Sources: Fallout: 76 Is An Online Survival RPG

Source : Sources: Fallout: 76 Is An Online Survival RPG

When Bethesda announced Fallout: 76 with a teaser trailer this morning, promising more information at E3, it was easy to assume that the new game would be a traditional single-player role-playing game. But Fallout: 76 is in fact an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and

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OK, here's everything I've heard about Fallout: 76
"Fallout: 76 is in fact an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust"
Can't outright confirm this, but Jason's reporting lines up with lots of rumors I've heard over the years. Smart on…
Fallout: 76 é um jogo de sobrevivência - Semelhanças com Day-Z e Rust - Começou como Fallout 4 Multiplayer mas evol…
Hey @jasonschreier, @ProgressBarAU were the source re: #BattleCry troubled development, not PC Gamer :)
"Originally prototyped as a multiplayer version of Fallout 4", "will have quests and a story", "base-building […] a…
Fallout 76 is "an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust."
Blague à part, si y'a bien un univers qui se prête à une bataille sans merci pour survivre, c'est Fallout. Donc pou…
Well, if true... Fuck you Bethesda! I hope the shitstorm will be massive.
I'd totally play a Fallout-themed Rust, but I bet it doesn't have Rust's randomized giblets. Which is a shame, beca…
Ein Online-Survival RPG im DayZ und Rust-style. Aber mit Bauelementen aus Fallout 4. Trz soll es Quests geben.
time 2 nuke my wife again?
Woohoo! My Fallout 76 article beat Kotaku's by 3 minutes! Of course, my sources were 3 random 4chan posts and a ran…
Sacad las antorchas por si acaso, que Jason Schreier ha publicado que Fallout: 76 puede ser un "online survival RPG…
"online survival RPG inspired by DayZ and Rust"
‘Get everyone hyped for a new sprawling, single-player Fallout game and then pull the rug out from under them two w…
If this ends up being a game where randos online can shout slurs at me and headshot me at anytime, no fucking thank…
"Fallout 76 is in fact an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust, according to thr…
Fallout 76 serait un RPG en ligne basé sur la survie et fortement inspiré de DayZ.
AAA survival game THE TIME HAS COME
Meh. Nix für mich.
Weird really. It's like they don't know their audience after 20 years.
Unpopular gaming opinion : Hyped for this! Base building was my favourite part of Fallout 4 and doing it with frien…
M8s para los que quieran saber un poco más del nuevo Fallout
Kinda interesting that this article refers to @ProgressBarAU's reporting on Battlecry's troubled development but on…
Well then. Fallout going the Rust, Conan Exiles, route would definitely be interesting and also extremely likely to…
Bleibt die Hoffnung, dass Bethesda auf der E3 doch noch ein waschechtes Story-Rollenspiel vorstellt...
These are all the absolute worst parts of every Bethesda game jammed into one horrible mess
@bethesda @BethesdaStudios @DCDeacon #FALLOUT76 #bethesda you guys do know that if this game is a multiplayer survi…
Sigh... well I was excited for a little bit.
is it crack? is it crack you're smoking?
@nukaquantums @voidesques
Looks like early leaks show the Fallout game to be a PvP survival game like Rust or DayZ. Question is, is it match…
oof suddenly became less excited for 76. Guess I'll have to wait for the 10th but if the rumours are true then damn.
@BigBaz480 @mad_m0rty Rust clone, MTX, loot lunchboxes, "service". Way to copy EA 😠
Hurl abuse at me all you want, but this...sounds kind of interesting. I liked the masochistic abuse of survival mod…
@jasonm8443 @cadenbostic
>Survival >Crafting >Online MATA LOGO A SÉRIE
I've been saying for weeks now, that I've been starving for a multiplayer survival game, featuring crafting and bui…
Segue a ser mil veces millor que un Battle Royale
Nah, hard pass
this doesn't clear anything up, he's just iterating on his previous claim and i hate this
Well, I thought a game that built out from the crafting stuff in FO4 was a possibility, but for it to be online is…
Sad if true and I've no reason not to believe Jason even if he's a bit of a bellend
@JoeyBurns87 @mrscomer2k
@ClackPuppy fuck it
@PatoTomczyk prawie trafiła - Fallout 76 będzie właściwie kopią Rusta
@The_Alton @Peaches_222
Si c'est vrai, je suis content de faire des économies du coup.
JJ gots all the connects
"The teaser might lead Fallout fans to believe that this is a traditional entry in the series, but according to our…
So its Fallout Rust/DayZ haha Was close with the pubg jokes
Didn't want to say anything without more sources, but this does line up with what I've heard.
Inspired by games like DayZ and Rust? Holy shit this sounds insane.
PUBG meets Fallout? Not sure how I feel about that. Multiplayer would be great. Crafting, not so much. I hate craft…
Well multiplayer but still with base building as I suggested, sounds interesting
Man, I don't know how I feel about this. I think I'd feel better if they would just come out and say that the lead…
I loved Fallout. Now it's continuously turning into something I don't even hate, but into something I just feel not…
If these rumors are true it seems like the game will be a polarizing experience of OMG this game is awesome! or tim…
Quite interested tbh
Well, this should be very interesting. Thanks for the info @jasonschreier, we'll keep our eyes and ears open!…
Aaaaaand the hype is dead
Hmmmmm........@DCDeacon @Fallout @GameOverGreggy
Initial gut reaction is "nnnyyaaaaahhhhh!!" But this could go either way. Wasn't a huge fan of where FO4 went with…
Lmao its just a different game made by a studio zenimax ate and slapped a fallout skin on it so they can explore th…
Well...if any of this turns out to be true guess I’m done with the Fallout series. I play console, not PC. I dislik…
Online survival RPG. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh
Well, this is significantly less exciting.
@MercPUBG and look at his other tweet but i guess in the end wait for e3 :)
Ohhhh dear. @Perelda_
Ah... Ma hype est redescendu tellement vite.
Vish, vai ser Fallout battle Royale
so... it’s like fortnite but fallout?
But Fallout 76 is in fact an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust, according to…
MMO. One of my predictions was correct, then. 😂
Ugh! IF true, that just lowered my excitement by leaps & bounds!
Damn. MMO Rust-like? Hope not! So excited and then overwhelming despair. Fucking hope its not a FO PUBG.
we live in a hellworld (cont’d)
Sounds like it's going to be an online RPG. That sounds a lot better than a typical hero shooter.
I know some people are miffed, perhaps this isn't what they wanted, however this sounds so far up my alley & what I…
At least there are sources now. Maybe I’m not as much of a skeptic now
AKA NOPE. I guess if I ever want to get into Fallout I'll have to get 4
Attn: @Shubbabang
This is terrible news. 😭
Well this seems like i'll turn off a lot of old fans while simultaneously targeting a new audience with online play…
Well, that sounds like shit...
Between this and Fallout 4's odd choice of story, this kind of feels like they are out of ideas for Fallout. Mayb…
Alright, I guess I'm good skipping this one.
Nononono, please, not you too Fallout. Resist the urge, for all of our sakes!
it better not be online........
Ugh, this hurts the Warp 9.9 hype.
I could probably get behind something like this if true. Looking forward to seeing more! #Fallout76
Never heard of this guy...... so I’m not sure if this is trolly or not! I have no idea if this is satire or not .…
Rust and DayZ...whatttttt
@Kylekeenan13 @CyatheWolf This thing is gonna be sick...
This is absolute trash. I won't believe it until someone from Bethesda confirms it. Don't believe anything a writer…
Sounds like a survival game. Very interesting...
imagine thinking this sucks
Where's Fallout Battle Royale mode?
I’m a bit nervous but I’ll trust ‘em.
"an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust" lol
So my hype has gone from excited to flat out nope with the comparisons to DayZ and Rust, but I'll withhold judgemen…
I'm totally in. Scavenging the wastes and building settlements with friends sounds amazing.
I was so happy when I saw the teaser for this, and then that happiness got dashed against the rocks of multiplayer.…
"But Fallout 76 is in fact an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust, according to…
I mean, I guess it could be fun, but it doesn't sound like the Fallout game most of us have been hoping for.
Sana maganda serverssss
If this is pulled off well it will be what I’ve been waiting for, for a very long time. Hyped.
Well I got some apologizing to do...
#SavePlayer1 ? @DCDeacon
Fallout online, que zeus perdoe essas pessoas ruins
If this is true, hard pass for me. This isn't really a direction that interests me at all. Good luck to the studio…
I’m not to bad about it being survival RPG, as long as it can be played solo.
At least there's still Starfield to look forward to.
instant pass if this is true. wanted another traditional new vegas or fallout 3 esque game. ngl one of the few fran…
Ok fallout 76 sounding cool as hell
If this is true (and it most likely is) I'm all for it!
The prospect of #Fallout76 focusing more on survival and base building is very appealing although multiplayer in th…
Supostamente um rpg de sobrevivência estilo Rust... Ainda dá pra colocar um Battle Royale e afundar de vez o jogo…
Online? I’ll pass
thanks for nothing
Hum Premise is really good But man, they're gonna need to nail the mechanics on the first outing
@kidleeasf @MandoLegion
@realwillnoble @Judetruth 🤔
Oh dear. Again, if true, Bethesda needs to come clean NOW. Everyone's getting hyped for a new standard Fallout ga…
Welp, there went all my interest in the game. Hard pass if it's online multiplayer.
honestly a rust/dayz-esque makes a lot of sense for this universe but ugh still a bummer personally
OK bah poubelle ce Fallout
"Fallout 76 is in fact an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust, according to thr…
noooooo whyyy
Z e r o interest in this now
With appologies to @DCDeacon 😝😘
Kotaku is the biggest clickbaiting site for gaming
Grosse chute de hype dans 3...2...1... #Fallout76
Online survival game like rust? I'm good with that.
Allez vous faire cuire le cul avec vos survival/battle royale/pokemon. Je suis turbo deg
#PressSneakFuck rides again!
Schreier with the hot scoops!
We still being honest here...?
I just want it to be good... problem is I'm not big on multiplayer games.
Un Fallout online apparement c’est plus un genre de MMORPG clairement une inspiration à la Rust ou à la DayZ.
@imaebyabluth @BradInKC
und ich bin raus.Schade...
Well then. Here's hoping to see Starfield at E3.
I like everything about this idea.
Jason is one of the few credible dudes out there. 👍🏻
If this is true... fuuuuuck Bethesda. They can join RockStar in my "Think about what you've done" corner. CC:…
Honestly I'm super psyched to play a game like this. Bring it on!
sounds like a trial balloon, honestly.
#Fallout76 vai ser um survival estilo Rust e H1Z1, segundo fontes do Kotaku. Tô falando, vai terminar num modo Batt…
ok ya le tengo bajas expectativas al juego... va ser dirigido por el equipo de elder scrolls online....
Bethesda games are known to be janky, and survival type games (rust,etc) are known to be janky af. This is gonna be…
Fallout 76 is an "online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust..." Interesting!
Kotaku is lies.
toujours hype
@aatheartist good god
Oh bordel fallout 76 serait un multi 😯😯
Oto co wiadomo na razię o nowym Fallout’cie
Ok ok. I'm hype. I'm still hyped. Could be fun.
Well that's something I have essentially no interest in.
Fallout 76 AKA Survival is different for the franchise and I honestly don't have a problem with that.
Okay Bethesda, I am continuously surprised that you don’t recognize that the biggest advantage of your games is tha…
@SITCup_Dee apparently it’s a survival game
Not sure how it’s possible to deflate a hype balloon that wasn’t even inflated. But “Online Survival Fallout Game”…
I'm totally down with all of this.
This is poop. Poop from a butt. I do not want this, ever, at all.
Na Bumm. Gute Nacht, DayZ und Co.
Hmmmm. On the fence until I’m told how ingrained the multiplayer is
Ah vai tomar no cu
Um survival game nas bases de Rust, aparentemente. BOM, meu hype não durou muito.
I wouldn't honestly be mad if they made it in an Ark/Rust style, this could either flop huge or be a hit success. e…
The replies acting like it’s the end of days lmao Think of it as practice for when the real apocalypse happens
Why would you announce a new game in a beloved franchise and not tell anyone that it's radically different to anyth…
Well, this is very disappointing. But not every game is made for me.
This is the kind of stuff that shows Schreier is the best in the business. He doesn’t report recycled press release…
Bingo! Treffer und versenkt: Fallout 76 soll ein Online-Survival-RPG sein:
Sources: Fallout: 76 is an online survival RPG
You know things have changed in your life when a game is announced and the exciting part is not being interested in…
see you later mary carmen
>"inspired by games like DayZ and Rust" >"will also feature base-building just like Fallout 4" Yeah, I ain't excit…
if this is true I am extremely shocked that they know how to make online features
I find it disheartening how badly people react to big AAA game series experimenting. Trying new things is good!
Man, we called the SHIT out of this - even down to the base building!! :D
LMAO fuck!! fuck fucj shit!!!!
you were the chosen one i have failed you anakin
There it is. Have to assume this is gonna be Fallout: Online the MMO Experience Does this excite you? Disappoint?…
I'm totally cool with this.
If this is correct, it's a pretty neat experiment.
I want to stay optimistic but... "Fallout 76 is in fact an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games li…
God is dead and Bethesda killed it.
oh no @slothqueen21 @The_Only_Ari @Nashults15
I mean. Scavenging was my favorite part of these games, so... maybe I'll play it? Unless there's PVP then fuck no
OH PLEASE LET IT BE!!!! @IANlegend40 @Itsdanglangtime @DylanLowrance
FALLOUT 76 SERÁ UN ONLINE SURVIVAL RPG Uf, habrá que ver gameplay, pero de primeras no sé si me llama.
Interesting. If this is true I would love to play this!
No longer interested
I'm intrigued! Pillars of Eternity and other CRPGs are giving me so much quality RP gaming now, so I don't really n…
*sound of balloon rapidly deflating as it flies around the room*
Nothing much to get excited about friends. Don't know why some would expect a full Fallout game this soon unless…
this is the worst possible outcome
Jason Schreier always gots the scoops. If you're expecting another Fallout RPG, don't.
“blease stream our games on twitch….”
Please for the love of fucking god don't be true
Metal Gear Survive 76
Now I'm VERY intrigued
'Online Survival' That sounds alot like Battle Royale. I guess Bethesda is jumping on that train as well.
"who cares if games(cod.. cough) get rid of the campaign" they say..
Noooooooo.....fallout exiles
Oh well guess it's already dead then
sell this license to obsidian, you fucks
I mean, I wouldn’t have cared either way, but this is a definite pass for sure.
wow un dlc de fallout 4
Early Access Fallout
tell me lies, please, just this once todd
Posso economizar meu dinheiro
I mean, for the people who like this stuff, great. I like playing solo. Definitely not with the type of folks you t…
This could be okay? I'd be lying if I said I had any interest tho
Now im really excited :D
I hope this is true!
Oh...good. We clearly don't have enough of those already. -_-
You can keep that, man
So Fallout 76: Rust Edition, gotcha. 🤔 Unless Bethesda can make online survival interesting again with a new twist,…
Everything you ever dreamed of, @rippleclaw !
Não tenho problema algum com o novo Fallout ser online. Aliás, acho muito legal ter um pouco de novidade. Francamen…
Oooh. Noooo.
So Pokemon and Fallout are both going to pull this shit on us in the span of 24 hours
Trash. #FuckPlayer1
Okay! I didn't have "Ark-like" in the pool, but it makes sense for when they would have started developing it:
RIP Fallout 76 30.05.2018 - 30.05.2018
Vaya que basura...
welp it's confirmed great
Всегда было похуй на фоллаут, а теперь еще больше похуй, да
Plaaaaaaay with meeeeeee
If this is true we are most certainly in the worst timeline
Why.... Its Fallout version of ESO then...
*heavy breathing*
Meh. I'm indifferent to the idea.
Does not surprise me.
Lol time for me to die, of course it is
I'm all for something new and exciting as long as it's done well! Really hope @bethesda pulls through and makes it…
To be fair, a finished survival game is pretty innovative.
Thought it was too good to be true. 😑
Pues sí, Fallout 76 será como una mezcla de Fallout 4, su modo de fabricación y un multijugador online al estilo Da…
At least it's not a Battle Royale game?????
please let me be gay online
@MajinBoone .... Well looks like you heard right.
Less intrigued, but will give this a chance
Lame, wake me up when ES6 or FO5 comes out @BethesdaStudios
This is the best possible way this could work... I'M SO IN
Fallout Battle Royale
De baixo, meu interesse foi para -10!
I'll take the optimistic approach and see what the game is like in 11 days instead of whining/writing it off on soc…
Mira que era dificil cagarla, pero en fin, voy cerrando antes de que Tod entre y me exija que le compre el juego.
Excuse me but this sound awesome!! Cant wait for more footage! Y'all shit talkers can go away and just let ppl enj…
And there it is, folks. I'm convinced this was revealed before E3 to get out ahead of the inevitable disappointment…
Я понял. Это как Elder Scrolls Online, только Fallout Online 😂
Hahaha I fucking knew it was gone be some shit
That's a no for me dawg..
Perhaps I'm not so much in...
Please have a optional offline mode.
This sounds awesome!
Hard pass...
Hmm. I'm down for it, as log as it's not JUST base-building bullshit.
Que es esta basura
mira a camara como en The office
it's like rust and dayz? hella disappointed.
// so its Kotaku trying to get my hopes down #DeleteYourAccount
B A T T L E. R O Y A L E
Desde el punto de vista actual del mercado, tiene todo el sentido del mundo (recordad TES Online), pero en mi caso…
I... This is why fallout 4 was ass too. Finna end up like assassin's Creed
Como The Elders Scrolls Online, una formula que funciona en un jugador pero que no funciona en multijugador
Sources: Fallout 76 ist uninteressant.
This sounds powerfully uninteresting to me, but if y'all enjoy that DayZ / ARK Survival type game I wish you all th…
Fallout Hunter World : XII #Fallout76
[Preston Garvey loved this and also said that a settlement is in danger]
fucked it lads absolutely fucked it
Now THIS is huge considering @jasonschreier's outstanding track record with industry news.
@DanNerdCubed Does this change any of your excitement for the announcement?
So it really is gonna be like Rust. Tch...
At least we still have Red Dead Redemption 2 this year.
Fallout Battle Royale oh boy!!!!!!
@jonnymayneni no knowing if these rumours are credible or not but if it is true will you be buying it? I'm generall…
Cool, I can save the money I'd spend on this.
I'M FUCKING CRYING jokes about Fallout Royale weren't too far off lmaooooo
Ese es el hype yéndose al tacho. Seguro sale o le agregan al poco tiempo un Battle Royale. Bethesda eras nuestra úl…
Seriously if this is true #BE3 is going to be a bigger dissapointment then 2017's disasterous Creation Club.
Honestly thought it would be a Battle Royale game, but this was guess #2.
Base building...ehhhh
I think I'm more excited now!
Just let Obsidian make the the next Fallout pls.
If this is true, i will be very disappointed...
UF esto me suena muy bien
The change in setting(20 years post nukes instead of 200 years of others) seems interesting, but survival RPGs are…
Oh... Well nevermind then.
@NickPearman2 An online survival?
i'm not disappointed by this because i never actually expected bethesda to do anything good
Honestly I'll play anything Fallout, but if its Fallout in the same style as ARK? Holy shit that could be awesome.
Wait Wait Wait No Please I'm so tired No please
uuhhhgggg 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
"рыгающий смайлик"
Well @BethesdaStudios I'm out of the Fallout franchise. One of the reasons I loved it was for the single player asp…
La unica vez que me habia interesado por ver como es Fallout y ese interes se ha desvanecido solo con leer "online…
Oh for fucks sake! They couldn't just have @Obsidian make a follow-up to New Vegas could they?
Lol! I knew it! Fuck this shit, they're not getting my money now.
If fallout is full multiplayer I'm actually going to die.
Wow no thanks
Somebody hold me 😍😍😍
Interest at announcement: high Interest now: gone
Definitely want someone OTHER than Kotaku to confirm, but if true, it sounds... interesting.
La finite di dovermi far socializzare anche nei videogiochi
This makes me more curious about Fallout 76. I never enjoyed the base building in Fallout 4, but some refinement co…
So, this doesn't sound great.
Ah crud. Had my hopes up for a new fallout game too.
If it's another battle arena game or I lose everything when I die, like DayZ, I don't think I'll be playing the new…
Well here we go. Rust like game
imma keep it real with you Todd, no
Say it ain't so
Today went from great to meh in one tweet...
Son of a bitch.
...It is 2018, right?
Well then... that's disappointing.
@OutsideXbox @outsidextra .. You ....must... the @Farrantula must be summoned!
En la tienda te vas a quedar 😂 (por mí parte)
What you say about this?@DCDeacon @BethesdaStudios
Oh cool it's something I would play even less than other recent fallout titles
I... don't know what this means.
De... Que... Ah bon ? #Bethesda #Fallout76
Sounds interesting.. As long as it is playable solo as well.
Any time a quality singleplayer video game franchise pivots to multiplayer I immediately move on:
If this is true... mhmmmm 🤗
FWIW, as someone who really digs Fallout games, I'm optimistic about Fallout 76 (and stoked to see more). Might be…
This is encouraging 👍🏻
As someone who has recently found a previously-unknown love of online looters/grinders/stuff like that, I'm very ex…
⬇️ this right here ⬇️
Ok im starting to feel happy
Fallout 76 ein Online Survival RPG?!
Je crois que je viens de perdre d'un coup tout mon enthousiasme sur ce projet.
Sounds like another game I won’t have time for :/
this is kotaku sourced from "anonymous sources" but if its true itll be awesome
Finally, something to get excited about in the coming E3, Fallout 76! Anything else you think we should be checkin…
I have just lost all interest in this game. Why @bethesda ? If this is true. You do good singleplayer games.…
Confesso que to ficando hypado com o novo @Fallout , o #Fallout76. Multiplayer Survival Co-op? no universo Fallout?…
Fallout 76은 Online Survival RPG 일 것이라고 하네요. 구체적으로 어떤 플레이 방식일지 궁금합니다.
Guess who doesn't give a shit about an online Fallout? (It's me.)
The rumor mill keeps milling. One says #Fallout 76 is an online survival RPG based on "sources". We normally ignore…
If this is true... this could be huge!! But.. I have always liked the fact @bethesda have made single player exper…
@deeshaw I was skeptical at first but I'm kind of into this:
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG
Fallout 76 soll ein Online Survival RPG werden Während Bethesda mit der Fallout-Reihe bislang klassische Single-Pl…
I swear to god if they give fallout the Elder Scrolls Online treatment, I will fight Todd Coward myself.
So here's what we're getting on Sundays conference ... Not sure how I feel about this, was hoping for a borderlan…
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG Oh I hope not.
Just got round to watching the #Fallout76 teaser trailer: which didn't give much away. I'd…
Ok so Fallout 4 base building system with online survival sounds cool
@StupidBirdGames @joviah Not confirmed, but looks likely from a few things I've seen. Credit to @Kotaku For this ar…
Esta es la noticia más importante del día:
@torkestativ @dore123m Basert på kildene til Jason Schreier som jeg stoler ganske mye på. En real-ass journalist.
I want to punch @bethesda in the face about this. What a lame and horrible idea.
This is absolutely incredible. Really the first survival game with the backing of a major studio and franchise.
Ich hoffe, dass @Kotaku da Recht hat. Ich bin ein klein wenig mehr hyped. @BiberBros hier die Quelle
'Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG' according to Kotaku. Welp, I'm already out.
@JacobHinchely oh nooooo. Jason Schreier har gang i sine kilder, og det er ikke fedt. Tjek evt. hans twitter-feed o…
Looks like I won't be playing #Fallout76 after all.
I’m pretty dubious of Fallout 76 as described, but I could be into a Fallout game that’s mostly single-player RPG b…
@meanslappy @BethesdaStudios
Awww. Aww. Awwwww.
Bethesda is hawking #Fallout76 for prerelease w. just a vague (though enticing, admittedly )…
Adios! via @kotaku
@gaycouriersix This is the thing I found btw and like this dude is definitely to be trusted about Bethesda insider…
@GeebyYu Here we are:
I can't believe I'm saying this, but no thanks, I'll pass. If it's a Fallout game I'll play it, but a Day Z clone…
@itschrismounts I just finished reading this article and saw your tweet.
auto beli mhankxx daripada main game pramuka pramuka nan :v
Kotaku meld dat bronnen binnen Bethesda bevestigd hebben dat Fallout 76 een online survival RPG wordt, geïnspireerd…
Ik vraag mij echt af...waarom? Waren mensen zó enthousiast over settlements? Ik vond het echt geen bal aan in Fallo…
@nzmccorm @PandActivist The one good thing about being an online only game is that they can't be lazy bastards and…
Yes... I’m gonna pee my pants.
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG Shared from my Google feed
@_aptom @YouTube まさかのオンライン仕様らしい
Jason Schreier has proved a reliable source before, so here's some things we "know" about Fallout 76: - Vault 76 o…
Aaaand instantly and completely lost all interest in #Fallout76 at the word "online". "Gee, let's take our classic…
It's not easy being so right all the time.
Got quite excited at this yesterday - until i found out it's an online rpg :( DISAPPOINTED!
Yeahhhh time to roll back that excitement you guys xD Get the fuck outta here @bethesda…
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG Fallout 76 is in fact an online survival RPG…
@MrLutzie @SuperRetroid @MrBinks "Lots of sources" seems to be lots of people referencing one Kotaku article which…
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG via @kotaku
Looking good! Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG via @kotaku
Sources: <i>Fallout 76 </i>Is An Online Survival RPG via @kotaku
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG @kotakuより
Online Survival RPG... @BethesdaStudios Please tell me it's true #Fallout76 #Fallout
@shannwahl It is 25 years after the bombs dropped. 175 years before Fallout 3. Is is an online MMO inspired by Rust…
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG @kotakuより
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival #RPG vía @kotaku
fallout 76要走多人沙盒模式,這讓我有點小小的期待
"Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG" #high-tech #feedly
@AtheneAllen @RaveofRavendale Kotaku
@ken_insane @albinoafrican69 @G27Status 5) and today broke the story about how Fallout 76 is not a traditional fall…
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG via @kotaku
@Lazysod @BethesdaStudios It's from a kotaku article. You don't have to believe it, but they fished up and confirm…
I hear there's this small title coming out soon called #Fallout76 ;) Really eager to see which direction this game…
So EverQuest Next but Fallout? Well, it's somewhat interesting at least.
Escape from T̶a̶r̶k̶o̶v̶ Vault 76
This new Fallout has that atmosphere of Fallout 2
Sources: <i>Fallout 76 </i>Is An Online Survival RPG via @kotaku
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG -
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG via @kotaku
@Vandals404 They announced Fallout 76!!
"Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG"
@piperalex_ ONLINE RPG
Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG #Gaming #Fallout76 #Fallout #PS4 #PC #XBoxOne #XOne…
You guys really have no idea how excited I am
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG
Looks like Fallout 76 is NOT Fallout 5, more of an online off shoot.
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG
@dkong7 @KinjaDeals
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG
I literally just burst out fucking crying of happiness, especially after reading kotakus article…
#j2s Fallout 76 n'est pas jeu standard de la licence, il est inspiré de jeux comme Rust ou Day Z.…
폴아웃76은 러스트나 DAYZ 같은 온라인서바이벌게임이라네요 출처 :  어제 밤에 올라...
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG
@kyleblaneplays Whatever the crap this is.
Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG via @kotaku :( :( :( :(

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