Why Obra Dinn Is One Of The Year’s Best Games

Source : Why Obra Dinn Is One Of The Year's Best Games

On this week’s Kotaku Splitscreen, we implore you to not miss Return of the Obra Dinn, a phenomenal game and contender for 2018's greatest.

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According to Schreier, Rocksteady is not working on a Superman game - instead, it's a "game about a group of superh…
"Games As A Service" Sounds like a Justice League game but I guess with Online elements? I don't know, not really…
Vish .. vai ser F2P .. eita?????
Is this some kind of out of season joke?
lol, bye Rocksteady
Los #TheGameAwards van a ser muy interesantes... Y los vas a ver y disfrutar en @MalditosNerdsVX
Justice League - 😍 Games as a Service - 😴
If WB is having ROCKSTEADY make a JUSTICE LEAGUE game, and they make them make a GAMES AS A SERVICE GAME I WILL BE…
CITY OF HEROES REBORN!!! (But seriously, I'd be okay with a Games As a Service Super hero game!)
Boo. I want to see the blue man done justice.
"Games as a service" I'm confused what does that mean?
Sería un poco triste tener a Rocksteady ocupada llevando un juego de ese palo.
"it will be like a Games as a Service" Thank you , we don't need to this kind of games
Give me bat family bls
Seriously, I got trust issues from loving modern video games. There is always a hook...this has to stop
Oh dear. GaaS is just the worst.
Incredible This really about to be the most htaed game of all time
Games as a service huh 🙄
These are the people that did Batman Arkham. Now they are working on a Destiny clone. Kill me.
Me creo esto 100% viniendo de Schreier, y buf, qué pena.
Ah oui DC Universe Online, je connais
>games as a service and hard pass
ما إتفقنا على كذا...
"Games as a Service" I'm out. Blech. Shame.
Pire montagne russe de ma vie ce tweet
Bon c'est Jason Schreier hein, il annoncé que Blizzard avait normalement prévu d'annoncer Diablo 4 à la BlizzCon ma…
Sounds like WB just couldn't help themselves.
complicado provavelmente deve ser o jogo da batfamília focado no online mas mesmo assim, bizarro um games as a se…
Suicide Squad Hero Shooter
Make a Superman game you cowards
Thank God it's not a Superman game. Supes is overrated and would be boring to play as in a video game. Imo.
games as a suck my ass
Whaaaaaaaaaa? Es el peor dia del año (?)
rip rocksteady
Oof Online
Fam. They can keep this.
Soooo Justice League? One can dream, right?
Justice League, it is, then
I hope this calms the crowd on the Superman hype the pops up every few months.
God oh god oh god please NO. @RocksteadyGames please NO.
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... For Hire" Game Confirmed
A justice league game than
The dream is dead.
Son of a bitch. AND it's a "Games as a Service" thing 😑😑😑
worst timeline
فوق انهم قتلوا حماسي تفلوا علي بعد لما طلعت لعبتهم game as a service 😣
Let me guess, it's another Batman game with Nightwing, Batgirl.....this is why I don't play a lot of Rocksteady vid…
Isso + os russo no game awards
Wish they made a Daredevil game....
New #Superman game as a GaaS. Imagine it now: Help us, Superman! "Villian" is doing some bad stuff to Metropolis! B…
Si Rocksteady nous fait vraiment un jeu service ce sera ma pire déception de cette gen je crois... Si proche d'un v…
So the same thing Square Enix is doing with avengers
Press F to pay respects
يعطيكم العافيه نشوفكم بمشروعكم الي بعده
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd hype dead. RIP Rocksteady, they used to be good. #FuckGaaS #FuckLiveServices
Sounds like a Justice League game.
Warner Bros... I expect the fucking worst
Rocksteady, please don't join that bandwagon of "live services."
I got gaas reading this
I love how salty the "Games as a Service" part has triggered so many people.
So is Justice League? (or the avengers? 🤪)
If this is true then I'm more or less done with Rocksteady, can't believe all my hopes are now on WB Montreal 😬
video games were a mistake
"Games as a Service" yeah you last me I bet it's WB games pushing Rocksteady to do this shit
Game as a service, huh.
точно-точно не супермен?
Oe wha? Wtf? I hope he's wrong.
That's a solid yikes from me boys.
GaaS isn't bad guys, come on...
Ooof. Games as a service? Not what I wanted to hear.
*sad violin music*
@kerberdiego @Joao_GAN NÃO É SUPERMAN!
Hé ben gif de Denis Brogniart voilà.
Listen to today's Kotaku Splitscreen to hear me rave about Return of the Obra Dinn, a game that just won't get out…
Today on Splitscreen: why Return Of The Obra Dinn is one of the year's best games.
Today on Splitscreen: why Return Of The Obra Dinn is one of the year's best games.
sei não, man, ainda tenho q jogar
O Jason Schreier, repórter do Kotaku extremamente ligado nas coisas, disse que tem informações de que o jogo da Roc…
Why Obra Dinn Is One Of The Year's Best Games
Why Obra Dinn Is One Of The Year's Best Games #returnoftheobradinn #kotakusplitscreen #splitscreen #kotakucore
Why Obra Dinn Is One Of The Year's Best Games
Why Obra Dinn Is One Of The Year's Best Games ༄ On this week’s Kotaku Splitscreen, we imp…
Hell yeah, @dukope! Obra Dinn is awesome, go get it.
@great_laziness хз. В подкасте он говорит, что "я ожидаю игру-сервис про группу супергероев" 1:00:30
The new game from Lucas Pope (Papers, Please). Who’s playing?

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