Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players

Source : Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players

Since the release of FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls in 2009, it and its spiritual successors—the Dark Souls trilogy and Bloodborne—have acquired reputations that are both built on the games themselves and players’ responses to them. Demon’s Souls and its descendants are as dependent upon their mechanics, level design,…

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The Dark Souls series are great games. They'd be even better if some players could stop leaving sexist messages lik…
Yeah i wasted my time this is best described with a comment under the article "Who gives a shit? This is like sayin…
Havent read the full article yet since its LONG AS FUCK. But since even the readers are saying the author is full o…
LMAO I'm sorry but this is fucking hilarious mysoginist pig oroboro confirmed
One of the biggest insult I've noticed from the people apparently championing women's right is the notion they're s…
I need therapy after being assaulted by a joke left in Dark souls, support my patreon at 'ebegger.con'
kotaku is braver than the troops
journalist ahead therefore useless
Story about a king sacrificing his children to become immortal, banishing his bastard offspring to a painting, and…
"In one sense, it is a juvenile joke; in another and more serious sense, it is a territorial, gendered assertion of…
i didn't know having your funny bone surgically removed was required to become a kotaku writer sure would explain…
Remember when someone said "this generation couldn't survive xbox live chat" ? Yeah
did you know that the deprived class starts off with 6 in every stat as well as being soul level 1 so you can build…
If I see a bent over corpse in Lothric, you can bet your ass I'm going to leave a message saying "Man ahead, try th…
Sadness ahead
destroy but hole
The 'Try finger, but hole' message behind a bent over corpse in the Cathedral of the Deep is my greatest legacy. 😏
breaking news edgy teens make online games worse
shut the fuck up lol
I haven't read this article yet and I couldn't possibly guess if its points are well made, given that none of the r…
Welcome to gaming, you sad, sad sensitive journalists
Awful bait ahead
I think this is the pettiest thing Kotaku ever posted.
Sounds like you didn't praise the sun enough... or realize it's a joke. Either way, git gud, infidel!
Don't give up! Skeleton!
Solution: Don't play online
The jokes in Dark Souls with these messages are so harmless though, Christ. It's just someone making a childish jok…
FUCK OFF, Kotaku. Fuck OFF.
Hehhehehehehehehehehehehehehe "Tip" Hehehehehehehehehehehehe Next time try: Glory Hole Backside
my consistent response to these messages has been to leave a reply pointing at them saying stuff like "message ahea…
there's no way this is real
Omfg lighten up you joyless fucks. It's really funny because of the limited words and phrases you can use to make a…
Twitter: regained Kotaku: remembered My faith in people's ability to take a joke: lost again
delete your fucking website, you absolute morons
Loool Kotaku being Kotaku
Can't blame a game for players being sexist dicks, a small group of "edgy" twats can be found in every online commu…
Don't pretend like any "journalist" at Kotaku made it far enough to actually see other player's comments
maybe grow
a pleasant antidote to this unfunny garbage is what @NatalieZed was doing in bloodborne
holy shit lmao
Try jumping off
You must be fun at parties
Hahaha kotaku Just fucked themselves. Try tongue but hole 4 Life bois
Gamergate 2 electric boogaloo
ha ha hahahhahahahahhahaahhahaa
someone actually took the time to write this I think gaming journalism is probably the worst thing on earth
when you accept that your journalism degree will never get you a position of respect, so you just write the worst v…
Yeah this shit is incredibly tired.
This is the epitome of a slow news day
Slow news day?
The wardens in the psychiatric ward you people sit in should really restrict your internet priviliges
The GG 'movement' directly fed into shit like Charlottesville, but ignore that, someone made a dick joke using lite…
Kotaku wrote another "Please stop reading our site" article
Kotaku is great at being Kotaku I see Lets make a big fuss over harmless jokes in video games
Didnt you burn to the ground like the massive trashfire you are you absolute stain on the name of journalism?
Every day with these guys
This article is a load of bull. And that's just because I don't believe anyone who is a part of Kotaku made it far…
Kotaku is officially the joke police
Shut the fuck up kotaku!
I don't even know what to say to this headline.
You guys are the worst as always. Holy hell
Try finger but hole
You know? Fuck you.
thanks kotaku
Be wary of tight but hole ahead
Long story short: dont make jokes
Game journalism at its finest
Never fail to disappoint me Kotaku.
nobody had an issue with this until now
The whole of Kotaku is an elaborate joke, it has to be
Wow games journalism is great
When everything is a big deal, nothing matters anymore - and then when @RLewisReports reports on massive ethics iss…
😂😂😂 بعض الرسايل حشيش ⁦
I guess we should also go after "Dicks out for Harambe?" My point being you can't stop the nature of the internet.…
How about you grow a fucking spine? Online shitposting is not sexist. Or play Offline, which will keep your oh-so…
Are you fucking kidding me
good fucking lord lol
try tongue, but hole
Holy fuck stop
''Worn, but whole'' Take a joke.
You know Kotaku, it's pretty shameful of you to assume that all woman are weak willed, and will be negatively affec…
Yeah fuck they caught all of us sexist assholes with this one. @korewazesty @calvaryn
Good read. One of the worst aspects of a franchise I otherwise really care about.
Oh fuck off, you joyless cow.
I just don't even know what to say about this...
ick 🙃. also the comments on the op are a trashfire (b/c ofc they are. angry dudes on the internet love to die on th…
Toxic but hole
Amazing Chest Ahead
Whaaaaaaah jokes are bad!!!
The responses to this article are embarrassing. It's an opinion piece (with, in my opinion, a fairly valid point to…
Kotaku.... Do you want to stop reaching? 😂 How is this even journalism?
Ok this is a reach because I've seen some absolute fucking funny messages that have nothing to do with sexism. EG…
شكلهم م عندهم مواضيع
imagine being this fucking sensitive holy shit.
Who the fuck let the dishwasher use the fucking computer?
omg what "Slow news day" doesn't really cover it, this is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
LMAO what?!? This article isn't real right? I'm totally halucinating rn. Someone wake me up.
Kotaku is jealous because my "try finger but hole" message has 25 likes and theirs have none
unsurprisingly, dark siuls nerds are mad at this article because they're the fucking worst
You must really hate South Park's second game...The Fractured But Whole.
The gas station bathrooms are great bathrooms. They'd be even better if some shitters could stop leaving sexist mes…
Do something about it, don't just sit by and let it happen start your own messages sure an eye for an eye and all t…
Easy solution Kotaku Disconnect the internet. There u go no more troll messages and no more invaders.
what a bunch of babies
imagine being butthurt over dark souls messages. lol.
kotaku Ahead-Try Nuke
Complaining about a harmless joke, huh Kotaku? It's no wonder I don't follow them because of crap like this. This…
try tongue but hole
Kotaku is garbage. Always has been, always will be. But this is a low, trashy article, even for them.
Wow man. You dipshit's with your SJW/Feminazi bullshit just won't stop will ya? This is just pathetic. Please get h…
Imagine being this retarded.
People at kotaku really get paid to write this shit 💀
but hole ahead , try tounge
are you obtuse?
Manufactured outrage.
Complaining that the most cancerous gaming community of them all is cancerous. Hahaha
Go out of business already please
What loser would get offended by this shit?? It's harmless text put on the ground as a joke, "J O K E". Y'know, com…
Some quality satire about the "sexism" occurring in the Dark Souls community. Not a bad read.
Yo! @DDayCobra Kotaku thinks Dark Souls is evil now. Check it out.
I swear gaming media is in a race to see who can come up with the worst takes the quickest.
Games journalists are the most fragile class of people to ever walk the earth
El periodismo del 2018 en su máxima expresión, una perdida de tiempo y recursos...
JODIDAMENTE ABSURDO. Acabamos con esta web de escombros sociales.
Игрожур двухтыщно васимнадцать
The fake news of gaming is at it again.
Wtf? You can always ignore them
@evilmuska smh They must have so much free time
Alexa how do I delete a website from existence
Joke Police inbound ⚠
---oh for fuck´s sake! Fucking shitting snowflakes!
These people are nothing but a bunch of crybabies tbh
lol talk about beating a dead horse
Its all harmless jokes.. get a life kotaku
Quand tu veux voir le mal là où il n'y as que de l'humour potache, et en faire une théorie féministe fumeuse puisqu…
This is fucking stupid delete this
Most people already learned to laugh at or just ignore dumb peripheral shit like this instead of pretending like it…
Mom help, someone scribbled mean words in chalk on the ground and I keep looking at them and I don't like them but…
Weakness: intelligence Therefore Try humour
Normal people: "ha they used the message templates to make a dirty joke." Kotaku: "we need to talk about how they h…
If you're playing a Souls game and the things that offend you are the random messages left by other players, you sh…
I......... I got nothing. They've broken me
Hey @Kotaku this shit is years old... can't find anything better to write about?
Disappointed but not surprised that Kotaku has no sense of humor
A veces me da a pesar como estos locos aun tiene plata para publicar semejantes pendejadas
porfa no me engañen con los mensages que me asusto
How is this not a parody account?
"Great chest ahead" In front of the picture Gwynevere in #DarkSouls - I laughed. If I might be so forward @Kotaku ,…
Smh... I'm fucking over this outrage culture for reeeeal
I am sick to death of this outrage culture. The world is a wet lemon these days man
its a joke get over it, the limited amount of words you can do in Dark souls makes it funnier cause people are crea…
Yes that is true...Kotaku is dickless.
Kotaku fails to understand society and humor.
Slow day at Kotaku
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨J O K E P O L I C E🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Curse ahead, try rolling
Must be a slow day for news. lol
Don't give up skeleton
I just wanna take all these game journalist articles and put Dedede laughing over it at 50% opacity.
"Mom I'm getting trolled in my video game!"
خلصو المواضيع صح
That's funniest bit. Get a sense of humour. You might have dropped it somewhere at university.
How dare Pussydestroyer666 write "try tongue but hole" outside of Siffs boss fog. SEXISM.
Well, the good news is that they're not complaining about how hard the games are, or as the scrubs...I mean cool ki…
Yall know what a joke is?
Are you kidding me. This is game journalism in 2018. To find an issue with something that is not an issue.
not everything thats crude is 'sexist' you fucking morons
خلصت المواضيع
Try jumping off but hole
Then don't read it.
Delete your website From everyone who's sick you. Which is everyone
That feeling when there are children starving in Africa and you decide that the best way to help the world is to cr…
This is some good clickbait. Pure art
This is a real article and its fucking long????
No fun allowed the article
Daily reminder that Kotaku is a joke and Chrono Legion should remove it out of internet.
You okay chief?
Kotaku = joke police @Idubbbz
amazing chest ahead
Hahahaha i dont call out SJW bullshit cuz i don't care but this is just to stupid to not point and laugh at
1. The author has a point. 2. This post is poorly written.
Everything is sexist, everything is racist and Kotaku has to point it all out. Protip: Nobody cares, stop being p…
NO immature dirty jokes allowed. STOP all humor that contains man and women bits because its sexist. I'm getting a…
There's a big difference between sexist jokes and just sex jokes. 'Try finger: But hole' will ALWAYS be funny in…
Try tongue but hole.
shit article ahead
Oh for fuck sake Kotaku
I'm sorry but this is just silly. The question should be: why do you care? It can't hurt you. Stupid jokes like tha…
Lmfao I love dark souls, stay off my game normies
Remember when people didn't cry about everything and call it journalism
Holy fucking shit are you serious
Dark Souls has lived of this humor for years, now weak SJW's complain lmao
The worst website of all time
Big mad over "tongue but hole" jokes
Коментарі в тві до цієї хріні повертають віру в людство.
Weak enemy ahead; try crying.
It's called a community joke you utter bore.
Today on: Crappy Kotaku Journalist bitches about absolutely nothing and calls everything sexist and misogynistic to…
OR we could just take it as lame sometimes funny humour and move on.
The general response to these messages has been to either tolerate or embrace, and dissenters are told to lighten u…
Now even more hyped. God I wish I was at home
O cotaco choramingando porque ninguém deu bola pro unhe deles tá sensacional
Everyone is laughing at them and they respond with this?
How the fuck do you get anything "general" after only a minute difference since the first Tweet? You are a bullshit…
*gets invaded once*
> willful ignorance Is anyone denying it? I thought people were too busy having a laugh
Without these types of messages we would never have "Good luck Skeleton". And if that didn't exist, well, what ki…
I just thought "but hole" was funny dawg
This is too on the nose not to be satire Ario expresses a hyperbole infused mockery of what one would expect to rea…
If we take this to Heart then every copy of 50 shades, magic mike, twilight, and many more should be taken and burn…
Here comes the fun police.
You guys are nothing short of imbeciles at this point. Do us all a solid and close up shop because you obviously do…
fuck off git gud
I'm not sure how to fix this because the disgust of a certain portion of the gamer population is literally the goal…
Did you consider dealing with it?
Hey, everyone. I have an article up on Kotaku about the Soulsbourne games and toxic gamers.…
people who disagree with my article are sexist
This is a crucial Souls thinkpiece that has been sorely needed. It amazes me how the artiest game of the 21st centu…
"If you disagree with me, you are proving my point." The levels of delusion here.
I respectfully disagree with your post, and I hope we can both be civil nonetheless.
@Zidan_Lianciel @TheRalphRetort oh really?
@WeWuzMetokur check out the internet tough guy game jorno lol
@nickmon1112 when you want to be a cool kid like EA
This is why everyone hates Cucktaku.
i've been quite happy i've never had online functionality enabled for these games, not even now that it's a feasibl…
This author is not up to @Kotaku and their usual standards. He's blocking people left and right and doesn't care ab…
This is a really good article, and something that I didn't get around to specifically mentioning in my own work! Th…
Holy shit i have never read something so stupid before. I suggest you don't read it you sexist pigs
A internet precisa acabar mesmo
its incredible how much soy comes out of this website @Kotaku Imagine being such a fragile human being that what ki…
real article btw
My day is ruined so now yours has to be too
A huge fan of From's Souls games laments the abundance of sexist messages left by some players near the game's fema…
This has always saddened me when playing Souls games. Fucking misogynist gamers find ways to make even Dark Souls'…
interesting article on the comment section-style harassment of female Soulsborne NPCs. it highlights the sexist cul…
Yep. God, this garbage takes me out of the meticulously crafted, incredibly atmospheric and transportive worlds of…
What's it like being a video game enthusiast website that does nothing but bash other video game enthusiast who are…
Gamers are sexually harassing fictional characters via pervert graffiti. "By Dark Souls 2 and 3, it was clear that…
women who play dark souls: do the sexual messages that surround NPCs bother you? this freelance piece on Kotaku equ…
Are you serious? People are so hyper sensitive about the dumbest shit today, you have so called "Authors" writing c…
Quand une mécanique de jeu devient l'occasion de créer du sexisme
Kotaku is my favorite comedian. Their joke about territorial gendered assertion of power in video games gets me eve…
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players Shared from O'SKOOL
Humanity is great except some of us suck. This message is a tweet, not a two page article
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players
@MidEffortMeme @A_FlyingWalrus His link is broken somehow, check it out here:
Literally you can say the same for any good game. Fuck off Kotaku
Good article. I love the Souls’ games limited interactivity, particularly the gesture syst…
Legitimately mind boggled this is where we are with complaining this is an actual article with actual effort put in…
What the fuck? @Kotaku, drawing dicks on thing is not even close to an assertion of power and territory. Dicks are…
While doing a reply of Bloodborne, I found a message outside the Little Girl's window that said, "Time for thrust a…
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players Shared from my Google feed
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players - Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sex…
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players
@Kotaku Vete a la mierda hombre!
The more i read the better the gems i find. Drawing dicks is now a gendered assertion of power. Fuck right off.
Torn on how I feel about this. If you can look past the sexism, they can be a break from the oppressive tone of the…
@Kotaku well done on posting the biggest pile of steaming shit on the internet for years. This is not journalism.…
@ChrisRGun Yeah, but muh Dark Souls messages are sexist tho
Dark Souls y los mensajes que puedes dejar, también es machista.
Lighten the fuck up fr. It just a joke... <i>Souls</i> Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some…
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players
Either the writer is intellectually dishonest or intellectually inept. How he makes a leap from the git gud culture…
So, "jokey" in-game messages sent by players hurt your feelings? Typical sjw soy boy.
Another excellent piece from Kotaku, the site for self loathing gamers. @RLewisReports
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players ༄ From Dark Souls…
Do you guys not have anything else to write about? Every game with a message system would e…
This is by far THE WORST EXCUSE FOR JOURNALISM IN ANY FORM. (Screenshots soon)
People really have nothing to do these days lmfao
Kotaku continues to make the most Banal "Gaming" articles of the year. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder via @kotaku
Guys, let's find outrage
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players
Imagine writing such a long article over such utter pointlessness. Bonus points because you can out woke it by clai…
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players #fromsoftware #bloodborne #kotakucore
Souls Games Are Great, Except For The Sexist Messages From Some Players

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