Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019

Source : Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019

First planned for November 2017, then delayed to 2018, the long-troubled action open-world game Crackdown 3 will now be out in 2019, according to two people familiar with the game’s release plans. It’s an unusual move and another blow to Xbox’s already weak first-party lineup for 2018.

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In another blow for this year's Xbox first-party lineup, Microsoft has delayed Crackdown 3 to 2019, two sources tel…
In another blow to Kotaku, their media bias has clearly taken over. Rather than just reporting that a game was dela…
What a mess Microsoft has right now. Both State of Decay 2 & Sea of Thieves were mehhh and there exclusive lineup d…
This game was originally set to come out in 2016. What the hell is going on there?
Can’t put my finger on it but I feel like something may be wrong with this game
Might as well cancel #Crackdown3 at this point honestly.
Ouch !! Xbox fanboys damage control incoming . Delay better than having another 69 on metacritic score game , right…
Breaking news as we recording our Q&A
WOW!!!! 😳 Crackdown 3 Delayed To 2019!
Holy shit, come the fuck on.
So many angry ppl in this thread lol
*pokemon HP bar depleting instantly*
Haha, this was never more than a fun Terry Crews video. How much longer is Xbox going to pretend they're still inte…
This is my Kingdom Hearts 3 -da
Damn. I was hoping to abuse the sh!t out of @DocCupCake84’s in-game avatar this Fall.. 😂😂😂😂
This better be the best game ever made by xbox with all these delays.
This game is gonna end up getting cancelled.
LMFAOOO they announced this shit in 2014
Hauahuabahbaha já pode pedir música no Fantástico
crackdown 1: life-changing crackdown 2: bad crackdown 3:
This song is getting old.
And it's fucked lmao
this game HAS to be a complete mess. it's a miracle it's not cancelled
Delay is better than a broken game…But this does make Xbox's 2018 (only having Forza Horizon 4, which is a good gam…
Crackdown 3 nunca vai sair
This game is truely in what I like to call, development hell
Pra mim já tá óbvio que a Microsoft só não cancelou Crackdown 3 pelo PR negativo que geraria depois de Scalebound e…
واقعا بهتره که کنسلش کنن بره!
Microsoft reps came out responding to the rumor saying it wasn’t cancelled though it was strange since the rumor wa…
Rather it is delayed than canceled. The current versions of Crackdown 3 that I have seen didn't really get me excit…
PlayStation has Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, Bloodborne, The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted 4. Switc…
😂😂😂 #SpecialNeedsGamers
CRACKDOWN 3 does not actually exist
this game is becoming a meme
@Mooch1978 @The_CrapGamer @Salt1estGaming @XBot448 @xxHellHammer
I'm absolutely alright with this. Make Crackdown 3 as good as it can be.
I don't even see the point of dunking on them anymore. Pretty much feel sorry for them. Hopefully they can turn it…
Now this is just giving these dudes false hope then just yanking it away
Man, I'm killing myself. What the HELL is going on at MS???
i'm not convinced that this game even exists at this point
Well...there it is.
Yeah. Xbox gotta hang it up and sell Rokus now.
We already suspected but looking truer by the day. Still hoping it turns out great.
Ouch, I really hope they have something big to show at E3 to show why. I think Microsoft is testing the patience of…
Wooooow so Xbox has literally zero exclusives coming out the rest of the year, cool, cool
I don't know why this game is being delayee so much. If you played Crackdown 2 you could see that the quality of th…
Llevaría ya 3 años retrasándose, pero el que acabó cancelado fue Scalebound. Hay que joderse, tú.
this shit gonna get cancelled in 3 months tops
welp better start cranking out more DLC for Sea of Thieves and squash all the bugs in SoD2.
Hope the decision and extra time helps the development and devs!
Ouch. The only 2 games I was ever excited for on Xbox was Scalebound and Crackdown. This Console generation has not…
this game is going to get cancelled lmao
LOL they first teased this in 2014. Goodness gracious.
@kylelambert2001 Nope it got delayed to next year but it sure as fuck is on it's way
Ok, Zelda BOTW revealed in 2014 and not releasing till 2017 sucks but this WOULD be just too far.
That’s really unfortunate. Microsoft can only hang its hat on backwards compatibility and Game Pass for so long.
Not surprised if true at all. Only room for the game this year would have been the Fall in which it would have got…
Hey guys. Remember how this game was announced in 2014? Remember how it was supposed to be a X1X launch game? Yeah…
Microsoft Xbox E3 2014 was the true E3 of Dreams.
Xbox basically has to have a flawless E3 at this point
Rampage out
heh. heheh. hahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
It’s over for Crackdown. 😞
It's dead They killed it They will kill again.
*pretends to be shocked*
This game is never coming out lol
Microsoft saw that 2018 was getting a bit too crowded and decided to make room.
This game is never coming out
At this point I gotta ask: WHAT first-party lineup?
Inte helt oväntat.
This coming E3 will be interesting to see. Microsoft needs a big title that'll actually come out. They can't keep d…
It's not even funny now.
You’re fucking joking...
This game is starting to feel dead
@IanHinck When it's good and ready...
Dont say first party lineup like it exists
It's honestly more responsible to just come to terms with the fact that you're never getting Crackdown 3.
@KindaFunnyVids @GameOverGreggy @TimGettys @pettycommajared Ouch
اشاعه/ اكس بوكس تستعد حق E3 و تأجل Crackdown 3 ، بدايه موفقه لانه ما لها مكان من زحمة الالعاب الي بتنزل هالسنه و ال…
What a sad development. 😞 What's left to get excited about this year? Guess I still have #RDR2
Brow. CRACKDOWN 3 pode ter sido adiado de novo. Esse jogo tem que ser a parada mais revolucionária do mundo pra dar…
Dude, I love Microsoft but it has to be a rough job for PR there. You can't get stuff made by Sony obviously, but b…
Fuck that's six years since it was announced
Time to turn off the life support. P.S. Crackdown was always bad.
Just cancel it dude.
There are games still coming or for the Xbox One?!?!
this just in: microsoft repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot
While I am sure the developers are appreciative to have more time to get things right, and the one thing I've learn…
Can we get a RIP in the chat
Le mode online où on peut tout casser là, s'ils en font un mode battle royale ça serait pas trop mal.
A release date for this was all I wanted for e3 sooooooo... fuck I guess.
there goes the one Xbox exclusive I gave a shit about this year 🙃
i am not surprised but i am still crying
I feel bad for Phil, who is by all accounts a good dude who just can't seem to make video games materialize for MS.
Jesus Christ. This isn’t surprising due to the “pre-order” cancellation, but man this is looking like a rough year…
........ Is it sad that I’m not even shocked to see this?
So fucking stupid. Microsoft blew this era.
Takziah kepada mereka yang beli Xbox.
Looks like the Terry Crews delay might be in full effect. A better game's better than a broken game. The last thing…
This hurts me deeply if true. The version of Crackdown 3 I played at E3 last year wasn’t perfect but it scratched t…
Microsoft não se ajuda mesmo viu
It's easy to get bummed about this, but just think, we'll be getting an even better Crackdown 3 next year!
Jeeeeeeeeesus......This is why I’m SUPER interested in their conference this year. They have to have something up t…
Crackdown 3 delayed till Xbox 2/720 at the rate this game is going 👍
How is this game still alive at this point? Holy shit.
yyyyyyyyeah this ain't coming out
@Xbox fans I’m sorry... yall’s exclusives continue to fail.. time to move over to a real console @PlayStation 🤷🏻‍♂️…
Why does Microsoft even bother anymore
I really want to know the story behind this shit's development after it releases in 2021
Ooof. At this point, does anyone actually WANT Crackdown 3? This development hell won’t end well.
Gente, o Xbox One falhou mesmo hein. Quando até um jogo sem graça desse é apresentado como grande aposta e não cons…
please stop stopping the release of this game
Oof. Double oof if this is true.
Take whatever time you need.
This game is never coming out.
macho a microsoft tem se dado bem em tudo que não seja relacionado a lançar jogos eletrônicos tá foda bicho
I subscribe to the theory that Microsoft would have cancelled this if not for the backlash they would receive
Oof that's not good.
يبدو ان كراك داون٣ حصرية الاكس بوكس تأجلت ٢٠١٩
Jesus Christ Microsoft
Birds fly, fish swim, Crackdown 3 gets delayed
Actually getting funny now. Sony ramping up for E3 with The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, Dea…
Lmao holy fucking shit Microsoft.
Te tienes que reír. Y luego dicen de Sony XDDDD
First gut punch of E3.
*titanic theme starts playing*
Just make it good
This is becoming Microsoft's Last Guardian at this point. I am legit expecting it to just get quietly cancelled. Wh…
On the contrary to your delusional beliefs, this year's Xbox first-party lineup has not taken any "blow". Also, nic…
Oh man I really want Crackdown 3 like now please
imagining purchasing an xbox
Wait.... hold the hell up.... Didn’t Microsoft say a few days ago that Amazon canceling preorders was an Amazon iss…
....Microsoft just can't get it together this generation of consoles can they?
Hahahaha. Just stop. Do everyone a favor and buy Discord so you can take Skype off your third-party-centric-upscale…
Crackdown 3 on its way to being this gen’s StarCraft Ghost.
This is one of the last things they need this year. The Fall I'd already far too full of amazing titles but this su…
Lol @kossinab
ya da bastante pena esto
What a shock.....
Geez, XBox is REALLY not doing good this console generation
What are they doing with this title? It looked fine last e3.
I am precisely 0% surprised by this.
Really hope this game turns out good, because man the Xbox One needs some good first party games.
So much for the fun speculation that Microsoft might pull a “And Crackdown 3 is available to download RIGHT NOW!” m…
@FalconTheHero I'm sorry dude
Man... why did I buy an Xbox again?
Man they can keep it. Ion even want it no mo.
Sucks but it’s good to see MS taking the time to get it right this time... Hopefully...🎮
The timing of this is telling. E3 is right around the corner 👀
@jasonschreier @TimGettys @GameOverGreggy this game ain't coming out.
إن المصائب لا تأتي فرادا @@Xbox_Saudi Crackdown تم ترحيله الى 2019
They are messin UP
lmao :P not entirely shocking, of course, but still ...
tô falando meu rapaz, a conferência da E3 que mais quero ver é a da microsoft, tô doido pra ver como eles vão tenta…
5 days headed into E3: Sony is announcing games Microsoft delaying games :/
With all the respect in the world for Jason - I hope his two sources are liars with pants on fires! I need me so…
welp I mean is this a surprise?
Yikes. That would make it five years form announcement to release.
L m a fucking o
Just hold this up till next gen. We've waited this long already so 2 more years isn't too much lol
A shocker. Microsoft need to start doubling down on its first party studios now, they've been outdone this console…
annulé en début d'année prochaine retweetez quand ça arrivera
What a complete joke!! This game was announced in 2014!!!
dang, jason delays another game :(
Welp. This isn't good if it's true. Hope Microsoft has some other tricks up their sleeve for #E32018
No hay exclusivas este año.
Ugh, I hope this game can pan out for their sake and for people waiting for this.
The sky is blue. Water is wet.
From November 2017 to a now possible 2019, the last official word was Spring 2018 which is about to end.
Remember when Xbox fans said there's no way this would happen? Well there you go.
Sucks if true. Makes me worried about Xbox long term if no new first party console exclusives are announced at e3.…
Does anybody care about this game anymore? What a terrible year for Xbox.
So basically y’all are never gonna see this game
This shit here man smh
Me toca los cojones que se esté manteniendo el desarrollo de otra secuela del contenedor de la beta de Halo 3 y se…
Missed opportunity to say that there was another crackdown for this year's first party lineup.
When was this meant to come out again?
Oh c'mon but yeah this is for the better
But will consoles be able to run it ?
I'm pretty sure that the game will be just average. Not great, not that good, not worth the hype and delays, but al…
How come this is not cancelled yet?
How is this game not cancelled
I think we got our new last guardian....
If they are truly trying to have the game live up to its potential then good on them, but if the game is just a mes…
I knew this would happen ...
This is rough.. but. Take your time. I really want this to be great. For my own sake, and for Microsoft.
You know what? Go ahead Microsoft, go ahead and let Nintendo eat you alive in sales again,…
Even like, a week ago, I was internally weighing up the possibility that we even hear the word 'Crackdown' on Micro…
Wtf Microsoft. Will you have ANY games for this system?
Sony: “We got a lot of heavy hitters this year like God of War, Detroit, Spider-Man, Dreams, Shadow of the Colossus…
As long as it’s fun and polished I could care less. I’ll be here when it’s done.
So much for Xbox “going all out” at E3...
Anyone disappointed should just play the first Crackdown because it was awesome and this one might not happen at al…
Say what you will about Sony first party games, at the very least they release them
Microsoft do not need this... hopefully a strong E3 for them
Its this generation's The Last Guardian at this point. Sigh.
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST - I never want to hear an MS fanboy say MS never delays a game
Awwww pretty sure I made a comment on this @ctgamer @RealCTGaming @RocketPunchGo
even during the dog days of the wii u, nintendo had *a* game to show.
بسرعه بسرعه أقوى تفله صايمه :)
No puede ser... En fin, secreto a voces, pero costaba de creer. El juego del desarrollo eterno. Microsoft sigue con…
If this was from a Japanese studio, it’d have been cancelled by Microsoft by now
If this turns out to be true, I think we're getting into the "****ing ridiculous" territory here. Delays in first p…
Thanks Jason for delayed another game Kappa
What Miyamoto said I guess but hope MS have something for this year beyond the likely Forza Horizon 4 even if just…
Kinda bummed about this. But if more time makes the game better, then I'm all for it. Question is - will we see som…
Damnit, it'll probably be for the best but still sucks
I’m not even surprised at this point. It’ll be damn near a miracle if it comes out at all.
I expect it to be delayed to 2020 at this point
just throw your Xbox Ones in the trash. it’s over.
This game is never coming out.
Oh shhhhhiiiiiiiii
This is slowly turning into one of those games that *never* comes out. I think Crackdown 3's going to look very dat…
Power of the Cloud™ 😢
Not surprised but still bummed.
Are you KIDDING me microsoft??? WTF are you guys doing???
tbh i literally dont want the game anymore i’m over it
If this is true... What's planned this fall? How is it taken so long for it come out? Especially when you think wha…
Damn, crazy news on the delay.
Another L for Xbox
This is getting ridiculous
It's over for Microsoft.
Wow. A bit unfortunate honestly. Hopefully it turns out to be a good game in the end...
Come ooooonnnnn really!?!!don't do this to me Xbox.
Scalebound dead, Fable Legends dead, and Phantom Dust remake dead. Crackdown..... MIA
Damn. I miss the days when #Xbox was killing it on the 1st party front.
A própria Microsoft não tinha negado isso?
oh no...not again...
Woooow, it’s RIP city for the year for them.
lmao of course it is
Maybe canceling it would be an okay idea?
a Microsoft nem tenta mais janshabdbsbd
If true, not a good look for Microsoft. This game was announced years ago and XBox One is all but dead.
Jeez louise this game is never coming out. Its pretty hysterical at this point.
Yikes. Something tells me crackdown is gunna go the way of scalebound and even if it does come out, I’m worried if…
No surprise. They should just cancel it at this point. @GMCpodcast
This game is never coming out.
I know I talk a lot of shit about Xbox and Microsoft but I liked Crackdown and many other Microsoft franchises. I r…
بس فيل سبنسر بيطلع بe3 لابس تيشيرت ماخذه من تارقت وبيعطيك كم جمله، والمهبل بيركضون وراه وبالنهاية تعال خذ فورزا وه…
Why am I not surprised 😐
Jason’s rumors are often right on the money, which makes this rumor a bummer. I’m hoping Microsoft is letting the t…
Mild Shock
TBH eu tô surpreso da Microsoft ainda não ter cancelado esse jogo
Crackdown 3 delayed from “never happening ” to “still never happening”
Where does this leave Microsoft this year? I feel it’s a bit too early for a new GoW and Halo is on hiatus...🤔…
big oof for "the most power console ever"
@smokeydogg777 Welp
If Crackdown 3 isn't coming in 2019 for real, Microsoft needs to cancel it or reduce it to TBA. Sounds like Duke Nu…
I’m convinced Microsoft cannot get back on track with delivering 1st party games anymore.
Oh just cancel the thing already (don't fire the devs tho)
I joked about this happening. Super crazy it really did. Xbox is hurting software-wise, quite badly.
That game is never coming out.
Oh my fuckin god bruh
E3 2014 keeps delivering
MAN FUCK! This is gonna get the Scalebound Treatment :(
Is this the new Last Guardian? Jesus
Heard about this last week. This game is in trouble.
this game is never coming out
So I’m guessing @ReseteraForum will NOT say “good, rather it be delayed and polished than released when it’s not re…
This better be an incredible game after all of these delays..
If true, not good, Xbox fans. Not good at all.
And Microsoft's E3 conference is going to be around 100 minutes. That's a lot of time to show off nothing.
Lol didnt the fuckers just try to deny this like a week ago?
The Kingdom Hearts 3 of Microsoft
At some point, MS will have to cancel it.
🔥 This is fine 🔥
Goddamn it. This sucks.
Anunciado en 2014. Retrasasdo a 2019. 🤷‍♂️
Here's to hoping they're messing with us... sadly I think we all know the truth... #Crackdown3
Smh @xbox no excuse fix it.
... /Again/?
Damn, xbox has its own Last Guardian.
i cannot count on one hand the number of exclusive games I would want to play in 5 years of the xbox one
Paging @TheGamer2323 . Yikes.
Well not that it’s been getting great previews but still it was something to kind of look forward to. Hopefully we…
Microsoft começando a E3 com o pé direito!
Join the skeleton army of Scalebound, Fable, and Phantomdust...
Szok i king. Kingszkok!
I literally stopped caring about this game cause they keep delaying it when is the final cancellation?
What IS coming out exclusively for Xbox this year?
It’s just never going to happen is it..
@WhimsicalPhil Welp? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
@MooreMan12 wump wump
Crackdown 3が2019年に延期されるのだとしたら私のE3もう終わった
Might as well just call it the last guardian with guns now
Ouch, you Xbox fans have the worst luck. Really hope this game ends up being good.
This game might never comeout..... without a battle royale mode. 😂🤣😅😆😎😎
Well we needed a new game anyway to take up the “perpetually in development hell” mantle after FFXV and The Last Gu…
Just cancel it.
Dude no... @tobinGasp
Crackdown 3 is never coming out, is it?
LMFAOOO junk' s getting canceled
Crackdown 3 is never coming out, is it? #E3
Uh oh @The_CrapGamer @TheSeshEmpire @Mooch1978 @MrboomstickXL @Colteastwood @Dealer_Gaming @NewfNukem
Daaaaamn!!!!! 😩
Wasn't really sold on it, hopefully it's actually being delayed so it's the best version of what they are trying to…
Lmao just throw the whole gen away
The Game That Will Never Release
This feels like a strong move to me. Red Dead 2 is going to kill this fall. Only a handful of titles should try and…
If this means they are revisiting the whole destruction mechanic to make it integrated into single player, then I a…
@LIFOjosh uh oh
Microsoft you’re making it really hard to still like you
I know people with Xbox are looking forward to this. Xbox has such a lackluster first party offering already and it…
Venga ya no me jodas
That game is stuck in development hell. Wouldn’t surprise me to see MS cancel it.
y i k e s
Unbelievable. Just kill it already. It was announced in 2014.
Sounds like this game is being made by students learning on the job 🎮
Pelo visto, CRACKDOWN 3 atrasou de novo e agora só sai em 2019 😱 Bom pro contínuo (e looooongo) desenvolvimento de…
I’ve thought for a while that something is deeply wrong with #Crackdown3’s development. This is a bad sign.
If this is legit... It might be time to just move out.
I'm not against Microsoft, not at all. But at this point, would people actually still care about this game when i…
Yikes. Just cancel the damn thing.
HAHAHAHAHAHA this game is so cancelled
I don't even know why I have this dumb box
The story behind this game must be fascinating. I'd be shocked if this wasn't the result of a complete "reworking"…
I guess Microsoft decided to use execute order 66 on their exclusives this gen
This game is never coming out
This is a certified yikes from me dog.
Bruh this is becoming ridiculous
Points for @GameOverGreggy in the E3 predictions game
What shit news to start the day
Keep killing your console Microsoft.
If you only play on @Xbox you spend more time waiting for games than ACTUALLY PLAYING GAMES. Between 2014 to the en…
2030: Crackdown 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake 😂😂😂
Oof. Needs more cloud.
@ZhyGou Oye ese Crackdown es pura promesa de campaña :
Jesus, just put a bullet in it's head already and move on.
Legit curious as to what is up with this game 🤔
God damn it not again... Why won't they just give it to me 💔
Delayed another game, when will this madness end? 🙃
Just cancel the game already. Jeez
Oh man, Microsoft's E3 conference is gonna be a hoot.
Look forward to the new direction they're taking the game. 100 Agents drop into Pacific City and throw cop cars at…
I only bought an Xbox for Prey(which was a disappointing mess bethesda failed us) and Crackdown 3. I honestly feel…
@sewart @WhimsicalPhil vaporware
This game should have been out two years ago Lol
State Of Decay 2 Was Barely Playable, Microsoft Better Come Correct At E3.
Well colour me surprised. Another delay for an Xbox exclusive, Crackdown 3 was announced 4 years ago - Games have b…
Man I just want Xbox to get one W this gen. One W
Cancel Scalebound but keep this going 🙄 (yeah i know the situation is probably different and yes im still salty ove…
lmfao I'm done 😂
This shit ain't ever coming out.
Xbox One X, where the X stands for exclusive (game).
As I'm watching unlocked @DMC_Ryan
they just gotta cancel it at this point
Jason’s absolutely right. I’m glad MS is letting this one bake. I loved Crackdown 2.
Trouble brewing. Time for @XboxP3 and the team to kick some goals at #E32018 to restore some confidence in the firs…
Sources: Microsoft delays Crackdown 3 to 2019
OUCH 😂😂😂😂😂
At the rate Microsoft's going, Crackdown 3's going to be set in the past by the time it comes out.
Argh. I loved the first and was eager for a return to form. I hope Microsoft has some good first-party surprises fo…
please join me in pouring one out for the homie @itsVanAken who has been hurt by this game time and time again
It'd be easy to point and laugh at XBone owners but whats the point, Hopefully the delay means a good game rather t…
The only exclusive that Xbox has, is delayed again! LMAO #IGIVEUP #Xbox #gamers
@pinjed Recuerdo aquel primer podcast Reload del año, cuando te llamaban loco por gastar la carta del retraso a 201…
So what's left for Xbox gamers this year? Another Forza?
Pas plus mal si c'est pour le peaufiner, d'autant plus qu'en fin d'année c'est déjà archi chargé.
At this point, it's well on its way to being canceled. But we've seen so little of it in the grand scheme that I'm…
What a freaking joke 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
This is a work for a "coming really soon" at e3
Me - Oh Crackdown 3 is trending, i wonder why Also me - im not surprised
@PtitBibi300 au moins il existe 😅
This game will never release.
Xbox has no games
The comments to this are hilarious. They'd rather see the game come out NOW so they can rush to metacritic and pos…
So that leaves them with no games this year.
I swear Xbox is done #crackdown3 #NoGames 💩
I think Crackdown 3 has now joined the likes of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Deep Down in the Pits of Development H…
Bummer for anyone wanting CRACKDOWN 3 this year. For better or worse, I'm actually alright with it because it means…
this game just does not exist
Franquia merda tem que ser adiada pra sempre mesmo
I'm seriously fucking tired of this shit. This was supposed to be out in 2017.
Again? How many delays are we gonna get for this?
This game is doomed.
God daaaaaaaaaaaaamn
Welp. 🤷🏽‍♂️
oof they can't get anything right over at Xbox...
Wasn't this set to release in 2016?
What the fuck >inb4 kotaku Yeah yeah I know. It's legit though. Ffs Microsoft can you release some games on your g…
As if the first-party situation for Microsoft could not possibly get worse.
For those that haven't seen the rumor to which the previous tweet was referring.
Imagine ta main console en 2018 c une xbox 1 #owned
Microsoft hat einfach kein Bock auf ein gutes exclusive Spiel. HurrDurr.
Is there going to be Sea of Thieves 2 to make up for this?
I wish they put this much effort into Scalebound........
Foda-se esse jogo, deu pra entender, meu anjo?
What the hell 😡😡😡😡
Does the Xbone have any exclusives at all this year? I am seriously asking.
@SaizenPlays proceed with being mad, I know I am.
Game was gunna be trash anyways
القبيح قبيح مهما تأجل .. لو مسوين ريميك او ريبوت لها كان اصرف او حتى لو خلوها تلحق @Scalebound ابرك والله
I can't say that I'm surprised.
@RyanSarni What are the chances this game never comes out?
Enough time to fit in a battle royale mode.
Mannnnnnnn I really just wanna play this game already! Looks like Imma go play Crackdown 1 via backwards compatibil…
Does M$ even have ANY first party games coming out this year? inb4 Halo 6.
Might as well just cancel the game.
Pretty sure they made that one trailer and just stopped working on the game. After the cancellation of Scalebound…
Microsoft so close to having negative games shown at E3
meu deus do ceu
Mais il n'avait pas été annoncé vers le début de vie de la One ?
David Jones arbeitet wohl sehr hart und fleißig für seine 8,0
Yeah this is getting scrapped
Oh hey, Crackdown 3 is trending, did Microsoft decide to show us some cool stuff abou- Oh.
This is troubling.
Oof, can't say we didn't see this coming. Xbox better have some good shit up their sleeve's for #E32018
Microsoft confirms Crackdown 3 has been delayed again, now planned for February 2019
Same month as Days Gone.
@Joao_GAN como você mesmo disse ontem, acho que nunca será lançado
😂🤣😂 ffs
Shame. I've been looking forward to this for Microsoft's Windows gaming platform on PC for a while now. I hear good…
Te tienes que reir
Wow, unless this E3 Microsoft pulls fairy dust out its arse I'm sure Xbox one et al is dead
Why not site @windowscentral ...that's where the info came from
Guess Microsoft wanted something to go up against Days Gone on PlayStation 4, assuming it doesn't get delayed again.
1+ point for Josh. This makes the anticipation for Microsoft's conference lower a bit for me with games dropping ou…
That setback had to cost them MONEY🧐🤑🤑$$$$$
Microsoft confirms Crackdown 3 has been delayed again, now planned for February 2019
@EffEmmGee @ImTheMetalLord @xMrNorthx
Damnit this is not coming out...
Me pregunto que mostraran en E3 entonces...
When you can't even ship your hype machine on time.
FFS Microsoft Get your first party shit together for next gen!
Kotaku updated their article, heh, thanks Jason!
Sources tell Kotaku Crackdown 3 on Xbox delayed to 2019 #VGN
Crackdown 3 se retrasa de nuevo, esta vez hasta 2019, según Kotaku
Does anyone honestly really care? I was not ever planning on buying this game as the first 2 games were mediocrity…
Microsoft take your time to make it the best game. Hope they use the 4K texture assets.
Loudest sigh ever.
Mine was more of a grunt.
Vabbè, sono rimaste solo risate
Me hace gracia que luego llamen humo a Death Stranding o FFVII Remake, cuando Crackdown 3 lleva pululando desde 201…
Crackdown 3 реально перенесли на 2019 год, выбив из без того слабой линейки Microsoft 2018 очередную игру. Информац…
Ахахахах. Нет, даже таким добродушным грудным голосом, идущим из самого сердца, как у Санта Клауса в мультиках: О…
Шрайер опять игру перенёс. WELP.
Crackdown wird erneut verschoben, laut Kotaku auf 2019
#Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 via @kotaku @crackdown #Xbox #XboxOne @Xbox
Don't hold your breath for Crackdown 3 #Microsoft #xbox #Crackdown3 #gaming #gamer #news
Mmm, so the Crackdown delay rumours have surfaced many stories about this on/off title...guess we’ll kno…
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 via @kotaku
.@Microsoft repousse la sortie de #Crackdown3 à 2019 #gaming
Selon le média @Kotaku, #Crackdown3 serait repoussé à 2019 sur #XboxOne ! Source :
I was going to give writing a miss today. Then Microsoft did a thing. So I'm writing today. …
코타쿠:크랙다운 3 2019년으로 연기
Crackdown 3 gets delayed again, this time to 2019, according to Kotaku
Delayed. Delayed. Delayed. Delayed.
Sad news indeed - Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
With the release of Last Guardian, FFXV, and a release date expected for KHIII, what can we joke about now? Micros…
Según Kotaku, Crackdown 3 ha sido retrasado a 2019
@IanHinck Crackdown 3 will release when it's good and ready! Im starting to believe this is actually becoming a se…
Reverse fist pump.
@Y2John84 😣😠 AGAIN!!!
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
Crackdown 3 serait repoussé à 2019, si on en croit Kotaku... Franchement, avec autant de retard, il a intérêt à déf…
If this is true, Microsoft has pretty much nothing this year. It's too early for Halo and Gears of War so enjoy For…
@Xbox REALLY FUCKING DELAYED AGAIN?????? ITS BEEN 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!! i really hope its not true....
@objdadon LMFAO 2 many damn delays for this game. Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 via @kotaku
purehavuk #Gaming #News | @FlyRts @Quickest_Rts | Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019…
This has got to be the most cynically hilarious thing I've read, ta @LotRLore
Microsoft, wtf are you doing
على أساس مصادرة الخاصة @jasonschreier يكتب في موقع @Kotaku عن إحتمال تأخير لعبة @crackdown الجزء الثلث الى عام 2019…
.@PeteNolen @Stalltt Told ya. What I bet happened was that the "Azure Cloud Processing" that was used for world de…
Единственный эксклюзив для Хуящика и тот отложили на 2019. Спрашивается нахуя воообще этот хуящик нужен, если на нё…
@Irrelevantn8ive @RectifyGaming
[XBone] Sources: Microsoft delays Crackdown 3 to 2019 #XBone #Xbox #Crackdown3
Delay-Box strikes again. This won't help 'ya, Phil. Crackdown 3 is & will forever be trash! Looks like trash, plays…
I'm calling it now... Crackdown 3 will either suck or it will be canceled.
@XboxP3 @majornelson @Xbox lololol, really? Y'all fucked up royally this gen!
@TheGamer2323 😂😂😂😂😂
@Sarobi Kotaku didn't break the *February* news. Windows Central did, and now Kotaku have updated the article to gi…
@Tenshi3 @ReptilianBuff @CaffeinatedDave @DebbiePearson86
@kidsmoove what you think you are close to the Xbox crew
ecco, questa me l'ero scordata
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 via @kotaku
@AshleyJ Are you surprised AT ALL?
Crackdown 3 verrà rimandato di nuovo, stavolta al 2019, secondo Kotaku
Comes as no surprise at all, will it ever see the light of day
@Xbox out here taking more L's than Drake. HOLD IT. 😉  #SonyStan #XboxCoolTho #E3
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 via @kotaku
and here I am not surprised.
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 via @kotaku
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 - Kotaku
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 - Kotaku
... yeah that's not surprising.
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 - Kotaku
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 via @kotaku
@William072699 @JayDubcity16 Yea
@emiel1981 In other news...
Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
Аххха хааа, шел 4 год разработки
Uy no, Microsoft y Xbox están llevados de putas
this is hilarious
@The_CrapGamer Well seems the buzz kill just came in to kill my hypothetical
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
@gameranx I'm sorry Falcon, but Crackdown 3 is gonna have to wait a little more. :(
"Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019"
Five years total now, after multiple delays. Is anybody still going to care about #crackdown3 by the time it finall…
What a shame. The first one was a great game, while the second was just more like Zombie DLC.
This game literally had a full release date of November 7, 2017 this time last year.
Microsoft take your time to make it the best game. Hope they use the 4K texture assets.
HOLY SHIT Microsoft. I can’t even with you sometimes lol. Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 via @kotaku
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
Sources: Microsoft Delays <i>Crackdown 3</i> To 2019 via @kotaku
Cuando el rio suena... Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
Crackdown 3 is the Yeti of the Xbox lineup. We think it exists, but without seeing it, we’re not really sure.
Retweeted Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier): In another blow for this year's Xbox first-party lineup, Microsoft has…
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019 [Update: Confirmed For February] - on @kotaku
Well that's... Disappointing...
@SickHumorTV @Fatalmephisto Hahahahaha
microsoft inking out first-party game deals back in 2014, then showing contracted out CG trailers for those games *…
@foxmar320 @Graham_LRR ☹️
Sources: Microsoft Delays Crackdown 3 To 2019
Crackdown 3 adiado de novo, desta vez para 2019
The Crackdown 3 apparent delay until 2019 now looks more certain: They're waiting for a more powerful cloud :p

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