Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit

Source : Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit

Almost no one played as Blanka in Street Fighter IV. This is because the low-tier green Brazilian is weird, doesn’t play like any other character in the game, and is widely considered not to be very powerful. Nonetheless, Street Fighter V is adding Blanka into the game this January after

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so here's a love letter to Blanka, from me, alongside my wild-eyed theories about how tier lists are actually full…
Nothing but respect for my fellow low-tier warriors. Games aren't Visio, get the flowcharts out of here.
Great article on balance in fighting games and the advantage of picking unpopular characters. Reminds me of how 'f…
Been thinking a lot about this article and how tier lists ruin casual play as well. Even in non comp modes it seems…
Sharing this article both because I agree with the thesis statement that 'tier lists' are hot garbage, and because…
Listen to your heart <3
When researching tier lists for tactics RPGs I'm frequently baffled because staples of my teams are considered garb…
My best boy Blanka is just misunderstood, I missed him so much
I love this article because, as a fellow "low tier mainer" myself (Gouken! Abigail! Juri! Tung Fu Rue! Hein!) the t…
In which @MIDImyers articulates my feelings about tier lists and unsolicited advice and groupthinks and it's just r…
While I disagree with "tier lists are full of shit", the points on Blanka have merit. The complaints about him almo…
as somebody who plays a "bad character" in Smash this was a very fun read
As one who loves the weird stand-out characters almost as much as the big ol' walking tanks, I really enjoyed this…
this is absolutely the kind of piece I love to read, do yourself a favor and give it a look!
My friend and I talked about this article a lot today, and it's definitely worth the read.
Can you hear it, @emmerichersatz . Can you hear the music?
@ScrubQuotesX Merry Christmas :)
This is a really good read
a thousand times this. i made a promise to never look at tier lists for SFV, and i have had so much fun with r.mika…
Tier lists are full of shit.
Nice article, really interesting.
Kotaku is full of shit.
If you don't understand the point of tier lists, you have no deep, or dare I say even basic understanding of fighti…
Whew boy. That was a tough read.
strike 1: thinking tier lists are based on raw data strike 2: thinking your online tournament anecdotes are worth…
I have to be equitable in my deployment of this criticism: this headline is bad and misrepresents this story by a l…
if i make a tutorial on how to push buttons in sequence celica will no longer be low tier
This is a really good article.
Its the end of 2017 and people still dont know how tier lists work and what contexts they are used. "journalism"
moi quand je me fais 0 to death par Rondoudou
This article, while the author has good intent, unfortunately ends up misinforming those (i.e., non-FG players) who…
"people don't like losing to F.A.N.G because they're homophobic" is maybe my favourite statement
Great article! Pick your main if you like his or her fighting style, not based off of some "tier list"
I laugh. Point. Then we laugh
As an Ed player I get the logic behind just playing the character you find fun but no, tier lists are important dat…
Alright ya'll got me this time I read the whole thing and it's like bro ._./ Tier lists aren't gospel nobody shou…
Try to play Kirby in Melee motherfucker have fun
One of the very few times Kotaku is right
Amazing... every word on that sentence is wrong.
Enjoyable feature here on the inherent inanity of tier lists by @MIDImyers
I read Kotaku today. Please end me
@ScrubQuotesX is it possible to quote an entire article?
Lmfaao that fits his description
Ravioli, ravioli, your claim is wrongioli.
Kotaku are fucking retarded
This article has so much wrong with it that I'm actually annoyed. Kotaku continuing to post stuff like this is ju…
Kotaku continues to prove themselves completely oblivious with every single post.
What is you doin kotaku
Has this person ever seen Sagat, Blanka, Bison, and Vega in CVS2? el oh el
......... I can't believe someone got paid to write this drivel. like..... come on man.
Reminder that Kotaku purposely makes their article titles stupid as hell to act as click bait. Don't fall for it an…
Alternate title: I don't understand what tier lists represent.
I mostly don't agree but I'll fight to death for your right to say it.
i liked this a lot tbh
this kotaku article on tier lists is among the worst pieces of "journalism" i've ever seen. completely false statem…
It's current year and people still give kotaku a shred of expectations to not be a garbage website full of amateur…
"Tier lists exist so that fighting game players can offer one another endless unhelpful advice about which characte…
I kinda disagree with this in the sense the real issue with tier lists are people who swear by them as gospel as op…
Really good article. Interesting read
Tier lists are full of shit.
This is really the sort of article you can only write if you don't understand what tier lists are. Shame that this…
Hmmm yes Match ups are full of shit too
If you're not a high level competitive player,, tier lists should be mostly pretty meaningless... for everyone else…
I used to play as him
Ayer comentaba que no hay amor por Blanka.... Bitch Slap. Kotaku al rescate ?
I'm not clicking on this shit, but judging by the replies, I'm getting the impression it's about when Kotaku and Ev…
Tier lists are full of shit.
Hi @GuildBall community
Tier lists are full of shit.
Relevant to this community.
@JAS7809 Thoughts?
I knew the comments on this would be absolutely miserable and they have not disappointed
"Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit" articles like these are so weird from my magic-centric perspe…
ppl are upset because it's the truth lol, fuck tier lists
Looks like loltaku wants to reclaim its king of scrubbiness back from eventscrubs
i like @MIDImyers takedown of tier lists i've seen enough tournaments where someone takes a…
I'm only in the fighting scene at all because of ARMS, but i totally feel this
@DrewGROF Here, for you to read while you recover from your gaming injury
good article, and a lot of good comments:
I’ve always been of the mindset that any character can be good in the right player’s hands @MIDImyers
any article with a title like this needs to open with the writer's rank.
there's a mapping here about programming languages and how we choose them
This has to be one of the WORST articles I've ever read on Kotaku. Should be titled "Whoever Wrote This Article...
This should last you a whole day's worth of tweets. @ScrubQuotesX
@MattMcMuscles @AngriestPat
Hey look, someone who doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about. @WoolieWoolz could explain it bett t, but t…
This article is a smidge too long but it's a really good one about one thing I despise about fighting game communit…
@SuperMarilink Reading through this article made me think of you and Melee a bit.
Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit
Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit
Hey @eventhubs, you two are a perfect match regarding quality of journalism:
Tier lists are full of shit.
You know, just seeing it spelled out like this...
Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit
Tier lists are full of shit.
Tier lists are full of shit.
Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit ༄ Almost no one played as Blanka in Street Fighter IV. This is…
This is one of, if not the worst piece of gaming journalism I have ever read. Every single paragraph has a factual…
Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit via @kotaku
How is this not satire.
Tier lists are full of shit.
An extremely good article that I can intimately relate to because I mained Blanka for a while in SF4 and everyone h…
Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit #streetfighteriv #streetfighterv #streetfighter #blanka
Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit vía @kotaku Vaya jodida basura de articulo.
Cool... others are waiting for #Blanka to return to #StreetFighterV like me!
Excellent article. Fighting game tier lists are 100% totally accurate until aMSa makes top 8 with Yoshi
This take is so fucking bad I am convinced no one at Kotaku has ever played a "video game"
Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit
Pretty good article about tier lists in fighting games. As someone who enjoys Ares in Injustice, I can see this poi…
I love me some #StreetFighter #Blanka is the best - Tier Lists Are Full Of Shit via @kotaku

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