The Curious Case Of The ‘EA Game Dev’ Who Said He Received Death Threats

Source : The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats

Earlier this week, a man with “Game Dev @EA” in his Twitter profile wrote that he had received death threats from angry Star Wars Battlefront II fans. His story was covered by news outlets like USA Today, the BBC, and Yahoo. Vice wrote an editorial about it, CNBC ran a

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On Monday, someone claiming to be an EA developer went viral after saying he received death threats over Star Wars…
Either he was pretending to work for EA, or he bought an EA game at launch and thought that counted as an unpaid in…
I love it when @Boogie2988 tells me to grow up and be better based on other people’s behavior in unsubstantiated cl…
Well shiiiiet.
Me: I wonder what crazy shit I'll read about on the internet today *Opens Twitter*
I gotta hand it to Schreier on this one - this is some good digging. I cannot even begin to imagine the motive behi…
So @BiggSean66 who claimed to be an EA developer who argued with me defending the pay to win decisions with Star Wa…
Well ain't that some shit...
Imagina vc tá lá de boa fingindo que é um dev da EA recebendo ameaças (???????????) e alguém resolve investigar
Jason is an embarrassingly good games journalist. No one was even asking this question.
Game journalism is all to often clickbait, camouflaged advertising, or just plain clueless. I love when it's not.
sigh why do this? why take advantage of the goodwill of people?
Así que ese desarrollador de EA al que amenazaban de muerte por Battlefront II ni siquiera trabaja en la empresa. E…
Lol. não acredite em nada na internet.
Excellent investigative journalism there. Following up on leads, fact checking. Me like!
Ojo con lo que compartimos a veces, ofuscados por la mala leche:
So aside from faking the death threats, (like I told you he was doing), he also is not involved with EA LMAO
Schreier once again with the goods. There are very few attempting this level of reporting in games. Even fewer nail…
I have to say that @Jasonschreier has been doing amazing work. This is the latest in a bunch of great stories.
God how weird.
I'm sorry... wut?! I've encountered this type before. Unfortunately, no matter how honest we are, some people wil…
So Boogie’s outrage was misguided after all?
Dang...dude shoulda just shut his mouth and instead, joined us in hyping Xenoblade 2. Now he getting exposed. RIP.
Ohhhhhhhh snap.
This is the weirdest shit, but also it sucks that my first thought when I saw this was "people are going to use thi…
Cuando creo que los acontecimientos diarios de la industria del videojuego ya no pueden sorprenderme, llega Jason S…
Man pretends to be in games industry and receiving harassment, people pay attention cause it's a man. Ironically, t…
the evolution from “my uncle works at nintendo” to “i work at nintendo”
Jason Schreier 👌
what the fuck lmao
L'histoire folle de l'employé d'EA qui prétend avoir reçu des menaces de mort - et qui, semble-t-il n'existerait pa…
More fool me & others for falling for it, though my point that people who send death threats over a videogame are c…
I don't normally retweet Kotaku articles, but this one if a very rare case of actual, well done investigative journ…
Lots of pretenders on twitter.
Wow. This is pretty crazy. Man what a mess the entire situation around BF2 is, G’dayumn! Also, how the hell could…
Another person I follow outed as a fake. Jesus.
i've been kinda beating a weird drum lately about how we should be careful about what we let go viral and alas
I love this dude. High attention to detail and healthy level of skepticism (not negativity) has lead to a lot of in…
FUCKING 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
In diesen verrückten Zeiten muss man scheinbar echt alles in Frage stellen...
I can't think of many other game writers doing better work than Jason. Dude's excellent and this piece is interesti…
*urges to smash the nearest object intensifies*
@JimSterling Maybe trying to cover this...
Wow. Well, I don't regret my earlier tweet about not sending death threats to devs, because that shit does happen..…
This is some really good reporting on an absolutely bizarre story.
Jason crushing it once again. What a bizarre story.
Again, demonstrating how much integrity as a journalist he has.
So as it turns out that "EA employee" that was complaining about death threats being sent over the Battlefront 2 DL…
This is journalism. Pieces like this and people like Schreier are the reason I became a journalist.
[failure trombone]
I generally don't like Kotaku, but if they do one thing right, it's actual investigative journalism. Very interesti…
Es que trabajo para EA me han amenazado y me han...INVENT!
Yo estoy entre las que se hizo eco de lo que ha resultado no ser cierto y lo lamento. He caído en la trampa de cree…
What a fucking cunt to pull that! 😡
lol what the hell
every day on the internet is a new and exciting adventure
Oh woa. Now this I did not see coming. This whole debacle has brought out so many weird things on the internet. Wha…
Well shit someone on kotaku actually did some investigative journalism Credit where credit is due I guess
IS THIS TRUE? HAS SEAN BEEN LYING? I’m just so confused. A great guy like him, lying?
honestly, I'm mostly confused as to why anybody would fake working for /EA/, out of all companies please love you…
What the... hell?
But what... What did he have to gain from any of this? If he's been doing this shit for 2 years was he just countin…
@imsgtfrozty Holy shit. Dude wasn't this that asshole trying to lecture you about microtransactions? The guy doesn'…
This man does some real, incredible gaming journalism. Support him. 💙
Very interesting. (Possibly) pretending to be an EA employee for attention.
Un ejemplo muy potente de buen periodismo de videojuegos. Contrastar, contrastar y volver a contrastar.
Wow, ummm, welp This dude sorta poisoned the well for everyone else, didn't he. TLDR - Person, who claimed to be…
Very interesting development regarding the EA dev who was sent hate tweets. Apparently he doesn't work at @EA
Hey look! My old pal Jason did some real reporting! I don't see enough of this in games journalism. Kudos Jason.
Holy shit is this true? Seen this dudes tweet quite a bit earlier this week.
This guy has taken roleplay to a new level. He has changed the game.
what delights me most these days on the world wide web are articles about people arbitrarily pretending to be peopl…
Distrust anything that's gone viral.
It's been a big year for made-up death threats.
As the Creative Director on Uncharted, Art Director on Mario, and Inventor of the GameBoy, I find this story quite…
How many people on here are stealing developer honor? Eyeing @AllanSchumacher suspiciously right now.
No joke, this is an amazing investigation. Also, don’t say you work for someone if you really don’t. Could be bad.
Now this is just sad, excellent work to find this out, but I can only ask ?????
My reactions, in order: 1) What the hell 2) Guess we’re still falling for basic social engineering 3) I hope this i…
Great work Jason 👌
It sucks that this was a fake because this means people who get actual death threats won't be taken seriously whats…
Now this is nuts. I re-tweeted this guy, and if he was masquerading as an EA dev that's my fault for not really che…
Wow, that's... a tough one. I retweeted that guy and he did reply to me. With the fact of it getting retweeted by p…
Catfishing everywhere.
What a fucking douche, and an insult to people who have truly experienced hate in social media. Great work Jason.
El trabajo de Jason, como siempre, impecable.
As usual, media outlets rather create stories from a simple viral tweet than to do actual investigative journalism.
Schreier, once again, doing God's work. Insane that someone would fake all this for a little Twitter karma. Bravo f…
This is fucking weird, also great work by Schreier.
This is so 2017.
The scariest part of this article are all the news orgs that quoted an "EA dev" without verifying the claim.
This is a great article that should hopefully make people think twice about believing everything at face value. I r…
As usual most other game sites took this story and believed it while Jason actually puts in the work and finds that…
Interesting story and great journalism from @jasonschreier. How odd though.
Great read, awesome article by Jason.
LOL, what people do to go viral.
Now that's journalism
Some solid investigative work here, in addition to it also being an absolutely bonkers story.
On the Internet somebody will figure out you're a dog.
Well that’s plain lame.
This is like the University of Florida death threat scandal all over again
Still horrible for anyone to tweet to anyone else anything threatening. But also horrible to mislead people into vi…
Daily reminder that Twitter is a horrible place to get information
We have reached a new peak in masochism
This man is a real journalism.
L'histoire chelou de la semaine à lire avec un bon chocolat chaud entre les mains ☕
This is some bizarre shit! Props to Jason on some real good investigative journalism!
Gotta love internet plot twist. But still, giving death threat is unacceptable and immoral regardless...
What a fucking scumbag.
We don’t deserve Jason Schreier. Dude is fantastic at what he does.
Don't send death threats to developers. Also don't pretend to be developers getting death threats. Don't do any of…
Hoooooooly fuck dat plot twist lol The EA dev that said he received death threats, may not even be working for EA a…
Went to check this "EA game dev's" twitter since I'm pretty sure he used to follow me but he's actually blocked me…
This is the most *2017* thing ever if you can even legally say things like that and even mean something.
how and why would you pretend to be an ea dev for 2 years
All I wanted to know was if his uncle really works at Nintendo making Waluigi's Creed dang Kotaku geez
Uma série que vale assistir spoiler free
As if legitimate threats weren't enough, we don't need folks pretending they're working at studios and faking those…
Things. Just. Got. Interesting..
This is real gaming journalism and proof that @jasonschreier is the best in the business
Oh look, an idiot who did nothing but stir people up and create an even bigger divide between gamers and game journ…
Oh how rich. The plot thickens.
Absolutely stellar work as always @jasonschreier
This is just bizarre.
Some solid investigative journalism right here.
Of course this is a thing. Of course.
It's real weird that this guy would lie about this, but what's most depressing is the people who aren't even journa…
The EA death threat guy most likely doesn't even work for the company. After what I've seen on my timeline these pa…
Vaya hombre, era un Invent
Some good work for once. The only holes I can see are that a QA analyst wouldn't likely network with dev and PR fol…
This shit just gets better and better
Damn, son The Press Sneak fuck doing the work
I would recommend @BiggSean66 to release a statement to clear things up on this. #EAGateScandal
Oh shit. WOW! 😮
Madre mía, fingir que te han amenazado de muerte, ni que fuera difícil que alguien lo hiciera por aquí
Actual informative journalism from Schreier. Catch it now, eclipses don't last forever.
Джейсон крутой.
Hahaha shill got shook down by Schreier lol
There's criticism you can lob at Kotaku but don't tell me they can't do journalism.
im sure EA recognized his account while ago but left him, cus even real developers there will not defend the compan…
Gotta hand it to Kotaku on this one
What the actual fuck?
@blaackstarr @Romudeth @tordavis so that fucker was a fake 😂
@Oldrin187 @themaskedtweet1 @oliviadgrace @cobotvs @Blizzard_Ent That’s been called out as fake news
L’homme qui clamait être développeur chez #EA et avoir reçu des menaces de mort pour #Battlefront2 était un troll
Okay, this is just weird. Remember folks, don't say you work somewhere if you do not or have not ever actually work…
This is a weird article and it makes a convincing argument but also its fucking weird to see someone claiming to be…
If anyone is wondering how to do journalism, it involves fact-checking before writing articles. Just like this.
That's crazy good work @jasonschreier. I didn't even question it! Gotta do more digging before sharing in the futur…
Haha this is pretty funny. I just need to get down and dirty to get the numbers
Death Threats are never acceptable but if this is true; That this was an EA ploy for good press and change the stor…
Welcome to the internet, where sexy women are greasy old men and little girls are FBI agents.
So everyone reacted to EA devs receiving death threats & hate but turns out the big example everyone pointed to was…
Why would you pretend to be someone who works for EA lol. what the fuck.
why are there so many people just completely insane out there
The only thing worse than the fact some dude's been pretending to be an EA employee for years is that, given his su…
... *raises an eyebrow, looks forward to reading this later*
Told you gamers are the new jews. People believe anything to support the hatred of my people.
Bloody hell, this whole sorry business gets weirder.
What is going on?? Lmaoo
VERY interesting. 🤔🤔
Proof, if ever it were needed, that @jasonschreier is a bit amazing. 👍
Did kotaku actually do something journalistic?!
What would we do without you, Jason? Incredible work as usual.
What the fuck
Huh... This is an interesting one.
Hahahha what the hell.
Now THIS is some good journalism.
Damn, this Jason guy is on it.
Two things: 1. Really bizarre story 2. Fantastic work as usual by Jason
Holy crap, insane revelation by @jasonschreier. I thought this EA Star Wars nonsense couldn't get any crazier!
Some valuable and interesting investigative journalism here.
This is why @jasonschreier is the man! This is some great investigative journalism.
This is the weirdest shit
Sersiously.........jesus christ, why do people on twitter have to be so fucking shady, twitter is a social media si…
@Totalbiscuit @BLACKB0ND @PressStartKofi @GundamIsHere
I just finished reading Richard Sennett’s The Corrosion of Character and I am struck by the use of We in this story…
@SilencingTrees @Rybark_ Found it, the article you're talking about
lol this is just hilarious now
Also this is pretty strange.
Intriguing to say the least...
I was thinking he was fishy when icsaw some of his tweets
this is wild tho if i was going to pretend to have a job i would do something more fun like ice cream sampler or we…
This is amazing. Like how crazy it would be if this guy is just pretending to be a game dev lmao.
THANK YOU @jasonschreier for doing actual game industry journalism work!
Feckin conspiracy
This is why you check your damn sources
Jason doing god's work!
This is FASCINATING. PLEASE give this a read and always remember: DON'T take every single thing you see as the go…
I love working at the Battlefront 2 loot box factory at EA and throwing out all the Rares.
People who ride a wave of awfulness pretending to be a victim are incredibly fucking awful, even if they have the p…
Rarely do I read Kotaku articles, but this is some well done investigation.
I say this as someone who used to be one of you: gamers are the ~WORST~
FFS I defended that dude too!
Think maybe people should read the Estate Agent/Milennial article going round again too. People are too easily take…
Great work by Jason as always
Damn. This is nuts.
Wow. Incredible work, Jason.
A lo mejor el empleado de EA que dijo recibir amenazas de muerte, no las recibió ni es empleado de EA
what is even going on anymore
Oh Jesus f*cking Christ people....
Well. That was unexpected and interesting. A lot of work just to make the gaming community look worse than it alrea…
Jason is always doing the best pieces over at Kotaku. This story is no different
@KindaFunnyVids @GameOverGreggy please add this to Kinda Funny Games Daily, also you guys are awesome!
That's pretty interesting, if true. Keep your eyes open, people.
This is so weird, why would you fake being sent death threats
Quién le diria a ese señor que alguien en internet iba a dedicarse a averiguar si es de verdad quien decía ser
Fantastic work Jason!
Internet victim culture😷
This is mental.
@notaxation ICYMI, your boy @jasonschreier doing some good work, as usual.
The plot thickens... #FizzVsGaming
Tô adorando como citei esse "dev" como um dos que sofreu ameaças de morte... E pode ser só mais um que resolveu dei…
This is hi-fucking-larious
@patrickklepek @Totalbiscuit @GameOverGreggy Maybe waypoint should investigate more before going Virtue Signaling.
1993: My uncle works at Nintendo. 2017: I work at EA.
Great reporting, and holy shit.
Lying about being an EA employee not cool but hands down, threatening someone's life over a video game? Despicable…
THIS is real VG Journalism
@CheekiScrump @chevalier__noir
no mamen. ESTO 😮 Será?
interesting article great job @Kotaku
smh u cant trust ppl man
This is real some real investigative journalism, game edition
@andrearene @GameOverGreggy @alex_navarro @VinnyCaravella Think EA just wants a big do-over for all of 2017 or just…
Well, credit where it's due. Moral of the story: Internet, LOL, Internet. DSL und World Wide Web.
Can we now stop with the "gamers suck" narrative and using the term as an insult and get back to the actual story w…
THats some dang good digging, well done 🤔💪🏽
True or not, he's taken a fair whack of heat off EA.
This is amazing—great work Jason
No. Fucking. Way. Was this some Issue Management Shit going on right here? (It'd certainly explain the bizarre p…
Very interesting, great article @jasonschreier .
طلع فقاش 🐝😐
Well that's weird...
This is interesting because several people used this excuse to divert & devalue criticism towards the game.
@PhillyD This is an article on the "EA dev" that claims to have received death threats.
what the fuck
Twitter smoke and mirrors.
Pero que es esto, pero que me estás contando. QUE LE PASA A ESTE MUNDO!?
The ultimate “Got Eeem”. Also, thank you Jason for being undeniably the best journalist in the industry.
Hey, if nothing else, the guy put a spotlight on the over-reaction from a portion of the gaming community to things…
Głupio przyznać, że retweetowałem tamtego pana. Więc teraz dla kontrastu. Acz to nie zmienia faktu, że takie groźby…
This fucking sucks but also @jasonschreier is the greatest journalist in the gaming industry, hands down. His inves…
@PhillyD that guy from ur pds yesterday may have been a liar lmao
Good job! I'm often a bit partial to kotaku due to a lot of clickbait articles and subjective opinion pieces. So it…
TLDR: Dude claimed he was an EA employee getting death threats over the Battlefront II loot box shenanigans, turns…
Then again, the most baffling thing of all.
What a fucking joke
Q-U-E C-O-J-O-N-E-S. Esta es de las cosas más raras que he visto en Twitter.
@RaeTheilade The guy lied about working at EA for years and Schreier can't verify any of the claimed threats.
Just incredible attention to detail
You can all feel immensely better about your life decisions as you’re not someone possibly RPing as an EA employee
This is why I never believe anything I see online until I see the facts... Niggas lie everyday man..
Great now people can blame "our" community for having people who do this instead. Boogies right this is why "we" ca…
What a strange, strange time we live in
Holy Shit. What a pro!
Wowza. Jason doing some good work, here
Fantastic investigation into gaming twitter weirdness
Jason, as always, doing some great work. A good ol' "catfish" situation
Now THAT is great Journalism. I had the same thoughts when i visited the guys profile. Very shady.
Actually a really good read. Great investigation
Remember kids: don't fake your identity to start controversy! That's no good~
Bless Jason Schreier and his receipts
This is interesting. Did he do it just to spark the conversation? I wonder...
battlefront II sure has been late 2017
We've all been had!
The real MVP of VGJ 😎
I fell for it too. Even though this was true-like enough, these fakes prevent the real ones to be taken seriously…
😑😑😑 Seriously. What the hell.
Wow. This was pretty wild.
Thought you might find this interesting, @PCNHCollinB Investigative journalism ftw!
Pénélope Fillon Style
Wait, what? Social media jumping to conclusions without all the facts? You don’t say....
This is a very, very good article by Jason, Sherlock Holmes tier work here
Esto si esta bien cabrón, nos engaño a todos.
I for one am shocked that someone on the internet may have done a lie..
My greatest fear with stuff like this is that the takeaway will be that game developers who receive death threats a…
The fuuuuuuuuuck?
This does beg a few questions Why did s/he do it, and was this a really bad PR attempt? Even so, the flatout thin…
Sigh. Honestly I hope his story is legit, because there are genuine cases where (usually kids with too much interne…
I'm sure all those journalist are going to retract those articles and apologize. Any moment now Any moment now
@YongYea @AlphaOmegaSin @JimSterling
"Listen and Believe"
Good article and good eyes my dude.
Social media is one giant ball of shit, isn't it.
What a fucking clown... Proof people don't fact check nothin' (including me). gg Jason.
@Aizmov @Mishaal_01 @AnonymousZiZ اللي قال جاني تهديد من الناس شكله نصاب
Great read. Some people are odd...
Y una vez más la prensa "oficial" se la traga doblada por no contrastar
This is wild. Brilliant investigative journalism at work.
@GameOverGreggy @andrearene #KFGD
Someone was really committed to the uncle works at [gamedev] joke.
Damn good work @jasonschreier!
So that @EA developer claiming to have received death threats may not actually be an employee...
@jasonschreier may be part of a dying breed of investigative journalism who do actual fact checking and verificatio…
@notaxation there's a reason you've referred to Jason as one of the best in the business. Here's a live example of…
I'm very pissed that he lied, but I think at least his actions raised awareness for a real problem, which is the to…
Ay mi maeeee
Oh man this is good journalism...
When you try to "fake it til you make it," but end up getting caught by @jasonschreier 😂😂😂
Hence why I never said anything. Whole situation was fishy and timed almost too perfect.
The plot thickens.
So that "EA employee" who claimed he got death threats for BF2 wasn't an EA employee after all. Shitty. This can ha…
Cannot like this article enough..
Super interesting read.
Another @jasonschreier master class in video games journalism 😯
Guess what!? This dumb prick doesn’t even work for EA. Good job sticken up for him and making gamers look bad-ya b…
A whole bouquet of oopsie daisies.
Superb work by the best journalist in the business. But the damage has been done. Jason’s story will get 1/100 of…
Wowwww so it was fake lol
@PhillyD What did that EA developer tell you? It seems we've all been bamboozled.
Quality journalism includes checking your sources.
Who in its right mind would pretend to be an EA employee?
@MainEventTV_AKA @AlphaOmegaSin @YongYea @StonefoxMedia @fsbossfight
My word. Incredible stuff from @jasonschreier
@Boogie2988 He is just faking it,he doesn't even work at EA.
I am always excited to see investigative journalism. Jason never disappoints.
Лол. "Разработчик из ЕА", написавший, что ему угрожают пытками и смертью, оказался фейком.
LMAO this dude who claimed to be an EA employee legit went deleted anything that referenced EA from his account and…
You think people would go on the internet and lie? How dare you.
@notaxation have you checked out Jason’s latest piece?
This is really messed up
Look what happens when you actually do investigating. @jasonschreier is one of the best in the industry!
Esto ya se ha convertido en un puto circo
Weirdest. Game launch. Ever.
Boy who cried wolf....
Another d-bag trying to make gamers look bad by claiming that he works for EA and got death threats from angry game…
Les menaces, y compris de mort, sont bien loin d'être des légendes et sans aucun doute des gens chez EA y ont-ils a…
I wonder if this guy will be able to "Bounce Back"
Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn. . . This has to be the wackiest release of a game I've ever seen.
Investigative journalism from Kotaku? ...I like it.
People are straight up weirdos and creeps
Some pretty good proper games journalism going on here
É por isso que esse cara é o melhor jornalista de games em atividade no mundo.
@GamingEthos homie was a fake smh
@Grummz A rarity in gaming journalism: a writer for kotaku who seems to be on the side of gamers
Oh. My. God.... Jason over here getting the real scoops. Fooled me
Wow...dude turned out to not even be a developer. Great investigative work by @jasonschreier!
These are some pretty serious allegations. I'm sure game devs actually getting threats love to see people faking it…
Great piece of investigative work by @jasonschreier!
Hahahahahah dude doesn't even work for EA 😂
Holy hell, honest videogame journalism. The "EA employee" getting death threats, wasn't an EA employee and faked i…
WTF!!!??? 😂😂😂
Reminiscent of another person pretending to be someone they're not.
god you cant even make this shit up
That moment you have to re-tweet kotaku cause they actually did some journo work ...
Heads up everyone who commented on that tweet.
Well. Holy shit. I used "Sean's" tweet as an example in a reply to another Kotaku article by @jasonschreier and con…
So the dude claiming to get death threats at EA doesn't even work there. Lmao
Now this is investigative journalism
I remember seeing this tweet, too. Interesting.
BOY this completely makes that shit Boogie tweeted out incredible invalid and misguided even more.
This is a wild story that will probably unfortunately lead to legitimate death threats being dismissed by the gener…
Fantastic work also read the tweet below it is funny though.
So no one did fact checking or any investigating and just took that tweet as truth and ran with it. Credibility ha…
I would love to know what the reason for possible deception was. So strange.
@andrearene @GameOverGreggy
This is wild.
What the fuck is going on
@BootsMcGuinness a legend for this
Hello, here is some good reporting. Also, this is why we have trust issues.
Might be a well worded and nice story, but it doesn't tell you anything. It's just speculation, no hard evidence.…
The Woodward/Bernstein of video game journalism strikes again!
Unreal how many outlets spread this false story. If there’s no blue checkmark, get proof. Even if there is a blue c…
An EA fanboy mad at people bashing his game and their practices. Attention seeker. As our president would day: SAD!
Oh the jpdavis approach
A game dev or QA person could be fired for trying to represent the company w/o being specifically in PR. An actual…
Hmm interesting... 🤔
Très sympathique enquête de Jason Schreier (Kotaku) concernant les fameuses menaces de mort adressées à une personn…
This is the greatest case of actual journalism I have seen in a long time. Man took the time and effort into resear…
oiga @pinjed, el "dev" de EA que "recibió" las amenazas de muerte por lo del Battlefront II... Parece que no trabaj…
What the fuck?!
How interesting, I saw that tweet That day he is very active in Twitter, now he even locked his account 🔒. Buster!
The press sneak fuck strikes again. Good insight, Jason.
While Kotaku is utter shit and a joke this is interesting then again broken clocks are right twice a day
What an odd series of events.
What the hell lol
An odd situation.
looks like someone got exposed
Big fan of Jason Schreier cus of his investigative journalism. This is crazy haha
Amazing investigative work by @jasonschreier, who's rising to the top in game journalism these days. Keep it up, ma…
Jason doing his usual great investigative work. This is a truly bizarre story though LOL.
We've been duped... hard.
This story is buckwild
When @Kotaku is > MSM. Never thought I'd see the day. Great job Jason. 👍
Mannn my brain hurts
This is so strange!
See? Fake news from so many media outlets because of some guy's tweets and no research/fact checking. Very interest…
I believe nothing. I trust no one.
Sherlock level of investigation here Bois
Man who previously called people a liar when they telling the truth is now calling someone else a liar. (But this…
What the fuck
Kotaku é praticamente 99% artigos merda, mas tem umas vezes que os cara manda uma teoria da conspiração que é 10/10
@jasonschreier proving he's the best in the business.
What the hell, everyone on Reddit believed he was from EA so I did too. I feel so dumb now.
Wow. Parece que era fake lo del dev de EA que recibió amenazas de muerte.
Holy cow, great article, Jason. Really fascinating turn of events..
This... is so odd. Props to Jason on digging up this weirdness.
the ironic? part about this story is that now this dude might actually get the death threats he claimed to be getti…
When a video game blog has better journalism than news websites, respect for @jasonschreier for actually fact check…
Answer: Probably not.
Surprised to see an interesting investigative piece on Kotaku. The results? Unsurprising.
oh wow....well yeah, doesn't change the fact that the original topic is a serious topic people should reflect on be…
This is wild. Not to assume I know more than Schreier here, but is it possible this guy works at EA but doesn't wan…
holy shit wtf
Lmao todo este drama por un juego de disparitos shitty licenciado
@EA @Disney man you guys have some real winners at EA. Fake employees, fake claims, Disney has to get Star Wars…
Wow... This week has been crazy for the gaming industry.
Heh, rzekomy developer z EA, który dostawał groźby za Battlefronta 2 albo w ogóle nie istnieje, albo istnieje, ale…
@joel_macdonald Hilarious.
losers have ascended to mega losers
I love tales about people that don't exist. What purpose was there to this ruse? What did he get out of it? Why lie…
I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand some poor sod spent a lot of time lying about his employment. O…
How the turn tables
This is insane
Krasse Scheiße. Was ist denn los mit Menschen, die sich so viel falsche identität aufbauen?
Now this is what I call "Checking the receipts!"
Lol boy you nerds something else
It was all for the drama apparently
Why the hell does video game culture always have to be so fucking weird?
I legit thought this was a dumb conspiracy post until I realized it was Jason Schreier.
dude could have been a contractor since those aren't technically employed by EA but looooool
Holy crap. Seems really sketchy.
What a lil rabbit hole
The internet never fails 😂
WHAT THE F?!?! twitter lied to me, I retweeted a lie
Thanks to some good investigative work it looks like that other tweet I re-tweeted is possibly fake. :( But I think…
Holy. Fucking. Shit balls.
.@jasonschreier at it again w this great investigative piece
1) Excellent journalism 2) I'm done with the Internet this year
In regards to this story, I believe EA have instructed those associated with them on social media platforms to not…
Great article! Good job, man!!
It's always great to read pieces that document their research in confirming identities, such as this one.
As usual, @jasonschreier does some excellent investigative journalism. Damn this is good.
@Boogie2988 I think you should take a look at this.
👀 Well then...
Jason is to Kotaku what Naughty Dog is to PlayStation. Great work!
Props to @jasonschreier who is on a crusade to introduce actual journalism into an industry that has literally none…
Jason comes out with some great investigative journalism yet again.
Fake News is a real thing and this is an example of it.
can’t believe we were all catfished
Interesting read related to the whole Battlefront ordeal. By the way, @jasonschreier is one of the best writers in…
This week has been bonkers.
You guys wouldn't believe this shit. @D_2the_A @Daddy_Warpig @Brad_Glasgow @Maximus_Honkmus @GamingAndPandas a piec…
What the hell?
Fantastic work as always from @jasonschreier. Such a weird/interesting story
JAAAAAAA que locura esto, es realmente insolito
"Investigation" you mean after you lied you admitted that you lied ? fucking moron
WOW The dude doesn’t seem to actually work at EA… LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
This is what true games journalisim looks like.
this is the first time i can honestly say someone kinda deserved getting death threats
Spoilers: He doesn't work for EA.
Huh..... Interesting indeed...
Woah an actually good Kotaku article
This #StarWarsBattlefrontII saga never ceases to amaze. Such twists.
... what the fuck
@JarnoFleurkens @vanncooper @Gtamen @BiggSean66
Jason’s stuff is always so good. He digs, and doesn’t accept things at face value.
Well... this is a development.
Someone lied about where they worked on the internet just to get 15mins of fame? Color me shocked.
That death threat-receiving EA dev probably isn't a game dev. Amazing.
*starts reading the article* wat #vidcons
This is wild bruh
Not the biggest fan of Kotaku, but Jason did his digging and the article is a very interesting read. Fair criticism…
Turns out all those supposed death threats over EA's lootboxes weren't even real since the dude never even actually…
So that dude that received death threats at EA... may not be real? INFOWARS.
Geez more proof that EA are assholes.
The plot thickens!!
This BigSean thing sounds like someone familiar........
This is strange....
In a few years this will be the award winning film we're all praising, it'll be like spotlight but without all the…
Jim McElwain working at EA now?
The curious case of the "EA game developer" who said he received death threats:
According to Kotaku, not only is there evidence that says he never worked at EA but there's evidence that suggests…
Plot fucking twist
Hahahah. Oh my god.
A kotaku article that isn't terrible. Also, the guy claiming to work at EA and receive death threats was lying abou…
When a Kotaku author is a better investigative journalist than a majority of the major media outlets of this genera…
Never thought I'd say this about Kotaku, but THIS is journalism. Research, investigation, cross-referencing and att…
This is great stuff from Kotaku.
Great piece of investigative work - just because something works with your narrative doesn't mean its true.…
L'histoire du soit disant développeur d'EA qui aurait été menacé, en rapport à Battlefront II, serait donc une "fak…
Wow what an attention seeking asshole
Kotaku...actually...doing journalism?! WHA?! Also LOL ya'll fall for this shit every god damn time. EVERY FUCKING…
Fake developer sharing fake news of death threats and some people still blame harassers. I've got an idea, how abo…
so this guy spent almost two years pretending to be an EA employee on twitter and finally decided to cash in his ch…
What?... What?
What in all heck
Finally something Kotaku did that didn't suck, call out a catfish.
So it looks like the "EA dev" who claimed to have gotten multiple death threats over BFII the other day was actuall…
Damn so that alleged EA game dev,who went viral claiming he received death threats over Star Wars Battlefront 2, ma…
Erinnert ihr euch an den Entwickler, der angeblich wegen Battlefront 2 bedroht wurde? It's a trap!
I cannot believe I am retweeting Kotaku of all places for actually having some semblance of journalisms about it.
So no one got death threats after all? 🤔 Guess this should be a reminder to all of us to take twitter with an extra…
Thank God someone still practices journalism.
I can't fucking believe it. I'm laughing my ass off as EA just looks worse and worse.
Not ONE bit surprised.
This asshole had everyone fooled, and started a riot online.
...Kotku zrobiło rzeczywisty dżurnalizm xD
So the guy who claimed he was getting death threats isn't even a real person.
This is the reason @jasonschreier is such a bad ass.
My blood may boil out of my ears if this is true. Wow.
Bruh @jasonschreier needs his own loot box system cause this man is doing the work of 10 games journalists
This whole thing is just baffling, to say the least.
Lmao Russians working for EA now
No duh it's still not okay to send death threats. That's not the point here.
Also known as "the only time serial harassment Twitter mob members agree with Kotaku". Convenient huh?
Who would go on the internet and just lie like that, I cant believe it
Well even if the company like @EA is trash, death threats are not ok :/
So this guy doesn't even work at EA. Fuck you, dude. Now I want to kill him.
Wow, what an utter shit bag. The guy doesn't even work for EA.
Some would say deservedly so...
This story is like a movie sequel you didn't want to a movie you didn't like. The internet always has some crazy t…
This thing is WILD
Good Lord. Hope he enjoyed the clicks he got.
So... yea.... Dunno what to make of this other than he called me names and blocked me for trying to have a reasonab…
The guy is no ea developer Trust me Not a ea reference at all on his twitter profile when i followed him
This story was a good read and it popped me. I'm a total sucker for "people on the internet aren't actually what t…
This is quite the entertaining read.
Secondly, reading social media sites and talking to friends is not journalism
Shit is getting pretty crazy up in this bitch.
When @jasonschreier goes digging, he bring up a pile of facts.
I can't believe I'm RTing Kotaku but.. the plot is thickening!
I genuinely have no idea what to make of any of this
Good grief. So there may not have actually been any death threats towards an EA game dev.
Lmao. EA employee who received death threats apparently didn't even work for EA. What are the chances these threats…
@OhNoAva_tK you might want to see this... seems this time the death threats were all fake, and used for thus guy's…
i think this is legally game journalism
Welp. I guess I take that thing I said back? Not really though. Still some bad stuff out there. But will remember t…
One of the weirdest weeks in gaming...
What a weird thing to lie about
Even if this was a Russian propagandist I am still against threatening game devs
We need this kind of journalism in #cryptocurrency world.
Oh, so he lied, huh? Maybe if you lot had verified that he was an EA employee BEFORE writing you articles on how th…
Вотто нормальный поворот. Чувак два года притворялся в твитторе сотрудником ЕА
This is such a weird story. Feels like dude is catfishing angry gamers
is anything real anymore?!
So he either lied to get publicity, or due to his lies people thought he worked for EA? Interesting
As I'm not busy tonight, I shall enter the homes of anyone who seriously believes in death threats over a game feat…
@jasonschreier has been doing some damn fine journalism.
Why We Need Copy Editors, Case File No. 749,295,634
Well I guess thats why we need genuine journalists to investigate this shit before hitting the 'mass share' button.
Jason Schreier knocked it outta the park. Props
what the hell
lol because of course he isn't.
What a crazy story! But also a fantastic example of great investigative journalism.
I have nothing really to say to this aside from this one thing
Erneut 'ne klasse, investigative Recherche im #Games-#Journalismus 👌 #EA #StarWarsBattlefront2 #Battlefront…
L'employé d'EA qui aurait reçu des menaces de mort ne travaillerait pas chez EA. L'occasion pour tous ceux qui en o…
ah bon ?! Ils devaient pas le découper au sabre laser alors ? Les gens manquent vraiment d'innovation de nos jours…
Don’t know what’s worse. The fact the guy is a POS liar, or that @DANNYonPC also got his name in the news again :p
I'm just super reminded of that dude that for some bizarre reason, pretended to be the gun…
Great article. Sadly I know people like this. They think they are somebody on the internet, when the truth is that…
LOL || The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats via @kotaku
I'm as reluctant to do this as anyone, but credit where it is due to @jasonschreier for sussing out the fake EA dev…
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats via @kotaku I love stuff like this.
I don't buy this, and I'm unnerved at how quickly ppl took an assumption as fact when it came from someone who has…
I don't know what's going on and would like to know more about this all. @BiggSean66 .... what's up buddy?
I have SOOOOoooo much to say about this, but if you haven't read it yet, you should take a few minutes and read now:
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats
The curious case of the ‟EA game developer‟ who said he received death threats:
La culture de la victimisation à son paroxysme : un FAUX dev de chez EA se plaint sur Twitter de menaces de mort et…
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats via @kotaku
Really interesting article, a good read about people trying to get fame and when confronted, they just turn and run.
The strange tale of the EA dev that wasn't:
plot thickens re: lootbox death threat guy
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats via @kotaku
Kotaku opět dokazuje, že je nejlepší herní web. Aneb všichni už kašlou na novinářské ověřování. Oni ne.
So @BiggSean66 isn't even a game dev? () Way to add meaningful discussion to the @EA micro-t…
That person claiming to be an EA dev and getting 7 death threats isn't even an EA dev
What a weird and interesting story!
Great detective work by @jasonschreier. You still shouldn't send death threats to people.
@Comrade_Yui @Campster Especially now that it seems quite likely the story was made up
$EA @EA The Curious Case Of The '#EA Game Dev' @BiggSean66 Who Said He Received Death Threats via @kotaku
@ArtemR @reddit If you wanna read a fun short story, here's a bit of journalism about the "Sean" being referenced a…
Tech: The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
Hey @Gameblog vous comptez faire une contre-news à cet article : ? Non pcq aparemment c'ét…
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku -
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats
The curious case of the 'EA game dev' who said he received death threats
Next time you claim people made death threats against video game devs, maybe actually check if it's true. At least…
Great example of "Click bait titles first; Journalism second".
So the guy that said he worked for EA and got death threats...may not work for EA??
@ElProfesorGamer Y veamos cuantos rectifican diciendo que las amenazas de muerte fueron inventadas
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku #technology
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
@saracsalinas @EA @Kotaku
Our exchange the other day may have been for naught
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats via @kotaku
Le développeur d'Electronic Arts menacé de mort... n'en était pas un
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
Props to @ByYourLogic for stealing gamer valor.
Журналисткое расследование по поводу того кому были адресованы угрозы расправы из-за кривой монетизации нового батл…
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
Solid piece of reporting by @Kotaku, today.
The Curious Case of the 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
@BiggSean66, who said received death threats, isn't even a developer and may not work at @EA!…
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku #Google #News #Tech
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku ggtechmy
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
ggtechmy: The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats via @kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats:
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
Well. This is weird
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
ggtechmy: The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
Kotaku has been shit lately, but EA has been worse, so I don't mind retweeting this :P The Curious Case Of The 'EA…
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku ggtechmy
The Curious Case of the 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
Interesting read this
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
What in the actual fuck. Shill.
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
Im certain everyone involved with Battlefront's going through a rough time of it right now (my review aint gonna he…
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku #LatestTechNews
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats via @kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats #Tech
Another sign of good investigative reporting from an unexpected source. Nice to see some things aren't taken at fac…
This is some truly excellent reporting from Kotaku
Die gast die beweerde dat hij bij EA werkte en doodsbedreigingen kreeg door het Battlefront 2 geval? Niet waar dus.…
@AngriestPat @WoolieWoolz @MattMcMuscles So did you see that "dev" that said he'd recieved death threats on twitter…
I had heard that an employee at EA was getting death threats, but apparently he doesn't work there:
Props to @jasonschreier for putting in the work that @patrickklepek wouldn't regarding the fake EA employee making…
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats - Kotaku …
@biggsean66 is a fraud, probably paid by EA to garner sympathy & take the heat off of them & redirect the outrage
The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats via @kotaku

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