How to play

How to get OtakuPoints (OPs)

OtakuJapan offers a point program to have fun in reading Otaku news and comments!
Registered users can get OP (OtakuPoint) by just writing comments and like contents.

Likes on your comment

Write comments on articles you are interested. You will receive 10 OPs if other users like your comments. So what is important is to write interesting and useful comments other users will like.

Likes on your Like

If you like an article or a comment, just press the like button. You have to spend 10 OPs to write a comment but will get 1 OP once other users like the content you liked. For example, if you like a comment and the other 15 users liked the comment as well, you will receive 5 OPs in total.

To get more OPs, you have to judge which article or comment will be liked by other users as soon as possible.

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