm just thinking too much?
Wow.... #PlayStation #Sony #PS4
This is seriously something hard to believe.
Daaaaaaamn. I wonder why
Oh shit, that's huge news. Son'y last E3 wasn't great but it wasn't this bad oof
I mean, E3 is kinda dying anyway, Even Nintendo is starting to care less and less about it. More companies should h…
Beginning of the end of #E3
Sadddd, I wonder why though
Sony tries hard to reject cross-platform play. People are not happy with them. @Sony's response: double-down on the…
tbh I only care about @devolverdigital's E3 showing
E3 is gonna be weird next year
I'm not sure how I feel about this in all honesty. Like Sony was one of the few who did the traditional press confe…
Setting up their own show for the PS5 era huh?
Because we'll all be too busy playing Last of Us 2 to pay attention to it? Please.........
Wow that's huge news. If they haven't got anything to show though, there's no point in being there. We know The Las…
Kotaku says that many developers are expecting the PlayStation 5 to be released in 2020, which is why Sony is skipp…
Is anyone gonna miss them after this year's E3? Really?
I know their last E3 was badly received, but thats no excuse to throw a temper tantrum... 😂
Wow... thats shocking.
Hmm, this is interesting.
@gkjj nieuws met een extreme impact op de game industrie, met name de E3. Wat vind jij hiervan?
Seems like an odd decision? I thought this year's Sony conference @ E3 was underwhelming BECAUSE they were keeping…
wtf @PlayStation @CarBitXtreme
I mean the company is literally throwing its developers under the bus with all this censorship nonsense. They know…
With Sony missing out on E3 I think its looking likely we hear that the PS5 is getting announced and being release…
It was only a matter of time
On the one hand: blimey, on the other: oh thank fuck there's less to watch or catch up on. I was going to joke abou…
Wow, so wonder what that implies for a PS5 announcement this year?
Fucking RIP
And that's pretty much the end of E3...
i mean we all know its almost the end of life cycle for the ps4 but still gonna be weird that they won't show anyth…
Wow... not so good news for E3, not sure a smart move for sony either ... strange by all accounts, unless I'm missi…
É, agora é oficial. Mano, que chute no saco da E3 isso
Whut!? O.o
Oh wow.
Honestly I only watched the game trailers I was interested in on YouTube afterwards anyway 🤷🏾‍♂️
I just sat here and thought about this for a moment. So many reasons they could have pulled out but the one I feel…
Them boys up to something
Me he quedao CUAJÁ
So it sounds like #Sony is going to be taking an "Off-Year" in 2019 since there's also no PlayStation Experience th…
Weird.... what you think about this @CastSolid ?
If, and it's a big if, the reason that Sony pulled out of E3 2019 is that the PS5 is being released in 2020, I'll a…
Si al final es verdad, por qué Variety borró su noticia?
Lmaooooooooo that shit gonna be trash as fuckkkkkkk
Ngl I feel like they're doing this since they don't want to have their brand also give a chance for their consumers…
E3 is becoming obsolete in it's current form and companies are realizing it.
Wait, whaaaaaaaaaat?
you mean I won't get another Death Stranding trailer with Mads Mikkelsen covered in goo? ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚
Is this a sign that companies like Sony no longer need E3 cause in my honest opinion they don't this is a great pla…
Ok ps5 confirmado para 2020
Eh, it's not like Sony plays well with others anyway. Right #Minecraft? #Fortnite?
si la, c pas la mort de l'E3 ...
Proxima E3 simplesmente não vai ter empresa nenhuma de jogo.
What the hell?
Está morta a E3
As a team Sony guy, I'm shocked to hear this update. Seeing the Big 3 (Mircosoft, Sony, & Nintendo) at E3 is always…
Yo what the fuck?
They finally realized that their presentations were shit
So next year's bets between @kirkhamilton and @jasonschreier will be dependent on the craziness at @NintendoAmerica…
PlayStation 5 finishing up
I guess sony really wants to copy Nintendo in every way
Sony is skipping E3 2019:
Whooops! Sony verpasst der E3 2019 eine Absage. Da werden wohl Kräfte für den nahenden PS5-Reveal gesammelt, hm?
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 @kotakuさんから
Whoa nigga wtf!?
Das wird hart für die E3 2019. Sony wird bei der nächsten Messe nicht teilnehmen und auch keine Playstation-PK vera…
sources tell me that two of the three Es are also dropping out next year, leaving the convention in a state that’s…
More opportunity for them to do their own event ie PlayStation Exp. and get more focused fan and press interaction.
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku Hostia esta noticia es muy fuerte... Sony no atiende e…
Sony #PlayStation se baja del #E32019 , con bastante antelación a estas alturas, ¿Habrá pasado algo? ¿Que nos tendr…
This honestly makes me a bit sad.. As an incurable #SonyBoi since I was a kid the Playstation E3 pressos have alway…
Sony skipping E3 next year means we’re one step closer to exclusively live streamed presentations nintendo style ri…
And the red carpet just got rolled out for Microsoft... Crush it @XboxP3
Sony Is Skipping E3 this year because they got scheduled before Microsoft. (Inside joke that @EndlessModeLP and ma…
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 #Sony #E3 #E32019 Read More:
Sony have confirmed today that they won't be attending #E3 in 2019. Does this mean they'll be hosting their own sho…
@danthegrapsfan According to @Kotaku, their presser would "presumably revolve around three…
@KOMACHI_ENSAKA Have a look at
No @E3 this year for @PlayStation ? Are we seeing prep work for a 2020 PS5 reveal in 2019?
Well this will change E3 pretty significantly. Huge opportunity for Microsoft. via @kotaku
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
In an *interesting* move, Sony has pulled out of #E32019. What are your thoughts? #PlayStation Via @Kotaku:
Wow wow wow. Sony pulling out of E3 2019:
Sony no va al e3 del 2019...
La conferencia de Sony era uno de los pilares del E3. Personalmente, es la conferencia que más esperaba ver. Ni mod…
Esto huele a que preparan el terreno para la PS5. \o/
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Say what? @PlayStation @Sony @Kotaku
Por essa ninguém esperava: Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Boooom ! Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 (and PS XP)
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
What the hell Sony? With other major publishers also gone, does this mean the beginning of the end for E3? 😥
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
#Sony Is Skipping #E3 2019 😯
First Sony cancels PlaysStation Experience now ditches next years E3, what's going on guys?
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony is skipping E3 this year? Very interesting...
Im late to the party but... :/
Mauvaise nouvelle pour le salon mondial du jeu vidéo, l'@E3: Sony annonce qu'il n'y sera pas présent en 2019. Un co…
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku ffs mate when are we actually going to get release dat…
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
¡OJO! PlayStation no estará en el E3 2019
Well this is bullshit
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
@Zephyr_HU illetve "It’s also yet another hint at the timing of Sony’s next PlayStation. B…
@captnvid Did you see this?
Man what the FUCK Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Um..okay? Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Sony pulls out of E3 2019:
Questions fill my mind as of why
"Sony Is Skipping E3 2019" via Gizmodo
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Direct perhaps?
Esto es bastante gordo y quizá el principio de ese fin del que tanto se ha hablado para la mayor feria de los video…
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Whoa.. have to wonder if they dont have a showing before E3 if companies will follow ubisoft and ea and host their…
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 #testing #feedly
BREAKING NEWS! Sony will not be attending E3 2019
Uhh what th’fuck
#Sony Is Skipping #E3 2019. #OddMove #PS5 #VideoGames via @kotaku
Sony niet op de E3 van 2019 heel erg bizar.
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
No Sony at E3 this year.
ih Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
ゲーム業界記者として内部情報を取材してきた Kotaku の Jason Schreier 氏、PS5の発売は2020年と予想。来年マジでPS陣営やることがないんだな
Thoughts? @E3 @Sony
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Babado forte! || Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 -
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Ya know it's probably because people called them out on their BS and dropped their stock un…
Sony skipping #E32019?? Are they serious?? I will absolutely refuse to watch E3 if they don't make an appearance! T…
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
Sony Pulls Out Of E3 2019
Top story: Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 , see more
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
#sony abandona #E32019
I'm taking this as DEFINITE CONFIRMATION that ps5 is coming in 2020... remember my words
Criticaram tanto a Nintendo por ter tomado a iniciativa de pular fora do evento e fazer as suas próprias conferênci…
Sony is Skipping E3 for the first time ever!
Bye bye E3 👋 Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019 via @kotaku
@It_sMeMario Confirmado por E3 y por Sony según Kotaku.
Sony Is Skipping E3 2019

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