The Collapse Of Visceral’s Ambitious Star Wars Game 

Source : The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game 

It seemed like a surefire hit: a Star Wars take on Uncharted, published by Electronic Arts and developed by the longrunning studio Visceral Games. But nothing is sure in the video game industry, and on October 17, 2017, when employees of Visceral were told that the company would be closing,

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This is the story behind the collapse of Visceral's ambitious Star Wars game
An incredible piece. Great work, Jason!
Jason proving once again why he’s one of the best games journalist in the biz.
Excellent reporting from @jasonschreier, a good reminder of complexities of game dev and mgmt decisions. Beware pat…
Looongue lecture, qui remet en perspective le naufrage du Star Wars de Visceral, qui a commencé en 2015.
Haha, remember how Penny Arcade had a fucking meltdown.
Recommended read
Excellent, fascinating #gamedev reading.
This is an essential read. If accurate, EA was lucid in their call.
This story is really detailed and rings true on so many levels. There's not one single bad actor ruining this proje…
Très bon article à lire au plus vite pour comprendre la fermeture de Visceral.
So this is me with egg on my face regarding the closure of Visceral. Turns out they were in way over their heads wi…
Fantastic article. It makes me sad, but it’s a great read.
Sad that Star Wars: Ragtag will never come to fruition. Glad it wasn't because of single player. Also, Schreier do…
Video game journalism exists, and this is proof. Too bad this project didn't work out. I would have loved a Star Wa…
Warto przeczytać, bo to kawał świetnej dziennikarskiej roboty
In what feels like a free chapter from his book, @jasonschreier details the harrowing development cycle of Visceral…
Really interesting article. Would love to read more investigative journalism into the rise and fall of game industr…
AH knew it ok- *goes back to one of the 3 amazing games that launched today
Man, @jasonschreier is at again with some fantastic reporting on the canceled Star Wars game from Visceral. Really…
Informative read about the difficulties of making big games. A lot of takeaways that can be applied to any dev team…
Wow. This a fascinating look into the closure of Visceral and fate of Project Ragtag. It sucks but everything here…
Jak to bylo s koncem Visceral studia. Skvělý, byť tentokrát dost depresivní longread od Jasona Schreirera.
Need to check this out.
TL;DR - Frostbite is shit, not enough staff, cultural conflicts, impossible goals. But my takeaway is that if you…
The story elements of the game sound awesome. But it doesn't look like there was much else to this project.
Great feature that gives insight to a lot of things with the games industry. A wonderful piece by @jasonschreier
This is an amazing read. 👍
Incredible piece. Gives a lot of insights about game development and what's behind the scenes. Bravo @jasonschreier…
Long but interesting read on the collapse of Visceral.
Jason é o meu jornalista favorito dessa indústria.
@ckirnes @RealCTGaming @RocketPunchGo this a great insight into what happened at Visceral.
What an incredible piece and a sad tale of what could of been...
Well, there it is. Sehr lesenswert. Aber ihr könnt auch weiterhin EA hassen, wenn euch das lieber ist.
Who could've seen this coming
I'll say it again - @jasonschreier is the best journalist in the games industry today.
For once we were wrong about something 😉 The problems at Visceral Games seemingly went much deeper than we thought.
Making games is hard
I've always said I'm surprised any big games get made, this story is sadly very common.
what could possibly make that ridiculous penny arcade comic funnier. I know,
There it is. Most of what I've heard is in here too. I trust this.
Take some time and read this. It’s a pretty sad story about a studio who had a lot stacked against it, but very wor…
He does it again. No one can get game developers to talk like this guy can. Great work.
Excellent read. Great work, @jasonschreier!
Exceptional work by @jasonschreier on Visceral’s cancelled Star Wars project; Dodger we hardly knew ye.
Pulls out my pipe 🎩
@AngelNexus @BeastFireTimdog @NewfNukem @JamieMoranUK @oldgamingdemon @SnoopyG7 @MrboomstickXL…
The drama behind video game development can be some of the most interesting stories out there. Leave it to…
A very interesting read.
I will admit to a bit of Schadenfreude that the pundits were jumping the gun on this (as usual).
Stunning article on the fall of #visceralgames and their #StarWars project. Fantastic work @jasonschreier thank you…
That's how you do free post-launch DLC! #bloodsweatandpixels
Wow, fascinating behind the scenes look at Visceral's last few years and cancelled Star Wars project. Dispels some…
@jasonschreier with the scooops!!
Great reading as usual from Jason.
Es gibt eben immer zwei Seiten einer Geschichte. #visceral #ea
Really interesting read for anyone interested, sounds like there was a whole litany of issues from the get go.
tfw history just keeps repeating
Jason has been on fire the past few weeks with these pieces. Definitely a good read.
Awesome work, check this out if you’re freaked out about the closure of Visceral!
EA executives to Amy Hennig: "FIFA Ultimate Team makes a billion dollars a year.’ Where’s your version of that?” OH…
Fantastic article @jasonschreier (you should write a book ;). Cost of living is going to determine a large part of…
Jason is an awesome writer, read this article start to finish and was glued! I’ll be picking up your book next!
“EA would get obsessed with market research and start asking people what’s important to them about Star Wars,” Ma…
My, my, toca leer. Sobre la hostia de Visceral y su juego de Star Wars:
"Everyone I asked about Ragtag’s story was unanimous about one thing: They all thought it was awesome." heh.
Deep stuff here
Cara, que artigo foda. Se você se interessa por qualquer coisa de indústria cultural, vale MUITO ler.
Interesting piece on Visceral closure. Truth is never as simple as it may sound...
Was one of the finest & saddest reads of my day! Great work @jasonschreier
Here’s an awesome piece from @jasonschreier on what happened with Visceral’s cancelled Star Wars game.
Read this. Such a fascinating read.
Great read if you're interested in what happened to Visceral's Star Wars game.
@jasonschreier "the staff of Visceral Games had crunched hard" Very important lesson, don't crunch in fear to lose…
@jasonschreier doing the lords work. This is insane, thank you for doing what you do.
This is a fantastic look inside the shuttering of Visceral and how it was a long time coming
Oh man, Jason does it again! Incredible!
This is going to drive the knife deeper into anyone who wanted this game. I'm not even a Star Wars fan and I want t…
Read this if you're bummed about the cancelation of Visceral's Star Wars game. Great stuff.
It's funny when everyday gamers think they know better than a major games publisher. Disappointing but right move b…
Gonna read this when I get home.
Jason, one of the few people left doing genuine video game journalism. Fantastic article.
This is a really great piece I think you all should read!
Holy wow Jason I feel like I should pay you for this piece. Incredible work.
Amazing and well written insights into AAA development!
Tragic and sad but I guess it makes me feel better about the game being cancelled since it was so troubled from the…
This is great gaming journalism, lots of research and very informative
Man, what a crazy and convoluted journey this game went through
Videogames industry is gonna explode soon unless there are drastic changes. It was hard reading this...
Great write-up and very interesting, but still sad nonetheless 😔
Damn. That certainly makes things a bit clearer
Algo así comentaba en el último @gamersocupados, y por desgracia parece que más o menos…
This entire article details one massive shit show with Hennig's perfectionism, EA's meddling, and multiple studios…
What a piece. Please read.
First is was Lucas himself, now it’s greedy @EA
Such a good piece (and great comments, too). Long-form journalism at its best. Also, this whole thing is heartbreak…
De las muchas cosas que se dicen acá, una curiosa: es un infierno desarrollar en Frostbite, solo sirve para hacer F…
Incredible piece of article 🙌
If you see a tonne of people heads down looking at their phones for 15+mins at #PAXAUS today then this is why.…
@jasonschreier with the scoops!
Que aflição ler tudo isso aqui
HOLY SHIT. Jason Schreier to the RESCUE. I’m gonna apologize to @EA right now. I talked more shit than I should hav…
Craziest part of this was EA being concerned it would be too much like Star Wars Uncharted. That was exactly what I…
Fantastic article! Worth reading if you want some more texture about the demise of the Star Wars game from Visceral.
Required reading. Fucking kudos to @jasonschreier for all the hard-hitting investigative journalism! #Visceral…
Tremendous write up of the Visceral closure from Jason
Excellent work by @jasonschreier as usual. Heartbreaking to hear this about another Star Wars game. All the best to…
Fantastic read, so bummed about this game being cancelled.
This phenomenal breakdown of Visceral's doomed Star Wars project was good enough to pull my lunch break away from M…
What an absolute train wreck horror story
Andromeda all over again? And in the same year.
@KenNapzok @KristianHarloff @PNemiroff @markellislive @JeremyJahns think you guys might find this interesting
I hate EA so much for this (and so much in general) but sadly sounds like this was the right call... game concept s…
Jason Schreier’s full article on what happened behind Visceral’s Star Wars game is one of the best pieces in video…
Good read on the visceral studio closing @Gameverb
This is a fascinating look behind the curtain at what went wrong with this game.
This is a fascinating, depressing read. Been so excited at the prospect of this for ages, only for it to be basical…
Props for @jasonschreier for his work here 👏🏼 I always look out for @Kotaku and their delicious op-ed’s, news and r…
It seems like EA's insistence of having everyone use DICE's Frostbite engine is causing more trouble than it's worth
Great 👏 work 👏
Very good information on the cancelled Star Wars game. Makes some of the knee-jerk reactions (including my own) loo…
So sad to see, yet great insight into the world of game development.
Jason Schreier is my idol.
Christ, this sounds like a goddamn mess
@HBAdventure @draglikepull Reading this.
Die Geschichte hinter der Schließung von Visceral ist - Überraschung - wesentlich komplexer als "Singleplayer-Game!…
Tror listan över EA-anställda utvecklare som drömt mardrömmar om Frostbite börjar bli lång.
Great deep dive into what happened here!
Another one (Frost)bites the dust
A fantastic read. It goes to show despite all our speculation, we never truly know what goes on behind the curtain.
Super interesting read if you get some time.
This is a fantastic look into the collapsed EA Star Wars game and a look into game development in 2017
A história por trás da queda de Ragtag, jogo de star wars da EA
This @jasonschreier piece on the behind the scenes decline of Visceral and their Uncharted-type Star Wars game is g…
Great read. Offers a lot of perspective I didn’t previously consider. #RIPVisceral
Absolutely worth a read.
Beginning to think that Frostbite isn't the all-purpose engine that EA wants it to be.
Check out this article! Its pretty interesting and gives an idea of how things went wrong. You should check out his…
Well, this sucks! I was really looking forward to this one, more so than Battlefront II that's for sure @billyhoush…
Phenomenal. Absolutely worth reading.
Great reporting and a great read. Honestly looking forward to giving his book a read next.
Chris this is a hard read
Wow, great long form article about a SW game many of us cared about..thanks for the insight as always man! ;)
Hell of a story. Props to Jason for gathering all this information
Great read and helps outsiders see some of the insiders view points. Thanks @jasonschreier
Another great bit of through reporting here. Big budget game development is more complicated than 'put loot boxes i…
There you have it folks. Thoughts?
this is kind of insane
man...sounds like Visceral's Star Wars game was never really meant to be...
Fantastic read. Don't miss this article.
A brilliant article looking into the death of a studio. Fantastic reporting.
Incredibly interesting! #EA #visceralgames
This is such a great article about the demise of Visceral from the best reporter in the video game business.
So sad to see? The Star Wars gaming curse prevails :(
Sad as studio closures are, we always gain a fascinating insight into the developer/publisher relationship as a res…
Long but really great read! I blame the frostbite engine xD
A worthy read.
The protagonist looks like a younger Ron Swanson...
Looks like the story was much deeper than "EA didn't want a SP Star Wars". Wonder if some of these sites will chang…
Hey @JaredTockstein @BadCultureSteve ! Haven't had a chance to read this, but I think you'll find this interesting.
Jason bringing the scoop as always. another sad story
A EA insistindo em usar a frostbite, pff
Wow, that was fast.
@MaximumCortez certified fresh, think u could tell the crew for KFGD?
This is an amazing insight to the issues that lead to #Visceral’s closure, a really interesting article for anyone…
A good and eye-opening read on the fall of Visceral and their Star Wars game...
Fantastic journalism. What a story. Geez.
Great story, and a deeper look at the stories we experience behind the scenes. Thanks for this Jason.
That Star Wars game/studio that EA spiked? It never really existed in the way you imagine. Excellent reporting by…
Always a pleasure reading your work @jasonschreier. Fantastic, in-depth article.
This is the business right here. Visceral was a mess
A difficult game engine...aka the shit engine known as FROSTBITE. I knew it. EA, KILL THAT ENGINE!
I knew @jasonschreier was going to pull through with a story about what happened to Visceral's SW game, and I was n…
So like, maybe we don't use Visceral as the "Single player games are dead" sign.
I just want a good, dedicated, single player Star Wars game. It’s too much to ask for apparently.
Eita porr......
Interesting. But doubt even this is the whole story. Perhaps it’s for the best. Perhaps not. Time shall tell I supp…
يب، لحد يمسّكها، شكلنا ظلمنا الصهيوني 😂
Parece que eu ja ouvi essa história umas 91239123 vezes 🤔
I accept that the game was a big mess. Dont like the #EApire refocusing to a design by trend "open" game because th…
@jasonschreier I thought you said there will be no DLC for "Blood, Sweat, and Pixels"!!
Good article on closure of Visceral
Holy crap......
قصة سقوط ستوديو ڤيسرال على موقع كوتاكو، للقراءة والتعليق إن وجد.
Jason is quite possibly the best at this. No clue how he does it, but here's how and why Visceral collapsed.
Awesome reporting, as usual, by Jason Schreier
E la vamos nós...
Really interesting read. Also marks another game that mandating Frostbite severely hampered development of.
Ninguém para mais esse press sneak fuck
Great insight on the cancelled Any Henning Star Wars game & Visceral's closure.
Andromeda 2.0 en somme.
.@jasonschreier continues to dig up fascinating expose's about making games. Really helps to peel back the curtain…
This was a really, really good read. Fantastic job as always, Jason.
This is much better than what I thought, and fast work to boot.
Making #videogames is not easy...
Oh boy I don’t know if I’m ready for this
So far, one suspect has been involved in the death of two of EA games. That damn Frostbite engine.
It's good to read that, if anything, EA gave them *too* much opportunity to do this. Great reporting quells doomsda…
A great read.
Well, here goes my next 20 minutes.
Great piece from @jasonschreier on the now cancelled EA Star Wars game. I'm very sad we can't play as this walrus.…
Excellent article from Kotaku about the demise of Visceral's Star Wars game and of Visceral itself. Very good look…
Damn that was an illuminating article.
Visceral Games, and their single-player Star Wars game, is no more. We did some digging to find out why:…
Absolutely essential reading if you're curious about what really happened to Visceral's #StarWars game
Despite Frostbite being a great engine, it has terrible to no tools unlike Unreal engine with endless stuff to use…
Still seems like it's EA's fault to me.
REALLY good article.
muy interesante y se ve lo complicado que es hacer un juego AAA .w.
Das liest sich fast wie ne Developer-Horrorstory
Kudos to @Kotaku on a fascinating investigation into Visceral's closure - essential reading for fans of accomplishe…
this kotaku piece on what exactly happened with the star wars game is familiar and cold and depressing
This is a really great piece on the struggles Visceral had in putting together their Star Wads game
J'ai mis deux jours à le lire mais cet article sur les coulisses du jeu Star Wars de Visceral est fantastique.…
Hot take on the Visceral Schreier article: The subtext is that these games are only affordable as prestige projects
Si tenéis un buen rato (es largo) aquí podéis leer que el Star Wars de Visceral Games ya llevaba tiempo condenado…
Alles wat er mis is met Star Wars en EA; Visceral staff recall EA looking at Ragtag and asking where Chewbacca was.
Kotaku a publié un article passionnant sur le jeu Star Wars de Visceral Games qui ne sortira jamais. RIP
Como sempre, o trabalho do @jasonschreier em reportar sobre games é incrïvel. Que triste a história da Visceral
Kotaku hat einen exklusiven Bericht veröffentlicht warum Visceral Games geschlossen wurde & bzgl. Star Wars-Spiel…
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious #StarWars Game  @kotaku
When big news breaks, everyone (me included) wants to neatly summarise. The truth is much messier. Great (long) read
"The Collapse Of Visceral's Star Wars project" by @Kotaku shows #gamedev process reality #SausagePrinciple
That's pretty tragic :o The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
First, @jasonschreier is the best games journalist in the industry. Second, EA is the Clear Channel of video games.
@Jerros6 @VFBaller @bills4th Very insightful article. Such a shame to read about what many knew about EA's greed.
Working with the Mouse, the Force and EA - what could possibly have gone right? More meat for the grinder.
Zakulisowe story. Polecam. #StarWars #Visceral
Daily reminder that Jason Schreier is still the best damn games journalist in the business.
Superb piece. Truly gutted. - The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
If you have 15 minutes to spare i suggest you give this article a read,got me way more emotional than it should have
Really interesting article about a (games) development company bleeding out
in a rare piece of actual journalism, kotaku shines a light on exactly what happened with visceral: worth the read.
Kotaku ma ciekawy artykuł o Star Wars od Visceral i przyczynach zamknięcia studia:
Tak bardzo (nie)dobre, bo tak bardzo prawdziwe. Lektura obowiązkowa.
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  vía @kotaku
@JT_Laby Yeah no....longest one i read yesterday was this 7.5k word one:
@jasonschreier does it again. It's basically the Star Wars 1313 epilogue from his book. CC: @Jerkface_Killah
This article is a great look at Visceral. It's really not as simple as EA being done with single player games
"The Collapse Of Visceral's Star Wars project" by @Kotaku shows #gamedev process reality #SausagePrinciple
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
💀: "EA would get obsessed with market research and start asking people what’s important to them about Star Wars.." 💀
Really good article on Visceral's star wars game.
Who knew game development was so dramatic? 😮 #VisceralGames #StarWars via @kotaku
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game
Always nice to see some proper journalism in the gaming media:
I'd go *completely insane* if I had to work on a high-profile tie-in game like this
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game 
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game
This story on Visceral's (now canceled) Star Wars game = insightful look at creative vision vs demands of reality.
Clueless @ea execs fuck over and destroys yet another studio & still no Mac support. @disney
C'est un peu déprimant à lire... via @kotaku
Fantastic insight into the trials of making a AAA game for anyone who wants to know more about the biz.
Probably the best piece on why Visceral closed down. Goes to show that making games is still unpredictable.
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
Mass Effect: Star Wars:
Another excellent article, this time about the demise of Visceral and it's Star Wars game
Deux visions on ne peut plus opposées de la création vidéoludique : EA vs Ninja Theory …
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
Game development is really hard. Read @jasonschreier 's amazing story about why Visceral's Star Wars game was canned
Artículo sobre cómo se canceló el último juego de Star Wars. Y tb sobre cómo no gestionar proyectos grandes :)
Frostbite should have never been a multi-genre engine.
SFF News: The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game via @kotaku
Just finished this good, in-depth look at what happened at Visceral :
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
@jasonschreier I recommend all you Jersey Kids give a read! 😃
Fantastic journalism, this
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
To be honest, I'm less excited about Visceral's #StarWars pitch after reading this.
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game 
This is a pretty interesting and depressing read, R.I.P Visceral.
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
This article is sad, infuriating and really informative.
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
Interesting: "The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game "
only EA would give a team of 80 ill fitting code then expect them to make a licensed game better than uncharted 4
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game tl;dr it was too ambitious
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game 
The Collapse of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game
Reading Kotaku's piece about Visceral's demise. I've many pointed thoughts, but mostly... Visceral deserved better.
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game
An accurate historical timeline of visceral projects
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game
EA: So, yeah, you're not making enough money for our off-shore tax havens...wait did we say that out loud?
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game 
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game
😭😭😭😭😭 via @kotaku
@Charalanahzard Hey @Charalanahzard great thoughts! One critique is the cause you gave for Visceral's closing isn't…
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
Fantastic journalistic piece by @jasonschreier on the demise of Visceral Games.
Just read @jasonschreier article about the cancelled Star Wars game on Kotaku. Absolute masterpiece of journalism.
This is a great article
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
@G_Bonatti @Antonio_A_Oz @bessa23 @jluiz1981 =X
This is one the best articles I've read the entire year! @Kotaku written by @jasonschreier gotta buy his book!
The Collapse Of Visceral's Ambitious Star Wars Game  via @kotaku
A stunning, empathetic piece of investigative work that's flipped my perspective on the biggest games story of 2017.

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